Who do I Follow on Steem and Why. What's Kept Me Here When Other Social Media Sites Have failed?

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How I Met Steem

Social media was something I dipped my toe in back in 2008 or maybe 2009 with Facebook. A couple of years later I'd deleted my account to cut out the frenemies and general fakeness, which was leading me down my own path of trying to be something I'm not. Better to talk to people in person and email the people I truly cared about with any catching up we wanted to do.

Some years later I was looking at getting my gardens producing food and medicine and while researching I came across Justin Rhodes, who said that whatever we were trying to do on sustainability, we should share it, however we can. Let others see what can be done and what we're learning. So I took the plunge and jumped back into social media. I opened a personal account on Facebook, purely to run The Miniature Smallholding page and opened an Instagram account as @minismallholding. I even started up a YouTube account, but knew there was little likelihood of making an income from it, with the changes they were making. I started a blog on Weebly and tried to figure out if the social media accounts could drive traffic there. To be honest, the only thing I got much traction on was Instagram and that was probably a different sort of following who were just interested in the cuter chicken cuddles photos and baby chicks.


It was actually Facebook that steered me in the direction which led me to Steem. While stalking a local gardener’s page, a came across a post from one of his friends saying “if only I got a cent for every word I wrote. In fact, over on Steemit, I've been getting more than that!” or words to that effect. Yes, back in 2017, this guy was promoting Steem and it lured both myself and my gardening friend, @ligayagardener, onto Steem. Sadly the promoter, @reville, didn't stay long, which is really quite a loss, because his content was always of high quality. Unfortunately, the big voters couldn't upvote all of his work, so it dropped to getting just cents, which must have been disappointing for such well researched and detailed work. If only he'd been able to stick it out, I’m sure he would be having much more consistent rewards now.

That's what brought me to Steem, but what has made me stay has to be the whole dynamic and community of the site. It's really not quite like any other social media. It's not a case of connecting with friends and family like on Facebook. It's not a popularity contest like Instagram. You don't have to just post in videos, like YouTube (making videos is really not my strong point). In fact, because it was a little complex and daunting, it meant that the community was the most supportive I'd come across as they tried to help me find my feet and is never even met any of them before!

Who I Follow and Why

Probably the first person I followed was @ligayagarden, but he lost his keys and signed up again as @ligayagardener, who I still follow today as his posting is relevant for me, if a little sporadic.

One of the first communities to find me was the homesteading one; at the time it was created and led by @greenacrehome, sadly no longer active. Just as prominent in that community and, at the time, not long on Steem himself was @pennsif. I'm pleased to say he is still around now. The likelihood is that most users today will know him, as he's really thrown himself into the support and promotion of the Steem blockchain. I still follow both accounts today, but with @greenacrehome it may only be for sentimental reasons. @pennsif has been a rock and continues to be to this day.

The next people to reach out to me were from the @teamaustralia community, for the country where I reside. @choogirl was something of a figurehead for #teamaustralia, quick to make a big impression, a bubbly, welcoming and supportive personality. She isn't as active today, but is still around, mostly working on @steemitworldmap curation. Being a part of TeamAustralia naturally means I follow @ausbitbank too. While he may not post very often he works hard behind the scenes to support not only his country’s community, but a lot of other Steem projects too.

Shortly after joining the TeamAustralia community I was quickly scooped up into @mattclarke's ample embrace to join up with the Adelaide #mallsballers community. Here's another who is passionate about the potentials of the Steem blockchain and for him felt it seemed only right to connect on a more local level. Because of him, @o07 and @holoz0r, there is a physical Adelaide Steem community that meets up most months. Sadly @o07 burnt himself out and has bowed out of Steem, but I'll still keep that follow on him in the hope that he will one day return. @holoz0r and @lordnigel have done so much work on the technical side for the Adelaide Steem community and continue to do so. @lordnigel is currently building an interactive computer game, @ibt-survival, with a view to it going on the blockchain.

A few Adelaide Steemians have come and gone, some still pop in occasionally, but the other consistent ones are @shaidon, who has come such a long way with his interactions and posts on Steem, and @galenkp, with his intriguing random ramblings which are often fun and/or insightful. I may be one of the few people who met Galen before the other KP, his brother @tarazkp; another insightful writer.

Backtracking slightly, to the homesteading and natural living side of things, big influencers for me, in no particular order, have been @sagescrub, @riverflows, @eco-alex, @artemislives, @kennyskitchen, @trucklife-family and @crosheille. They are all leaders or co-leaders of the communities, @homesteaderscoop, @naturalmedicine, @ecotrain, @HomeEdders, @needleworkmonday and @tribesteemup. Communities it's a joy to be involved and which are also the reason I've been connecting with more and more lovely souls across the world. @sagescrub has been inactive for a while, since the arrival of his son, but he's taken a break before and come back, so I think we'll be seeing him again.

More recently I've started following @acidyo, @theycallmedan, who have a vision and a path to promote and improve Steem like few others have done before.

So many people have ceased activity since I started Steem and I feel like the ones who've stayed have done so because they've had a purpose, but also stuck to what they can manage without burning out. Someone I've followed for a while is @goldenoakfarm. She posts most days, often just little updates on what's been happening on her homestead and these might only earn a few cents. Occasionally she’ll post something more detailed and that deservedly earns more. However, money is not why she posts. Recently she reflected on her two years here and had this to say about why she uses Steem:

“I just wanted to post about my life on the homestead. My posts serve another purpose: memory. Lyme disease has trashed my memory and by writing posts of what I do, I have a record I can go back and read.”

I felt this was poignant and it's a reminder that we should be posting for our own reasons, not for what we think others expect.

I follow who I follow for a variety of reasons, but most of them purely because I like and respect them for who they are. I could name so many more wonderful people, but that would make for a very long post, so I hope you all know who you are and how important you are.


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Even though you're a bloody Aussie, you are alright really, so I follow you for the chicken pics.

Chooks are universal citizens and not bound by the laws of nations

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Haha! Chick pics!

I recently learnt that I'm a chicken tender.


You had me at the Chicken photos

There will be more to come! 😆

Thanks for reminding me of my first misadventure. That lost me the prime time of Steemit. It's funny then my second account was worth over $5000 USD! Where is it now?

You're a great friend both online and off and one of my inspirations.

I haven't clicked with Steemit, preferring my own blog ligayagarden.online but there is a great community of homesteaders here that I like to include in my orbit.

@reville is still active online but mainly on FB. He is another inspirational figure for me, though we disagree on much.

Keep doing what you're doing!

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It's that community of homesteaders who have been the clincher for me. I'm not really confident enough to have a stand alone blog, so this is my perfect compromise.

Ah yes, I seem to remember the last time I noticed Reville's presence online was when he was have an argument on your page with a couple of your other friends! Lol.

I can't imagine how much I can inspire you, when you're leaps and bounds ahead of me with this home farming lark, particularly along the lines of making the most of a small space! But thank you for saying so.

I didn't know you'd been on steemit since 2017! I joined in 2018 and a lot of the homesteaders I followed left. I miss a good many of them. I have more people who also follow me and don't belong to steemit. They can't comment or vote, but they like reading what's going on here on the homestead. At least they aren't being blocked from my posts, like on FB!

Having them follow you on here is a great idea. I have a Facebook page I post links onto for family and friends, but that's still on Facebook.

Maybe one day some of your followers will join you on here to be able to interact. Especially as Facebook becomes less content friendly.

I did that for the first few months but to see the posts, they had to go to my FB page, as FB was blocking my business page, the only one I used. So if they had to do that, they might as well click on steemit.

Joining steemit was a HUGE amount of trouble for us in 2018. Having to set up accounts, keep track of keys, learn how and how not to post, etc. FB users are used to click and go. I can't see it happening...

That is true. Hopefully one day it will be a bit simpler.

You were one of the first I followed and it's good to see you back

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Thanks for the mention.

It would be great to see @greenacrehome come back.

Yeh, I miss him. He did so much to connect the homesteaders. So many have dropped by the wayside. I wonder how many are left from those early lists you made. Goldendawne is the only other one I can think of of the top of my head. Then of course paoa-pepper was here before us all!

I see Green Acre is still posting videos on YouTube, maybe we can persuade him to come back...

Alas, I suspect not too many from the early lists are left. I am not sure I dare look...

Go stalk him on YouTube, huh? He was copying his videos over to dTube at one point, if I remember correctly.

Lovely to read your journey @minsmallholding! You oh-so forgot to mention that you curate the @homesteaderscoop magazine. :)

The person who onboarded me to steem has also been inactive for about a year and that makes me sad. Hoping we'll see @kenistyles back for the bullrun.

But yes, the people who stayed and consistently supported others for cents are the real community. Something about the glue of those values is very special.

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.


I felt it was veering to much off topic to mention the HSCO curating. It was getting a bit long as it was! 😆

It is rather sad to see so many go inactive. At least the accounts are still there, waiting I'd they ever feel like coming back.

Thanks for following my adventures. It's good to know that I am improving too.
Others had noticed. I think the key is to actually care about the reader while being true to myself.
It's not always easy, but it's a process.

The adelaide steamians sure are an inspirational bunch as I am finding out at each met up.

You're fast becoming a regular at the meets. I'm so glad you're getting so much from them.

Thanks for saying that, it’s nice to be thought of as a regular.

That was nicely written!
I've been on steem for about 2-1/2 years now and I've seen a lot of people come and go. A lot of the gardeners that I was following in the first year or so have left most of them when the price of steem crashed.
I'm not as active as I was last year, but that's mostly because I don't have very much to write about in the winter. During the gardening season, I tend to be more active with my writing. I'm looking forward to warmer weather... :-)

Thank you.

I remember you well from the early days. Just plodding along and writing when you have something to share is a good way to go. Takes any pressure or stress off. We've been through quite a few changes in the last 2 1/2 years. Ups and downs, but I think things are settling into a nice rhythm at the moment. It's a shame some have, missed that because of the price drop. Unless you live in a country where the dollar is worth a lot more, then being here for the money is only going to mean you leave in the long term.

I actually didn’t realize you’ve been here since 2017 either. I wish I would have found you sooner but I’m just glad I did. 😊

Thank you so much for the mention it means a lot. Your support and participation in the needlework community has been a real treat! Thank you for everything you do ~ ☺️💓

It's funny, really, because at the time I thought I came in sooo late, because it was after 2016 and I missed so many changes.

I think it was the familyprotection initiative that brought us together initially, via my life-relearnt account. It's been a pleasure getting to know you.

Okay...maybe it’s my lack of sleep or because I’m mentally drained (from kids lol) but what you said was like 🤯🤯🤯! I didn’t realize you were the one behind the life-relearnt account. So every time we commented to one another it was you! Wow!!!! I don’t think I would have ever figured that out of you hadn’t mentioned it. So we did find each other sooner than I thought! 😄😆

I just remembered I was going to reply to this when I first saw it, then got dragged away.

Yes, the @life-relearnt account was something I started up as a charity/support account. White I was always open about being the one behind it, I guess I didn't mention it very often. 😆 It's been in a semi-hibernation mode for a while, running some autovotes and I've just set it to follow me as a trail, see if I can build up its SP a bit. Some of the accounts it sorted have gone into hibernation too. I try to remember to upvote the FP comments manually, but have it logged into palnet, so I only see those posted on there and still sometimes miss some. I've been thinking of doing some sort of crossover post from HomeEdders where I could set it as a part beneficiary. I'd need to okay it with you all, though.

I guess I missed those times when you mentioned you were behind it. 😄

Okay I see. Well if you decide to do a beneficiary you already have my okay ;) I support whatever you decide to do!

Wouldn't be the same without you; or your chickens.

Didn't Taraz relatively recently say something about how posting specifically for payout isn't going to work or something to that effect? XD

Connections help with everything and I definitely don't mean the "friends in high places" kinda connections (I suppose they can be useful too) XD

Sounds familiar. Taraz writes a lot of stuff I agree with.

Connections are everything. They're what keeps bringing you back. Sometimes I feel like I have more in common with the connections I've made on here than with those I know offline. Maybe because there's less choice in your locale than if you can reach across the world. 😆

Isn't it pretty much scientifically proven now that connections are everything? :D