I will delegate 6000SP to 12 "real minnows". WHY? Because, I Feel Blessed!

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I Feel Blessed!


This is going to be real quick and short!

I started out on Steemit as a minnow and now, I am what is known as a Dolphin. How is that calculated?
Let's do the math.
Rep Score: 69.745
Steem Power: 6,205.687
Mood: Feeling Blessed!

Coming this far on Steemit didn't happen by magic or fluke, it happened because love, work, dedication and supports were applied.
I feel blessed having the one blessed opportunity to meet some very amazing Steemians who impacted by life in more ways than one and it is because of their love and support that I can even be thinking of doing this giveaway.


I want to gift 12 "real minnows" with the SP I have and that means, I will be delegating 500SP to 12 Real Minnows (not bots) for a period of 30 days so that, they can grow their Reputation and also be able to use their delegated SP to bring some good to the community.
Looking at the platform, I see there are lots of users with less than 100SP but in them, they have what it takes to do some good. So I asked myself, what will 500SP do for these individuals if they have it?
Well, I didn't get to answer that yet and will find out from their responses.

How to.

Let's get down to it. If you are a minnow with less than 100SP, then this is for you.

  • Just reply in the comment section WHY you think you deserve to get a 500SP delegation from @Ejemai.
  • Participants MUST resteem this post. (edited.)
  • Eligibility must be a "real minnow" with 100SP or less.
  • Winners will be judged by @Ejemai and @Mosunomotunde.
  • This groove is open during the period this post is live and delegation will be done on the 4th of May 2018.

I wish I could give more.

So there you have it, 12 "real minnows" with 100SP and below will receive 500SP delegation from @Ejemai after being able to convince the community WHY they deserve it.

Make the world a better place for someone today!




Hahaha..what a lengthy entries, i can't even imagine if you can read all these comment. By the way, Im a minnow and im a member steemit community here in the Philippines particularly in Tacloban wherein many steemians are waiting for good hearted one(dolphin or whale) to support them. And 500sp will help a lot. Thank you @ejemai

just made my entry boss..

Thanks in anticipation

Thank you Sir for always attending to our questions no matter how busy you are.


My country people una good morning o. Make I first trowey salute give big bro @ejemai for this wonderful opportunity wey he carry come to help minnows for steemit block chain.

You surprise say I dey write for pidgin language? No shock abeg na because na we Dem dey call the @naijapidgin community.

This community never tey wey e dey exist and we don grow to reputation of 53 with almost 400 followers. Why we need this delegated SP?

If you look around steemit block chain you go see say many other countries Dem dey express themselves for their languages and even at that Dem still dey get ogbonge support from the people. Na im somebody think am say as naija be multilingual country, e go good make we get one language wey go unit all Nigerians for steemit. One language wey we go fit use dey express ourselves. One language wey we go take dey write post dey jolly and cheetah or steem cleaner no go ever visit us and na im we take born @naijapidgin.

Since naijapidgin come na so so smile e dey put for him followers face. We dey discuss matter as e concern we country dey rub mind together,we dey keep we people updated with latest happenings for we country. Our WhatsApp group no get I be this or I be that, na central meeting place for people from different communities and na so we dey share plenty gifts, ogbonge recharge card and na from the post payout we dey do all these things. Every week we dey organize contest dey share SBD.

The thing wey dey pain us be say our people no fit dey write post with naijapidgin because we no get the much needed SP to dey curate the beautiful post wey dey go write. Even the comments wey Dem dey drop for we post, we no even dey get SP take curate am but we believe say if we get this delegated SP e go carry us go far and people go know naijapidgin,people go still know naija.

Help us build Nigerian and help Nigerians. Help us give people the freedom to express themselves in a language they feel most comfortable with. Help us promote the pidgin language on steemit block chain.

500SP will do this and more. Thank you @ejemai and @mosunomotunde

@naijpidgin thus deserves this 500 delegated SP to encourage her followers.

I hope my 9ja pidgin community wins oh

Naijapidgin una gbaski

i hope say we win oo... @naijapidgin

Talking about originality, that's @naijapidgin.
One of the communities I didn't regret ever joining.

Okay, I don dey form self. Make una just check the blog, see wonders. Naijapidgin too much abeg.

Awesome idea, I already have 100+ SP, so just wanna thank you for a great initiative to support the platform :)


This is an amazing opportunity to also make a great impact on steemit, thanks, boss @ejemai.

I'm a minnow, in fact, I'm a plankton. But I'm here on steemit for the passion for fashion.

The reason why I need this SP is for one reason!

As a fashion designer and blogger, I see a lot of fashion post cross payout day with very few upvotes and ridiculous payout, this is quite frustrating. I will like to see more people blog fashion and get curated and rewarded handsomely.

Therefore, I plan to create curation lounge for fashion and lifestyle posts across various discord servers channels like @airhawk-project, @stach, @altruiticbot @whaleshares, @steemschool and @minnowsupport, etc

I will schedule days for post reviews and curation, giveaways and contests for fashion and lifestyle bloggers

I think this will go a long way in inspiring new fashion bloggers and help minnows and plankton grow faster on the network and make everyone happy and fulfilled.

Thanks, God bless!

Having peoples of this mind will make this part of the continent a good dwelling place.....
You are amazing .....
You know what my wish was??
Is for all your wish to come true...
Goodluck bro

Aww.. See how im blushing oo.. Luv you mehn..

Well-done buddy. You always give the platform great and quality content, you deserve the delegation. I do see your love on so many post and i know if you have more sp you will do more.

Good luck

Yes boss. The passion and love for others to grow is huge, and with people like you around me helping me to grow, all i wanna do is help others too

I wish you good luck and so are all the community members of Altruistic Community @altruisticbot.
Your fashion is great and fashion on steemit will move on with you being part.

Thanks ma'am i appreciate your efforts in making steemit better. I love ur work with @altruitic

@finite-clothings You have a good heart.i pray you get the delegation and all your plans to help minnows come through..I am also a minnow and my payout is not encouraging.
Thanks @ejemai for this wonderful opportunity we need people with good heart like your self to make the steemit community a better place.God bless you
God bless you @finite-clothings

Aahh, my brother, we all deserve to grow together. I appreciate your comment bro, lets keep giving genuine quality posts, we go hammer here

Good luck bro. You deserve this for your good works in all the channels. I believe in you. Bring it home.

Nothing can be done without the love from you guys. Thanks for coming to for me. We will surely grow together

Great step bro, I wish you best of luck. You have been of great help to @airhawk-exchange community and I believe you will make use of the delegated sp judicious in encouraging minnows if you win.
Thank you @ejemai for this great act of love

Yes, boss. Thanks a lot. The goal is to help others, and so shall it be.
We cannot give a quality post and get peanuts .. We all deserve some accolades .😋

Good heart. You deserve it.

Good luck buddy.

We do need more of your kind of Quality contents with adequate rewards for the intellectual property...This is a step in the right direction..well done @finite-clothing...I stand with you

Thanks, dear. Same goes for you. We all deserve some accolades !!

@finite-clothing you deserve this bro...keep up the good work

Thanks bro... We win together

This is very impressive. I hope we can have other people like you with the same ambition.

Wishing you all the best. You are doing marvelous. Bless you.

Yes o. I pray you get the delegation. And I like your plan already. It's discouraging when you write something quality and then, no visibility or any upvote

I've done over 4,000 comments and have been active in training. I would do a special blog post for you if you gave me the award.

@ejemai, you are blessed, and thank you in advance for what you are doing. I am not here for my own accord at all...I wouldn’t know what to do with all that steempower anyways...(but I do learn fast)...but I can assure you, who can. I am here for a particular person I did meet on steemit...and to be more precise, I meet this man at the #Airhawk-Project, and his name is @samest. Link for Airhawk-Project https://discord.gg/NCu8MRg

I included the link above, for yourself, if you can get a chance and visit and see this man at work. I mean in action, action in teaching supporting and loving with a passion what he does. This is a man I tell you who doesn’t sleep, how I know this is because I’m in a different time zone than he is. I never see him off, and if I DM him a question, within minutes there’s is a response. Yes, I’m sure he sleeps, the body needs rest of course...it’s like he sleeps in front of his computer, and he’s the first responder to all...this to me is great support of a moderate in a group, to know he’s always available to us...

I meet @samest in the #Airhawk-Project, I went looking for him, because I was told he can help me with a particular situation...I was in the https://t.me/linkzone Airhawk-Project on telegram for steemit, to post steemit links there, for support of one another. As I was new to steemit at the time, I didn’t read the pin message. I didn’t even know what a pin message was, minds you, I didn’t even know when I was spoken to...so I would just post my link in the group and be on my way, after several attempts I was restricted from group. Obviously I didn’t read the pin, the rules. After a couple of weeks I figured out “telegram” I wanted to get back in...I was told from a few friends of mine, in the group I started chatting with, go to the discord channel and speak to @samest, to which I did immediately...I DM him immediately and explained my situation as I mention above, and the first thing he told me was, “you have to do your time” immediately I sensed this is a man with discipline, yes many have it, but this is a admin who, first looked at the rules of the group instead of growing the group for the sake of growth...to me this was immediately a eye opener, this is a man who clearly has respect, honour, and above all integrity just from these words.

So I said ok let me hang out here for a day or two, and get my ban lifted and go on my way...so I overlooked at #Airhawk-Project this man in action in this channel, the way he was talking with the group, it’s was like he had a personal relationship with all of them. They all listen with respect to him, and they answered with out one word wrong towards him or towards others at all...and let me tell you I spent hours reading all comments. This I saw was not only a steemit group, yes there are plenty and I’ve been to many. This was more, this was honour here, but I felt more, Yes a family. A family to grow together buy learning the ways of steemit, and sharing, and supporting each other, not merely going out and getting votes. No, that was the last intention here...first learn how to write, learn how to post, learn who is your audience, respect them, be consistent to them, be proud of your work regardless of your rewards. Be proud of your work!!! He kept repeating, and it will be enough...he’s teaching everybody how to be great as a person...help, give and that should be enough...and he does this, with a stern voice, and always ends with a smile, and yes, there isn’t a dull moment in his group...it is full of joy and most of all, full of love, and as he quotes #onelove...and truly #Airhawk-Project is this.

After a couple of days with this man, I truly forgot about my telegram problem I didn’t even care for one second, I was glued to this man. Like a child watching his favourite tv show, I was amazed how this man handle this group, well as time passed by, he called out to me and ask, do you have a post to review with the group, again I was amazed, I’m like new of course, I felt centre of attention here, what does he want to review, my post why...so I drop the link, after a few minutes, he started to teach me about my post...but he had my attention, he had full control of me, he had my respect and I gave it effortlessly to him, because I felt the love and joy from him teaching me...and let me tell you in a matter of weeks paying attention to @samest I’m teaching many as well...this goes without saying, I’m still learning more and more, and still need to learn, but learning with @samest is more than a honour, it’s as he says it and repeats it #onelove.

As time went on, being active in the group more and more, plus associating more with the other members as well, I felt welcomed immediately...I grew a friendship with this man, we started talking more privately on the groups benefits as well as the occasional hows life treating and everything with this world...but his main focus was his family in #Airhawk-Project, always and until this day. And let me tell you, it’s been a few months already. We know of each other in steemit, we work together on a few projects, but our main focus, I should say his focus is, how to strengthen his group, plus how to make his group benefit first. And let me tell you, he does leave himself behind, for his flock...

@ejemai, I can’t still be writing countless about this man @samest, and WHY I choose him to be awarded this power, you can bestow upon a group. I leave you with a song, it’s a long one. I hope you have time to enjoy, especially from the post I see, you’ll have plenty of reading.

The song is from one of my favourite singers, a great, Nina Simone-Sinnerman please find the time to enjoy her voice, I am sure you will love it.

The purpose for this song is for a particular quote in the song “rock” being the lord...my purpose for it is simple, I found a rock in this group, and my rock is this man @samest from the #Airhawk-Project

Thank you once again @ejemai for your time, as well, as a friend told me from my group, miracle happen in may...I also I’d like thank all from the Airhawk-Project who I’ve befriended so well, and so many...they all know who they are. #onelove ❤️

And I’m sure I can speak for all at #Airhawk-Project @samest we all love you, and appreciate your endless effort to teach us, and your honest love you gives us day in day out, relentless I admire your power my friend.

Nina Simone-Sinnerman

John this is too much. I give it all to #airhawk-project cos of one thing... Love.

One love buddy and good luck

...oh yes, and the humblest of men...1❤️ I’m sure you will brother, I’m sure you will...as always. Thank you.

Oh wow that's great .
May God bless you with more.
Please visit my blog :)

That’s very good decision. You are really great person.

Hello @ejemai
The little i know about you is that i am quite sure you are that individual that is ready to help people around you grow...

I got to know about this from @naijapidgin wattsap group and it gladens my heart because this news came at the right time..

I and my team just made our introductory post on a project we just started known as the @backtoschool project...
This project is aimed at helping individuals who are unable to continue their education because of funds...
We all know how vital education is in our community..this team has created an avenue through this project to introduce students to steemit and also enable those already on the platform to earn more curation on their quality educational articles..


I am @adabless, a member of the curation trail, i believe if we are awarded this SP, it will go along way to achieving our aim and putting smiles on the face of the needy...
We cannot do this alone, and our love for humanity brought us together to establish this project...

My team includes @iamchijamz @donnest @sammyswt @steemcenturion @desmoniac @adabless @burlarj @michaeljerry0 and @acheever...

I believe this delegation will go a long way to help @backtoschool project deliver.

Thank you @adabless for bringing this up.

You are most welcome

Wonderful mate! I hope our request is granted.

i support this entry 100%, i believe @ backtoschool project will do great things with this delegation. Thank you @ejemai and @mosunomotunde

Wonderful mate! I hope our request is granted.

This is a very good initiative and we are grateful you're giving back to the community

Steemiansarena is about building a community that will contribute immensely to the growth of the steemit platform. We aim at helping minnows/newbies gain a foothold and achieve their true potential.

So far, our members are growing we have been focus and relentless.
Our community "steemiansarena" has engaged in curating the posts of newly sign ups and certain top quality post with low payout from the community and extensive to the larger steemit community.

We currently have a whastapp and a discord channels where members submit their links
Though, we have a trail but our trail upvote is still very insignificant but with time, things will get better.


Well, the team behind this project has already proposed a certain donation for individual for weekly DSP.. We lease 1000 SP weekly which costs us 10 steem

It has not been easy for us and we use this opportunity to call out for support. We believe this will ease our burden and we can empower our members more if we get the 500 SP delegation from you.

Thank you @ejemai and @mosunomotunde

this project is very young and it is actually being run by minnows, young men and women who are still in school but find time to run a community and assist redfishes find their feet in this big steemit sea.
I do postfeedback and writing workshop for the community and though the community is small, we are all learning and growing.
They need the delegation to boost their curation project as well as create a robust community.

@steemiansarena is an amazing community.

As a student, Co-founder and a minnow.
I contribute to the dsp lease of the community.

@ejemai your dsp to @steemiansarena will be used to boost her curation project.

Community vision is aimed at helping minnows.

Thank you

Steemiansarena is an initiative aimed at promoting minnows. Though we are all minnows in the community, but, we are hoping to grow together.

We curate, we teach and encourage steemians. The project is still fresh and needs the DSP to boost its plans and carry out all activities.

Thanks for this opportunity @ejemai

SteemiansArena is a place where we teach and learn from each other. We help each other to grow by showing support to minnow.

If given this opportunity, it will put a smile on a lot of writers with great content. It will also help SteemiansArena achieve it's aim and purpose.

Thank you

@ejemai thank you very much for your kind heart. steemiansarena deserve your support honestly speaking. We are all punch of newbie trying to make name for ourselves. For all the community that applied for the challenge steemiansarena have the lowest reputation score. Please show your support.

Hello @ejemai.
I appreciate your what you're doing right now. The minnows on steemit will definitely benefit from this gesture.

I have been a part of steemiansarena since it's inception as a WhatsApp group. I have watched the community grow to where it is today.

This is a community that aims to improve the well-being of it's members. I and many others have learnt invaluable lessons in the post feedback and writing workshop run by @warpedpoetic.

Honestly, my life on steemit wouldn't be where it is today without the support of steemiansarena. If there's any minnow that deserves an SP delegation from you, steemiansarena is definitely it.

If there was one community who against all odds, chose to triumph,
If there was a community who never dared to say "it can never be done",
If there was a community who believed in everyone's potential on the steem blockchain...that community is steemians arena.
It is a relatively young community fully run by minnows who believe everyone can make it and are actually working towards that. I think the delegation if given to the community would really be of great help.
Theres already a steemiansarena discord channel where posts by members are appraised and suggestions are made on how to grow. Steemiansarena is basically a school where the members are taught how to grow through quality posts.
Faith without works is dead so steemiansarena has been working too. There's already a trail and what a 500sp delegation from you would do to the community and its over 40 members is truly priceless.

Our goal at steemiansarena is to make the steemit experience a memorable and an enjoyable one for every minnow and currently we're doing that one upvote at a time.

It hasn't been easy as we've had to fund this dream from our wallet, an act tough on us minnows.

Getting this delegation will help further our dream and we implore you to consider steemiansarena.

The Steem community is growing in leaps and bounds, that is a good thing. There has been much influx of newbies to the steemit platform, mostly from the effort of few selfless steemians who saw the need to bring in creative and talented people into the community, without any form of incentives. I remember when I joined the community, I wasn't left to wander about, @samstickkz; God bless his heartl, was instrumental to my joining the @stach community. That was a big encouragement to me as a person, because I'd have been a needle in a hay stack, if @stach and other related accounts hadn't been giving my post upvotes. That was then when the number of @stach members wasn't as it is today. The newbies have been adviced to use the #stach tag, even at that, many of them are struggling to get $1 upvote on their posts, they weren't as fortunate as I was, hundreds upon hundreds of accounts use the #stach tag daily and reaching to all of them isn't an easy feat.

As a way to give back to the community as well as help those creative and awesome articles I see everyday, I intend to take upon myself the responsibility of upvoting quality and originality, unfortunately my upvote is not worth up to $0.5. If a hundred of my account give upvotes, it'll be near insignificant. As I was helped at my early days of joining the community, I'd love to extend that kind gesture to others like me. Also, I'd like to give my account a little boost as where it is now isn't really what I had intended.

@ejemai thanks for this initiative, more power to your elbow. You've proven over time to be selfless and kind hearted. I believe all those who get the delegation will take on the challenge and be an extension of you.

@ejemai...wow!!! You have been an awesome leader and inspiration. Thank you for all you do.

I see a lot of minnows put in a lot of hard work to write quality posts but do not get rewarded for their quality. I have always wished there is a way I could help out, I always wish I had the power to reward people...this is a window opening for that possibility.
Most importantly fairness is paramount and that is an attribute I intend to operate with if I getbsuch a delegation.

Thank you once again @ejemai for your generosity. You will remain blessed.

This is one of the kind gestures av seen here since my steemit journey as a minnow, the Nigerian community really needs this support and may your kindness be duly rewarded @ejemai

Why i deserve your 500 SP Delegation
I hail from Imo State, Eastern part of the country and did my National Youth Service in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria last year 2017.

Within this one year of service to my father land, i encountered a lot of less privileged, orphanage homes and jobless graduates roaming the streets empty but all have good smart phones, only used for free social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and others, wasting precious time in useless online activities and that motivated me into taking my steemit journey into another level.

Firstly, i had visited a deformity home while i was still in Kaduna State to cheer them up and give little token of financial assistance courtesy of steem and this is motivated me into starting up a project on steem @steem-charity account which is aimed at empowering a lot of less privileged persons and funding this deformity home and some other less privileged home.

Secondly, in my quest to evangelise steem and promote the community, i conducted a steemit seminar in Owerri the capital city of Imo State where i spoke to about 150 students of Imo State University with the help and full assistance of my cousin brothers @mickeyscofield and @nancy007. An outreach which recouped not less than 100 newbies into the steemit community on 8th January 2018, with 500 SP delegation, that will help me to curate quality contents from these minnows and help them grow here on steemit.

Thirdly, i have passion for humanitarian voluntary work when enpowered and that gave me the motivation to undergo a training on HIV/AIDS as a counselor and tester, conducted free community outreaches, sponsored by steem and have the zeal to do more if empowered. This way, i evangelise and dedicate my time, faith and strength on steem powered humanitarian work.

Lastly, with 500 SP delegation, a lot of lives can be touched and changed for good.
Nigeria has been a country that strives so hard to make it's citizens attain good and qualitative free education but this cannot be achieved by the government alone. Am running a foundation that is aimed at enhancing free education to at least 5 to 10 students of per term and this humanitarian vision can be funded and go a long way with 500 Steem Power Delegation.

In Conclusion, I believe in making the world a better place by touching and empowering all aspects of life and yesss... I believe that together we can achieve it! A humanitarian free world where financial freedom is distributed on equal share to achieve greatness, prosperity and brightest future.
500 SP delegation to my account will empower a lot of humanitarian projects and grow this great community towards greatness, steem has come to stay and steemit is the source of bright future ahead. We are what we make ourselves, God bless Steemit. God bless you @ejemai

Thanks You sir
@steemit-uyo is a community based account and currently we do not have enough to cater for the members of the community which is really sad.

We experience an influx of members daily and aside the online and offline tutorials we give to our members, upvotes on post is another way to show real-time support

This delegation would go a long way in assisting our community and also supporting new and existing members

Thank you

If we could nominate, then i nominate @steemit-uyo. The desire to grow the community is quite strong. All we need to make this come through is a support like this one.

I hope this community be counted amongst the lucky 12. Thanks @ejemai for giving back to the minnows.

I woo uld also nominate @steemit-uyo .

They've impacted my life and i want them to inpact others too.
Thank you @ejemai

Thanks for this act of kindness.

I have introduced nothing less than 38 people to steemit since last 3 months. Initially, they were active. Now, they lost the enthusiasm to go on. Some off them write well but no incentive to carry on. As a referrer, I can't even help myself that much, my steem power is low. Before now, I upvote them when I can give $0.01, now that price of steem is low, I can't give nothing again.

One of then once told me that 12 users upvoted her and the upvotes were worth less than $0.01. She lost the will to carry on and named steemit as jungle.

First. I will encourage them to return

Second, I will go all out to search for good contents under Nigeria, Africa, health and relationship tag. Place valuable comments under good post and upvote them as a means of encouraging them to do more.

I hope you will consider me as worthy of this steem power. Thank you.

i am currently running a free upvote service for minnow and its been 15 days till now , i have to buy from minnowbooster the power for this service, i daily upvote 20 minnows with 10% voting power and apart from that 10 introduction post. so that they can grow more, this is my post for the contest.


First i want to say thanks @ejemai
for your this good and helpfull mentality.
why i deserve to win this competion
Because i work here day and night.when i am.new here i comment full time. I wake up.4am..because i am from Bangladesh . Thats time many good users post. i spent my full time here . When i.am new here. Sometimes its a tough for me.thats time.because i am.new here thats time. and i am poor in english thats time when i see post in english i am.hardly understand and comment but sometimes.people get angry then.they behave rudely sometimes thats time i feel so bad for my language then i think thats its not there fault its my fault.Beacuse i am not able to understand.Some.times many people flaged me. But i dont get there behave so.badly. And i forget all these matter and work again.for earn this reputation.I am.not able to earn good sp.. from four .months. But i need to earn here. Your sp help me lot. Dear.
last i want to say just i work here so hard if you help its so good for me.
Thank you so much for held this competion. @ejemai
God bless you.

I recommended this contest to @afrinsultana because I believe it could be a really amazing opportunity for her. If there is one thing that is incredibly prominent on this platform it is that even though Steemit is decentralised, there is still a social structure and there are still many people who have greater privilege than others.

For example, I am a native English speaker, I have the means and resources to create content - mostly videos that allow me the opportunity to receive higher upvotes from people like @dtube. Because of these advantages I have been able to grow in a short amount of time. Now someone like Afrin, I believe is at a disadvantage because English is not her first language, which often means she can be flagged for the comments that she leaves others. She also does not have the means to create videos like I do. I can afford to have the equipment necessary to create the content that gets big upvotes, this is my privilege which she unfortunately does not have.

I do not know someone who works so hard with the little resources they have. Afrin genuinely interacts with people, she shares her photos and her interests, she finds competitions that may give her the opportunity to grow. She has never just asked me - can you give me upvotes, can you give me steem power, can you just give to me. For the months I have known she has only ever wanted to be my friend. She is always checking in on me, making sure I am well, that my family is doing well, that I am eating and am happy in life. I am blessed to have her friendship and I honestly wish I could give more back to her. I support her as much as I can, without her asking I have gifted her steem and SP, but the impact I have has been small. But my goal has always been that as I grow, I want to continue to help her. Because I can't forget all the love she has given to me, with no expectations. She has a pure and genuine heart and it deserves to be recognised.

For me the benefits I receive on Steemit are amazing, but in regards to value, they are small. I am from Australia so I can earn well in my own country. For Afrin, the benefits that she can make here can honestly change her life. There is a huge difference. I want to see Afrin succeed. She wants to study law but believes she will never have this opportunity. She comments every day on my travel posts about places in this world she believes she will never get to see. She continues to work hard every day and never complains about the life she has been given. If it was not for Steemit I would never have met her and I am thankful for that every day. She teaches me every day how to be humble for the life I was given.

I hope that in your deciding you are able to take this into consideration. I think it is an incredibly amazing thing you are doing. As I continue to grow I hope to give back in the very same way you are. Because we need more people in this world who are willing to give without expecting to gain.

Big love to you @ejemai. 💗

Hey @neeqi thank you so much for your these kinds word.Your thoughts your these lines and words i will never forget in my life.I am worlds lucky girl who get like you friend love you so much..You always give me menally suport that a big for me.Dear....Biggest love for you...♥♥♥ My dear..friend..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Big love to you my friend. 💗

Thank you my friend...♥♥♥♥♥

First of all I would like to thank you for this initiative and the opportunity @ejemai.

To be honest I don't have a resume as impressive as most of the people on this post. But I do know I use most of my upvotes(0.01 on a good day) on minnows good content(at least from my perspective) because I know very well how even that can make your day when you're just starting. I've been on steemit for 100 day now, in that time I've seen people come, get discouraged and abandon. E.g So far I only know of 5-6 Rwandese on steemit out of which only 2-3 are active(counting me too) and I think the main problem is the language barrier. Some struggle to write in english but they still do because they know they won't get noticed if they write in the mother tongue, and when post after post they don't get anything, not for lack of good content but because of grammatical errors, they give up.

I think if I could incentivize some to come back, or new ones to come join, tell them to write good content in the mother tongue, then @bmotive (haven't asked him yet but I'm sure he'd be cool with it) and I could curate them and then they write the post again in english. We would only keep rewarding those that really make an effort on improving their english. Surely they would be more motivated and more inclined to become ambassadors.

This doesn't just apply to Rwanda but many african countries where there is not enough SP distribution to really support each other. I think if this was done accross the board it could help with the retention problem that steemit is still struggling with.

And since the Rwandese community is still tiny I could also try helping out in other East African communities since I've already made some connections there. Hopefully I would also be able to bring in some Burundians since so far I've only seen one and he already quit too.

Also to be honest that extra SP would also get me more rewards, which would also help when I'm promoting the platform because so far most of my friends don't understand yet the value since I haven't withdrawn and they know I spend hours per day on steemit.

I have thrown upvotes here and there but I don't think that their worth would be enough to keep somebody who has a job or is too busy with school here.

And finally, within 2 months of being here I had made a contest to motivate where I gave out 4.7sbd(most of which I won from a few contests) and at the time it accounted for about 3/4 of my wallet. And I've also delegated to 2 projects I really believe in.

Thanks for the consideration :)

Yeah I am not a judge but you deserve this brother. 500sp can make some change in our society.

Hai @ejemai ,
I got to know about you and this post through @dexterdev . I'm a growing minnow or plankton on steemit who satisfies every conditions you have mentioned above to participate in this great idea of yours.

Why do I think I deserve to get a 500 SP?

  • I'm a part of this steemit community for past 3 months and have succeeded in earning 40sp to this date.

  • I would prefer the quality and originality of contents over quantity. I understand, when I say quality it is subjective yet, one should put in some efforts, some extra works inorder to earn sweet steems. I never entertain plagiarism and have vowed to commit towards keeping myself away from plagiarism of any sorts.

  • I love science and its propagation. I have already produced a couple of science articles which are recognised by the great community #steemSTEM . I have no plans to stay away from it as it is science that have made us to use Steemit.

  • I do believe in the concept of community, the very stepstone the steemit has been built upon. I assure you that the extra Voting Power I might get would be something to cheer for minnows as I will utilise it for uplifting my co-minnows who produce great contents.

I hope the most deserving candidates will win the delegation. And I expect that my voice be heard!

I wanna say this is a really great way of supporting the minnows like me here sir @ejemai, I've been on Steemit for around 4 months now and I'd say it's been really hard climbing to the top, getting upvotes and increasing ones reputation, my sp is still 15😧 and I've been here for over 4 months, I make post regularly expect for the period of my exam.

I'm a Rapper and a Music Producer although I'm still working on the Art, I'm also a photographer, a Fine Artist and an undergraduate of the University of Benin studying BIOCHEMISTRY. So the kind of posts I make come from those angles, but the kind of "Love" I get from the post sometimes is discouraging, but because I'm not the giving up/quiting type I'm still here trying to put more effort because I know consistency pays.

I'm a member of the @africaunchained community and that is the only place I get upvotes from, commenting also helps but not Everyone can be in the position to do it because they rely so much on their quality Post. Some people I invited to steemit are no longer on it because of the Low/No upvotes they receive, we have brilliant writers and talented people on the community, I even have a blogger friend who is a very good writer but have reduced his input on Steemit because they get frustrated after spending hours composing a post and dey don't get upvotes so they don't see much reason to stay.

It will give me and everyone around me great Joy if I'm able to support my fellow minnows with this delegation if I'm selected, hopefully I'll bring the ones who have left back and the ones who are putting effort daily despite the low return will be rewarded and motivated to do more, afterall that is the essence of this delegation and with this steemit will continue to grow bigger. I wanna use this opportunity to say a big thank you to @destinysaid who has been of great assistance to @africaunchained community members and also to you sir @ejemai for your unending support to the growth of steemit as a whole.

Africa unchained really deserve this delegation of 500sp. The folks there have been doing great stuff. And they are ready to do more.

I'd like to start by saying, that your initiative is very much appreciated. Thank you for it.
I believe, I deserve the 500SP delegation because I consider my posts to be above average, which can only have a positive impact on the overall steemit experience.
But even though my posts aren't bad, they barely got any attention. I've posted travel photos and a couple of travel videos, but that didn't gain any momentum. Also tried posting about cryptocurrency and recently started my own small contest about food photography. But since I don't have much to offer in terms of SBD or SP, it barely got noticed.
As you can see from my profile: https://steemit.com/@dragraff I am a very active member of this community. I'm organizing and participating in contests and trying to offer high quality content, because in my opinion this is what this otherwise great platform is lacking.
Receiving the 500SP would hopefully get me under the "spotlight" so that my content can reach more people.

@ejemai, I thought about these words for a while and then it sank into me how large your heart is to have put up this feat. Thanks a lot for this and many more you are doing to give more meaning to the lives of other on and off line.

I will be delegating 6000SP to 12 minnors (bot bots) for a period of 30 days so that, they can grow Reputation and also be able to use their delegated SP to bring some good to the community.

I write on behalf of the @We-Care , a community based project account that focused at reaching out to the needy and providing support especially to school children in rural community in Nigeria and Africa in the long run. The brain behind this project is @samuelwealth and so far have partnered with @joshuaetim and provided school children with books and biro as reward for academic excellence in Ikot Ese, of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. As a team we look forward to doing better and bigger in improving the lives others of children and teenagers in our sphere of contact as much as we can. It is our hope that we would grow stronger and richer in Reputation and more steem power so we can as well extend our hands of love and care online as well.
We shall give the required attention to other minnows and support with upvotes for their valuable content and give our support as well for sister projects in the community. We shall be carrying out special projects that would spur active engagement both on and offline and as well build a sense of togetherness, mutual trust amongst community members.

I therefore consider @We-Care fit to be delegated SP as you have offered and when delegated we pledge to use the opportunity judiciously to improve and influence the lives of others for good. Your support with this delegated SP would go a long way in increasing our signal strength so would can impact more lives in our sphere of contact. Our upvotes more would be beneficial to all minnows concerns and their labour of love for community growth and sustainability would not go unrewarded (upvotes and more) as much as we can.

It is our dream that one day, everyone here would man up and with a large heart shine so bright in the corner where they are.

@ejemai thanks a lot for this evolutionary step you are taking to add more bright colour and give meaning to the life of others. More power to your elbow sir.


the truth there is nothing I can say than if you pick me.....I will do the same someday soon for others. Other than nothing o,cause I don't thing a such a good writer but I sure have my good days and also need that SP too!


This is indeed a mind-blowing move! A step in a right direction @ejemai.

When I joined steemit newly, I was so frustrated because of low payout, that I almost abandoned my account, but after getting upvote from @candyman (who has a good sp) for a while, I became encouraged. That's exactly how newbies feel when no one with a good steem power is supporting them.

Thus, If @steemdevotional is among the lucky winners, I'll ensure I support our community members, especially, every newbies I'll come across, whether in steemdevotional whatsapp group, other groups, discord channels and anywhere in this our wonderful platform, with a 100% upvote, to encourage great talents.

If @steemdevotional wallet is reviewed, it would be seen that I've been buying even as small as 0.05sbd from newbies in steemdevotional community, that's my way of supporting them, instead of buying from SteemExchanger, blocktrade, etc. It would also be noticed that I used the sbd bought from the newbies to bid for upvotes, so as to build up @steemdevotional sp for more influential supports for the community.

Organizing contest would not be overlooked, because parts of my encouragement in this platform came from weekly contests from @air-clinic. And it has attracted commendations, because great talents have been discovered there, a lot have been rewarded and as a result were encouraged.

I'll not forget @damarth who's project "ONE MEAL PER DAY" has been of great support to this great community. He's put smiles across to newbies and others, thus teaching us to return back what we get, to the community.
Following his footsteps, I'll upvote comments to encourage my followers/others, as well as encourage peeps to help the poor around them, upload their photoshot of showing love, and get rewarded with 100% upvotes.

With these, I'm confident that @steemdevotional deserves the 500sp delegation from @Ejemai.

You're Blessed Immediately! Thank you for this initiative @ejemai

Great men affect lives around them. At steemdevotional community, we're poised to show love.
Thus, this if delegated to us will take us far as a community. We're grateful already @ejemai

Yes! We need it!
It'll take us a long way, as well as bringing more people to this great community.

I'm grateful Boss @ejemai. Through your initiatives, we have a community known as @stach. Through this same initiative, you're in another move of building other communities by supporting them.
Sir, @steemdevotional should be a beneficiary of this great move. Thank you.

Oh my God! I'll be so happy if we're Blessed this way.

This is a great move!
If steemdevotional is blessed by you sir @ejemai, we'll always be grateful.

Thanks @ejemai. I know you'll bless us @steemdevotional

Please @ejemai consider us at steemdevotional community. Thank you.

Yes o. Please kindly help us

Wow.... I pray we get it @steemdevotional, it'll motivate us a lot.

Yes, we at steemdevotional community really needs steem power greater supports, just to encourage us to steem on!

You've spoken well @josystar

That's just the truth @nyaknosaviour.
Sir @ejemai kindly extend your support to our community @steemdevotional. Thanks

Reasons well outlined @steemdevotional. I pray our Boss helps us.

Thank you @ejemai, we're Blessed to have you. Please help us, thanks!

What more can we @steemdevotional community say than thank you @ejemai in anticipation

This will alleviate our frustration in a great way.
We believe you sir @ejemai

Hello @Ejemai, I am happy to hear that you want to support steemians to grow. God bless you.
I have more than the requirement but I am writing on behalf of Altruistic Community. We are a community that is focused on helping new steemians to grow on steemit. We give tutorials and mentor on how to format well and get a good reward and encouraged them by voting for their improved post.
Also, we vote on new steemian's post so to invite them to the community and help them to grow.

We also do curate on quality undervalued posts. We have less 100 SP but we got 600 SP delegated from the community members. We having more will help us to reach more steemians.
Our community account is @altruisticbot. It is not a bot but we curate manually.
We will be happy to have your support and help more steemians.

Thanks from Altruistic Community
Discord Link

Great team !! In my comment, I also proposed to create a fashion and lifestyle curation lounge on @altruiticbot ..

@ejemai this is a community I write for and they have the welfare of the Nigerian community and the steemit community in general at heart. 500sp will go a long way for us, in our efforts at putting accounts that post quality content on the map.

Hello @Ejemai I deserve the 500SP because I want also to bless others. I keep on sharing the Word of God from the bible for them to be encouraged and get saved. However due to low SP, followers and Views in my account are limited only. Hope That the judge will chose me to bless others and to boast my blogs, thank you and more blessings to come. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


Dear @ejemai
I am pleased to put up an application for steem delegation in respect of the advert on your post
I am @antigenx a real minnow who got initiated into the platform early this year . As a minnow, it wasn’t long before I assembled a team (@brightfame, @sammyswt, @joagawu, @lorenzo1420) that started a recruitment scheme for newbies(Antigenic Revolution Recruitment Scheme) .

This birthed great steemians into the platform notable mentions are @evarich, legendary @steemcenturion, @adorablechi who was recruited as a receptionist at @air-clinic and a lot of others , our latest additions are @egobiafra, and @uchegod With introductory post who are not up to 2 weeks on the blockchain.
As a young minnow, I was saddled with the responsibilities of encouraging these steemians to be active on the steem blockchain via our small whatsapp group, from my little steem and SBD, I saved enough to organise contests:1,2,3,4,with the aim of encouraging newbies to make them remain on the blockchain, some of the winners also came from other communities. I have also participated and won in a couple of contests organised weekly by @original works.

I have participated actively in established communities e.g. @air-clinic where I now give a health lecture every Wednesday on their discord channel.Here are some of the recent lectures I have given: 1,2,3.I am also a member of the @steemnaira community, @i-rise, @asapers, @stach, Abuja steemian community to mention but a few where I have met other great steemians on the same journey to greatness.

I also have a small community @steem-x which is still developing with a reasonable number of steemians, for now our activities are on whatsapp, but we have a discord channel not so active.
In your post you made this statement.

Looking at the platform, I see there are lots of users with less than 100SP but in them, they have what it takes to do .

I believe you were referring to me, with my 27SP I decided to purchase some delegated SP to show some love to the less privilege minnows.
I believe, if I am blessed with the SP delegation, I could also be a blessing to so many struggling minnows on the verge of giving up on the steem block chain. I even made a post lamenting their predicament a month ago. Here is a link.

Thanks in anticipation
Yours sincerely

You have said it all.....
You have been a great leader, always putting the interest of your followers at heart.....
I pray that you will come out victorious because with these 6000sp you will put smiles on all and sundries faces

Well, I got to know about steemit through you and I believe you've been mentoring us well so you deserve this.

Wow, I strongly believe you deserve this. I have been a witness of your positive contribution in the steem blockchain

Hi there

I actually have over 100 SP (110) but I'm using just about 95. The rest is delegated to my project @Grayesque.

@Grayesque is my own little way of giving back. It's a curation service that runs independent of me. Meaning, I'm not part of the curators.

Currently, the team scouts steemit for good posts that deserve exposure, upvote them and feature them in the daily curation posts.

The curation team includes @eddy-18, @jo5h, @chinyerevivian, @biblio and @seesladen.

A delegation of 500 SP will definitely give the team a boost and help make more impact.

Thanks for the opportunity


I think you do deserve this . 👍👌👌

Thumbs up with your work.

You truly deserved it my friend.

We are Octo(pus)Gang and our goals are to rescue octopuses from being eaten, to octofy/cutiefy everything and finally to spread the love for octopuses.

Rescue the Octopus Fundraising OctoGang Artist
Credit: Nexon for these MapleStory sprites

Everyday, millions of octopuses are harvested and killed to make Takoyaki (a ball-shaped Japanese snack). Little did they know that octopuses are slowly becoming extinct. Rescue the octopuses! Donate generously today!

Rescue the Octopus Fundraising OctoGang Artist Original Art Takoyaki Octo-Takoyaki Original Mascot Cute Kawaii たこやき
These are Octo-Takoyaki, some of OctoGang's original mascots.

Ways to donate:

  • Please send your delegation in any amount to @octogang.
  • To make your donation in person, please visit our booth at Seaweed Town from 4th of May to 6th of May between 10AM to 5PM.

We think we deserve to get a 500SP delegation from @Ejemai.

Joking aside, if we receive a 500SP delegation, we are going to support original artists like us (and spread the love for octopuses along the way too). Thank you.

Today, I have created a post in both English and Vietnamese for your generous giveaway https://steemit.com/steemit-webcomics/@octogang/octogang-s-diary-day-26-rescue-the-octopus-fundraising. Thank you once again.

I think I desperately need this delegate, now I have STEEM POWER 362 (42 private Power steem and 340 Steem power I rent)
I need a steem power to provide support to the New Steemian that I have brought to the steamit platform, as I am active in the promo-steem.
I need to give support to new steemians to ensure they will continue to maintain their steemit account, until they are independent.
I previously chose to rent STEEM POWER, but today I saw your post. I see the opportunity to have STEEM POWER, so here I am.
Thanks @ejemai

Wow what an amazing work.Really loved.That is really great to see people like you who is ready to help someone in steemit.It is not always that we find people like you.I have been seeing you and your video with starkerz.

I have been in steemit for 5 months and working day and night here.I am 16 years old and i have to manage time , it is really hard to make post,but i have been trying hard and getting a little upvotes.It is really hard to get upvotes. .I been loving since then.I have been working hard here for 5 months and only got reputation of 49.I know it is not to high either not to low.I have tried many different things and some of the post were good but it was no body gave me much upvotes.With the delegation i can get my reputation high.It is really great to have some delegation as i can also give some upvotes to the people who do good comment in my post.I will work more hard and focus with good post.When you are young you feel some will upvotes you but when there is not , it is really heart breaking sometimes.I will use the delegation to new people to if they comment in post.By some that delegation i will also want to do a drawing challenge.It would really help me to get more participators.I would also higher my reputation and after some time i really want to help my country people.I would use this delegation really nicely and i wouldn't let you down by any means.Thanks for this kindnesss.

I deserve this SP because this will motive me to keep steeming :)


I want to be qualified for this offer because i want to help my fellow minnows and my friends to increase thier reputation and thier and to have them a confident to create a quality and informative post.

Ive seen a lot of fellow steemians who post a quality article but doesnt rewarded. I want to avoid that one because i know how it feels making a great effort to create a quality post but not rewarded according to its content. So thats the way I trully want to qualify for this opportunity to help them and have them a confident on making a quality post.


I will not fail to appreciate @ejemai for his wonderful support to minnows of which I am one. You're indeed doing a marvelous work. May God bless you abundantly.

The truth is that I would have stopped blogging a long time ago but because of your (@ejemai) constant support, always visiting my blog gives me the zeal to continue to do more knowing that you highly esteem minnows like me.


I am wearing a shoe and I know exactly where it pinches me, I can feel the pains and I can explain exactly what it is like. I am a minnow, I started blogging on January, 2018. If you check my blog of recent you'll see $0.something, sometimes $1.something, if am very fortunate I'll get $2 or more. That is exactly what happens to many minnows out there. They also are wearing this shoe with me and can explain better where it pinches them as well.

I am in enugu community of which @ejemai was there to build us up and encourage us when we did our enugu meet-up, we were about 80 steemians who were active after the meet-up, but now not up to 20 people are active. The reason is because they lack support, they felt discouraged and they stopped blogging. Their zeal for steemit can no longer be rekindled because they think steemit is for whales only, forgetting that those whales were minnows before.

I appreciate what is recorded in the Bible at Mathew 7:12, it made mention of what I call the "golden rule," which says that whatever you want others to do for you, you must do likewise to them. I so much appreciate your support so far, and I'll be breaking the golden rule if I don't support others.
If am given the 500SP, I'll try my best to help fellow minnows, and those whose zeal have fizzle out because of lack of support. I'll try to rekindle their love for steemit by visiting their blog daily.

I hope one day I'll be able to write about how I was able to succeed in helping thousands to be back on their feet on steemit.

I must say the truth boldly - STACH COMMUNITY IS THE BEST SO FAR. I'm happy to be in this great and wonderful community. Long live stach. Long live @ejemai.


We @newsnow highly esteem this offer to minnows, @ejemai has done great in Nigeria community. If others with maximum SP can exhibit this act of selfless service newbies will not have problems. Follow @newsnow for current Nigerian and foreign news updates.

We want to specially thank you @ejemai for this, indeed you are really a man with a large heart. God bless you abundantly sir.

@backtoschool project is not a bot account, we are minnows in the steem blockchain whose aims is to help individuals(non-steemians and steemians) who are unable to pay their tuition fees, accommodation fees and school related fees depending on the genuine and unforseen circumstances that may surround their inability to pay this fees. @backtoschool just kicked off a month before now, we made our introductory post yesterday, and we have been able to pay the tuition fee of a young girl who almost missed her final year degree exams because of her inability to pay up her school fees.
We believe in the #20millionnaija project, hence We are also a promo steem group and we are planning to host #STEEMCAMPUSINVASION to create awareness of the steem blockchain and recruite students into steemit within and outside nigeria. We are currently hosting an online class where we lecture new steemians on the DOs AND DON'Ts of steemit, to mention but a few.

Our project would not move smoothly if we don't have enough steem power, we need to to earn enough curation rewards so we can support minnows that bless the community with good educational contents, we also need the delegation so as to build up our reputation and earn rewards to take our vision to greater Heights, we must say say that this wonderful opportunity came at a time it is needed most. To cut it short we @backtoschool solicit your support to this project by delegating the 500sp to @backtoschool, as if it will be put to efficient use. God bless you in anticipation.
*The pioneers of this project include; @iamchijamz, @donnest, @sammyswt, @steemcenturion, @desmoniac, @adabless, @burlarj, @michaeljerry0, and @acheever-All minnows.

I hope this request is granted so as to show the steemit world who we truly are...
Thanks for this opportunity once again...@ejemai

Nice project, keep pushing @backtoschool

Stach @ejemai is one of the reasons why am still in this platform till date. This is an act of true leadership, may you continue the good work. Bravo

Thanks for that good and vibrant thought of yours sir.

The greatest victory we can achieve is the victory of self. When we defeat the need to always think about one's self or one's convenience, we see the need to help others and make the world we live in a better place. - @ehiboss

I believe everyone with positive mindset deserve to be delegated the 500sp

When i nominated myself as a worthy candidate, its not out of pride or that am better than others. I deserve this sp because of my love and passion for steemit in helping and ecouraging others like me who might not be finding joy in what they love doing. Steemit is not all about the money, i feel its all about the value you instill in others.

make the world a better place for someone today! - @ejemai

When we cant make it a better place maybe because we are not that bouyant. Atlease, lets not make it a hell for the person.

everyone have something to offer. - @surpassinggoogle.

With this sp, it will add to my existing body of helping hand in me to encourage other. Judge me by my action not by my words, though out of the aboundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

I will not be bias in utilizing the sp if im found worthy of it.

man is god to man not in terms of creation but in terms of adding value to them. @simplicitytech

If there's anything I have learnt on this platform is that there are lots of good people with hearts made of gold here. One of which @ejemai is one of. I won't forget the gesture you showed to me at the Ibadan meetup early this year, when I was ready to stay in an hotel but you instead made me a place to stay with the help of @japfive. To the main deal, well there are lots of minnows who deserves this delegation and going through the comment section, it's no doubt that there are lot of people doing so much for us minnows. I'm sure you'll have read a lot of people's work here on the platform some of which are even an eye opener for me.... that's if I get the delegation of course. But the truth is not everyone will get this delegation, many of us are deserving, so its a matter of who will do better. As they say he who lights the path of others never walks in darkness.

Those I feel should get this delegation

Yes this isn't what was requested, but if there's anything steem has thought me, it's to be selfless. In respect to that I feel the following people should be considered for this delegation.:
@zizymena this lady is doing so much for the community already, she runs one of the biggest radio chat, where she talks about relationship, and her Saturday show is so captivating and interesting, with so much discussions going on. If given this delegation I'm sure she would do far more, cos with the little she has she's doing too much already.
Another lady who will do justice to this delegation is @rebeccafl, she's one outstanding lady that dishes out quality posts and also upvote same with so much enthusiasm, she's almost like everywhere, though her upvote his low, it's her comment that are outstanding.
Then there's @diamondrich this is another light on this platform, her blog are filled with quality contents she never relents in dishing out quality to the community and she help others to grow as well, with her upvotes, the little she can afford and her comments which can lift one's soul when steemit payouts isn't so much to talk about.
Another individual that deserves this delegation is one of the Angels on the blockchain, @preciousimo, talk about someone who's selfless, then he's the guy. He recently made a post about angels on the blockchain and that got the attention of @surpassinggoogle, as he upvoted all comments on the posts. This guy is doing so much even though he's in need of too much.
Also @naijapigin should be considered as they are the only ones on the platform that unite Nigerian writers with the most common means of communication.
I also feel the @backtoschool curation trail recently created by @adabless and co. Will do so much with this delegation, as they intend to help students who have dropped out of school for one reason or the other and to also enlighten students about this platform.

I do hope that @ejemai and @Mosunomotund do consider these set of people.

For the love of the community, congratulations in advance to those who will get this delegation.

You know, you deserve this too hun?
You with your heart of gold...

thank you sir @ejemai for this great opportunity,500SP delegation is not easy,without much words if i am been opportune with the 500SP i will make sure i support other minnows like me by upvoting after reading their post,bring out contest to encourage their stay on steemit community as i always do.,i am going to make sure i manage the expectations if been giving to me by giving you peace of mind knowing that the 500SP is not going to be used for selfish purpose..


Awesome, thank you esteemed @ejemai for this opportunity

I need the SP. I don't have much words enough to convince you and @mosunomotunde, but I really/genuinely do need it.

  1. I post quality and value adding contents here. I spend at least six hours everyday on Steemit researching and engaging. During the course of my Steem activities, I see a whole lot of quality contents from minnows with meagre rewards, aparently, these contents don't get seen by "the whales", or even "Dolphins". Many a times I curate these contents with my little 0.01 cent. I think these peeps deserve more, I have enough "Steem-time" (that a couple of whales/Dolphins/steemians with more steem power don't have) to curate bro and I'll be glad if I get some in addition to what I have.

  • On the premise of "No. 1" above, I'll like to show you a screenshot of one of my comments on @jerrybanfield's post yesterday, and what transpired;
    My comment...

    Someone's response...

    You'll notice I upvoted my comment, many a times I do this when I don't want a meaningful contribution to a post go unnoticed. That guy's comment for me was a motivation to get more STEEM POWER

  • I did a DTube video around last month, questioning the morale behind paying bots to upvote posts. I strongly think some fairness and posterity has to be brought into the art, 'cos these upvotes are automated. I think manual curation will bring some fairness to the game, and like I said ab-initio, I have at least six hours of ''Steem-time" enough to curate posts.

Thanks a million for the opportunity.



[MuSiCThatGodInhabits] ___

Thanks @ejemai

I really appreciate your kind gestures, want to thank u for the oppourtunity to contest. God bless

Minnows! As I've started my journey here on Steemit! I started without proper knowledge of the platform and what it can offer. I used to think that SBDs are the same worth as U.S. Dollars. I've met pretty good minnows along the way and very artistic too. Just like me with less than #50sp, they didn't have the knowledge on how the platform works and eventually gave up! I did not do that however, I fell in love with Steemit. I'm just sad that the friends that started as me are not here any longer.

I want to change that. 500SP seems like black diamond to me, but I'd be able to use the slider on Busy! Seeing a reasonable cent on my posts and that of other minnows am recruiting, when I start, it will makes me happy than nothing. I think I'd be able to cheer them up and be able to keep them going. Being here takes a lot of patience but without a proper support group, you'll drown and eventually give up! I want just to make them happy even for just a bit.

i love planet earth, i here to share about earth mysteries and origin of planet earth and its environs, most people dont know much about the world they live in, steemit enables or have given me the opportunity to serve and update their knowledge about geology, the Sp will go a long way to help me work well and research and also curate other geology related posts


Thank you for this,you really inspire me with this,nw I can say because of you I will not give up.

Thank you so much for this uncommon initiative
Not many would be as nice as to give out their SP for a whole month.

I'm a minnow with well less than 100 SP and despite that, I'm still very helpful and supportive of my fellow minnows.

Which is why my VP never stays at 100% for a day even though I hardly vote myself.
I rarely do.

It's so heartbreaking seeing so many talented minnows putting in so much work and getting little or nothing for their effort, churning out good contents but getting $0.01 or less at payout.

If I get 500 SP for a month, I'll judiciously use it to support those who are churning out great contents.

I'll specifically go through the #introducemyself/yourself tag, as that's where the journey begins.

I'll ensure I follow them up by upvoting their introductory posts and of course subsequent posts.
as I've come to realize that most times, after the formal introduction, everybody leaves the newbie to fend for himself.
So, for instance, a newbie may be lucky to get $10 on his/her introductory post but after that, starts getting less or nothing.

I do believe this would make a difference if I'm given this SP and I'll be able to give out too like you're doing.

My name is Juliet Israel and I am a minnow....



This is amazing, and on why I think I deserve this?

If you visit my profile you will discover that I have made more than 1000 posts in my four months on the platform, this are not blog posts but mostly comments on other people's post mostly to show support and encouragement and also try to create engagements on the platform as steemit and it's eco system has become my own social media.

If I get the delegation, I would do more than just commenting on people's post but give encouraging upvotes too.

Thanks for the opportunity sir and I celebrate your greatness.

Hi sir @ejemai,

Am really glad for this amazing opportunity you are giving to minnows to encourage,help them grow and enable them exercise the franchise that has long been limited by little steem power on the steemit platform.

A new project called @backtoschool has come on board just recently. A project aimed at helping student steemians pay their tuition fees, accomodation fees and any school related fees depending on the genuine and unforseen circumstances that may surround their inability to pay these fees. The project has kicked off months before now already and has been able to pay the tuition fee of a student steemian who almost missed her degree exams because of the inability to pay up the fee. The project is also aimed at recruiting students into steemit, for knowledge they say is power and there are lots of less privileged students out there without the knowledge of steemit talk more of @backtoschool project. We have recruited a good number already as I would Iove you visit @backtoschool blog to see it's introductory post as evidence.

The project is being run by nine(9) well meaning minnow steemians for which I am one and I must say that this opportunity came at a time it is most needed.

However, I solicit your support on this project by delegating the 500sp to either me @desmoniac or @backtoschool as I will ensure that it's being put to efficient use.

God bless in anticipation..

Yours faithfully

I am @desmoniac of @backtoschool

Supported bro

Amazing stuff right here by @ejemai you're blessed indeed and you've been a blessing to a lot of us. I am going to make this real quick also.. Recently I became a scout on steemit and part of my job description is to look for undervalued quality content that adds value to this amazing community the Steem blockchain that is. If I recieve this gift of delegated sp I would not only scout for those undervalued I would also add a bit of value to them.
I would also like to use this medium to suggest that we try to incorporate such mechanisms on stach community so that we can find people on steemit who add value to the Blockchain and encourage them and also welcome them into the stach community.

Wow wow wow this is just amazing. So much love for minnows @ejemai You'll always remain blessed.

Well I got 200SP delegation once from a contest and so many people benefitted from it and were happy. I believe if I am able to get this delegation from Ejemai, i'll make more people happy, especially the newbies by upvoting their posts and also gather more relevance in the community. This is why I think I deserve to be one of the winners and get 500SP from @Ejemai. Thanks so much #smiles

Hi @ejemai. I have about 82 sp and I believe more Steem power will help in the following ways:

  • I used to run a writing competition a few weeks back (lasted four weeks) but I had to stop due to lack of funds to give the winners of the competition. The competition was designed to help Steemians discover their niche on steemit, which would be instrumental in Keeping steemit a place that provides value. I would love to revive this competition and this delegated sp would be a god-sent gift.

  • More sp would also help me individually as it would push my stories and posts out there a bit so my posts can get more attention and people can see what I actually have to offer as a writer.

  • More sp would also be welcome so I can increase my own sp and thereby remain an invested person in this community.

  • It would also give me the chance to show the steemit community how far delegated sp can take a minnow, which might encourage more whales and dolphins to invest in minnows through delegation.

I hope I'm considered, because I really really want to be part of the lucky minnows to win this delegation. God bless.

Thanks @ejemai, for this generous initiative.

Why I deserve your 500sp

I have less than 100sp.

I'm very fond of reading quality posts than writing. If you look at my comments section on my blog you would tons of messages I send to the under valued and great content creator steemians, encouraging them and also giving my little upvote.

As a result of my burning desire to help the under valued and great content creator steemians. I'm trying my very best to becoming a Curie Curator in order to help the steemit community. I'm currently a prospective curator(so happy).

If I'm am given the 500sp, I would contribute to helping the under valued and great content creator steemians like what you do.

I would be the happiest if I were among the 12 chosen.

Thanks again for this generous initiative @ejemai.



Really wish I'm given this. But the truth is the chance is slim as many people have already given reasons I can't provide which show they deserve it. I do not think I deserve it. Well, what will do will do.

And my be my blog @teekingtv has the answer you need.

If eventually I'm opportune to get the SP delegation, I'd ultimately dedicate it to raising at least 100 - 200 Steemians in my department (my
school) operation campus on fire. i trust my fellow students in campus, eager and acquisitely ready to do what ever will help them earn a living, i foresight a huge and massive signup under my umbrella. I have this fascinating and incredible consciousness that Steemit can have a great impact and extreme impingement in helping the average Nigerian youth scale out of poverty. just as emphasized in my previous post., most of my school colleagues are yet to get onboard on Steemit and they are still eager and enthusiastic about it.
I want the said SP to be DELEGATED to serve a s an empowering tool, to boost their moral,give them the hype to write another article as they are aware of what is in store for them

My part time job workshop is another commission that has several institutions of higher level enthusiasts and they are populated with individuals who are creative and intensely talented, and their presence on the social platform would enumerate an immense value to the platform.
I'm @princefizzy
sir @ejemai, you are blessed, and you are thankful for the blessing, a sign of more blessings and divine sanctions coming your way

I warmly agree with operation campus on fire
I trust Nigerian students, I see anonimous newbies coming from your campus

Thanks for the entrustment
I hope to do better

You merit it
I hope your application gets considered

See you at the top

Thank you @ejemai for this wonderful opportunity. I really want the best for my fellow youths, Yesterday I organized a steemit summit for my fellow youths, see link https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@chibuzorwisdom/my-first-steemit-class I wanna grow to become a minnow helper just like and I can't achieve this with low SP please let your love reach me sir.
I'm a devoted steemian hoping to make a difference. Thanks once again for the selfless service.

It will be quick and direct to the point of what has been asked. Since we have around hundreds more in the community, your delegated sp will help us a lot to grow together. Not just for myself but to everyone who is willing to be a part of the community and through that more and more people can be encouraged to engage in STEEMIT because I do believe that STEEMIT IS BEAUTIFUL! :)

Amazing! Amazing!!
I'm happy because the season of love is upon us, its in the air you just can't ignore it. Its like a cloud that has come to settle on this platform. Thank you Mr Dru.. @ejemai for this generousity.

"There can never be another steemit" according to @surpassinggoogle.
I strongly believe this because of the love and bond we share that has grown and kept this community as a living entity that interacts on deep social and interpersonal levels.
Everyone has a story of some person(s) who came along and changed the scenery around their lives on this platform, i like to call them Angels On The Blockchain

This delegation is an act of love and benevolence and therefore can't be deserved but recieved in the spirit of love and gratitude. The same act of benevolence that has made you an Angel on the blockchain is my motivation for starting a giveaway here and i would love to continue being of great support to more people and recieving this delegation would be a dream come true.
I hope that i can impact other people as i grow on the platform creating more avenues for this amazing trail you have blazed.
I desire to grow so i can help others grow, i desire to be an Angel on the blockchain. I believe that this will help me show love to others in ways that will inspire them to be more and achieve their dreams on this platform.

"Everyone has something to offer" - @surpassinggoogle.

I believe if there's the opportunity to express this, we would make the world around us a more beautiful place.
Thank you.

I hope my application is favorably considered
@ejemai @mosunomotunde

Thank you @ejemai for this opportunity i am going to be brief and detailed in stating reasons why I need the delegated SP

Lately i have being doing some steemit evangelism across my town and even in other states of nigeria, Many has joined this community through me but but the truth is most of them are not motivated with the value of upvotes they received on their post although i ensure to srend SBD to upvoting bots to upvote their respective introduction posts to show love and support but i feel my personal upvote consistently will motivate them the more.
I have carried out steemit seminar in Ado-Ekiti the state capital of ekiti state .IMG_20180303_143654.jpg
Thats the image from the seminar in Ado-Ekiti
We plan to hold another in kabba very soon .
Steemit in Ado-Ekiti
Best of luck to all participants .

why i deserve it:


  1. I am a minnow
  2. as long as I join in steemit there are many people I recruit to join in steemit platform and I have not been able to give them enough upvote so they feel no meaning joining in steemit.
  3. I also actively engage in promo-steem activities to recruit people to join in steemit.
  4. many steemians are asking me why they can not upvote from big whales in steemit, so the post they created is 0.001, so i want to help the steemians who are the same as me.
  5. I am here today to get sp from you so that I can help newly joined steemians to keep their spirit in writing quality posts and still be able to contribute to the steemit platform
  6. hope i can get sp from you so i can help steemians minnow.

I am very grateful if you give me a chance to get sp from you and I will use it to help the minnow steemians to keep the spirit in delivering quality content.
greeting me respectfully

@ejemai the father of minnows, you are indeed a beacon of hope to us. Thank you for the great effort to build us up most especially minnows
keep it up sir Providence has a way of rewarding charity @ejemai

WHY I think I deserve to get a 500SP delegation from @Ejemai.

I feel we all deserve it, as everyone I'm the steemit blockchain works hard everyday.
Puts in time and resources, everyday.
And makes connections every day.
But it's a competition and there must only be 12 winners.

I believe this society thrives in mass. And i do have alot of new comers which i introduced to the platform and i would hate to see their accounts dormant like some have left theirs,because of lack of support.

With the 500sp. I will be a sources of blessing and motivation to them all.
And little by little, they will find their place, solidify their feet in this great platform, and even invite others to witness the great ,generous and ground breaking fit we are doing here in steemit.

Great folks that show awesome love and care for their members, assistance when necessary, even got to know about this from @naijapidgin i believe and know you would help