SteemFest updates - New names - Win Win Win more tickets - Travel Reimbursement Fund @t-r-f reminder - Ticket price hike in 7 days!

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Weeks now really fly by. Our daughter is luckily very laidback, as I am typing this she is strapped around my belly, giving this lovely sleeping sighs. Somehow she sleeps very well on @SteemBirds' latest global hit "SteemFest3". I'll certainly miss her when in Kraków, although to be honest there will not be much time for missing :)

Forum Prszestrenie by Boguslaw Mielec on Flickr

This was a week about "print". All week prepping for printing. Illustrator, Sketch, Indesign, Photoshop. Making the handout map. Making some stickers, designing some roll-up banners for the Wall of Dapps and reaching out to all exhibitors, designing bags, flags, decorative banners. Making a nice bear for the SteemFest Bear bowling (did you make your team of 3 yet?), designing the plaques for the "SteemFest Bear Bowling Cups - place 1,2,3" etcetera, etcetera.

Also found some time to debug most of the mobile app so that can be submitted most probably over the weekend, so Apple has enough time to make a fuzz about it prior to getting it live out there. Btw, it is going to have a fun little game by @steemitboard integrated.

I'm warning that this is the last week prior to the final price hike which occurs in 7 days from now. Should you have difficulties finding funds to come to SteemFest, but still want to make the trip? I am encouraging you to join one of the many Ticket-Give-aways currently running elsewhere on Steem.

And have you seen that give away by @steemitblog! 5x all expenses paid round trip to SteemFest. If you then blog some about your experiences, you literally get paid to attend the event. Let me ask you, did Zuckerberg ever pay you to come visit F8 conference in Palo Alto? I guess not :)

Win 2x SteemFest Tickets by sponsor PBSA!

PBSA, Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association is sponsoring this year's event and gives away 2 tickets to SteemFest to the lucky winners!

Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association is a non-profit organization registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations ACT. The purpose of PBSA is to promote provably-fair gaming standards for the Peerplays blockchain in Canada and internationally.

Checkout the post on the @steemfest blog to participate in this give away!

Travel Reimbursement Fund -
helps lighten the costs of travelling for SteemFest attendees.

Just like previous years, this year the @t-r-f (note the dashes) account is open for your donations. All Steem & SBD donated to @t-r-f will be redistributed to SteemFest attendees who apply for "their piece of the pie" during SteemFest in Kraków at the conference venue.

The full amount of the funds held in the @t-r-f account will automatically paid out in a linear ratio based on the "line-of-sight"-distance between city of origin and Kraków. In other words - the more miles you travel, the bigger your part of the pie. Please note that there is no obligation to register for your piece of the pie. If you don't you leave more for others to share!

Quite some steemians already donated some to the T-R-F which currently totals about 1800 STEEM and 143 SBD. @pharesim is running a SteemBay auction for one SteemFest ticket actually of which all proceeds go to @t-r-f, which is pretty cool :)

Eight more new names!

  • @detlev (DE): CEO, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Traveller, BBQ and #BeerSaturday creator. Host.
  • @yann0975 (FR): Co-Founder CleanPlanet - Liberal Nurse
  • @french.fyde (FR): Co-Founder CleanPlanet - Crypto-Experimentalist
  • @fredrikaa (NO): Norwegian Economist working at the European Space Agency - SteemPress co-founder
  • @bitshares.fdn (NL): Annemieke Dirkes - Voted Spokesperson for BitShares Blockchain
  • @xanoxt (RU):, modern nomad and crypto enthusiast
  • @techslut (IL): CMO of Utopian, blogger, pink wonder
  • @elear (IT): CEO of Utopian, an initiative empowering open source development on the Steem blockchain and beyond

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

Get your SteemFest ticket at

Ticket prices increase in 7 days!
read more about the price increase algorithm here

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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@roelandp and Team
Thank you so much to hosting us at SteemFest3 !
We are so happy to participate and also offer our vision of Steem Blockchain use.
Happy to meet up much steemians.
Then see you soon all !

Excited to be there!

Thanks for the information!
Very very happy to see that our members of @cleanplanet at the SF3!
Best of luck @french.fyde

I get more excited every day at the prospect of meeting all you amazing people!! I've been to both of the Steem Creators conferences here in the US and the energy in those rooms of even having 50+ Steemians together was INSANE. I can't even imagine having hundreds of us together.

Thanks for everything you do to bring this amazing event to life. I'm excited to attend my first Steemfest. I was having serious FOMO after not going to the last one. Congrats on your new little sweetie too. Sorry you are having to miss her to be make this event happen.


So sorry to be missing the event this year @roelandp! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help from afar!

Good to hear everything is great with the baby, Roeland. Looking forward for the coming app, it’s gonna be awesome! Nice new names.

This post is featured on my daily news (in Chinese :D) for today.

Greetings, veel succes nog!



Tested, thanks Roeland :) app works perfectly! Vooral loved the connect and remember function. We will never miss a Steemian username anymore. Bravo!

Hello, friend @roelandp! I really appreciate your contribution to the organization of Fest! I know how difficult it is to work when there is a little child! My daughter @bugavi and I really want to get on Fest. I just started to study English, I do not quite understand the details of this offer, but I realized that I can take part in order to win tickets to Fest. What needs to be done for this?



hi please follow the links to the individual ticket give aways mentioned above. each competition has its own set of rules .... good luck!

So much generosity going around this year, as was the case last year, even despite Steemfest always seemingly during difficult times with regards to price.

Thank you to all the contest hosts and the @t-r-f donators. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks time.


I feel for you being taken away from your new daughter at this early stage. I did some work travelling when my kids were young and it was tough. Your dedication to Steemfest is admirable. Looks like it's going to be pretty full-on. People should realise that it's not just about the talks. You can see those on-line, but then you miss out on all the socialising. You see a different side of people off-line and there will be conversations that just won't happen here. I know it's hard for some to get to Europe, but they can start their own local events. Steemfest is a state of mind, but it's also your brand ;)

It’s amazing to see the entire community rallying around this event and the people involved. Steem truly is special. I’ve never seen anything like it before which is one reason why I’m so passionate about it. That SteemBirds song was quite clever and catchy just like their other hits. Love seeing these updates and watching things fall into place. Lots of work but man it’s worth it 💪🏻🎉

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I guess your little princess will have a big bear in here room after SF!

Can’t wait for my first ever SteemFest!

So excited 😆 to meet everyone:)

Happy weekend:)


Omg will you be there? I have flights and accomodation booked! Just lacking funds to get the Steemfest ticket, but I'm doing all I can to buy it before the price hike in three days.

Hope to meet you there personally @nathanmars!

Thanks again for all you are doing for the @dtube community.



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@roelandp, it is very nice to hear that everything is fine with your daugther! Stay healthy you all!

Thank you for the update! And I am very happy to hear that we will have members of @cleanplanet at the SF3!

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The idea of the @t-r-f is a great one. Kudos to @roelandp and the team. It's a pity I will not be able to make it to the event again due to visa issue. Hopefully, I will make it to the event next year


I'm really sorry you guys are missing out :(

That's an awesome support @roelandp!

I hope Steemfest 3 will be bigger than the other ones!

Cool that @elear is going to be there at Steemfest talking about Utopian.


One of the presentations I'm looking forward to very much!

All roads lead to Krakow. You and the team are doing a good job @roelandp.

SteemFest 3 is going to be great. You are really doing a great job

Need to try and win one of this ticket give away ;-)

Amazing @roelandp thank you for.
Good job @roelandp.

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Good luck all and have fun all who are going. I hope to see TONS of photo/videos/posts about this, which I can take in with all the jealousy of not being there, but the joy of knowing there will be a SF4!


there will also be livestreams on both conference days, so you can at least join some "live" action through your screen.

Best wishes for all the respected steemians who are very lucky enough and very generous to this community.Iam very excited to enjoy all the event through your blogs sir,as i am unable to attend in the event.

It's nice to know that @elear is going! SteemFest 3 is awesome!

Oh it's owsome

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Many beautiful information you have presented to us and I'm lucky that I'm a user of a @cleanplanet.

It's awesome @french.fyde and @yann0975 good work

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This is amzing.Thank you very much @roelandp

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sounds cool. I hope you have fun there guys :)

If there is any other upcoming event which needs more attention on the blockchain and off, it should be SF because it is like the heart next to the steem blockchain. So many development and changes involved from SF¹ & SF² conferences. I look forward to updates from the team and participants so far I won't be there. 😞

Good post

Thanks for posting all these contests! That'd be the only way for me to get there. Sounds like an amazing event, will definitely be looking forward to everyone's reports from the event as well!

I'm psyched to go! Already have the flights and accomodation. Only lacking the Steemfest ticket (or the funds to purchase it hahahaha). I wish you could find another sponsor so the price doesn't have to go up. Just joined every giveaway to see if I get lucky... Otherwise I'll be the only Venezuelan in @steemfest who will have to livestream the event from Krakow LOL!

Hope to meet you there personally @roelandp!



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I'm getting more and more tense every day. With all the giveaways that are still pending I am even more happy that more steemians are coming to Krakow.

If you still need help with graphics, please let me know. I would like to help you.

See ya on Monday ;-)


thx! monday? whats happenin on monday?


me and my bro @louis88 comes over for 2 extra days spending the time before steemfest. Arriving Monday 6pm - moving to INX and get a rest for a nice Day on tuesday.


Nice plan!

hello i am here because @vladivostok told me too ... :)
nice to see you Roeland and maybe you will come for a witness interview on RAW Entertainment soon.


Eagle Spirit

I think that event is going to be awesome but since I'm still pretty new to this I will not be going but it sounds like something I could see in my future. Especially if they do one in the U.S.

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That is great brotha.. When I worked on the pipeline I always brought my daughter with me too, because I didn't like leaving them behind.

@roelandp, In my opinion, for sure you will not going to miss anything that much because in my opinion as an SteemFest organiser you have to concentrate upon many aspects for sure. And good to know that now you are busy with the Printing stuff and in my opinion printings are most important and vital aspect when we talk about an Global Event.

And yes, First of all i want to say that, the most effective thing about the Steem Economy is Contest Economy because whenever something important launches then regarding that we see many effective contests which gives many people an chance to explore towards particular events or give exposure to their work.

And most importantly, Good to see that some new projects are also coming forward for Giveaways of SteemFest tickets and it's an Boosting aspect too. And in my opinion through this Steem Global Collaboration we will going to see more and more spread of Steem Sphere and inturn will attract more and more potential users.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂