If it was me (and I was a noob at one point), I would definitely put efforts into powering up as much as possible - unless you absolutely needed the funds. And I was also at a point when I used every penny earned to buy food too so consider your needs and goals. Welcome to Steemit! :)

Thanks for taking the time to field my query, appreciated 😀

please help I log on to steemit and my steam is not there. I bought 107.945 and it now says I have .5 steam.

Hi @silvermike2 - If you can tell me more information about your situation I might be able to direct you to someone who has better knowledge about it.
You say you bought 107.945...of what? STEEM or SBD? Was it from an exchange? Do you have a tx_ID of the transaction?
I just checked your account and you do have delegated power. Perhaps you may have sent the funds to an alternate account? Without the transaction history it's difficult to see what may have happened.

HI Merej00

I just read your post regarding understanding your wallet. Thanks for all the great explanation of each item. However, could you explain the Steempower. I have 2 lines of numbers listed. The second line is in parenthesis with a minus sign before it. What does that mean?

thanks,good hob.

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