A taste of New York: The photography of @tattoodjay

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Hello and welcome to this week’s featured steemian. Today we are looking at the work of one special content creator. @tattoodjay

Jay is a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Milford, Connecticut in the USA who works in New York City.

Jay is one of those people that can point a camera at just about anything and make a great photograph. Jay is also the inspiration behind the very popular and energising #wednesdaywalk photo tag.

His photographic style and range are eclectic ranging from hidden little gems of art work in the New York metro area. To secret little courtyards and gardens that most people will never see or even realise exist in the big apple.

With his photo walks back home along Walnut Beach he captures beautiful sunsets as well as sunrises. He has a knack of painting a great picture as his tagline states. He is Singing with light

Walnut Beach

Occasionally he posts about ‘trash art’. This is art that is literally made from trash and it is often quite astonishing.

On a recent trip to one such trash art exhibition he managed to grab some photos and had intended to go back for more but found that the show had moved on.

Trash Art

Lesson: - Get the shot while you can. Life doesn’t stand still

The main point about good quality social media is that it shows us things we may never see anywhere else from the unique perspective of the person sharing the content.

Remember this. If you can find it on Wikipedia it is not original content.

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Tip 1

If you want to improve your photography. It will help you, if you to look at as many photographers as possible both in the topic you are interested in and also some genres that you are not interested in. It can give you new ideas.

If you want to improve your writing skills then there is nothing like practicing your writing every day to see what works and what can be improved. Remember even Charles Dickens started out as a hack court reporter.

If you want to improve your coding skills then there is only one way to do it...do it.

Not everyone has that special something that is required to make great photos. You have to practice your art daily and hope that you can make progress.

Looking at Jay’s considerable body of work on the steem blockchain you can see consistently good images showing us a slice of New York life that few people will get to see in person. It is my opinion that his work is a very valuable and unique collection of content on our blockchain.

Jay's take on New York streetlife

Street Art around Soho

Visit Jay

It's a birdbath Jay 😊

Century 21

Eduardo Kobra Murals Ellis

Jay’s scenes of New York give us a glimpse into a world that the casual tourist will not usually have access to. This is the power of seeing New York through the lens of a skilled photographer.

I hope you have enjoyed the work this week and have found a new steemian worth your time and attention.

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@tattoodjay is most deserving of being featured. He is a great friend and excellent photographer showing us the magic of New York through his camera.
I always think of New York as a busy city, crowded with people and taxi cabs but J.J. has given us the beautiful artistical side. Only he could make trash look good. 😊


Jay show's a side of New York that most people will never know or see.

Art installations are very popular in the big apple and come and go pretty quick. So having a photographic record of the art works is very useful to say the least.

Great pictures ! The first one is my favorite


It is a magical shot I agree. Jay is a talented photographer.

Thanks for the feature and such kind write up
and also the tips are all great thanks for sharing them


Hey Jay, my pleasure buddy. We have all been 'taking' pictures for years but 'making' a picture that's the key and it takes either a lot of skill or a good eye.

You have both and I can say that based on my own experience of trying to get my head around a DSLR. There is so much to learn and the first thing to do is turn of all the auto functions and go totally manual and RAW.

That's when the learning really started for me and the more I use the manual settings the sharper the images and more punchy and impactful they become.

It's a steep learning curve for sure but anything worth doing takes that kind of effort.

My son and I were out doing some astrophotography last night and the cloud cover was almost 100% by the time the sun went down but I did get this sunset.

My son is a photographer and he is constantly helping me to improve but my brain is like a seive but some of the ideas are sticking.

It seems like such a simple thing to do, adjusting apeture, fstops and iso but jeez my brain just flip flops more times than not! lol



Thanks Mate, and I can relate I knew all about the ISO Aperture exposure triangle when I started with photography 40 plus years ago, but had forgotten so much when I got back into it i have to admit
I learnt it all again but trial and error, I would go out take multiple shots with different settings and then see what worked and what didnt and then it got into my brain, I must prefer learning hand son than reading tutorials etc.

I do manual now and again just to keep on top of it but I use aperture and shutter speed priority a lot when walking around the city especially

Thanks again !tip


Thanks Jay, I know what you mean. I did a photography course in the 1980's before digital took off so it was mostly about developing the film and making prints and now a totally redundant skillset.

I'm still learning what this DSLR can do and I've had it over a year. It is an amzing piece of technology.

Thanks for the tip Jay right back at ya! :-) !tip


Sorry, the tip is higher than your deposit.
You can check your deposit by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: status
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD/STEEM)


Whoops I'm on it.


🎁 Hi @tattoodjay! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @steemimages!

Check out @steemimages blog here and follow if you like the content :)

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🎁 Hi @molometer! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @tattoodjay!

@tattoodjay wrote lately about: 767 Third Ave Revisited Feel free to follow @tattoodjay if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Definitely one of the most deserving of this feature that I'm aware of. Congratulations Jay!


I totally agree, Jay has a great eye and is a real asset to the community.

Thanks! I’m following you already for more insight and value to my photographic journey!

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Don't you post any photography on your blog?


Am planing to, no camera yet apart from phone camera

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Phone cameras can be pretty good these days.

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Thanks @steem-plus I will check it out when I get a spare moment.

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