A Coverage Of The Last Two SteemGigs Discord Talk Shows And The Format For Today's, Which Hold "10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time". (GMT+8)

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Please digest this post. Then join in and become a Ulogger today.

SteemGigs Discord Will Have A Talk-Show Later Today

So the previous 2 talks on the SteemGigs discord server have been awesome but "i talked too much". Well, not that "i am anything" in these speeches but steemians give me this privilege. 

I am grateful!

Hahaha, i don't even have the baritone they expect but they afford even "disappointments" for my sake. "I am grateful"

I was telling @el-dee-are-es  of how my baritone is reserved for fiery moments e.g when i really need to tell you to "go hard" or during sports, "when i am on fire".
Overall, I love to "beautifully disappoint", for just when you think i will slap back, i will re-give you the same cheek.

I won't lie, in the first discord talk, "tears" dropped. Steemians can afford that too on my behalf. 

i am so so so grateful.

Well, the truth is, there is "special air" in those SteemGigs-discord talks because what we dispense on there has an undertone that is fresh, unique and even rare and especially, filled with intense love.. So, i can't tell you not to join in! 

Note: The SteemGigs community isn't only about https://steemgigs.org. It is a dream-building center so to speak and even all my dreams cook up, on there i.e if you love anything about steem, steemit, teardrops, ULOGs, un(dis)talented, steemsecrets etc you are very welcome to join in: https://discord.gg/CPh63qq.

Hear the undertone of our talk-shows just below: (Note: the entire SteemGigs discord server carries the same underlying design)

  • Nations are locations
  • We will sift sense from nonsense. We will sift even the not-so-good, to find good in it. (Dirt is good, ask the Soap Master)
  • Relegate "reservations" in my space.
  • Flaws allowed.
  • I will forgive you a hundred times
  • If you remove bum, average, smart; "we are genius".
  • If you remove developing or developed nations; "we are celebrities".
  • We will reward every teardrop
  • Shine, for the world needs your shine.
  • There is light in the tunnel.
  • If going to the moon happened, every noble dream is attainable.
  • Attempt out-of-the-boxness
  • We want to build every noble dream
  • The sound we produce should be different; should be fresh (rare). 
  • We aren't too "about rules". We love "principles" better. We love those "exceptions to rules" better. 
  • We aren't after "the blockchain" as the solution; we are after "the humans on the blockchain" as part of the solution. 
  • "We take steem to the moon"; we don't "follow steem to the moon"
  • We aren't out to decipher your motives, to seek out the morality of the intentions in it, for how can "mere dust" do this?
  • We know of respect and apply it even virtually.
  • Humanity is the "brother" next to you.
  • We leaving outer-space and returning back down-to-earth, trying out the simplest obvious solutions first.
  • We are "true fans" and you are "true celebrity".
  • etc

These above, are still rare paradigms in the world as whole. So try rarity and join in on the discord. 

Basically, what we do on the SteemGigs discord is; 

Surpassing Google with steemit.

"Everyone can join in: https://discord.gg/CPh63qq". 

Today's talk.

This one will happen 10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time. (GMT+8)  

I failed again but not entirely. I was able to establish a slight format for the SteemGigs talk show for today but not the entire format. 

We will establish a complete format for the shows over time, together!

Well, first there is need for me to conceptualize how the underlying structure of the format (for the SteemGigs talk show) should be, taking full cognizance of all the paradigms mentioned in the listing above, before i consult with everyone and with certain steemians who are helping me with organizing these shows. 

This week however, flew too-too fast (once again). There is too much to do and too little time and too little body.

My mind pushes; my being pushes.

I have many who want to help me and i agree that i need loads of assistance but, what i truly represent and my role on steemit has "world adjustment" and certain other paradigms that need to be explained, using an entire curriculum first 


i tell you; "it is not easy to re-give the cheek when you are slapped". 
Too, "beautiful disappoint" is a feat
Even patience, self control etc needs "an exercise" etc
It is easy to bear your consequence but can you keep bearing other people's consequences? 

So to get help especially with regards to grand matters, i exercise patience and seek out help after certain things like "history" etc

No doubt i get a lot of help each day, just by "you" exercising "your own awesomeness". I get loads of prayers too and that alone is "heights of help". So, i put "my amen" on default.

Just now and part of last night, did i start conceptualizing the structure for our weekly talks. In truth, "SteemGigs" means "everyone has something to offer", with the keyword being "everyone"

Thus, our weekly talks are for "everyone".

Note: This forms a core part of my thinking process, as i try to setup a style-guide for these talks, to enlighten those who will be assisting me with organizing the shows.

What exactly happens in these talks is: 

"Surpassing Google with steemit".

So, don't be deterred from joining the discord talk show weekly and the SteemGigs discord community, even if you are not a freelancer or SteemGigger. 

In truth, all my projects, movements etc have a waiting ground and community on this same SteemGigs discord server, so please feel free to join in: https://discord.gg/CPh63qq.

Back On The Matter

Today, we will start the talk earlier and finish the main talk on time. We will have a schedule now every week, so much so that the talk will go on, even on days when i am not available or on days, when internet fail etc

I am already establishing great MCs for the talks. Based off of the last two talks, i have been able to pay attention to several steemians during the talks.


We have had a very audible MC emanate from the last two talks. He has displayed consistency and people like his voice too. He removes it (his voice) before the talk, keeps it a freezer to cool, then he gulps it back, just for the talk. 

Thank you @maverickinctus

I have also noticed @sunnylife. She has a vibe that her voice quite easily tells and it is a great vibe. Hahaha, or maybe a "grateful vibe"; like @paradise-found likes to put it.

There is also @mermaidvampire behind-the-scenes. "Thank you!"

I noticed @mike4christ as well in the first talk. He took charge and helped matters! "Thank you".

@Wakkylyon has dem traits but her odds are large; "an entire bank and the telecommunication companies beef her a bit". 

"The bank" as an odd is understandable; "she wants to own "the bank" in which is works and they wont let her. As was for "data", i wonder why the telecommunication companies hoard it from her.

Well, there will be odds, even with our SteemGigs discord talks. Thus, "everyone" can proactively help". 

Yes, instead of quitting when odds arise, let's help matters!

Dream-building is not easy and that's the general theme of the SteemGigs discord server and "going to the moon can be difficult but we will go still". 

Odds grow us, especially when we decide to tame them. 
There aren't always odds but there can be! Bottomline is, "be too lazy to quit", whenever odds decide to arise.

The next discord just has to be organized. We are growing and attendees have to know that the show must go on. 

We have established that now to be; "10:30 pm to 12 am", every Saturday.

We will try to keep the talks a maximum of 1 hr 30 mins long. Any time spent after that, will be considered "after-party"

I end up talking a lot during these talks, so if that is to happen, i will use the after-party time, to play those long-talk-moments out. 
Everyone can hang on to party too!

Segments That Will Guide Today's Show And Form Part Of Subsequent Shows

Curation segment: Each talk will have a curation segment but the exact format for this, is yet to be set. 

Today though, we will like to surprise you. So join in for a chance to have your work visited. Based on the flow of the talk, we will determine how this "curation" would be handled and it can be carried out "live", over the course of the talk. 

Basically, we want to have "suspense" with every of these weekly talks, to keep things mysterious and to incite you to action.

According to me, even "curation" carries more "weight", when there is a "suspense factor" to it. When curation is expected, authors have not much need for fire

Well, you can ask me questions related to this in the.........;

Question Segment: This segment doesn't have a set format for today. Questions can be asked today, throughout the show but over time, we will have a format e.g for how many questions we can handle per show etc

Updates Segment: In this portion of the talks, i will dispense any updates, regarding all projects or movements that i carry out or support.

Promotion Segment: We will have segment related to promoting you. I am not very sure about how the format of that will be yet but we will figure it out. 

Within this segment, we will look to happily and heartily promote several steemians within the talk. Whether verbally or by resteems, upvotes etc 

There may also be a portion of this segment, that features authors or steemians that we have spotted doing amazing things throughout the week prior to the show; whether behind-the-scenes, on-the-scenes or in "real life" e.g by means of a steemit post, by means of steemit engagement in the comments, by carrying out noble acts, by attempts at out-of-the-boxness etc

Giveaway Segment: We will have "giveaways" each show but will always keep prizes a "suspense". We will attempt out-of-the-boxness even with prizes, to instill things like:

  • receiving is an art
  • you are bigger things than money
  • there was life before steemit
  • learning is the ultimate earning
  • there are opportunities, connections etc that can create earning down the road
  • etc

Today though, i will be giving out 15 SP to 3 people but i don't know who these 3 are yet and it will happen over the course of the discourse. So, to find out who or to have a chance to be among these 3, you will need to be present all-talk-long.

Steemit Growth Segment: This will include steemit account opening e.g for friends etc among other things. For steemit account opening, i do it with a delegation from @steemgigs.

Over time, the talks shows will begin to be about everyone.. It is likely that we will have a format, where people can discuss themselves, projects etc We will establish the format for this too as time goes on. We may either pick people randomly over the course of the week before each talk or we may have them pitch to have their minutes on the talk show.

The Discourse Today.

The discourse today will not be too organized once again but it will follow the style-guide above. The discord talk show will cover everything related to life and steem etc

So for today, we will talk a bit more about #ulog and near-term plans for it. I will answer questions on-the-go.

We will also talk about https://steemgigs.org and its use as i have noticed steemians having difficulty using it. 

We will also cover the use of https://steemgigs.org/surpassing-google; the "knowledge-bank" of SteemGigs. 

We will discuss on how we can use all these aspects of steem to grow steem and to improve in ourselves and attain overall success. 

When it comes to Intel (related to steemit success), we will touch on the very tiny un-obvious details. Basically, each talk show will involve activities designed to help us evolve into the awesomest version of human as i truly feel that this is where true success lies. 

Here are some of the pinpoint highlights of the last two talk shows:

  • Become a Diggist i.e even with things as simple as creating or reading a steemit post; "dig, dig, dig".
  • Create valid illusions and use this to stir you into "pushing things yourself" e.g you say, "i don't have SP", so i can't jump but what if "we were all minnows".
  • Be solid. Don't be too reactive. 
  • Be defined. Use steemit to define/redefine yourself. Use steemit to find yourself
  • Pace things. Let them play themselves out. Forget FOMO. 
  • Climb the ladder first. 
  • On steemit and life, there is opportunity, the tip of the opportunity and lost opportunity. You can either of these within the space of one conversation but if you lost the opportunity within the conversation, you may never really ever find out.
  • Stay present in people's minds, through engagement and the "you" in your steemit posts.
  • Be your first audience. Impress yourself.
  • Use each steemit post to its utmost full. Impact generations yet unborn with it. Plus, your jackpot can be in the search engines and your steemit post can bring it to you
  • When it comes to promoting steem, no one does more than the other.
  • Afford apprenticeship. You don't always have to get paid. What you always have to do is "truly grow".
  • Don't jump queues. You aren't the first on steemit. Plus, you met people here. 
  • There was life before steemit. Don't lose yourself!
  • Your steemit post is still your most powerful tool on steemit. Use it to shine.
  • Push things by yourself first. Create a movement and this will draw support in. However, if you eventually seek support, there is an indispensable movement in existence
  • Much of the secrets to steemit success lies in its history. 
  • I am ever-incessantly "your boy Terry" and while the going appears tough now, there is already light in the tunnel because on your behalf, i won't sleep.
  • etc

Kindly join us on the discord later today and every Saturday henceforth:

10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time. (GMT+8)  

Your boy Terry


Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of utopian.io or direct contributions. I would like to invite all coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy. 


Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

Kindly get your personalized ULOGGER GIF header/footer HERE!!! 
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I went to the Doctor for my yearly checkup. Afterwards he congratulated me on my good health and asked me my secret. I answered him, "I vote @steemgigs for witness and post #ulog daily."

10:30pm GMT+8. That should be 3:30pm GMT+1 if I'm not mistaken. If it's actually so, I think it's a fair enough time for me. I've never had the privilege to hear you speak. So I think I would want to utilize this one. I want to judge for myself whether the baritone voice is really there😎😎


Are you sure it's 3:30?


Sir I am your name my blog @surpassinggoogle


Hello @kretorkk, make a ulog on your blog and tag #steemgigs #ulog #ulogs and @surpassinggoogle might just visit you and spread some STEEM. That's what he does anyway; spreading love worldwide in the form of steem


@penauthor, I am not sure That's why I said 'If I'm not mistaken'.. If I'm wrong kindly share the correct time in GMT+1 because That's my time zone and I Don't want to miss this, no matter what

I missed the last show, but won't miss today's own for anything in the world.
I don't think you talk to much though, your voice is sweet an calming.😊

See you there.
Love you Terry.


I am an ambassador of Ulog. I have offered to take Ulog to every Steemian I can reach and teach them what Ulog can do for them.



This is really cool. Wish you success in this endeavor.


Good for you.


@dinholog, I'll soon become a ulogger too. I hope new users are not bared?


You just need to be in the channel today and hear @surpassinggoogle voice. His calm voice can raise the dead and I bet you, it's easily to spot how peaceful he is in real life situations.


I missed it too. I'm definitely going to be around this time around.


Don't miss it.


True. I have also missed the shows but grateful there comes another opportunity.

I like it when you said we will take steem to that moon, we won't follow it to the moon- that's everything!
I was thinking and have already spoken with some friends of mine - we are not very smart people, we just share silly ideas, if a day would come when Steem and all that happens to it would be inherently determined? I would love us to come to a point where what happens to us and for us is determined by us.

The topic you guys discuss are very innovative and thought-provoking, I'll calculate my time (GMT+1) and hopefully I'll be free or awake by then.

Anytime, SG. I'll be there tonight. Hahaha! This is gonna be a good one for sure. Let's make this a Satuday Night habit! Thank you for the mention and Congratulations for all this! Cheers! ❤


I am resteemit and upvot done sir

We hope that many more "surpassinggoogle" out there, coz this guy, Terry has helped many Filipinos in steemit, to learn and develop their content, much more, inspired all his followers to aspire more from this platform.

A salute for you sir Terry.

Voted as witness
Thanks for everything you're doing for this community :)

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for your updates. I joined the discord talk but wouldn't know which room/channel it actually held. I'll hopefully join the talk show tonight. http://steemgigs.com is a blessing and I am willing to be part of the testimonies as the end of the day. I hope to contribute my quota in bringing real-time learning and research to the steemit platform. Thank you for always inspiring me. You just did that this morning.


@giftakpan, welcome to steemit. steemgigs is a platform created by @surpassinggoogle to enhance freelancing for everone in steemit. It is a gateway to steemit. visit here for more https://steemgigs.org


@uyobong, you can say that again. @surpasssinggoogle is always an inspiration. My challenge is that my device is not functional. Hope to be a part of the show soonest. Keep doing the good work @surpassinggoogle.

This is an amazing post. I am amazed at how fast you are growing there. Keep up the hard work @surpassinggoofle.

Here's the most beautiful part of the regulations...

  • Flaws allowed.

One of the remarkable things that has happened to me for past almost one week is being a Ulogger, the freedom and ability to sift out my thoughts just they way they are gives me an ethereal feeling.
Thank you @Surpassinggoogle and your wonderful team for this beautiful initiative.


@joshuaetim, ulogging gives everyone a freedom of expression. It makes blogging on the steemit platform easy for new users. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle


You are correct @Joshuaetim about #ulog. It feels good to write about how you went your day. When you know you will be #Ulogging then you just become careful during the day so your fans will have something tangible to learn when you post.

Wow that means I should be expected to join the show by 1:30pm CAT. I hope I am not wrong with the time coz I don't wana miss this for anything.

I have gone through the review of the last talk show and I am impressed. I hope I don't get beautifully disappointed as well today when I get to hear your voice...lolzzz

It's a good structure you have put in place for the talk show and atleast we would continue from where you stopped even on days when network fail you thereby keeping the movement alive.

Keep up with the good work @surpassinggoogle. See you on discord.


Thank you @sistem. You just saved me the stress of converting the time myself.


I hope new steemians like myself are permitted to join. Am told @surpassinggoogle is kind and I should follow-up his posts. @sistem any guide?

thank you to your never ending kindness, generosity and love to us Steemian SG!!

Blessed Sunday &God bless you more! ❤️

Yes! I'll be present again. I am excited. :)

10:30 PM to 12 am Manila time is 3:30pm to 5:00pm Nigeria time.

Nigerians should take note


Thanks dear, i was just looking out for that information.

I'm super excited about this. Although I've not been able to attend the show because of my network issues at my location. I am at a new location as at now and I'm really hoping i dont miss today's episode...

Ive heard so many interesting stories about it and how your voice can melt any heart and make every woman fall in love @surpassinggoogle...

Cant wait... I am seriously anticipating..a

Let's make this work, I already voted @surpassinggoogle Thank you for all your support.


Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the updates you made. I joined the split talk but did not know which room / channel was actually held. Hopefully I will join the talk show tonight. http://steemgigs.com is a blessing and I am willing to be part of the testimony as the end of the day I live or the day of the week. I look forward to contributing my quota in bringing real-time learning and research to the steemit platform. Thank you for always inspiring me. You just did this morning.


The force is with you! You got a 16.94% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @qira!

That implies I ought to be relied upon to join the show by 1:30pm CAT. I trust I am not amiss with the time coz I don't wana miss this for anything. I have experienced the audit of the last syndicated program and I am awed. I trust I don't get wonderfully disillusioned also today when I get the opportunity to hear your voice... It's a decent structure you have set up for the syndicated program and atleast we would proceed from where you ceased even on days when organize fizzle you accordingly keeping the development alive.

Today's show is going to be great. Can't wait to listen to your voice and interact with other steemians

Haha, i'm so excited for tonight. Can u please let us hear that tone later. ^_^


Special mention ate ah.. :)

This is another wonderful tak show that we can learn from it. It is beautiful to experience and be a part of it, we are dealing with real humans in the blockchain making more astounding more than ever. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle. Xx

I missed the first talk show.
I couldn't stay on the second talk show till it ended because my phone got a low battery and I was on transit.

Today, i am not going to miss this.

Surely, i would be there.


Wow @surpassinggoogle this is a great initiative and it will help foster unity among steemians i sure will try all my best to make it tonight. The given time zone please so that we dont miss out. I mean the 10:30pm to 12:00 am do you mean GMT 2:30pm and Nigerian Time which is GMT+1 is 3:30pm that means i have missed it again

Oh now I am shy when Terry says something like that when we attempt to bring flow into the conversation, to let others voice be heard and digest their thoughts and believe in their dreams.

I like how you saw that we are more than our earnings in Steemit, we are more than our SP and that humanity is the brother next to us.

We are here to take care of people and help them. That message really resonates with me.

Hope to join this time, im having hardtime registering myself plus the fact running in my mind and senses like, what will I gonna do being at the talkshow, is it ok to be there and just listen?? Or what.. maybe getting there make myself getting off guarded but then I know that thought won't help me and this time I'll try my luck on discord for tonight's talkshow even if being there makes me speechless and just by listening my offering will be.

Will be joining again for sure but maybe up to listening only, the time sked for today is still our working time here in Saudi Arabia. Although if there are things that I should or supposed to voice out during the talk on some important issues I can ask someone from the group (@steemitachievers) to do it for me.

More power!

Thank you sir Terry@surpassinggoogle for always being epic and lovely. I am so excited about how you combine all these multitasking and still write this beautiful write-ups for us to enjoy, no wonder you have surpass google, for me, you're the real definition of a divine being.
I am excited about everything that will be happening today, especially the update segment because I personally wish us to take things to the next level.

wow. your so generous sir @surpassinggoogle, giving out 15 sp is great. I will surely join that 10:30pm - 12 your 3rd talk show.

What I love most is that your principle of making humans on the blockchain and take them with you to the moon. Everyone must use their gifts to shine here on this platform. Never give up and let your weakness be your strength in growing up to this platform. Don't mind others if they are good and have some talents, instead be confident in yourself that you can really make it here in steemit! Explore and let yourself shine with a heart in steemit. @surpassinggoogle will always be there to support and help everyone to shine and takes you to the moon! Aim high, fly high!

Yeah it's great to have this talk around Ulog as well. Ulog is one of the best inventions since the bulb i guess :) I can see the love that pours in it from the people who write and the sheer number of ulogs being posted everyday is mind numbing.
And you know whats the best part? Unlike any other type of posts, ulogs are the most interesting ones to read here on Steemit. Anyone else agree with me on this?

Nigerian time plsssssss????

I musn't miss it today oooo

It is always a great time learning from the boss @surpassinggoogle.

I've mentally reserved my seat.

I am ready to learn some bunch of knowledge again today

I was there for the first show and it was so great to hear your voice and your heart speaking.
I did miss the second one because I didn't know when it was and I will definitely try to make it to this one.
I love @sunnylife and her vibe is so pure and so beautiful and I love, love her for that and so is @paradise-found and I thought it was awesome that you mentioned them in this post.
See you Saturday @suprassinggogle.

Oh wow another talkshow and it has a time set! Joyyy!! Last time i didnt get to finish the talkshow because i was real sleepy atleast now im pretty sure i can stay awake up til 12:00am, and wow so many other things going on, sooooo LIT

Is this for real? We will be having a Talk Show every week? This is nice then.

I want to hear @surpassinggoogle s voice.

Yay gonna catch this tonight, and never be doing an epic whistling again while my mic is ON hahaha.

Just for you sir @surpassinggoogle

Success forever sir

What I like most about steemgigs.org is the ease of navigating the site. I mean, damn! It's so smooth that I wonder whetjer lubricants was used. Lol. I will get to use steemgigs.org more frequently in subsequent times

Ulog has completely redefined my steemit experience. I am no longer bereft of what to post. My friends talked about it all the time till I decided to try it out and so far I've not regreted it.
I am a Ulogger

I love this. I have a couple of questions I would love to ask about Ulog. I will have to calculate where that time will fall considering my own time zone. Then I will make preparations to utilize this rare privilege. Good bless you giantic Terry

that's good news sir terry
for sure we are many tonight
we'll spread the good news:-)
I will be there together my friends
Thank you sir Terry

Hey there.
I want in, whatever you people have got there I want in.
I have always admired Steemgigs. Steemgigs is a great project and you have always worked your ass off for the steem community and we really appreciate that. Steemgigs is going to rock and roll. Please give me your discord link or address or add me to the group. Thank you. Much appreciated

@surpassinggoogle, thank you for always being an inspiration. @ulogs @steemgigs after all the modification will surpass google. It will be a world force to reckon with in the block chain. keep on the good works.


I'll soon become a ulogger all for @surpassinggoogle.

I hope a new user like myself can join this show? what must I do to be relevant here? @surpassinggoogle

We will discuss on how we can use all these aspects of steem to grow steem and to improve in ourselves and attain overall success.
You care a lot about this platform, steemgigs will touch the stars soon. Hope this discussion gives fruitful result.
Long live steem, long live steemgigs.

Great work you are doing @surpassinggoogle, God bless you.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for what you are doing for the community. It's people like you that gives us the hope to continue blogging here. I was glad when I saw your upvote on my post the other day. It meant the world to me.

I'll be thee for the show ceteris paribus

@surpassinggoogle, am still researching for the choice of words that will best explain your roles in the steemit platform. All of your projects @teardrops @steemgigs @ulogs @steemuntalented are huge blessings to humanity. You will sure surpass google. Keep on the good works!

This is what I always tell people, when you show generosity to people, their prayers will influence your growth much bigger. These are the blessings you are getting @surpassinggoogle. The multitudes of prayers for you across the globe are giving you back more to what you have. Thankls for showing us this much gratitude.
Am excited to have the program for today's discord talk show. @sunnylife has been absolutely helpful with her great speaking and I second her for MC.

witness vote have done


I like steemgigs .i already created my gig in steemgigs. it's really awesome.

That "suspense" makes this upcoming discord talk show more exciting! I would surely want to join in this time.
Thanks @surpassinggoogle for all the effort and the LOVE you have been showing.

SteemGigs isn't just its own particular site. It is being worked to open up steem's excellence as well and even "steem" is still in a condition of advancement. I'm upbeat that steemgigs is now top 19,500 sooner it will go up in light of the fact that numerous Steemians utilizing it. I reaally need to utilize it, however infrequently I have hard time to utilize it since it's somewhat difficult to post. Be that as it may, I know some time or another it'll be better.

Another talk show for tonight. I will definitely join again and support your projects @surpassinggoogle.

First time finding out about steemgigs
Should bookmark the page, been occupied with perusing for my sophomore exams
Surveys coming after full perusing

I should state you are truly aiding and touching bunches of steemians whom has no hope...first steem gigs then tear, now ulog...indeed you are extremely astonishing:)

I will make my conceivable best to be on the steem gigs appear on conflict. Long live @surpassinggoggle, long live steem gigs...Am really making the most of your impartation sir

@surpassinggoogle, thank you for this report on steemgigs.org. I have known about it in passing however haven't generally known how it functions until the point that I read your post. I'll set aside the opportunity to get the chance to learn and know how to utilize it.
Likewise, I like the way that steemgigs.org isn't working autonomous of steemit. It's such an extraordinary thought. Much obliged to you, and I anticipate utilizing steemgigs.org.

This stage has changed the life of such huge numbers of people including myself. Presently I need to enable individuals with the cash I to have influenced , when I to backpedal home in a long time , it's a great opportunity to give back o those in require . I put my trust in God

Hello @surpassinggoogle
I must say you are really helping and touching lots of steemians whom has no hope...first steem gigs then teardrop, now ulog...indeed you are really amazing:)
I will make my possible best to be on the steem gigs show on discord. Long live @surpassinggoggle, long live steem gigs...Am truly enjoying your impartation sir...!!
Thanks for letting us know about the show and sharing at this hour...you made a good call..

Steem on!!

thanks for the invitation sir terry, miss you around @surpassinggoogle , will be back with new ulog . Hope like all discord talk show this will be hit one ! you are a celebrity and we are your fan :)

@steemgigs is an awesome road of extending our viewpoint here in Steemit. Much appreciated @surpassinggoogle for refreshing us about @steemgigs. You have our 100% help on your undertakings.

Thanks for the update @surpàssinggoogle. It will amazing to hear your voice tonight.

I like your post good good good best regard for you @surpassinggoole

Hello Terry I trust you're doing awesome. Much obliged man for giving us such an immense outline and refresh on steemgigs.org. In my view point in excess of 4,500 steemians on a solitary place isn't a joke however you did it and this is the main you who can do it (Weldone)

I know ideal from the begin when you began this voyage, Every steemian is observer of this awesome undertaking. Each and every steemian was a piece of this incredible venture.

Dear @surpassinggoogle we as a whole are with you, put it all on the line and simply call us at whatever point you require us. Much obliged and dependably remain favored!

Interesting your post..... Succes for you
Best regard @surpassinggoogle

Lol... Terry, you know I refused to know how bad it was until your words now bare the situation to me, I'm earnestly not happy about either part of it, but I'll never be too busy for steemit /our talk show. Don't worry, I'll leave that place soon, and get my own stuff together, I'll be great, and of course, you'll be the first to know.

Glad we're talking again today. I wanna listen to my people's voices, and learn from you some more. Thanks for all you've been through on our behalf Terry-on my behalf. Nothing is an odd anymore, so I'll be with my A-Game today.
Thanks again for my ulog footer.

It's interesting sir... i will try to be there in discord sir @surpassinggoogle. Thank you sir for your concern. you are always guiding my way. Your guidance help me all of the time.😍 thanks for being my side sir Terry.😊 God bless you sir. 👍

i'll be there later! Enjoying every minute of the conference or Radio Show. let's show our support dear steemians to let ourselves get updated as well as it is our own responsibilities to get ourselves know what these advocacy of @surpassinggoogle is all about!
Proud uLogger here!
Active steemgigger as well!
a highly motivated and enthusiastic steemian too!

I missed the last two shows. I hope I will not miss this too. I've always long to hear your voice. I'm sure today's show will be full of fun

Sir @surpassinggoogle,

Really #steemgigs helps us to make our dream and bring them come to life. Go on sir. Many many best wishes for you sir.

Hi dear @surpassinggoogle:- Its awesome! I always liked the steemgigs project but I never knew there is so much life in it! I guess whatever you do, you put a lot of passion into it and you create simply amazing things! I hope you have a wonderful day.

I have miss ed the previous talk showed but this time around I will never miss it. I Wil stay tuned to my phone.

Together we will surpass the Google.

I am an ambassador of Ulog. I have offered to take Ulog to every Steemian I can reach and teach them what Ulog can do for them.

Great post about steemgigs.....
steemgigs is one of the best
upvote and resteem done


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Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

"While one may see "defects" with steemit or steem; I see a lovely energizing test. "Hahaha, blockchain was worked for people and are people faultless and will all these other blockchain-based social stages not have people?"
In spite of the imperfections we have here on steemit, it remains the best and no other blovkchain innovation can exceed it. We are still in the beta form, however soon we will achievement

I love you @surpassinggoole your post is good @surpassinggoogle 😚😚😚😚

@surpassinggoogle, You are so awesome sir. I thank your for organizing the @steemgigs and #ulog. Presently we can share a decent substance to numerous individuals. Along these lines steemit is developing more magnificence. Keep it up sir. Good luck for you.

Exactly what I need at this time. I have seen many of fellow steemian with the tag on their posts and have been wondering what it is about. But a little observation of their gives me a little insight about it, something like an online daily diary or record of daily memorable events.
I am yet to get the full gists and this discussion is coming at the right time. Thanks Terry.

I use the steemgigs tag frequently and I never regret it. Keep doing what you are doing.

I now have an idea about where the superb name @Surpassinggoogle came from.....
SteemGigs is extremely expansive and assumes an imperative part in a whole educational programs called "outperforming Google" with steemit".
With Steemgigs, dreams do work out as expected in reality and everybody is critical. The effect and advance recorded by steemgigs is very countless and outperforming in nature without a doubt.

Simply the correct gig required on steemit. Clearly you are altering the world. Much obliged to you.

I can see such a great amount of energy in whatever you do, for this situation with Steemgigs.org. it is nothing unexpected that it is fruitful! Also, it is rousing how you don't surrender, you are ever-quiet through this ease back excursion to progress. Jehovah favor you Terry, favor every one of us! We are appreciative for every one of these updates.

I am probably not going to miss this for anything in this world.

Good morning to you Sir and a happy weekend to you. You have really on justice to quite some here. It is important that a full understanding of things will make for ease in acceptance. I think am fully informed about the happenings and everything about the vision. Keep doing the beautiful work Sir

Hi sir @surpassinggoogle, how I wish I could participate in this talk show. I really want to experience it too, if I have the chance.

Honeslty I think you folks are doing extraordinary with steemgigs! I can hardly wait to proceed with see it develop

The last two shows were great, definitely, this is going to be a great show too. Steemians are getting closer to @surpassinggoogle and tapping from his wealth of knowledge.

a very useful program my friend,i support you,thank you for sharing knowledge,@surpassinggoogle

Hello @surpassinggoogle
I must say you are really helping and touching lots of steemians whom has no hope...first steem gigs then teardrop, now ulog...indeed you are really amazing. Thank you @Surpassinggoogle and your wonderful team for this beautiful initiative.

I am resteemit and upvot done. Sir your name my blog post.

We as a whole don't surge things with respect to steemgigs. What's more, we adore the progressions and change of your task. We are here to supprort you. Lets make steemgigs setting off to the moon.


And efforts of Terry in this project are very much commendable.
Just like you, which serve a the first influencer of many steemit users like me.

Hoping to have more @surpassinggoogle and @jerrybanfield in this platform to catapult the platform in more greater heights, to the Moon!

I didnt know about this talk on steemgigs before now but as i am aware of it now i will move i. To join on the talk and stand a stand to benefit of the giveaway

as there was life before steemit

I missed the 2 shows because i just joined discord about a week ago. I still have no idea how this thing works. But thanks to my good friend @ishanvirtue for guiding me about everything.
Joining this talk show tonight will be my first. :)

Came to know about you from @shohana1 who described you as her mentor.After going through your post I found that you have got huge knowledge in this.I am new over here.Will try to learn as much as possible being in touch with your Post.Will try to catch up the events next time for sure.

I very much appreciate your spirit, the failure was not a disappointment.
These words very touching for me.
▪ Shine, because the world needs Your sparkle.
▪ We are not too's "about you". We love "principle " is better. We love "exceptions to the rule's" better.
▪ We do not pursue "blockchain " as the solution; We are looking for's "man in the blockchain " as part of the solution. I often talk in dispute #steemitgigs, very interesting and filled with great people.
Thanks fie this @surpassinggoogle

I was very happy to see your post looks very good and my heart became rich

When people start coming together to connect and discuss ideas, great things happen. I think you have given a voice to many people who in the past may have been voiceless.
The Steemit platform has allowed some many people to come together from all over the globe and connect. You have organized and inspired a lot of people and help turn dreams into reality. Keep on rocking. Have an awesome weekend