One-second video challenge - DAY 1/7: FUNNY FACEsteemCreated with Sketch.

Hey, baby, have you got a second?

I've got this urge - a compulsion, really - an itch only YOU can scratch...

Did that get your attention?

The deadline is December 16 for a video project hosted by @winstonwolfe

This is an amazing collaborative effort but it requires YOU, the Steemit creator, to bring it to life.

Hey guys, it's me, @merej99 and I am taking the helm at CollaborNation.
This site-wide collaboration is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do as a community if we put our hearts and minds to it.

Some samples of one-second videos:

@papa-pepper - Help! Anyone Got A Second?

@noganoo - no post, just the video submission

Day 1 of 7 Challenge: FUNNY FACE

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Record yourself making funny faces.
Maybe get the kids in a group shot.
Maybe it's your dog that makes funny faces.

As you can see from the examples above, they are way past 1 second - and that's okay! @winstonwolfe is a crackerjack editor but he needs material to edit.

If this seems doable, submit your post or video link HERE

I think this one is my FAVORITE funny face submission so far:

@meesterboom - no post, just the video submission

Great job, @meesterboom!

Week of 1-second video challenges:

December 6: ACTIVITY (cartwheels, jump rope, walking, etc.)
December 7: KIDS (video you kids doing an art project or homework or making funny faces - whatever you think of.)
December 11: YOU AT WORK

There is one little disclaimer here: There is no guarantee that all submissions will be accepted, but the joy is really in participating.

So join in the fun!

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Hehe, cheers!! I just saw this when I saw your second collabornation post and realised I missed the first!


I think @winstonwolfe is starting to get a good amount of videos now. Hopefully this push of challenges inspires more members to participate. It's a great opportunity for newbies too, don't you think?


You know I never thought of that but yeah it's a fantastic chance for newbies to get out there and be noticed!!

I am glad he is getting some traction, I think it was on your post that you linked to his previous work, I watched it and was amazed at the brilliance of it!


Indeed! I'm actually inspired to start 1-second a day beginning January 1. I'm usually crap for consistency on projects like that but I'm going to give it the ol' college try!