STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 01 Round 04 : Contest now OPEN!!! Join to win amazing prizes!!! SBDs, Voiceshares, Trophy Tokens and Skillcoins to be won! Discover the theme inside!!!

Greetings world of foodies!

It's already Friday and time to launch another round of Steemit Iron Chef 2018! Yes my lovely foodies, after 3 wonderful rounds, time to discover the mysterious product that all the contestants are eagerly waiting to work on!

Before talking more on the 4th round, I would like to thank everyone who joined round 3! Just for your information, we received a record number of entries...30 in all for the time being...if there's more coming up before I complete my judging, , for sure I will take them into consideration!

After working on Olives for round 1, Cabbage for round 2 and Cucumber for round 3, it's time for the contestants to work on this super fresh produce!!!!


Lettuce is actually one of my most favorite product to work on...the possibilities in the kitchen using lettuces is simply vast...We can do so many amazing dishes with it!

I am so excited to see what the contestants will come up with this time!

All you have to do is prepare your entry based on lettuces! It can be a starter, or a main course or even a dessert!

Before anyone asks, let me clarify that you can use any varieties of lettuces; green or red, Iceberg, Romaine, Summer crisp, Boston, Aragula etc...

The rules and regulations have been updated for this new season and here is what is needed to have a valid entry in the contest.

  • Create a post and title your entry 'Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 04 : Name of your dish'
  • Make either a starter or main course or dessert with the product of the week.
  • Two entries per person are allowed.
  • Make sure to use #steemit-ironchef tag in any order you wish, so that I don't miss your entry!
  • Only new recipes will be accepted, so I need at least one photo with your name and date on it.
  • I don't need to see your step by step preparations/recipes, just make the list of the products used, describe your dish and add some photos to get my attention! Make it sweet and simple!!!
  • Post a link of your entry here on this post (Very Important to do, so that I don't miss your entry) and also share your entry on our discord channel - to get some more support from the awesome foodies there!
  • Any participant not following these simple rules will be considered a non validate entry.

Be the most creative , inventive and refined possible, you'll win a lot of points...
The DEADLINE to submit your entries will be Friday 9th February 2018 once round 5 is announced!

By participating in Steemit Iron Chef, you give me the right to use your food photos for public announcement!


Weekly prizes consist of SBD, Voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens!

Below is the table of who wins what and how much!!!
Should you need any more informations, just let me know in the comments sections below!

If you are among the winners, to win voiceshares, Skillcoins and Trophy Tokens, you must open an openledger account and let me know your address!


The SBD made on my posts are used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2018 contest!
Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!


Big thanks to @canadian-coconut, @donkeypong , @trophytokens , @voiceshares, @sjennon and @bambam808 for the amazing support to Steemit Iron Chef! We are all very grateful to you guys!

Big thank you to all the contestants as well!


I am looking forward to another exciting week of competition ahead! Are we going to have another record in the number of entries??? Well let's wait and see!

If you need any more info just ask me here or on the discord channel of Steemit Iron Chef!!!

Thank you!




Hahahah! This is awesome!

I almost forgot to mention it here but this is my entry to the fourth round:
Lettuce Three Course Menu

Thank you!

Woooo tough one!!!

Yeah tough one...but I am sure you guys will come up with amazing entries as usual!

Here is my entry I have changed the title to week 4 but because its blockchain my mistake is still there @progressivechef

I am learning the contest, I tell him that I really like his wife's blog, his recipes are sensational, I congratulate you because I know you are there too!

I hope to find you entering one day my friend! The contest is quite simple, you just need to make a dish out of the product of the week!

Oh the possibilities 😃. So many delicious ideas are coming to mind. I will try to enter this round! 😋

I'm going to join the contest, I love it :) regards,
Congratulations for this contest, the lettuce is very useful you can do many things with it

It will be a great pleasure having you entering the contest my friend!
Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

Que emoción trabajar con la lechugas es deliciosos fresca y versatil

Thanks so much for your comments my friend! You are right...working with lettuces is really amazing!

Always is a pleasure, participate in this contest. Thanks for everything @progressivechef

I have lot of fun checking out your entries each week my friend! Thanks so much for the trust!

Hi @progressivechef, here is my entry for lettuce week- it sure was a challenge and a real time squeeze for me this week so I hope it will suffice, I had just 1 hour to do everything!

Also, please forgive me @progressivechef for not posting on the discord channel the last couple of weeks, I've not had access to it as I've not been using my own laptop so it's a bit tricky trying to get on it, but as soon as I'm back home I'll be right on there again :-)

Almost out of time...
This week I don't forget to post the link!! Thanks!!