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RE: My SteemFest Snapcube Photos! 😎

in #steemfest7 years ago (edited)

So nice to follow up all steemfest posts finally. I am on a stormy road via Bali since Sept. 22 , relaxing for a minute in my hometown Vienna together with @firepower. I tried a few times to catch a chat with you and those hearty shades but you seem such a popular man. The right moment to send out a big hug for You ! It was great to see or meet you all


Ahh, there's a great shot on my camera of you and @allasyummyfood and I from the dinner; I will get those edited and posted sometime in the next few days. Sorry I was so busy, and I'm glad we got a chance to meet after all. :)

How can I be fast enough to say thank you a million of times a day ! So sorry for my late reply. Can't wait for more of your photos and posts. HalliHallo von Wien nach Berlin! I had no idea you are a dj as well. That's what I sell in SEA since many years

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