#STEEMGIGS: (TIL(Today I Learned)) — My Upvote is Still Worth 0.000 After All

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I was very happy when I saw at steemnow.com that my 100% upvote worth with 100% Voting Power is already 0.01 better than 0.000 (I thought) but today I learned that UPVOTES less than 0.02 worth in TOTAL go to WASTE, huh!

I am only a "dust" user and personally, I do not like that idea. But what can I do? I guess the best way for me to do is just upvote POSTS/COMMENTS with more than 0.02 worth of upvotes already. Right? 

Or maybe I have to check others account at steemd.com if they sent payment to bots and I will just upvote the link that they sent to make sure that my upvotes won't go to waste. Does that make sense?

Now I completely understand why "dust" and newbies had to use bidbots! I am glad I was not very active or I've just wasted all my 0.01 upvotes to fellow "dust" users who do not use bidbots and no whales/dolphins upvotes. 

To Whom It May Concern:

If you can LOCK UPVOTE on posts due to payout in the next twelve hours, why can't you just LOCK UPVOTES that are less than 0.02 worth so our little votes won't go to waste? I am no technical person so I am just asking. I do not know if it is impossible or just very difficult for technical persons.

My upvote worth for commenting is still 0.00 and I used to upvote comments on my posts as my little way of appreciation to those who spend time leaving comments but I knew I have to stop it. It's in my brain but my fingers are programmed to click "like" on social media. LOL!

I am still exploring the site and there's so much I need to learn from you guys. Kindly leave a link if you know a post/site detailing or showing the difference between POST versus COMMENT UPVOTE WORTH in the comment box.

Thank you!

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You are probably getting that message if you are upvoting within 12 hours of payout of a post or comment. That was included in hardfork 17 to stop people from upvoting hours/minutes/seconds before the 7 day mark. Its normal and everyone gets that message if you try to upvote anything within 12 hours of it being paid out.

Yes, I am aware of that @freedomcoin I did it again for this post only. My point in this post is - if they can do it why not also do it (LOCK UPVOTE) in upvotes less than 0.02 SBD value instead of wasting "dust" voting power based on @timcliff's proposal (I don't know how to insert hyperlink from SteemGigs sorry) which is very discouraging for newbies. And why they just don't set a CAP too. I see some members with high SP's who SELF-UPVOTE "crap" posts/comments" I think they are the WORST SPAMMERS of this platform. A "Thank You!" comment self-upvoted $1 or more and paid, and your valuable comment upvoted $0.01 by newbies for example not be paid? Oh my! What kind of system is that? :)

I believe the solution for spamming is WORD FILTERING or I don't know the right term exactly to i.e. only pay UNIQUE POSTS/COMMENTS with minimum CHARACTER/WORD COUNT? And a vote for "Thank You!" "Nice" comments be blocked.

So your saying upvotes worth less than $0.01 are too small and being orphaned? Sounds like a scaling problem.

Yes I agree spamming one word replys is not helping steemit. But if someone wants to buy steem from an exchange power it up and self upvote I do not see a direct problem with that. Unless you are saying somehow that is causing payouts for small upvotes worth less than $0.01?

I have no problem with self upvote but ALWAYS upvoting a 1-2 word comment wether self or others and authors getting paid for it is UNFAIR to those who posts great contents/comments and get zero because they only receive 0.01 SBD reward to be rounded off to zero. And that is NOT preventing spam but is actually tolerating spam (by "rich" spammers only) and pushing away "poor" newbies who can contribute great contents.



As per timcliff's post it is a "proposal" not implemented yet.

Oh, so there are payouts of less than $0.02?

I don't know why there are some posts advising to change our voting habits but my understanding is it is not implemented yet @schrosct. :)

Currently if a post/comment earns 0.001 to 0.019 SBD worth of rewards - this is rounded down to 0.00. If a post/comment earns at least 0.02 SBD - then they receive their reward.

Here is the section of code that is currently checking the "dust threshold" (0.02 SBD). If posts/comments do not reach this threshold, the payout is rounded down to zero.

Note: There are currently no plans to implement this. I am just proposing it to see what people's thoughts are. If it seems like there is a lot of support for it, then further discussion on whether it should be included in a future hardfork would be needed. (So far, it is just an idea.)

I thought it is already implented after reading some posts but after reading @timcliff's post I realized you are correct because I am receiving rewards LESS than 0.02 SBD.

Speaking of 0.02 SBD means $0.04 or MORE upvote value.

I updated my comment here:

@pinay One caveat is that the number represented on posts/comments is actually in the form of STU (Steem Token Units), not SBD/Steem/USD.
The websites have made this amazingly convoluted because they put a $ in front of it, etc.
Steem.supply explains this is the clearest way I've found so far, http://steem.supply/rewards

So if you take the STU number from the post/comment you can figure out how much SBD/Steem will be gained.
SBD = (STU * 0.75) / 2
STEEM = ( (STU * 0.75) / 2 ) / CurrentSteemPrice

Yes @schrosct but the 0.75 is NOT always applied due to the "30-minute rule" it can be 0.875 if voted early and the reward changes due to price fluctuations before payout too :) The second is "STEEM POWER" reward not STEEM (SBD/SP) :)

Steem and Steem Power are synonymous.

But the reward SP AMOUNT is totally different compare to BUYING Steem and Steem Power with SBD because the SP reward amount is DIVIDED by STEEM price (reward divided by steem price = SP). ;)

SP can only be used internally while STEEM can be traded externally. ;)

We earn LESS Steem Power (SP) with 100% Power Up reward setting while we earn MORE STEEM/SP with the default 50% SBD / 50% SP (buy STEEM with SBD to Power Up).

The steem.supply computation you mentioned for Steem Power reward has a big difference if we use the 50% reward (SBD) to buy Steem/SP (1 STEEM = 1 SP). ;)

Even that quote is confusing as hell.

Really, fuck them for even considering this.
I thought about it and even their rounding to 0.001 is probably screwing a lot of new people more than it rightfully should.
Idk if in the future when steem hypothetically becomes much larger if this can be changed to a smaller decimal.

Upvoted this comment. Let's see if you receive reward after 7days 👍

Like seriously, we are both into this and many others are.

I am really tempted to use bidbots! 😊

Yeah, if our dust upvotes is worth nothing then why did they even make upvotes?

What's the point? To prevent spam? Newbies who don't read will always spam, they should be given a chance not punished immediately.

We are just so used to the punishment system and still can't do otherwise instead.

I also use my upvotes to show appreciation to people, that their posts have been seen or have value, but if redfishes can't curate and have zero vote value then what's the point of us even being here in this website?

To beg for upvotes from big fishes instead of supporting fellow newbies?

Oh god am ranting again. Ugh. Nvm.

Even the base 15sp accounts can curate about a steem cent a day. Maybe more with some extreme luck.
Is that too small to mention?
Idk, how many vests a 15sp vote is worth right now, but throwing out 10 votes and getting back 0.01sp seems ok.
Screenshot of a guy's account I mentored on curation,
Yeah it's not like a dolphin's curation where they likely get back in curation more than I normally make from a post, but I get what I can take.

As far as punishments, flags should suffice. Every account should try to find something to flag occasionally, it's healthy.

Yeah, there's the flagging system already, which becomes flag wars if done by them big fishes.

Oh that's good if something can still be gotten back. I just hate it when they say our upvotes are useless.

It does look useless so what, we shouldn't upvote at all? We should just wait for the big upvotes? We shouldn't show appreciation? I mean, that's kind of messed up if everything is totally just abt the money on here really.

which becomes flag wars if done by them big fishes.

Most dolphins/whales are in their million year slumber. I wouldn't worry about flags from them.
If anything we should be flagging them more to WAKE THEM UP to the mess they're causing.

Oh that's good if something can still be gotten back.

Yeah, and I admit it's not much, but passive income is still income.

We shouldn't show appreciation?

The possibility of 'dust' votes does make me reconsider my voting strategies, but at the same time idk if it'll affect how I vote that much. It's mostly comments that you have to worry about, hopefully a 15sp vote on a post will add up to a couple cents if it's a good post.

Also it slightly increases their reputation to get the upgoat, but idk how Rep works yet.

kind of messed up if everything is totally just abt the money on here really.

Oh I've never seen that movie... Why not this one? 😂😂😂

At this point I just don't care about what them big fishes keep playin' at. Pffft.

Nobody wants to poke them because they have bigger SP that they paid for while we on the other hand build it up slowly but surely which means one downvote/flag from them will bring redfish/minnow rep we earned hard for months go down the drain.

Newbies' spams are nothing compare to big fishes' spams. I don't think that idea could solve the problem. To prevent spam, I guess they must have WORD FILTERING & MINIMUM WORD/CHARACTER COUNT. Only unique posts/comments should be rewarded and must have a CAP, not minimum.

This idea is... I prefer not to say... LOL! I am still trying to control my fingers in typing bad words. :-D

Show me the moneeeey! 😂😂😂

Thats not a bad idea, to vote on other's upvotes which adds to them. Everyone can do their part.

I guess it is better if they set a CAP, not a minimum. I can see some with fat wallets who post a lot of I could call "craps" and self upvote posts/comments, they are the WORST SPAMMERS @slobberchops :)

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