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RE: The Steemit Newbie's Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Your Wallet by @merej99

in #steemit-help7 years ago (edited)

This BY FAR is the most helpful guide on this subject I've seen.
Can you do one on upvotes ? To this day I haven't a clue how much I'm getting taken out , where it's getting taken out and how do I know how much power I have w/ my upvotes. Thanks!

Edit: speaking of which I'm unable to upvote nor resteem this post :(
Edit 2: Got it to work! :)


Hi @steemitqa - I will definitely put that on my writing list. Thank you for the suggestion and the compliment! :) <3

Wow, merej99, what an awesome post! I'm replying here because I'm also befuddled by the votes. I just took you down 6 cents, although I'm not a-skeert of you slashing my tires - I don't have a car, lol! I was not on for a couple weeks, but that was happening before, too - some up, some down. And may I say, who wouldn't want to be a dolphin? They have language and names, and can create, w/ their language, spontaneous play/jokes with their humans. I bet you know that, living in FL. Plankton (lmao when I saw the steem food chain) is just as important, but, it's plankton. Great post, thanks!

That's it, man, you're on my list!

Ima find you! LOL

Seriously though - glad to see you back. Hope there are more ups than downs to finish the year right :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! U funny. Is that lady throwing baby powder on herself? hilarious - best-smelling beeoch ever... that's what I want to be. Yes glad to be back - soon!

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