Road to Steemfest 3 - All the way from Sydney, Australia! 🇦🇺

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Hi Steemians,

Yes a bit crazy isn’t it, all the way from Sydney, Australia to Poland. When I told my other half that Steemfest is going to be at Poland, he was like “wow thats great and it will be super fun for you”. I was like “yah, its going to be awesome to meet all these people I’ve known online for a year”. Then he was like well when are we booking tickets?


I haven’t been to Poland before but have been to a city close enough - Budapest - hope we can bring the boys here this time round

I was like ehhhh “we”? Like the kids and him?? Anyways I told him I was going myself and he was like no he is going to tag along .

rolls eyes - how about the kids I asked. He was like leave them with your parents. I rolled my eyes again. Not for two weeks I said so I was thinking to myself the only option is to bring them.

Yep now the whole family is going to Steemfest3!

A bit crazy I know but I guess we can make it a family trip which I don’t really mind. I’ve got some volunteers to look after the kids (thanks @fundition crew haha) but to be honest I am very excited to be going to Europe again. Last year I missed out on Steemfest2 because baby M was too young but this time, we can make it happen.

Once I gave my husband the “OK you can come” look, he quickly went on Google to check out what food Poland has - he looked up at me and Baby E and said to his son, you can have all the meat and bread you want in Poland. According to him, its like meat and bread galore over there haha. Gosh they are going to gain so much weight on this trip.

I’ve already told our friends in Europe we are going so hopefully they can join us somewhere along the trip. We’ve traveled with these friends before (in Europe & Asia) so it will be awesome to do it again!

Our friends did remind us it will be cold in Poland during that time but it should be ok for the boys cos we were in Japan when it was 1-3 degrees over Christmas. It wasn’t nice but it was bearable as long as its not snowing or raining. We don’t really need to pack like we did to Japan because baby M is now off formula so yay one less thing to bring. Baby E is nappy trained so again yay less things to bring.

Accommodation wise probably we will not stay at the hotels because the boys will need some space to roam and play so hotels are not the best place. Most likely we will stay at an Airbnb or depends if our friends are joining us or not, we can get a bigger apartment. Our kids are pretty good sleepers so sleeping with our friends in the same house will be fine.

Shopping wise, I am sooooo looking forward to it. What am I going to buy, not sure but I do have a few things on my list already grin

Lastly, I can’t wait to see everyone at Steemfest. A few of my Steemit friends said they are going already so it will be like a huge meetup from all around the world. I have yet to start looking for flights but I know its reasonable priced and might even stop in Asia or Dubai for a few days depending on which airline we will be using.

First time I’ve done freewriting, its actually pretty fun. Thanks for reading and I hope everything made sense as I haven’t edited anything haha. Thanks @anomadsoul for organising this so we get to know everyone before November!


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hey @travelgirl 🤗🤗🤗 Weeehhhh!!!! Lucky for you! I wanna cry... I want to meet them too. Hopefully there will be steemfest in Singapore... we at @teamsingapore we are building a solid group. we hope @steemfest come to Singapore or Malaysia.


yes i hope next time it will be in Asia so it will be a shorter flight for us Aussies haha


and I can meet you @travelgirl

I think it should be Great Steenfest there! And did you think to visit other countries near Poland after Steemfest?


probably but haven't planned that yet :)

你好吗?什么?你还没参加 齐白石杯绘画大赛 吗?地球人都知道,对绘画感兴趣的朋友快快行动起来哟!奖金丰厚😊倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

You got a 31.96% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @travelgirl!

Wish I could affprd it consodering it is in my side of the ocean, snif!


awww there is always next year @yidneth :)


Yes, you never know. Things happen when they are meant to happen. I never usually travel except for when we are hired to play, sadly. But
future unfolds and you flow with it. One day gonna fetch a van and travel al europe just for leisure ♥️

Awesome your entire family is going! I hope to get there too as it will be a big Steem meet up and I'll see you again :)


haha yes after I met up with you, it was like okies lets all go haha. Fingers crossed you can also go and meet up again!!

Wow, that's amazing! Cool to see your other half is super supportive of you going and you'll now have a crazy family adventure to plan and enjoy :D

Ohhh - and the food is something I can look forward too for sure as well - LOL! Just looking through articles of Krakow makes me more excited to go already :-)

We'll see each other there!

Can't wait to meet you irl! It will be awesome and count on me to play with the kids! :)


Sameee imimimimimi haaa

super exciting! you're all going to have so much fun! :)

I sure would love to take care of the kidsssss hahahah I love kids so so soooo much! Yours was the first one I read through #roadtosteemfest ! hahaha Looking forward to meet ya! TG oh damn, tell me already the name haaa ❤