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RE: The Steemit Newbie's Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Your Wallet by @merej99

in #steemit-help5 years ago

This is very helpful especially for newbies like me. I now understand my wallet better, though still having a little confusion but with time i will get everything.

Thank you @merej99


Welcome to Steemit @ammynatural

One of the things that I really try to tell new people, especially if they're not used to blockchain-based platforms is to focus on your content creation. Trust me - you are not going to learn everything overnight and you'll go insane if you try to.

Post - COMMENT - Curate

You should be spending the bulk of your Steemit time leaving thoughtful comments on the platform. The real people will appreciate the feedback and eventually check you out.

Another note: When I first started here, my comments actually earned more than my posts, so don't be discouraged, okay? Good luck!

ps - you can also find me on Whaleshares ;)

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