SteemGig Contest Update: A Compilation Of All Best "How To Use Whaleshares Tutorials".

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There was need to do a quick compilation post, containing all the entries to the "best whaleshares contest". Definite sorry about delays! There are some things in line that has caused a bit of delay. 

There is need for this compilation, so that there is one post containing all the entries as a one-stop resource (Whaleshares tutorials) in the future. 

Also so that incase, an entry that was picked up, probably because it wasn't submitted in the comment as required, a link to the entry can be submitted underneath this post. This post will also help @officialfuzzy and his team cover all the entries more easily as they do they the judging!

We allowed all types of entries, giving room for really interesting entries! 

Infact, we had a full-blown functional FAQ Whaleshares Website as an entry; submitted by @luvabi as seen below:

@luvabi: or you can go to the webpage page directly here: One-Stop-Shop  Complete Guide to Whaleshares Page

There was also a video-only entry by @epic-designs:







@aashishkandel had his entry highly targeted for newbie steemians: 



@jeanpi1908 feels his post here should be considered as he tackled how to cut down on fees, when availing of the whaleshares tokens, so i added his entry as well:



@shehryar did submitted 2 entries, one covering "how to use whaleshares" and the other on "how to win whaleshares tokens". I enlisted both here:





Google search now looks like this:

Do you think any entry was missed?

 "Leave a comment!"

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@luvabi's post/guide was awesome!


Thanks for the support :)


You're welcome!

Good work.

Great posting! I think people should be doing more round up or compilation posts as things get lost so easily its crazy around here.


ohh sorry :D just saw my entry :P

Thank you I have been meaning to dig into @whalshares so a compilation was just what I needed to lite a fire under my ass. Thanks!