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A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Your Steemit Wallet

I have seen too many people getting frustrated because they love Steemit, but they absolutely do not understand their wallet. @karenb54 - I dedicate this to you. I hope it helps, love!

Trust me - I was one of those people because I do not come from any kind of cryptocurrency background. So I'm going to try and give you a step-by-step understanding of all the stuff in your wallet, what it means to you, and how it affects Steemit. (NOTE: If anyone with more knowledge sees any wrong information, kindly let me know so I can edit! Thanks.)

Of course your wallet is confusing!

You've got:


For newbies, they should be called something like:

Power this shit up, Road to being a Whale, and You can cash this.

That would have made MY life a lot easier in the beginning! But I digress.



STEEM can be exchanged in markets like Poloniex and Bittrex, but the last time I checked 1 STEEM is worth about 23 cents USD. In the markets it is listed as STEEM.

From what I understand, the reason why the value of STEEM keeps dropping is because there's too much liquid STEEM flooding the markets.

Remember that old lesson from school about

Supply and Demand?

Yeah, well there's too much STEEM floating around and not enough buyers... which is why Powering UP is important.



Your STEEM POWER (SP) directly affects your voting power and how many vests you have. I'll get to that in a moment.

Here are a few reasons why Powering Up your STEEM is important:

  • It takes STEEM out of the supply chain (which, as I previously mentioned, is flooded.)
  • It becomes a long-term investment into Steemit because once you're powered up, those "funds" are locked into a kind of escrow.
  • Your SP directly affects your vests and vote power. The more you have the more powerful your vote.
  • SP generates interest.
  • The moment you select Power Down, the initial amount in your STEEM POWER account is then divided into 104 equal payments.

So, if you only have 100 SP in your account
and you decide to Power Down...
100/104 = .96
With the STEEM market at approximately 23 cents USD,
you would get a whopping WEEKLY payout
of about 22 cents USD.

Still not sure why STEEM POWER (SP) is important?

Let's talk VESTS for a moment

To see your account go to

This is my account:


When I reached 1.00M vests, I got my vote slider.

IMHO - the vote slider is a royal pain in the ass and totally inappropriate to anyone beneath dolphin or whale status. This is why I vote 100% and attempt to upvote as close to 40 votes/comments a day... because as a minnow, it doesn't matter!


I do not understand the conversion of STEEM POWER (SP) to vests. I do not know where they get these numbers or what the calculations are.

That being said...

  • For every $1 SBD (STEEM DOLLARS) created for payouts, there is also 9 STEEM being created.
    SBD and STEEM separate and individual "currencies"/tokens.
    In order for your STEEM POWER to generate interest your vests have been mapped to STEEM, otherwise your vote power would probably never increase without directly investing money into it.

  • This is also why STEEM should not sit in your wallet for very long!
    Either Power Up, Trade or Sell
    because letting it sit there does absolutely nothing for you or the Steemit economy.

How do I know if I'm a minnow or a whale?

If you're reading this, you're probably somewhere between plankton and a minnow. Your "status" is directly correlated to how many vests you have.

I found a wonderful explanation by @beanz

  • Plankton = up to 1M VESTS
  • Minnow = >1 to 10M VESTS
  • Dolphin = >10 to 100M VESTS
  • Orca = >100 to 1,000M VESTS
  • Whale = >1,000M VESTS

As you can see from my vests, I'm a mid-sized minnow almost half way to being a dolphin!



Your STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) are tradeable tokens on cryptocurrency markets such as Bittrex and Poloniex.

The last time I checked, 1 SBD was worth about 92 cents USD. Whatever amount you have in SBD in your wallet is easier to calculate into "real funds" aka fiat aka CASH.

  • Your SBD accrues interest the longer you keep it in your wallet.
  • While it has dropped in value, it is the more stable of the two Steemit currencies.
  • It does not affect your vote power or vests


With two tokens (STEEM and SBD), there must also be two savings accounts.





I admit that I have not done a lot of reading about the savings accounts, but here is what I understand about them. The purpose of the savings account is to LOCK your funds in a safe, encrypted space for up to 3 days. In essence, this is an extra security measure in the event that your account is hacked. It gives you enough time to secure your account, cancel any pending transactions, and do everything in your power to recover your account.

For a deeper understanding of the Savings Account,
read @steemitguide's blog
Guide on Steemit Savings Account, Everything you need to know about this Feature that Helps Secure your STEEM & STEEM DOLLAR



Because most digital currency is tied to BTC, your estimated value is going to have its highs and lows, changing with a fairly volatile market. Your Estimated Account Value is the approximate value of your entire account.

More Newbie Educational Material

* Best Practices for Steemit Newbie Artists

* My 90 Days. Expectations. Thoughts on Curation and Setting Goals

* Strategy for following ENGAGED people on Steemit

* Optimize your Steemit Posts

* A very basic guide to understanding Cryptocurrency

I created this 100% Steem Power badge.
It's free to download and use
Challenge accepted from @lukestokes

Your comments, upvotes and shares are always appreciated.

Thank you.

For older content, visit my Steemit blog page

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Thanks for this frank guide, as a noob would you suggest putting 100% into powering up?

If it was me (and I was a noob at one point), I would definitely put efforts into powering up as much as possible - unless you absolutely needed the funds. And I was also at a point when I used every penny earned to buy food too so consider your needs and goals. Welcome to Steemit! :)

Thanks for taking the time to field my query, appreciated 😀

please help I log on to steemit and my steam is not there. I bought 107.945 and it now says I have .5 steam.

Hi @silvermike2 - If you can tell me more information about your situation I might be able to direct you to someone who has better knowledge about it.
You say you bought 107.945...of what? STEEM or SBD? Was it from an exchange? Do you have a tx_ID of the transaction?
I just checked your account and you do have delegated power. Perhaps you may have sent the funds to an alternate account? Without the transaction history it's difficult to see what may have happened.

HI Merej00

I just read your post regarding understanding your wallet. Thanks for all the great explanation of each item. However, could you explain the Steempower. I have 2 lines of numbers listed. The second line is in parenthesis with a minus sign before it. What does that mean?

thanks,good hob.

Thanks a lot, very helpful to me and written easy to understand. Great job. Good luck!

This is very helpful especially for newbies like me. I now understand my wallet better, though still having a little confusion but with time i will get everything.

Thank you @merej99

Welcome to Steemit @ammynatural

One of the things that I really try to tell new people, especially if they're not used to blockchain-based platforms is to focus on your content creation. Trust me - you are not going to learn everything overnight and you'll go insane if you try to.

Post - COMMENT - Curate

You should be spending the bulk of your Steemit time leaving thoughtful comments on the platform. The real people will appreciate the feedback and eventually check you out.

Another note: When I first started here, my comments actually earned more than my posts, so don't be discouraged, okay? Good luck!

ps - you can also find me on Whaleshares ;)

Warum nigs online mehr?

You should add a reference price on the price of steem in this previous last weeks down to 30% in almost a month (.45 > .15 today)... And add that prediction into the 104 week "payouts" that will never catch up (actually the devaluate faster every day) with those "interests".
It's a downard spiral, and every dev knows this (that is why you are forced to take STEEM now and not SBD, every second devaluating counts).

I have to admit that the maths, predictions, devaluations...those are still way out of my wheelhouse. I'm not entirely sure why so much STEEM is created but it doesn't really bother me because I came in with absolutely nothing. I know it sounds kind of "goody-two-shoes" but even when many of my posts didn't make a cent, I never feel like my time is wasted. It would be very disappointing if Steemit disappeared but I can honestly say I've made more here than on FB, Snapchat, Twitter, Hubpages, Bubbles, Tsu...

I know I'm still naive about a lot of things on Steemit, but I still consider it an investment - even if it's in harvesting wonderful people.

You're the perfect citizen for Greece 2015.

This is my first week here, and this was a good read. I actually learned something. Thanks for the other links, they were also informative.

Welcome to Steemit @oakleyshark!
We just finished up a massive Community Engagement Challenge implementing a lot of what those links hint at. I call them The Three Cs

Content - COMMENTS - Curation

Do those things, don't worry about the crypto or your earnings, have FUN, get over the learning curve and build your Steemit Tribe. There are lot of people who want to help. Don't be afraid to ask question.

Thanks for the explaination, definitely cleared up my confusion.

it is helpful for me as a newbie. although it still confuses but i will learn.
thanks a lot

Hi @pellokilay68 and welcome to Steemit! The best thing you can focus on is creating quality content, leaving thoughtful comments on posts that you like, and don't be shy about upvoting posts and comments. If you're not familiar with the crypto stuff don't even worry about it too much. That will eventually get easy. Good luck!

I like your 100%SP badge. I'll use that - thanks! :D

Sweet! The more the merrier :)
[edited] There are links to larger versions on luke's challenge post - but they don't have the gray background.

Vests get more expensive everyday. As of this writing it 1 vests is 405 steem. Last week it was 300 something.

Back in the day it was 1 vest = 1 steem.

Therefore Vests get more expensive everyday. And I really think that it is vests that that effect your voting power more.

Vests DON'T have interest. You only earn vests through posting and curating.

Yes, thank you @mctiller. I probably should have included the fact that vests do not get interest, but I was afraid their hair might catch fire. There is so much to learn and a steep learning curve for newbie bloggers and anyone, like me, who's never had to deal with cryptocurrency until now.
AND WOW! I think I was a month too late in joining when it was 1 vest per Steem. wahhhh! :( I'm even noticing the higher our reputation score goes, the harder it is to get to the next level. Kind of feels like a hamster wheel sometimes! LOL

You're correct about the rep. Getting from 60 to 70 is harder than going from 50 to 60.

And I'm still not sure if I understand Steem Power, but I really think it's the number of vests you have that is the important number.

This is a very well written post that helps people understand their wallet better, I sent it to a couple of friends that just started on Steemit. Thanks so much for putting this together.

Thank YOU, @luzcypher - I've got a few more coming based on the questions I've seen from new people. Stay tuned! :)

This BY FAR is the most helpful guide on this subject I've seen.
Can you do one on upvotes ? To this day I haven't a clue how much I'm getting taken out , where it's getting taken out and how do I know how much power I have w/ my upvotes. Thanks!

Edit: speaking of which I'm unable to upvote nor resteem this post :(
Edit 2: Got it to work! :)

Hi @steemitqa - I will definitely put that on my writing list. Thank you for the suggestion and the compliment! :) <3

Wow, merej99, what an awesome post! I'm replying here because I'm also befuddled by the votes. I just took you down 6 cents, although I'm not a-skeert of you slashing my tires - I don't have a car, lol! I was not on for a couple weeks, but that was happening before, too - some up, some down. And may I say, who wouldn't want to be a dolphin? They have language and names, and can create, w/ their language, spontaneous play/jokes with their humans. I bet you know that, living in FL. Plankton (lmao when I saw the steem food chain) is just as important, but, it's plankton. Great post, thanks!

That's it, man, you're on my list!

Ima find you! LOL

Seriously though - glad to see you back. Hope there are more ups than downs to finish the year right :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! U funny. Is that lady throwing baby powder on herself? hilarious - best-smelling beeoch ever... that's what I want to be. Yes glad to be back - soon!

Hi @merej99 firstly I would like to thank you for such a detailed post regarding Steemit wallet which was the first thing on my mind, the moment I joined this awesome community. I have a query regrading below point that you mentioned in your post:

“This is also why STEEM should not sit in your wallet for very long!
Either Power Up, Trade or Sell
because letting it sit there does absolutely nothing for you or the Steemit economy.”

I am 2-3 months into crypto investing and IMHO (In my honest opinion) I think Steem will play its role even while sitting in the wallet. Correct me if I am wrong but the price of your steem will keep fluctuating on the basis of rise or fall in its market price. For example, if you received steem when its price was $ 1.16 and after a month its market price rises to $ 2.5 this will also raise price of the STEEM sitting in your wallet because its market value has increased. You can simply transfer it to an exchange and sell it and its current high price.

Please share your opinion on my point above, thanks.

Thanks for the guide. It really helps noobs like me.

Hello... i'm a noob as well. i'm not sure if this was covered or where but i am wondering can Steem that i have on Binace can be brought to my Steemit account. I guess i'm not sure if that would even do any thing to help me on here or not. thx in advance!!

I am a newbie -- first post. Thanks for the info.

WOW this is very informative and insightful thanks alot

Thank you for sharing ,this a very helpful and great post.....

Thank you so much for creating this guide and making things a bit more understandable.
And finally now I understand the parameters that define the difference between a minnow and whale! Lol THANK YOU!! :D

Is there a way to convert Steem Dollars to Steam Power? Thanks for the great article, by the way.

Thats sweet,it really helps

You are a doll, thank you so much!

This was fabulous. I've been here a couple months, and even found some helpful hints here. Thanks!

This was very helpful. Great post

Another great post by you, of course.

I posted similar on your WordPress just now saying some things and that I will use your Steem Power Muscley Army- logo thingy you made lol.

This was one of the best #Steemit101 type posts I have seen, I wish I would have seen it earlier like you said here too. I think awhile back you told me to check out this post - but I cannot remember now.

Thanks again!!! For everything!!

Thank you @barrydutton
The 100% SteemPower badge is free for anyone to use. No attributes needed. :)
I was working on a step by step guide to converting Steem & SBD into fiat (cash) but that was about the same time we stopped getting SBD so I put it on hold. Hey @timcliff - are you aware of any changes to the SBD distribution? I'm starting to see bits pop into my wallet from curation but I don't remember seeing any kind of announcement about it.

Oh and of course, UV and RS for you. (:

Great piece and thanks for sharing. Upvoted and shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read more about the mechanics of STEEMIT. Stephen

StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 23 Nov 2016 - 00:38 UTC

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you for this guide! I am new to Steemit and this guide made understanding the wallet a breeze!

Great post! I am a newbie to cryptocurrencies and quite lost as to how it works. So your post might help me to start dealing with steem. Thanks much!

I understand ... I will add 1000 Steem to my account , convert it in SMP , and start to enjoy the posts . Easy... :)

Excellent information! A must read! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you @michaelstobiersk - this literally took me ALL day to write! :)

I just started here today and am amazed about how long it already takes me to just READ things to understand enough to at least feel halfway secure about introducing myself :-) your post helped a lot!

I honestly think it will take me a great while to understand these steem-sp-sbd thingy but i'm sure I'll get there somehow. 😅😅😅

bleedpoet, that was also my question TY

great post, i am a complete noob when it comes to steemit and your post helps a lot, thank you!

There is definitely a steep learning curve but Steemit is filled with amazingly helpful people. We are a tight community and we want to see others succeed. Welcome aboard! I highly recommend checking out the Introduce Yourself posts and creating one of your own. Please feel free to message me when you've started posting! I'm looking forward to reading your content. :)

Thanks merej99, definite must read guide to help wrap the brain around all this new techie wizardry stuff. Great post, cheers!

@tekewena - there is quite a learning curve here but it's nothing that you cannot overcome if you stick with it. We've got a great community here and I wish you the best of luck! Looking forward to seeing what you share. :) Write back to let me know when you've posted something. I highly recommend an Introduce Yourself post.

좋은정보 감사합니다.

Thanks for taking the time to make this, its perfect. I am going to read it a few more times to try and digest it all lol. Very helpful for someone like me who doesnt know the slightest about crypto-currency and all the nuance that goes into it.

Fantastic. exactly what I've been looking for. I'm still a little puzzled but I'm now going to power up as per your advice!

Ah... I should put a little disclaimer stating that I am not a financial advisor. LOL But if you have faith in the sustainability of the platform and have whale goals, that's the route I would personally go. I'm only just starting to do the 100% power up. Previously, I really needed every cent! So consider your budget too. It takes time to build a following - but stick with it!

Thank you for this post. As a noob on here I was kinda lost and wondering if I should quit already, but now I understand what this is all about!

To quit??? Perish that thought!
Yes, there's a steep learning curve.
No, it's not always easy.
But if you read through some of my blog posts, I'm pretty open about my experiences in Steemit. It's taken me 11 months of SOLID WORK to get where I am and it's paid off in more than monetary value. If you have questions, ask. There are a ton of people who want to see Steemit succeed and it will only happen by nurturing our new members. Welcome aboard!

Thanks for this guide. It really helped me get a basic understanding of the wallet and the currency.

I'm so glad it was helpful. One of these days I'm going to update those guides. There are more guides but they are way, waaaaay back in my history. But if you have questions, please shout out. We have a great community of helpers. Welcome to Steemit! :D

Very informative but I'm still stuck on the savings, its not clicking very well with me :)

What part of it, Karen?

There are 2 savings accounts 1 for steem the other for sbd. I know if I wanted to cashout my sbd I could get money but what happens when you cashout the Steem one. Plus what galena if you click cashout wait the 3 days then change your mind?

Nice post

Really useful post! Thank you :) One question: How did you make the signature?

Great post. I know it makes sense I am just a little slower I guess because I am still confused. But that's just me :) I just may need to read it a few times.

What do you do with your sbd? Besides wait for the local food truck to start excepting it.

LOL @alaqrab - When I started out I nearly cried trying to figure out how to cash out because I thought I lost 20 SBD. I think that will have to be the next guide. I've used Bittrex, but I find Poloniex to be a bit easier on the eyes. There are a ton of digital wallets out there, but I will probably focus on these two.

Wow this was super educational! I'm still very new to steemit and have had problems understanding the differences between SP, SBD and STEEM as well,

Given how new I am, I am surprised I am already a small minnow lol, this gamifying is really fun!

Can you buy yourself into being a whale?

Funny just a few minutes ago, after just a couple weeks writing posts, having fun, I'm thinking maybe I should find our about 'my wallet' the one thing I was clueless about, went to the steemit section for newbies ...there was this link AWESOME ...wallet for dummies thanks learned so much.

I must be a right Divee, i'm still non the wiser.

Thank you for this post. I'm a complete newbie so I can't get enough of these informative articles!

Thank you for posting this. I am just learning the basics here on Steemit and this really helped me with the cryptocurrency aspect. I am a steemitgreenhorn.

Upvoted and Followed!

Hi, nice post. How about creating a video material of this content, would it be useful?

This was very helpful. Thanks for posting!

you are so easy to spot everywhere!

Can't imagine how!

A feather writes virtual growth the wall. I just came from your post about steemprentice and its new incentive. I meant my earlier comment a good way. How you brand your profile and your blog's name makes you easily spotable

That is part of why I do it. :)

This is great ! Thanks for the help. I've got to admit, I kind of panicked when I saw all those terms and especially those abbreviations ( SBD, SP) and ? (Yeah, no, reading posts about whales and planktons and dolphins... I thought that Steem was about fishing or Moby Dick, I don't know, stop judging me ! )
Anyway thanks.

"Power this shit up"
Yup LOL!!

LOL - sometimes I write like I talk. hahaha ;oP

I have a similar problem. But it proves disastrous to me. I always end up messing with grammer.

Thank you! Getting clearer here :) So, I am planctone now! I hope I'll survive to become strong tadpole :Pp

Great post and I do hope it helps @karenb54. I'm adding this to my useful steemit links to pass about when I see someone asking about wallets.

Thanks Sarah! How are things on your side of the pond -

Busy lol, kids are off school for half term and I've been hit with a cold lol. L is doing quite well spending more time at her house and trying to get back to normal. and at the moment I've reinstated my tin can/perspex overhead camera rig to try and make some simple videos. talking and arting is hard lmao.
And how is life treating you at the moment. I hope the boys are well and that the house feels like home to you all now.

Thanks for the explanation but this is still like greek to me. I have been a member of steemit for some months but it is just a few weeks ago that i actually started taking interest and started concentrating on finding out more about steemit.

Awesome post! I love your steem power badge! 💪💙💪And also agree with timcliff about getting it on the welcome page! I especially liked the vests explanation on the levels from Plankton to Whale! Thanks so much for the information, STEEM ON! ♨💪♨💪♨

Thank you @karenmckersie! I kind of wish I had this when I first came to Steemit. LOL No guarantee on being on the Welcome page but it certainly is a super cool compliment! You are more than welcome to use the badge if you'd like :)

Awesome thanks! I do too! 3 months plus ago, everything was harder, the newbies have it much easier then us lol ! Haha! Malenial Steemers! 😉😂😂and i really hope you get put on the welcome page! Good luck!

Oh man thank you for this guide! As a total newbie this was immensely helpful!

im a newbie, your articles very helpfull to clear my confused. thanks for share n ur good heart @merej99

Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial on this subject matter, you have helped so many particularly we the newbies. 👏

I'm brand new here so this was very informative. So much to learn!

Looks like it's going to take me awhile to understand how steemit works.

I'm a newbie, so this is more helpfull that can you imagine it. I appreciate the effort in post like this.
Thank you @merej99

You help the learning curve!

THANKS for your job. It's not completely clear about what a "vest" is ...anyway ...let's start this experience ! CIAO

Finally I'm able to understand it! Thank you a lot!

Gracias por la información. Lo leí en una traducción de google pero creo que fue bastante clara

This is a awesome post for newbies like myself. Thank you so much

This is a very helpful guide to my wallet - thanks! As a newbie, it can be really confusing. It sometimes feel like I'm shifting money from my left pocket to my right pocket to my back pocket... and then back to my left pocket. And I haven't even tried to exchange SBD into USD!

A very important information!

Bookmarked, if needed for new users. Thanks for wrapping it up!

I appreciate that @lemouth :)
Honestly, I think I wrote this so all I had to do was give them a link. Laziness in action. LOL

Thanks for this post. How is STEEM affected by market crashes? and is there anything we can do about it?

Thanks for another great guide! I'll try to get this added to the "Welcome Page" :)

That's awesome @timcliff. Thank you for considering it. If I can help in any other way, just let me know :)

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As a newbie, I still find this post a bit confusing since there are many things I don't understand about how steemit works but thank you so much for posting this.

Thanks for this guide. I've lots to learn and this is helpful.

Words well said

This is so super helpful to newbies like me.. thanks!!!

Thank you for your sharing!

thank you so much, i am slightly closer to understanding...! slowly slowly...

Good post merej. i think it will help me too. I am also new to this platform and trying to learn things

Thank you. Its really helpful for me. Good Luck

Thank you for trying to clean up the muddied waters of Steem for us planktons floating around out there! Am now following you incase you drop anymore words of wisdom.

Thanks, you must be a pro by now

Thanks for explaining-- crypto concepts sometimes feel upside-down.

Great post 👌. You explained it very well. Upvoted

Thanks for the content for the newbies like me

Good post, mere. I always have problems dealing with filthy lucre :)

This helped me tremendously, thank you for posting this information.

Thanks for the article. As someone that is somewhere between zooplankton and plankton, do you suggest just powering up 100% 😄

Me pareció interesante tu post. Ayuda mucho!

Well done!

Felicitaciones @merej99, a pesar de que ya tengo algunos meses, no había leído artículos que me explicaran cómo funciona la billetera, ni donde es más rentable ahorrar. Muchas gracias por la asesoría y la información. Dios te bendiga.

Came here hoping to find help, read your article, so I then read all the comments, certain someone would have pointed out a mistake you made. Nada, none did, so I am left to this maybe how it was years ago? I've only been here nearly 2 years and I do not know how it was before.

You do your arithmetic to show how doing a PowerDown is paid over 104 weeks.

I have done a powerdown and it was split into 13 weekly payments, not 104 so, using using your example, on SP100 being powered down, I would get about SP 7.90 a week.

My problem was that I had done a power down, drawing about SP57 per week, but I decided to stop the power down - and it was cancelled, but it deducted, I have lost money by stopping the power down. It has taken me many months to earn the SP57, with countless posts and comments, so I am feeling very angry/upset.

Unfortunately I do not know who to ask for an explanation or help, so I am thinking it might be better I withdraw from Steemit, take my meagre earnings and forget about it.
Have I misunderstood something?

Hello @arthur.grafo - yes, this guide was written when it still took 104 weeks to fully power down. It has only been a recent change that posts can be edited and I have not yet done so.

You are correct that full powerdowns now take 13 weeks. I checked your account on SteemD, the blockchain explorer It indicates that where you were paid out 57.128 STEEM and immediately stopped the powerdown after the fact. The blockchain cannot be edited. It is an immutable ledger.

Looking at more recent transactions, it appears that you had since transferred STEEM to smartmarket and tipu, plus, from looking at your wallet it seems that you have funds in the Steem Marketplace. Without really knowing your Steemit habits or history, it looks like you have received your STEEM and have since begun another powerdown which is scheduled to pay out in 4 days.

I do appreciate your frustration and how difficult it is to build up one's Steem Power, especially with current market prices. I do recommend that if you do not need the funds, then keep powering up with the hope that the crypto markets start a bull run - but I am not a professional nor am I qualified to give investment advice. I'm just a contributor like you.

I really appreciate you taking the trouble to check my account for me.

you have funds in the Steem Marketplace

That confused me - if you mean I have money delegated, okay, otherwise, I was not aware of having Steem in the Marketplace.

As for my SP. The truth is, I have been using tipu etc. for pushing at my Rep, not for making money. I expect to die with my account untouched by withdrawals. Being a pensioner in South Africa, I do not even have a bank account, so I have no way to receive any crypto funds.

I often feel disenchanted by the goings on of those who have SP in the large amounts and multi-accounts for milking the system, but use their power to flag the small guys. But then I come across someone nice who takes the time to help others and I feel I am in the right place (once more).

Thank you.

Unfortunately, very strong, and multiple accounts has been an ongoing issue even when I started about three years ago. Have you looked into opening a Whaleshares account? It is a "social sharing platform" and cross posts from Steemit and other sites are encouraged. (I would personally add that it's good practice to cite yourself if you do.) It's another way to earn crypto for the same content.

Thanks, that was very interesting

I saw a mention about using some info from #indigoocean on how to open an account and got stuck there for a few hours reading her other posts also.

I saw her instruction video #6 about transferring funds to bitshares and I wondered: she showed something about inflation determining how much whalestake you can transfer and then, divide that by 13 weeks.

The inflation part confused me. Say I have some funds and I want to withdraw all of it as I will no longer be using the account. On Steemit I can do so over 13 weeks. In Whaleshares, I can never withdraw all my balance? If so, why would anyone use Whaleshares? I have a feeling I must have misunderstood something.

I'm not asking for a reply, as I do not think I will use Whaleshares. Having watched her instruction videos, plus others on a variety of subjects, I see she keeps on mentioning Discord accounts (that if we want to make friends and increase our income we must go there).

I will not use Discord and only days ago made a post on another platform, where I provided links to news about Discord and how it sells info about us - everything we say while using it plus our personal details.

Telegram did the same some time ago and it nearly collapsed them so they are more careful of selling our data, but Discord has not indicated any interest in reducing their spying on us and the selling of our data. I have very strong beliefs about privacy, so I refuse to let myself be tempted to go there (I did join - and that is how I realised they are spying on me and selling my personal, my phone, my ip etc). *IP address gives them my street address, which is part of what they sell.

As I said before, most people are so engrossed in their own interests that they do not extend a hand to help others very often. I try to ensure at least a certain percent of my time is spent talking to newbies and helping them, sometimes with a small tipu donation or a delagation for a month or two. I was getting depressed about seeing how few people have a positive attitude - then I got your reply and you boosted me so that I do not mind continuing...thanks.

I've also posted this on my Facebook page to try to help people on the fence about joining Steemit.

I am a newbie, Thank you for these clarifications, it helps me, but I have to learn more to be really informed.

This post is really helping me survive and navigate how my wallet works, thanks! However, I'm still a bit confused on one thing, there is a link at the top right corner in the screenshot images which says 'buy steem or buy steem power'. I might be slow but what does it mean, what is the reason for wanting to buy steem or steem power?

Thanks a lot for this post. I'm new here and i'm Glad i saw this.
It will help me a lot

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