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Thank you to everyone who took the time to meet and speak with me during the very first SteemFest, and thanks to Snapcube for the amazingly fun photo booth!

(with @neilstrauss)

(with @opheliafu)

It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I can't wait to do it again. (Apologies to my new friends not tagged above - I know who you are and have all your usernames in my notes but don't have them memorized yet!)

Follow me here as @sneak on steemit and at @sneakdotberlin on Twitter.

Jeffrey Paul (sneak)


So nice to follow up all steemfest posts finally. I am on a stormy road via Bali since Sept. 22 , relaxing for a minute in my hometown Vienna together with @firepower. I tried a few times to catch a chat with you and those hearty shades but you seem such a popular man. The right moment to send out a big hug for You ! It was great to see or meet you all

Ahh, there's a great shot on my camera of you and @allasyummyfood and I from the dinner; I will get those edited and posted sometime in the next few days. Sorry I was so busy, and I'm glad we got a chance to meet after all. :)

How can I be fast enough to say thank you a million of times a day ! So sorry for my late reply. Can't wait for more of your photos and posts. HalliHallo von Wien nach Berlin! I had no idea you are a dj as well. That's what I sell in SEA since many years

Hey @sneak, I loved your energy and vision. Please keep it tight there in SteemitHQ and with the community here. Very happy to have met you in AMS at SteemFest and hope to see more from you, here, on Steemit, bringing inside news on!
Following you everywhere possible :)

It's pleasure meeting you man, and I hope to see more of your writes and updates on dev! :)

Awesome meeting you and happy that one of my skulls is going home to your gf.

Thank you so much! It is now safely back in Berlin. :)

Was good spending some time together. My head has now stopped hurting after listening to you and @mark.wasser doing tech stuff :)

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You are one cool dude and I loved meeting you. Thanks for your time and explanations on everything. @s0u1 thinks he was on a secret filming of The Big Bang Theory :)

Hi @sneak. You are one important Steemit community member! This is why, you are officially invited to learn more about our new curation model and to support it if you like our idea! One mention about this coming from you will help a lot! Please give us your feedback! Thank you! PS: your #steemfest contribution was awesome!

Thank you! I can't really comment on or endorse third-party stuff right now, but suffice it to say we're thrilled about all the incredible work that people are putting into the platform and I'm really happy to see people building lots and different types of models for supporting authors and content producers.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if there are any specific things we can do to help with your efforts!


You are a total delight @sneak, and I'm so glad we met! You really enhanced my Steemfest experience, and I'm sure others would say the same. Steemit is so lucky to have you!! I look forward to following and supporting all you do.

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