My Special Thank You to One Awesome Muffin!

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Hey There Fellow Steemians!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Happy Monday!

This is a thank you post to a very kind stranger who gave me a very awesome surprise last Sunday morning.

Mister @reggaemuffin!

Kind sir, this comic is for you!

(Note: Please let the image fully load for the animation to play. Oh yes! It's animated! Lol! )


Here's the story:

I've heard from a very good mentor/handsome swashbuckler @maverickinvictus that @ejemai is having a delegation contest.

@ejemai wanted to share his blessings by choosing 12 red fishes / minnows with below 100 SP to delegate to.

He will lend them 500 SP each for a month. All you have to do is convince him why you deserve it by commenting on his contest post. (If you're interested, I encourage you to join while it's still open. Just click the link.)

As some of you may already know, I make webcomics for steemit. So I made an entry in the form of a webcomic which I posted here to try my luck. I told him that I aim to support steemit artists especially the webcomic community.


It took me sometime to make the comic.
It was already around 4:30AM (Sunday, Manila time) when I got the entry posted in Steemit.
I just wanted it up as soon as possible.

Exhausted, I put away my computer and quickly fell asleep (probably snored like a bear) after sending my contest entry.

I lazily woke up around 9AM, grabbed my phone to check messages (and of course, steemit!)
and WHOA! I just got a delegation screenshot comment from a stranger.
@reggaemuffin delegated 500 Steem Power to me. (well 499.984 SP on the screenshot but rounded off, that's 500!)

I immediately checked my steem power under the wallet section and IT WAS TRUE!
I got shared with 500 SP! THIS IS AMAZZZZIIINNNNNGGG!!!!!

I got 500 SP delegation even without winning the contest!

I wanted to make a special "thank you" reply to him by showing him a drawing of my face crying and saying "thank you!" . Okay maybe I didn't cry a river like that. I just got teary eyed... (Pls don't judge me!)


He later replied with this very wise advice:


Very wise advice indeed. Thank you sir.
Don't worry, I won't let you down!

So now I'm a red fish with around 500 SP.
I don't know how long it will last though, maybe a week?
Or maybe a month like in the contest?

I was too shy to ask. Lol.
But I'm fine with giving it back anytime. I know it is only temporary.
But I still see this as an opportunity to give back more to the community.
With 500 SP, my upvote value has increased so now I can better reward folks who I see do their earnest best.
The underrated talented steemians who work their butt off to make content just to get a few cents.
Especially those in the art and webcomic community.

I know my upvote will still be in cents (around 11-14 cents at 100% I think?)
But this is still more than the 0.0000 nothing upvote value that I have been giving before.
Yep! Super better!

So I felt like saying a super thank you to @reggaemuffin by making a comic dedicated to him.

This is the first ever web-comic I've done with animation.
I've been thinking of saving animated comics for special occasions..
And I felt like this is one!

Like my previous comic, I did the drawing in Adobe flash.
Then I exported multiple images (jpg format) where I animated parts of the comics.
I find that exporting GIF animations directly out of Adobe Flash does not give good quality results for me,
so I opted to make the animated image using an external GIF maker.

I uploaded the files in


It's a pretty handy GIF making website! It has a lot of tools you can use to optimize your GIF image.

Because GIFs are composed of multiple images, the resulting file size is usually very heavy!
So I resized the image to around 70% of it's original dimension to cut down on the file size.


I also adjusted the animation speed time with their available tool. You can speed it up by percentages
Just check the resulting preview when it's fully loaded to see if you are okay with how the animation plays (you may see it's quite slow at first but let it finish loading the image to see it properly play)

Once I was all satisfied with the animation and the overall look, I proceeded with saving the image to my computer by clicking the save icon on the upper right corner of the ezgifmaker site.

And thus, my thank you comic came alive!

Again, thank you to the wonderful stranger who entrusted me with his hard earned SP so I can pay it forward to all the deserving steemian posts that I will come across.

Thank you very much sir! Bless you!

Someday, when I get to be someone like you, I'd also love to do this to some random stranger who I feel that will be worthy of getting this same blessing.

Insert "Feels awesome! emoji" here!

If you guys like to see more of my webcomics please check out my steemit blog.

Here are the most recent ones I made:

Thanos Demands Your Silence

When Working out is NOT WORKING

The Incredibulldog and Cathanos!

We have a lot of great artists here who make webcomics!
Please pay a visit to the #steemit-webcomics tag and you'll get to enjoy some pretty cool stories and art there!

Thank you so much for the support!
Till' next time! :D

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Nice way to repay kindness. I enjoyed reading how you made this animated comic.

Gonna try it myself some time. Great Job!


Oh yeah! Go ahead! It's really cool to see art come to life with GIFs. You'll love it!


Yeah it looks like fun!
Definately gonna give it a try.

He's one of the best whales on the platform, he us just and does not support people based on sentiments at all, my discussions with him proved this to be truly right, @reggaemuffin thank you for touching lives


With this first hand experience, I cannot agree with you more! Thank you friend!

That cake had it coming! It get's what it deserts (cue laugh track)

This comic made my day, thank you!

Edit: You get the delegation for as long as you make good use of it :) No time limits!


OMG making your day made my day!!! Hahaha!
Thank you so much!
Whoa no time limits! That's just too awesome!
But anytime you need it back, I'm ready to return. No worries!
Again, I cant thank you enough for what you have done. Even the generous votes! Wow.
More blessings to you! Good karma will come around! And I will try my best to spread it! 😊


Danke dir für's Unterstützen der Community! :)


Immer gerne. Ich baue da auf das pay it forward Konzept :)


Sehr gut. ^^
Hast ja eh ordentlich Reichweite. Da funktioniert das natürlich gut ;)
Ich selbst bin auch erst 2 Monate dabei, hab schon ne nette Dele bekommen und bin gespannt wie sich Steem entwickelt.
Größte Frage die ich mir täglich Stelle:
Wie kann man hier was bewirken/ ändern?
Würde da auch gern mal mit dir als Witness drüber reden.
Weil wirklich was entscheiden kann man ja nur als Top 20 Witness.
Und die werden durch Steemit Inc Stakes bestimmt..


Da hau mich am besten mal auf discord an :) nicht dass das hier jetzt alle anderen Kommentare versteckt ;)

Wow, what a suprise to start the new month with, congratulations dear @steem-lagos.


So true! A really awesome start of May!
Thank you! 😊

Use the SP wisely! ;)


Thanks! I'm just waiting for my VP to refresh (currently below 80%) and then I'll be spreading the love!


Haha I can feel you so much!
The same happened to me a few weeks ago :) ~430SP Delegation <3


Whoa nice! from reggaemuffin also?


Wow another good samaritan!
We got lucky! :D

Hahahahaha. Great comic.


Thank you friend! 😁

>--------- **AMAZING POST WITH FULL OF INFORMATIONS !!!** ---------


Thank you friend!

I suddenly remembered that he still needs to do his exercise... hahaha xD
After the cake he then grabbed the burger again just like in the working out


Ahahaha! That's why the exercise is not very effective!😂


I really like your character .. he has been shown in 3 comic strips now. is that man you?


Hahaha you can say that! A representation of me and everyone he wants to be.
Depends on what situation I draw him in.
Actually I've drawn this character way before I knew steemit.
On some old strips I shared with friends. All done in a small sketchbook.
A story for another time! :D


that's nice I also have my own.. Haha a Chibi One and a Normal One but I want a Saitama One maybe I'll make it some other time


Wow so you're gonna make one of you bald with a cape!


kinda like that, you the one where he gets poorly drawn yet it looks cool.

Awww congratulations on the 500 SP! You make great comics and you're a lot of fun too! :D


Thank you @artgirl! You're awesome! :D

this is just amazing, hope you get to do the best you can while you can with your SP, you have pretty funny comics, so you deserved it :) im now following you and looking forward to read more of your work


Thank you man! Really appreciate it! I'll do my best! :D

Yeah, what a lovely action of @reggaemuffin - Hope, you allready put him on your Witness list? ;) Enjoy your delegation! Cya


Yup! Thank you for reminding! :D
He's one of a kind!

I love it! You're so talented!


Aww shucks! Hahaha! Thank you!
I've still got ways to go but I'll do my best!
We are all talented! We just need to focus on what we are good at I think :D

I am so happy for you man it couldn't happen to a more fitting bastard hahahahaha


Thanks chief! Hahahaha! The bastard just got blessed! Sounds like a title for a heavy metal song. :D

Congrats on the delegated power :D!! you reall deserve this!!
haha now I understand the conversation you and @looserwin were having in the morning xD lol