LinkSplit - A Free Instant A/B Test Smart URL Shortener

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A Free Instant A/B Test Smart URL Shortener



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Are you are looking to create a A/B testing for splitting traffic between two or more destination URLs to help optimising your site's marketing performance? LinkSplit provides free instant A/B testing with zero setup!

In order to run an effective A/B testing, it is important to ensure all split traffics are distributed evenly across your page variations.

You just simply enter the destination URLs (two or more) for the traffic split, LinkSplit will takes care of the traffic splitting and smart URL Shortener generating.

Now, as the A/B implementation is done, you can start to share the LinkSplit's generated smart shortening link across your marketing platform.

Let's check LinkSplit out now and make your A/B testing as simple as CREATE, SHARE & MEASURE.



Hunter: @bitmalaysia

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many thanks!

Great post!
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