[Steemhunt] Claim your 1:1 Hunt tokens before it is too late!

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Hi, @jayplayco here.

Today I would like to give a short reminder to our community. The 1:1 Hunt Token Airdrop based on you Steempower is going to end in a few days. (Exactly 13th of September KST)

The original announcement is here

For all hunters who have claimed already their Hunt tokens, they can skip to the last part of this article. :) Otherwise, you should circle the 13th of September very big on your calendar.

Key Summary

  • Steemhunt is airdropping Hunt tokens in a 1:1 ratio based on your Steempower.
  • Delegated incoming or outgoing Steempower doesn`t matter.
  • This event is ending at 13th of September 2018 KST. (I am recommending to claim your tokens latest at 12th of September)
  • The claim is only for one time.
  • If you are preparing for your claim, it is recommended to max your Steempower. (Powerup, buy, etc.)

1. How To

  • Connect to Steemhunt.

  • Login with Steemconnect.

  • Click on your Avatar on the right upper side of the screen.

  • Click on the "WALLET".

  • Click on "SP CLAIM".

  • When you click the SP CLAIM button you will see a pop-up. It includes information on how many hunters have already claimed the Airdrop, how much tokens are left and how many tokens you can actually get.

As an example, I would have 2800 tokens to claim. If you press the red "Claim HUNT tokens" button the tokens will move to your wallet.

  • That's it. Now you can check your Hunt tokens clicking on "Wallet" again.

2. FAQ about Hunt tokens

Q: What can I do when I claim these tokens?"

  • To make it clear, you can't do anything with it in the moment
  • It is planned for the very near future to activate the tokens based on Ethereum's ERC-20. At that moment it would be possible to transfer your tokens to an external private wallet like Myetherwallet. Also, P2P trades could start.

Q: Is it planned to list Hunt tokens on an exchange?

  • Sure, but the team is not planning to rush the tokens to any exchange just to list it. Steemhunt is more concentrated to build the product and community. When both are strong enough, the exchanges will come to Steemhunt for a listing.
  • Additionally, SMT is planned for March 2019. As soon as SMT is launched, Hunt tokens will be swapped into SMT. The best part with SMT is, a DEX (decentralized exchange) will launch with SMT so that Hunt tokens will be tradeable very easily on the DEX into STEEM and SBD.

Q: Is there any plan to use Hunt tokens except trading?

  • With the launch of SMT, Steemhunt will also launch Ideahunt, a crowdfunding platform for brands and makers, where hunters can buy the newest products with hunt tokens. This will create an own Hunt token economy, so we are good to go with our claimed Hunt tokens. :)

3. Timezones Deadlines

As recommended, please claim it before 12th of September, as you don`t know exactly when it will end at 13th. I have marked the day based on 12th of September KST 24:00.

SeoulKorea13.09.201812:00 AM
San FranciscoUSA12.09.201811:00 AM
New YorkUSA12.09.20188:00 AM
LondonUnited Kingdom12.09.20184:00 PM
BerlinGermany12.09.20185:00 PM
MoscowRussia12.09.20186:00 PM
New DelhiIndia12.09.20188:30 PM
Hong KongHong Kong12.09.201811:00 PM
SydneyAustralia13.09.20181:00 AM

"Keep the hunt on"

Thanks for reading!

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Join our chat channels if you need more information as the community, team, and the moderators are answering very fast on any question:

Discord: https://discord.gg/mWXpgks (this is where the magic happens)
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AzcqGxCV1FZ8lJHVgHOgGQ

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went to claim but it gave me zero? I thought it was a 1 to 1 ratio on SP?


Should have get 700tokens according your current SP. Could you please check your wallet and try to claim it again? If it is not working please come back to me. You can find me on our discord channel. Will have than the team have a look into it. Thanks.


Hi jayplayco, my wife and I just tried to claim and she got a message that she has claimed the coins were successfully but got told that there was a zero balance on the message. My wife’s account is @shellyduncan

I will pop over to discord





요거와 내용이 같습니다. ^^


아하 그럼 전 이미 했어요. 근데 질문 하나 있습니다.

  1. 스파량 비례해서 그냥 주는건가요?
    아니면 스파를 임대해주거나? 일정의 비용이 발생하나요?

실제 가지고 있는 스팀파워에 1:1로 줍니다. 임대를 해주거나 받은 것은 상관이 없습니다. 클레임하시는데 비용은 전혀 발생하지 않습니다. ^^


와우. 무조건 해야 하는 거네요. 좋은 정보 지속 부탁드립니다.

Hi @jayplayco. Thanks for this post. Previously I saw one of the post about Steemhunt. But thought it was some technical stuff which I wont understand. But today I was lucky to find your post and I went and claimed my tokens. But the concept is amazing. I think in future it may have two benefits. One the hunters earn Steem power as curation points second they can also add some sort of affiliate link where the promoters ie hunters can earn money directly from the company for promoting products. Is my understanding correct? Once again thanks for this article. Because of you I could claim my tokens in last minute even its little.... :)

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@bhaski That is great. Have fun using Steemhunt~!

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when we have our steemhunt app for phones?


@anik007 The dev team is currently very limited and Steemhunt is taking care about more immediate issues like HF-20, SMT launch, etc. Until then we will have to use the mobile version of it. :) Thanks for caring!


Oh.thanks for informing me Sir.Have a nice day