SteemFest² Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - First locations revealed - New site is live!

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Torre Belem by bradleypjohnson on Flickr (CC BY 2-0)

Wow, I was reading back on last year's endevour into launching SteemFest and noticed this year in comparison the organisation is about 1 month ahead, so that's great, plus almost all venues and budget have been arranged. Also the @firepower crew is already get psyched and hyped up again and I'm having some great help, for example @gtg who arranged the 10%-15% discount at the Official SteemFest² Carrier TAP Portugal.

Recently I had been getting some questions about the next updates. I know there had been some time in between since my visit to Lisbon and posts about SteemFest², however I must admit that things seem to go a bit slower in Portugal :) Also, because it's summer holidays it seems to influence response times. Nonetheless, from now on the rat race to 1 November is on!

So as of now, you can visit the completely updated SteemFest website which includes program details, map of the venues, first speakers (many more to be announced) and links to the ticket shop / integral crypto ticket buy mechanism.

SteemFest tickets starting at € 222.22 (1/3 of costprice).

This year's minimum ticket price is a bit more expensive then last year, but still (IMHO) very attractively priced:

  1. This year we add a full extra day of conference which means a full day of F&B & location rentals and tech / livestreaming.
  2. Social events outside of the hotel means: more venues to be rented this year (about 4 more in comparison to last year)
  3. Last year's event had an unrealistically high subsidisation :)

That said, the 'Minnow Ticket' € 222.22 is priced at about 1/3 of the costprice of your attendance, thanks to the support of and many whales' individual contributions, who like the idea to have an event to be as inclusive as possible. Be sure to also read more on the @t-r-f page about the Travel Reimbursement Fund.

I kindly ask, if you can reasonably afford it to look into options of buying another 'Ticket Type', for example the 'Regular Ticket' priced at 50% of the cost price of your attendance or even higher levels. Check out the SteemFest site's ticket section to learn more about all ticket types. Note that all tickets are equal by means of what you can do with them. Everybody is a VIP, it is just a matter of how much you contribute towards the event.

Buy your ticket with crypto or fiat.

Like last year you can buy your ticket again with crypto. This year the options are SBD, Steem and BTS through SteemFest site's ticket section or with BTC, E-banking and Credit-cards via the SteemFest Paydro ticketshop

Manual Crypto Payments done through the SteemFest site in SBD / Steem / BTS are processed minimum every day at 10 AM CEST and 22 PM CEST by checking our email inbox and validating the incoming transfers on the @steemfest wallet (and the @steemfest wallet on Bitshares). Then we mail you a coupon code to claim your ticket. (you still need to claim your ticket after we mail you the couponcode!)

First Names SteemFest² Lisbon:

I'm happy to announce the first names for the 2017 edition of SteemFest:

  • @ned, USA - CEO Steemit
  • @allasyummyfood, UK - Youtuber, chef and steemian
  • @wmougayar, USA - Author, The Business Blockchain, investor, blockchain startups
  • @charlieshrem, USA - CTO @
  • @sneak, World - Steemit's CTO
  • @theprophet0, USA - SteemSports General Manager, witness in DPoS
  • @hansikhouse, USA - Cultural Development Strategist, Co-Founder Base 15 Studio and Sndbox

Presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. Yes also this year's event will be livestreamed.

(Many) more names and location updates to be announced soon. Expect more frequent updates :)

Don't forget to book your SteemFest's HF Hotels Package for € 75 / room / night including breakfast via

Win tickets & trips to SteemFest:

In other news... I'm doing the craziest Kite-surf challenge this weekend (saturday) - kiting the whole coastline of the Netherlands (130 km's / 80 miles straight line distance). It's a fundraiser for the dutch heart research foundation. We'll be surfing with 100 kitesurfers from 6AM till approx 6PM with about 5 breaks every other 30 km.

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Powerful @roelandp!

Cheers to you brother for the updates, and it was fantastic meeting you last year at the first Steemfest (props to your pops for the yummy food your family served on Sunday!) and again at Consensus in New York this past May.
Massive respect for doing the Kite-surf challenge this weekend raising money for the Dutch Heart Research Foundation 🤝!

Roeland, if we can sponsor you in your fund raising efforts, please provide a link in a reply to this message so that I, along with other generous Steemians, can show you our support.

Thank you for all you're doing to make this a better world, in SO many ways, for ALL of us.

@scan0017 🤜🤛 😊

I already contributed.. if we all do that @roelandp will be flying this 130km with his kite.

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Cheers Roeland, you moved above and beyond your fundraising goal!
Ladies and gentleman of Steemit, our man Roeland has (so far!) raised € 560 for the Dutch Heart Research Foundation!

Best of luck this weekend Roeland, have fun, and see you in Portugal! 😀


wooaaah thanks man! See you in Lisbon!

Absolutely! 😊

veel plezier :)

Thank you for sharing roelandp. Looking forward to attend. I just need to work on my schedule

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How was the fundraiser and the long long trip.. "spierpijn"muscle pain?

I'm Agree

Good Good

hy @roelandp, I'm a newcomer to Steemit too, can you teach me a little about Steemit, I know very little about Steemit.
I want to know, how to promote my post to be better known, because if I make a good post not many see it, so it is very futile I typed to make a good article!

👊 Excellent news, excellent news in deed!

I will be doing what I can to support the event this year, including at least one ticket giveaway contest! I still haven't decided what the contest will be, but it sure will be interesting 🙀 So stay tuned!

I highly recommend anyone with the means to try and make this event, it will be more then just a conference, it will be something you will remember for a lifetime, so you do not want to miss it! On top of that @roelandp is not only a great Steemian but a amazing event organizer and I wouldn't miss this event for the 🌎. @firepower is just an all around great human being and with his team there helping run everything smoothly, unstoppable 👍

This comments rewards (yes all of that 100% self vote as well ) alongside several upcoming posts will be put towards my ticket giveaway contests and the travel fund! So make sure to look out for those as well.

I hope to meet each and every one of you at STEEMFEST this November and do my part to help get some of you there.

As a Steemit Witness I feel it is my duty to help this awesome community in anyway I can so feel free to reach out to me for anything or mention me in a post or comment 🤖😏 and I'll do my best to get back to you!

Your friend, blue

I love you @blueorgy and am super stoked to finally meet you!
You have done so much that has help progress and improve this community. I acknowledge and appreciate it.
Keep up the great work!

Very Kind Words! Thank You.
I look forward to meeting you!


Excellent post thanks for sharing !!

@blueorgy As a platform that brings people together to do what matters most to them, Meetup is entrusted with a lot of data, including the content and information generated by our members. As we make some changes to build a better Meetup and bring more people together around the world.
It’s time to defend our democracies and restore values of inclusivity, love, tolerance, and respect — one helping hand, one voice, one Meetup at a time.
I really sad I'm not coming in steemfest!!

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

wow.. great... if i can come, i will.... but in my situation, impossible hehehe

Oh my God, I wish I can go! The price for winning the Cervantes contest is going to the Steemfest, so let's see if I get lucky ;) great initiative, I'm sure is gonna be awesome!

Thanks for the heads up, I shall endeavor to attend!

I'll try to win ticket in video contest. Hope to get one more t-shirt. Will you sign it again, @roelandp? ;-)

I am very happy to listen to every sentence from your post. I get the latest knowledge and experience, thank you for sharing with us, I hope we will continue to be able to communicate and share information through this community, hopefully your day is fun.

Best wishes for you from me,
I have the latest information you might see ..!


Long time no see @roelandp I wish so much that I can make it this time, to see everybody again . I also hoped that @firepower would put me on his welcoming team with a big smile for all Steemians. 🌸🌺🐬

i support with your comment 👌

Very good material

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Hope I can make it, want to meet you also.. love steemians..

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I wish you the best of success and that is whY I take the time to even comment here.
If you want to succeed then make comments and posts that contribute VALUE to the community.
Best Regards~*~

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Your commenting this EXACT same thing on EVERYONES comment. Makes it not special at all and actually detrimental and spammy.

Only 2 month and a half, I will be there (flight and hotel already booked) See youuu :)

any place for bikers around there?:)

This is going to be great. Its a shame i can attending due to some few setbacks. I will however try my possible best to spread the word on other social media platforms in the hopes of getting more people preferably investors here on this platform. I wish you a successful steemfest.

Thanks a bunch for the updates on SteemFest2! Now that I got a new computer to Steem with, I am VERY interested in going to Lisbon for this one. Let's see how much I can make till then?!?

Namaste :)

I hope to see you there!

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Thank you, your words are really appreciated, namaste :)

Your obviously a bot.

Thank to @roelandp .. mantong thank to upvote me .. And ready to follow your

Regard From Aceh Province (Indonesia)

Very insteresting party to attend..but vry far from my town... :( Lost good opportunity

Guys do upvote my post as it is mpst under rated post of me so far.. i dont know y?? Plz help me.. do upvote it

All the very best for those who are about to attend steemfest2 .. enjoy and keep us updated @roelandp

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This technique will NOT work here on Steemit.
I wish you the best of success and that is whY I take the time to even comment here.
If you want to succeed then make comments and posts that contribute VALUE to the community.
Best Regards~*~

Wow... I am feeling excited about the upcoming event. It will be a huge opportunity for people present to meet with the brains and movers of steem.

I wish I could be present at the occasion.

Who will sponsor me?

dear friend follow back me and vote me with comments

This technique will NOT work here on Steemit.
I wish you the best of success and that is whY I take the time to even comment here.
If you want to succeed then make comments and posts that contribute VALUE to the community.
Best Regards~*~

This post is very informative, especially my newcomer in steemit who is still very poor understand the development of everything in this media. Maybe from this post i can learn a bit and find information. But I also have much to learn to understand what information in the content of your post ...

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Forgive me Mr. @roelandp, i am a beginner in steemit, i still taboo with steemfest, what is this program? Please give me an explanation because I am certainly very interested in your writing, my hope that other steemians will also understand this program, if this allows me would be happy to participate in this great program.

I have resteem and upvote your post, thank you.

Best regards
Steemians from #aceh #indonesia

you can check the program via!

Yes yes knokno! you did, I like your tradition already :)

The raining undefeated champion!!!!

you did last year? I am curious if you have it two years in a row... wish i knew steemit last year... I am from holland... just had to drive one hour and I could have meet all those lovely steemians

See you all there I guess. If you like kitesurfing visit Cyprus. We have the dankest winds.

Ticket bought. Thank you for all your hard work!

Love that Knights Templar fort! I'll be coming to Lisbon both for Steemfest and to visit a wonderful city full of historic sites.
I was just writing about the Knights Templar today ....

I've been there in Lisbon also visiting the Torre Belem. I very much liked the trip to Portugal. Nice country. J

Ey. Thanks for the mention and the hard work!

Flights and hotel already booked! Just got to get the liquid Steem to pay for two tickets. See you guys there!


yes yes!

Yeah dear

See you there!

How does it feel that this is going to take place in less than 3 months? Amazing job @roelandp, thank you!! I will purchase my ticket right away :)

See you there!

See you there :)


I will be there :)
Thanks @roelandp I send you very soon my letter of motivation to be among the official photographers of the event :)
I will soon pay my contribution too with my friend @elmetro

LOL Genial!!

Make sure you come back alive after that kite-surf challenge ;)

Maybe he has Superman experience

Kite-surf challenge?! I wanna do that!!!

Super excited for Steemfest II! I can't wait!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

I'm really looking forward to it. Will be booking my trip soon

I'd love to go to steemfest. Unfortunately I can't fit it into my limited travel budget. I found steemit as a way to supplement my income, learning that if you have something to offer, and put up good informative work you will make some money.

If positive comments were earnings, I'd already have my ticket. I've been living out of a backpack for the past 10 years, and I'm highly knowledgeable on travel. I've been doing great travel reports, travel tips, and free advice via video. I've got a pretty solid group of religious followers who value my info. But to be honest it's a lot of time with very little pay off.

I've been on the fence now for a couple weeks about leaving the platform. Problem is most people that follow me have no voting power, so I'm working for peanuts. A little help from someone like you would certainly raise my spirits and keep this unique and well received content creator part of the steem team.

Just trying to reach out to someone like you before I just walk away like I've seen many undervalued quality content creators since I've started. Seems like over the past few months there are great minnows, lost in a sea of minnow slush like myself.

Thank you in advance,

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Awesome, thank you for the update. All the best for the Kite surf challenge and I am looking forward to meet you and many more in Lisbon soon.

I can´t wait!! Thanks for mention our contest Sir!

See you there, it's going to be awesome! Steem on!

Hope to meet you this year!


Hi @roelandp

The countdown to the @steemfest has started already 75days to go

I wish I could attend. Wish good luck to the attendees.

This is so freaking Brilliant!!!

I really support this job, even if I do not get a ticket. @roelandp
There are some factors I can not simultaneously there, I am not enough SBD and STEEM for the moment because it is out of reach.
With the hope that next year will be held at this event in my place or in a place close to where we are. thank you

I wish to be there!


I want to go there 😮

So awesome the first SteemFest is in my country!
I hoped i had money to attend it, maybe next time

the second actually :) Last year was in Amsterdam and you can check the recap via

Didnt know that, im sad i cant attend when is in my country, maybe i can get finantial freedom and go the next one :D

there are quite some contests running, so check em out & try your luck!

Can you link some? thanks

If you ACTUALLY read the post you would see he linked TWO people doing a contest.
You expect him to organize, run and post about this entire contest and then on top of that answer comments from people who don't even read the posts?
I do not think you really want to go.

First of all i didnt ask you anything and second this is the first time i see negativity in this community and the worst is from a member with 1 year.

If i actually readed? i know the 2 contests linked in the post, im asking for other contests since this 2 are skills i dont have.

What is the difference between "minnow ticket" and "regular" one :-)

the price. As you can see Minnow = paying 1/3rd of the cost of attending, rest is sponsored. Regular = paying 1/2 of the cost of attending. Its a matter of what you can afford and how steem has been treating you :)

So I guess I have to go for minnow then :-) But I will try regular if I can. For all the platform promotion I did during my races I have impudence to say that I deserve it :P
Thanks for explaining.

I am soon excited!! I just got my ticket!! I can't wait to see you all already! @roelandp you have done such an amazing job! I am so thrilled to see what this will be like! I am also so honoured to be chosen to be a speaker! I shall start preparing! :) Can't wait to meet and see you all guys!!! xxx

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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yes yes yes!! looking fwd alla!

Is there and affilate program from this ?

If you bring in 11 people you can come for free clixmoney :P

I know that I can't come, I am in Russia and I will not be able to do that, maybe the next time, thanks for the invitation I wish you will find more people ☺The idea is amazing ☺

wow I will try my best to make it to Portuga. Should I book my ticket To Lisbon? ad then hotel near the airport?
I live in Germany. Moreover, will the ticket : any level take care of all event expenses inlcluding foods and transport?

In addition to my comment, feel free to join the conversation in my new post about future of will motivate you more about steem . More success to you.

That's gonna be one of the best events ever!
How i wished i could joined you guys there! It will be a dream come true if i can make it one day!

we'll be having a livestream of the conference days. But much moar happening besides that ofcourse :P

Thanks so much for your reply @roelandp! Will surely check it live but will miss the rest! Will surely get some bit and pieces from posts of the steemians present!

Hi @roelandp as we do Livestream events, let me know where we might help with hands or knowledge or....

Interesting post and interested my heart when he saw his greetings know my friends may we become friends.

Nice post ! I folloed you.

Simplemente fantástico.. Felicidades.

Can't wait! This is super exciting!

ohh got big fans enjoyyyyyyyyy

STEEM Fest sounds a really cool initiative to collaborate STEEM community. I am very new to the community and I am overwhelmed by the way this works! I can actually find useful posts by people around the world on various useful topics which make it even more attractive. I look forward to contributing more and more to this community and use my skills to grow it exponentially! Love STEEM < 3
Abhimanyue Singh
(A freshie to the STEEM Community)

i think that this sounds great!

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

It's possible definitely in the DIY Weekender, some great surfing spots near Lisbon.

Alwaus good info to know. Thanks take care🏄

YES please!! Count me in :-)

Im down to ride some waves!

Barcelona España 🇪🇸 está siendo víctima del terrorismo apoyo por favor @maite

I am new, I would have liked to be at the steemfest! Well, have fun for me too!

Bravo love and greetings from Copenhagen!

Wow look like a dreem site 😍

Hotel and Tickets purchased. I am looking very much forward to this awesome event.

Super Duper Stoked for this years SteemFest!
Last year I had way to much going on including the birth of my first son the same week of SteemFest!
I am planning on being there this year and looking into the hotels now!
I would love to make a presentation at this event and contribute my life time of knowledge and wisdom on important topics from almost 2 decades of being living free.
Be in touch!

Everyday we are getting closer to this amazing fest!

You guys have really done an awesome job putting @steemfest2 together, very impressed. I'll try to make the third installment of steemfest. Very jealous.