I will delegate 6000SP to 12 "real minnows". WHY? Because, I Feel Blessed!

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I Feel Blessed!


This is going to be real quick and short!

I started out on Steemit as a minnow and now, I am what is known as a Dolphin. How is that calculated?
Let's do the math.
Rep Score: 69.745
Steem Power: 6,205.687
Mood: Feeling Blessed!

Coming this far on Steemit didn't happen by magic or fluke, it happened because love, work, dedication and supports were applied.
I feel blessed having the one blessed opportunity to meet some very amazing Steemians who impacted by life in more ways than one and it is because of their love and support that I can even be thinking of doing this giveaway.


I want to gift 12 "real minnows" with the SP I have and that means, I will be delegating 500SP to 12 Real Minnows (not bots) for a period of 30 days so that, they can grow their Reputation and also be able to use their delegated SP to bring some good to the community.
Looking at the platform, I see there are lots of users with less than 100SP but in them, they have what it takes to do some good. So I asked myself, what will 500SP do for these individuals if they have it?
Well, I didn't get to answer that yet and will find out from their responses.

How to.

Let's get down to it. If you are a minnow with less than 100SP, then this is for you.

  • Just reply in the comment section WHY you think you deserve to get a 500SP delegation from @Ejemai.
  • Participants MUST resteem this post. (edited.)
  • Eligibility must be a "real minnow" with 100SP or less.
  • Winners will be judged by @Ejemai and @Mosunomotunde.
  • This groove is open during the period this post is live and delegation will be done on the 4th of May 2018.

I wish I could give more.

So there you have it, 12 "real minnows" with 100SP and below will receive 500SP delegation from @Ejemai after being able to convince the community WHY they deserve it.

Make the world a better place for someone today!




Hahaha..what a lengthy entries, i can't even imagine if you can read all these comment. By the way, Im a minnow and im a member steemit community here in the Philippines particularly in Tacloban wherein many steemians are waiting for good hearted one(dolphin or whale) to support them. And 500sp will help a lot. Thank you @ejemai

just made my entry boss..

Thanks in anticipation

Thank you Sir for always attending to our questions no matter how busy you are.


My country people una good morning o. Make I first trowey salute give big bro @ejemai for this wonderful opportunity wey he carry come to help minnows for steemit block chain.

You surprise say I dey write for pidgin language? No shock abeg na because na we Dem dey call the @naijapidgin community.

This community never tey wey e dey exist and we don grow to reputation of 53 with almost 400 followers. Why we need this delegated SP?

If you look around steemit block chain you go see say many other countries Dem dey express themselves for their languages and even at that Dem still dey get ogbonge support from the people. Na im somebody think am say as naija be multilingual country, e go good make we get one language wey go unit all Nigerians for steemit. One language wey we go fit use dey express ourselves. One language wey we go take dey write post dey jolly and cheetah or steem cleaner no go ever visit us and na im we take born @naijapidgin.

Since naijapidgin come na so so smile e dey put for him followers face. We dey discuss matter as e concern we country dey rub mind together,we dey keep we people updated with latest happenings for we country. Our WhatsApp group no get I be this or I be that, na central meeting place for people from different communities and na so we dey share plenty gifts, ogbonge recharge card and na from the post payout we dey do all these things. Every week we dey organize contest dey share SBD.

The thing wey dey pain us be say our people no fit dey write post with naijapidgin because we no get the much needed SP to dey curate the beautiful post wey dey go write. Even the comments wey Dem dey drop for we post, we no even dey get SP take curate am but we believe say if we get this delegated SP e go carry us go far and people go know naijapidgin,people go still know naija.

Help us build Nigerian and help Nigerians. Help us give people the freedom to express themselves in a language they feel most comfortable with. Help us promote the pidgin language on steemit block chain.

500SP will do this and more. Thank you @ejemai and @mosunomotunde

@naijpidgin thus deserves this 500 delegated SP to encourage her followers.

I hope my 9ja pidgin community wins oh

Naijapidgin una gbaski

i hope say we win oo... @naijapidgin

Talking about originality, that's @naijapidgin.
One of the communities I didn't regret ever joining.

Okay, I don dey form self. Make una just check the blog, see wonders. Naijapidgin too much abeg.

Awesome idea, I already have 100+ SP, so just wanna thank you for a great initiative to support the platform :)


This is an amazing opportunity to also make a great impact on steemit, thanks, boss @ejemai.

I'm a minnow, in fact, I'm a plankton. But I'm here on steemit for the passion for fashion.

The reason why I need this SP is for one reason!

As a fashion designer and blogger, I see a lot of fashion post cross payout day with very few upvotes and ridiculous payout, this is quite frustrating. I will like to see more people blog fashion and get curated and rewarded handsomely.

Therefore, I plan to create curation lounge for fashion and lifestyle posts across various discord servers channels like @airhawk-project, @stach, @altruiticbot @whaleshares, @steemschool and @minnowsupport, etc

I will schedule days for post reviews and curation, giveaways and contests for fashion and lifestyle bloggers

I think this will go a long way in inspiring new fashion bloggers and help minnows and plankton grow faster on the network and make everyone happy and fulfilled.

Thanks, God bless!

Having peoples of this mind will make this part of the continent a good dwelling place.....
You are amazing .....
You know what my wish was??
Is for all your wish to come true...
Goodluck bro

Aww.. See how im blushing oo.. Luv you mehn..

Well-done buddy. You always give the platform great and quality content, you deserve the delegation. I do see your love on so many post and i know if you have more sp you will do more.

Good luck

Yes boss. The passion and love for others to grow is huge, and with people like you around me helping me to grow, all i wanna do is help others too

I wish you good luck and so are all the community members of Altruistic Community @altruisticbot.
Your fashion is great and fashion on steemit will move on with you being part.

Thanks ma'am i appreciate your efforts in making steemit better. I love ur work with @altruitic

@finite-clothings You have a good heart.i pray you get the delegation and all your plans to help minnows come through..I am also a minnow and my payout is not encouraging.
Thanks @ejemai for this wonderful opportunity we need people with good heart like your self to make the steemit community a better place.God bless you
God bless you @finite-clothings

Aahh, my brother, we all deserve to grow together. I appreciate your comment bro, lets keep giving genuine quality posts, we go hammer here

Good luck bro. You deserve this for your good works in all the channels. I believe in you. Bring it home.

Nothing can be done without the love from you guys. Thanks for coming to for me. We will surely grow together

Great step bro, I wish you best of luck. You have been of great help to @airhawk-exchange community and I believe you will make use of the delegated sp judicious in encouraging minnows if you win.
Thank you @ejemai for this great act of love

Yes, boss. Thanks a lot. The goal is to help others, and so shall it be.
We cannot give a quality post and get peanuts .. We all deserve some accolades .😋

Good heart. You deserve it.

Good luck buddy.

We do need more of your kind of Quality contents with adequate rewards for the intellectual property...This is a step in the right direction..well done @finite-clothing...I stand with you

Thanks, dear. Same goes for you. We all deserve some accolades !!

@finite-clothing you deserve this bro...keep up the good work

Thanks bro... We win together

This is very impressive. I hope we can have other people like you with the same ambition.

Wishing you all the best. You are doing marvelous. Bless you.

Yes o. I pray you get the delegation. And I like your plan already. It's discouraging when you write something quality and then, no visibility or any upvote

I've done over 4,000 comments and have been active in training. I would do a special blog post for you if you gave me the award.

@ejemai, you are blessed, and thank you in advance for what you are doing. I am not here for my own accord at all...I wouldn’t know what to do with all that steempower anyways...(but I do learn fast)...but I can assure you, who can. I am here for a particular person I did meet on steemit...and to be more precise, I meet this man at the #Airhawk-Project, and his name is @samest. Link for Airhawk-Project https://discord.gg/NCu8MRg

I included the link above, for yourself, if you can get a chance and visit and see this man at work. I mean in action, action in teaching supporting and loving with a passion what he does. This is a man I tell you who doesn’t sleep, how I know this is because I’m in a different time zone than he is. I never see him off, and if I DM him a question, within minutes there’s is a response. Yes, I’m sure he sleeps, the body needs rest of course...it’s like he sleeps in front of his computer, and he’s the first responder to all...this to me is great support of a moderate in a group, to know he’s always available to us...

I meet @samest in the #Airhawk-Project, I went looking for him, because I was told he can help me with a particular situation...I was in the https://t.me/linkzone Airhawk-Project on telegram for steemit, to post steemit links there, for support of one another. As I was new to steemit at the time, I didn’t read the pin message. I didn’t even know what a pin message was, minds you, I didn’t even know when I was spoken to...so I would just post my link in the group and be on my way, after several attempts I was restricted from group. Obviously I didn’t read the pin, the rules. After a couple of weeks I figured out “telegram” I wanted to get back in...I was told from a few friends of mine, in the group I started chatting with, go to the discord channel and speak to @samest, to which I did immediately...I DM him immediately and explained my situation as I mention above, and the first thing he told me was, “you have to do your time” immediately I sensed this is a man with discipline, yes many have it, but this is a admin who, first looked at the rules of the group instead of growing the group for the sake of growth...to me this was immediately a eye opener, this is a man who clearly has respect, honour, and above all integrity just from these words.

So I said ok let me hang out here for a day or two, and get my ban lifted and go on my way...so I overlooked at #Airhawk-Project this man in action in this channel, the way he was talking with the group, it’s was like he had a personal relationship with all of them. They all listen with respect to him, and they answered with out one word wrong towards him or towards others at all...and let me tell you I spent hours reading all comments. This I saw was not only a steemit group, yes there are plenty and I’ve been to many. This was more, this was honour here, but I felt more, Yes a family. A family to grow together buy learning the ways of steemit, and sharing, and supporting each other, not merely going out and getting votes. No, that was the last intention here...first learn how to write, learn how to post, learn who is your audience, respect them, be consistent to them, be proud of your work regardless of your rewards. Be proud of your work!!! He kept repeating, and it will be enough...he’s teaching everybody how to be great as a person...help, give and that should be enough...and he does this, with a stern voice, and always ends with a smile, and yes, there isn’t a dull moment in his group...it is full of joy and most of all, full of love, and as he quotes #onelove...and truly #Airhawk-Project is this.

After a couple of days with this man, I truly forgot about my telegram problem I didn’t even care for one second, I was glued to this man. Like a child watching his favourite tv show, I was amazed how this man handle this group, well as time passed by, he called out to me and ask, do you have a post to review with the group, again I was amazed, I’m like new of course, I felt centre of attention here, what does he want to review, my post why...so I drop the link, after a few minutes, he started to teach me about my post...but he had my attention, he had full control of me, he had my respect and I gave it effortlessly to him, because I felt the love and joy from him teaching me...and let me tell you in a matter of weeks paying attention to @samest I’m teaching many as well...this goes without saying, I’m still learning more and more, and still need to learn, but learning with @samest is more than a honour, it’s as he says it and repeats it #onelove.

As time went on, being active in the group more and more, plus associating more with the other members as well, I felt welcomed immediately...I grew a friendship with this man, we started talking more privately on the groups benefits as well as the occasional hows life treating and everything with this world...but his main focus was his family in #Airhawk-Project, always and until this day. And let me tell you, it’s been a few months already. We know of each other in steemit, we work together on a few projects, but our main focus, I should say his focus is, how to strengthen his group, plus how to make his group benefit first. And let me tell you, he does leave himself behind, for his flock...

@ejemai, I can’t still be writing countless about this man @samest, and WHY I choose him to be awarded this power, you can bestow upon a group. I leave you with a song, it’s a long one. I hope you have time to enjoy, especially from the post I see, you’ll have plenty of reading.

The song is from one of my favourite singers, a great, Nina Simone-Sinnerman please find the time to enjoy her voice, I am sure you will love it.

The purpose for this song is for a particular quote in the song “rock” being the lord...my purpose for it is simple, I found a rock in this group, and my rock is this man @samest from the #Airhawk-Project

Thank you once again @ejemai for your time, as well, as a friend told me from my group, miracle happen in may...I also I’d like thank all from the Airhawk-Project who I’ve befriended so well, and so many...they all know who they are. #onelove ❤️

And I’m sure I can speak for all at #Airhawk-Project @samest we all love you, and appreciate your endless effort to teach us, and your honest love you gives us day in day out, relentless I admire your power my friend.

Nina Simone-Sinnerman

John this is too much. I give it all to #airhawk-project cos of one thing... Love.

One love buddy and good luck

...oh yes, and the humblest of men...1❤️ I’m sure you will brother, I’m sure you will...as always. Thank you.

Oh wow that's great .
May God bless you with more.
Please visit my blog :)

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