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Are you battling to get your Steemit posts seen? Perhaps English isn’t your first language? Are you applying for a job and need help formatting a resume or curriculum vitae? Why not recruit one of our editors to assist you and help you to get your work noticed? The @steemiteditors team consists of members who are qualified teachers, editors, copywriters and translators – engage with us and we will be more than happy to help you - we have success in mind!

@steemiteditors editing service can help you with all of your writing needs. Our team will proofread, edit, format and polish your Steemit posts, perfecting them for your viewers to encourage upvotes and resteems. We can also help you outside of steemit. Whether you’re a student writing a research paper or creating advertising materials for your business, @steemiteditors is here to assist you in all areas of life.  

Our services include: 

  • Proof reading
  • Editing
  • Translations
  • Copy-writing
  • Resumes or Curriculum Vitaes
  • Web Content
  • Academic or Student Projects
  • Bibliography/Works Cited Formatting 
  • PowerPoint Formatting
  • Personal Editing (letters, emails, etc.)
  • Business Editing (Pamphlets, reports, manuals, etc.)

>>>>>> Ask Us About Other Editing Needs!

Steps On How To Make Use Of @Steemiteditors Services:

  1. Contact one of our editors on our Discord Channel at  https://discord.gg/bv4kHsy: @marxrab @sweetpea @newkidintown @arbitrarykitten @jeezzle @begtodiffer 
  2. Send your request to your chosen editor.  Your editor will then confirm if they can assist you and will inform you on the fee payable. Prices will vary depending on the amount of words to be edited, as well as the quality of the work you are forwarding to us.
  3. At this point, your editor might request payment up front, or request that you make payment no later than 7 days from the date the work was finalized. Client’s who do not make dutiful payments will be reported and blacklisted.
  4. On completion, your editor will send you a final revision of the work you requested. If you have asked for assistance with a Steemit post, you are requested to forward the posted link to your editor.
  5. Please make sure to add the following at the end of your posts: This post has been edited by a member of the @steemiteditors team.
  6. Steemiteditors will comment on your post to confirm that it is an authorised @steemiteditors post.

We will make every effort to make sure that your post gets seen and receives the upvotes it deserves.

Rules And Regulations For Steemit Editing

  • If you have already posted your Steemit article, we can still assist you to edit it ONLY if it is less than 4 days old.
  • If you have not yet published your article and would like an editor to assist you from the start, please chat to them about your ideas.
  • Absolutely NO plagiarism! We check each post for plagiarized content and if we discover that the work you have sent us includes copied content, without direct references, you will be prevented from making use of our services.
  • Use your own original photos or Royalty Free stock images. If you would like our editors to assist you in sourcing correct images, they will gladly do so at an additional fee.
  • We do NOT guarantee a good payout. Your posts will however reach a greater audience and are more likely to receive a better upvote. 

Follow @steemiteditors to get updates on editor’s availability, to receive writing tips and advice, and to network within our community.

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Useful post, thanks for sharing with us...


Thanks for your supportive response!

Great is very great to steemit users the English lenguage not first.


Yes. We hope our translation services are useful to those who don't speak English as a first language. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

a nice breakthrough, I strongly support @steemiteditors as an editor in steemit. if allowed, I will translate to Indonesian so other Steemians know and use @steemiteditors services.


Yes. You have our permission to translate this post. Please send us a link when you are done and we will resteem it on our page. Thank you for your support!

thanks you for information.
I agree.


Thanks. We are here to help.


when can I start cooperation and editor service help?

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Only our pleasure :)

Excellent initiative we will support, very useful project to the community ....


So good to have your support, thank you!

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Excellent initiative


Thanks, glad you like :)

yah this is a really cool idea!

great help, good information, keep it tight @steemiteditors