Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 1: How To Use @RandoWhale, @Booster, WhaleShares (Steem-GIG contest)

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This is Part 1 of a three part series where I show you how to use the three paid voting bots; RandoWhale, Booster, and WhaleShares. Links to other 2 parts:


This is a very simple to use bot. You send $2 SBD to the bot, tell it what link to upvote, and within a minute you will have an upvote and a comment on your post. The upvote you get will be between 1% and 5% power, determined at random (hence the name randowhale). To check how much power the bot at any moment, click on this link:

If the Steemd page shows that @randowhale is at 50% voting power, and you get a 3% upvote, it is like you are getting a 1.5% upvote at full power. Checking the power is really important before you send money to randowhale. If you see the power at 20-30%, then it might be worth waiting a little bit for the bot to recharge it's power.

To transfer SBD to the bot, go to your wallet page, then click on the little upside down triangle icon next your Steem Dollars, then click on Transfer.

Enter in "RandoWhale" for who to send to. Be careful now to send to "RandomWhale", you won't get an upvote or your SBD back if you do. Next, enter in 2 for the amount and the link to your post.

That's all there is to it! If you want to see the current status of RandoWhale and to make sure it's working, click on @RandoWhale


This is slightly more complicated of a bot to use than randowhale. You send as much or as little SBD to this bot that you want. Every 2.4 hours the bot will add up all that it has received and split up it's voting power among those bids based on how much each bid was. Once the voting power has been split up, the bot will upvote and comment on your post.

The advantage of this bot is that you can spend just 0.1 SBD if you want or 100 SBD, the choice is yours.

Enter in "Booster" for who to send to. Next, enter in the amount you want to bid and the link to your post.

If you want to see when the next 2.4 hour cycle ends, check ...scroll down until you see the last time the bot voted, that should give you an indication of when the last 2.4 hour cycle ended. If you want to see the current status of Booster and to make sure it's working, click on @Booster


This is much more complicated bot to use than the other two. You first need to start an account on Bitshares. You can do that by going to Next, you need to get some BTS (the currency used on Bitshares). You can buy BTS on an exchange like Bittrex or even use Blocktrades to get some. Blocktrades is the easy route, because you can convert Steem or SBD into BTS. But, you may save a little by using an exchange.

Once you have an account on BitShares and you have some BTS in your BitShares account wallet, you need to get some whaleshare tokens. Notice I said "WhaleShare" tokens...singular. Don't try to get "WhaleShares" tokens, those won't work for you. To get WhaleShare tokens, go to the BTS/Whaleshare exchange on bitshares.

You can see the buying price for 1 WhaleShare is 4.9 and the selling price for 1 WhaleShare is 2.3. That's a pretty big spread, so you may want to put in a buy order at a price of 3 to 4 and wait a little bit for it to go through.

Next, go to and type in the link of your post. It will provide a link that you need to use in the next step.

  • Go to the "Send" tab at the top of the Bitshares wallet.
  • Send to "WhaleShares". This is plural, don't send to "WhaleShare".
  • Enter the quantity you want to send...each whaleshare gets you 1% in vote power. Make sure you select WhaleShare as the type of token to send! The default is BTS so you have to change it.
  • Paste the memo you had saved from the website.
  • Hit send
  • It should take 4-5 minutes for the WhaleShare to make it over to the WhaleShares account. You should get a upvote from @Fuzzyvest once the payment clears. You won't get a comment, just an upvote.


You now know how to use the 3 voting bots. Some are harder to use than others, but each has it's own benefits. It all depends on what you're looking to do.

To check exactly how much voting power the bots used, you can go to Replace "yourSteemitUsername" with your actual username.

If you found this post helpful, please upvote and then move on to Part 2 of the guide which will show you how much you will make from each bot's upvote.


Never tried booster...??

How "legal" is this considered by Steemit? If they don't like this type of bots, I could see them penalizing everyone who has ever received multiple upvotes by these bots in a future update.

I assume it's legal. The creator of some of the bots are pretty high up in the whale food chain.

'penalizing' particularly if done in concert by a group is the one big flaw of this global community.
Already you see the vast virulent political divide of Americans posting about politics
It only need a conspiracy to start up by some sinister groups and they will downvote anyone who doesn't agree with their vision of the world, off the face of Steemit

Of course they can run, cause damage, but they can't hide

One of these days, I will have to try it out :-)

That's helpful for newbies!

Great information. Upvoted and Resteemed for future reference. Thank you.

I tried booster, and it worked great the first two times, but for the last few days a couple people have been sending 0.050 each for like 12 posts, and that makes the spread too thin. Every time I go look there are tons of really low bid posts now.

Yeah, I don't like how it's a crap shoot.

Yes great. Thank you for elaboration, it will help many. Saw you comments featured on alexpmorris' post earlier. Thinking you will like to participate here:

Thanks, will enter. Although, I'm not sure I was flattering enough to win.

upvoted and followed you
please concider to do the samme

thanks. very helpful indeed.

Hehehe! probably by following and resteeming regardless of value offered but he might really need help though but he needs to be specific in asking. Right answer only belong to right questions

LOL...yeah. I did see the person ask basically the question to a lot of people.

This post has received a 2.18 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @financialcritic.

That is really helpful post. I have seen all of these bots make odd appearances on postings i have read and I wondered what brought them. The obvious answer Appearance Money! :) Thanks. Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed! Whew a hat trick!

Thanks! OMG...I love hat tricks!

I know how that hedgehog feels!

This is a good post. Definitely stuff here I was unaware of. Thanks!

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Nice summary, thanks. I find WhaleShares to be too much interface work, personally.

Came to try discover how to use Whaleshare - how often is down? I've got some WhaleShare tokens ready to go thanks to your instructions, but can't proceed as the site seems down.

EDIT: ok, I've managed to access it but when I post the URL in, it says: "Invalid URL! This will not work!" - not understanding what I'm doing wrong...

I haven't had any issues with the site being down. Make sure you aren't trying to put a link to a comment, whaleshares only works with posts.

Thanks - yes I got it in the end. A couple things happened... one, I could not get the site to load. Two, I pasted in a link and it didn't seem to register with the form verification until I deleted the last letter of the URL and typed it in again. Maybe it checks for keyboard input or something like that?

Anyway, I got it done in the end, traded in my tokens and got a vote worth quite a few Steem less than I paid for it, so it was an interesting experiment but with negative ROI, I may need to wait until market conditions change - or spend a bit more time figuring out how I went wrong here. :)

I have tried a few times over past two weeks at various voting power. Always a significant loss.


I want to know that, can I get an upvote on the same post after every 2.4 hours by paying bot the bid amount. Or is there any limit to the no. of upvotes a bot can get you?

Post a good, good to be aware of new information.

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