Smokinglems Simple Adventure AGUINID FALLS Music Video

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Aguinid Falls Music Video

Composed by: SmokingLems
Music By: Kasket Club, Soul Surfing

This waterfalls may not be immense but the water composition, amazing rock formations, magical environment, and a system of water features that runs along Tangbo River, is one that can be considered a natural wonder.

Aguinid Falls is located in Samboan, southern municipalities of Cebu, 150 kilometers away from Cebu City.
Entering the falls from the highway takes you 5 minutes walk from the main road. Rocks and Dirt road leads to the Public Assistance and Registration Area. There are also peaceful rural life along the way and some stores selling stuff as souvenirs, food and a lot more. For nature calls, worry not, a clean restroom with shower and changing room are available near the registration area for those who needs comfort and got wet during the trip to the river. Before proceeding to the river, visitors need to register and pay an entrance fee. The fee is used for maintaining the place. Tourist guide are available and but doesn’t have a fixed rate because it is purely voluntary.

Aguinid Falls unique feature is not a single waterfall, but a multi level of river connecting levels of waterfalls that visitors have to trek.

The first level is a simple trek going to the 2nd level, walking into the forest beside a clean stream of river flowing down, some areas you have to cross the river and some have stone path across the river placed for people to cross, but surely you will get wet along the way.

The second level is an approximately 10 meters height and almost 60 degree stiff rock climb with flowing water. First timer might get discourage because it looks dangerous, but not to worry co'z the rocks are not slippery and there are foot holes curved in the rocks available and for some who wants to be more safe, there are handrail made of bamboo available on the sides but there are parts not complete. I was not actually worried on going up but how to go down. Well i found out after when we went back down, its more easier to go down rather than going up.

For adrenaline rush, there’s also a cliff-jumping spot in Aguinid, its not high but the water where you’ll land is a little bit narrow, you’ll feel its not that deep and maybe you’ll hit the bottom. Well don’t worry co’z the water is higher than a normal height of a person.

The third Level is a tiny, rocky cavern where one can tuck behind to see a curtain of water flow, you can take a picture inside a curtain of water to give you a blur world.
After this is a climb on top of this cavern to reach the third level not far away, where I myself experience to slip my foot and fell down on my butt.
The final level brings you to a big rock boulder with water flowing down from it. The water is shallow and cold and the scenery is impressive.
Its like a big pebbles of rock on top of each other and water are flowing down from it that gives it a natural unique beauty.
Rather intimidating but it is a pretty easy trek, It will feel exhausting but the enjoyment and the scenery that each level represents will make you love the place. The white rocks, ponds and blue puddles of Aguinid highlight’s It’s photogenic angle. This place will surely give you a great time!
Aguinid is one of the many falls in Cebu which you shouldn't miss. I definitely recommend to include this if you are visiting any part of Southern Cebu.

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Love that place. Resteemed 👍

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wow very very beautifull post.
Your post is very very great post.
I like it.


Thank you, you are one of the reason why I am inspired to make this kind of post.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place, the photos are also very good.
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Thank you very much, i see you resteemed a lot of great article in there, it will help a lot of people and will help us to find easily lots of good content in steemit. Keep up the good initiative of helping. Thanks


You're welcome, thank you for your support. Much appreciated! :-)

I think the Video is way too long. Try only using the highlights you really have to have in there. However, love the pictures. Good fun:)


Thanks for liking my pictures. The video was intended to be a music video that’s why the video was the same length of the music. I did a small video clip once, check this out:
This was a short video, took only a minute and the music is only a melody thats why it is short, but the video in this blog needs to be long because it should go along with the music to be like an MTV music video. No worries, coz i have some short video clips I would like to post and im planning it to be a short video clip like my old post. Thanks again and have a great day 👍

Very attractive post sir @smokinglems


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.


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@smokinglems thanx for that

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Amazingly beautiful place! Thank you for sharing it. I would like to give you a tip. Put a blank line between the pictures. It looks better and easier on the eye. As you a nature fan, I think you will enjoy the series about the beauty of Bulgarian nature. Check out my post about it. There you will see what I mean for the pictures.
Following you for more!


Thank you! and thanks for the tip, i'll try to study it and hopefully do it on my future posts. I will visit your post also to learn and to see what we have in common. following you

Wow! You really did have fun. It reminds me of a place in Nigeria called Erin-ijesha


Thanks bro! We really have a lot of beautiful places where we came from and i appreciate all of it. 👍

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