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The burning question for me is: how is anyone here at Steemfest finding time to post? Good grief! I'm finally getting this one up three days after the fact. It has been nonstop, and for someone like me who has serious health issues, the pace is deadly. So by the time I show up for the 'Fest, take all the pictures, have all the conversations, then rest enough to keep breathing--there's no time to post a thing.

Happily, we had some down time this morning and I'm using it. I'll tell everyone some things about the goings-on here. Wednesday night we all met in the Qubus hotel lobby for opening drinks. Suffice it to say that a great time was had by all. I met some Steemians who just blew me away, folks I've known for a while but never seen face to face, like @alexvan (top photo) and @martibis (bottom photo.). Alexvan is the reason I'm at Steemfest to begin with. His witness, ro-witness, provided the ticket to get me in the door in the awesome contest they held. Martibis is a fellow writer and we've known each other a while. Let's just say pictures don't do these guys justice. A warmth radiates from both of them that the camera completely misses. They're people you want to be near just because they make the world around them brighter.

The same thing is true for the guys in the next photo, with some differences.

@GMuxx, far left, is one of my bestest best friends in the world. We have a lot in common, but our frighteningly similar health issues make it almost prudent that we stay in close proximity. Either of us could have a crash at any moment, and both of us did while we were here. Someone who hasn't been around M.S. or lupus likely has no idea to how handle an autonomic meltdown-- but we do. I think it's largely because of this experience dealing with the problems caused by autoimmune disease that neither of us ended up in a Polish hospital. Let's just hope that nonsense is behind us now. It certainly isn't fun.

In the center of the photo is @arcange, who I already adored and voted for as a Steem witness. But you know what? He surprised the heck out of me. Not what I expected. Oh, no. He faaaar exceeded my expectations and now I'd go so far as call him friend. This guy is the real deal. That ear-to-ear smile? It's as genuine as they come. Never miss the chance to meet him in person. That's my advice for the day.

On the right is @Michelios, someone I only just met here at Steemfest. But he's another one that lights up his corner of a room, and I regret not having a chance to talk further. GMuxx and I had to deal with a bit of a medical emergency on Friday and I haven't seen Michelios since I went tearing out of SNDbox presentation looking for Muxxy.. Gaah! Hope to see you at the closing dinner, man-whose-name-I-can't-pronounce. LOL We all very much enjoyed meeting you and hope we can all stay in touch on Steem!

Above, the Qubus meet and greet in the grand hotel lobby. Good memories!


Krakow is a truly fascinating place--a blend of past and present with old world architecture and modern buildings side by side in a thriving city. Above is the exterior of the Stara Zajedznia, and below is the interior and one of the "barrel" booths that made such good seating for the presentations.

I met a lot of wonderful folks over the past few days, all of whom I didn't get photos of. For example, half of the @Fundition team who was here--@goyard and @free999enigma. However, Muxxy and I did get a pic with @hightouch and @addictedtolife, who I'd spoken with on the mind-blowing post Fundition did about The Writers' Block.

Other notable people I got to meet but unfortunately got no photos of:were @ura-soul, @starkerz, @blocktrades, @revisesociology, and @karinxxl . And oh gosh, so many others. But I did manage to snag some people with my lens, like @ezzy, shown here with Michelios just before The Writers' Block presentation. Everybody knows I fangirl over Ezzy--even Ezzy knows this. I think his writing is strong and commercial and is, in fact, what gave me the idea that blockchain and fiction are a good match.

Then there's @fredrikaa, whose work with @steempress-io has been nothing short of amazing. I am a personal fan of Steempress and The Writers' Block is both supportive and grateful for this initiative. To meet and spend a bit of time with this developer was a privilege I don't take lightly. Pictured right to left below in one of the Stara Zajedznia "barrels" is Gmuxx, Frederikaa, and @Jayna.

I also got to meet and spend time with @elizacheng, whose warmth and sincerity blew me away. Still another lovely Steemian whose energy lights up a room. Here she is proudly showing off her family--I made a special point to get this photo at this moment because of the joy on her face. Elizacheng, it is a real joy knowing you. :-)

Two other people I met who I hope to stay in contact with are @bugavi and her mother, @olga.maslievich. They brought such joy to me during this conference, and as is the case with Michelios, are people I won't get to say goodbye to unless they are at the closing dinner tonight. I had to abandon our plans of further conversation when Muxxy and I left the Congressional Center in such a hurry on Friday. Needless to say, I hope we have a chance to talk a bit more very soon!

And now, just some random photos I took of a K9 S&R trainer's car and some other lovely scenes I found on my walk to the Stara Zajedznia.

Last but not least, an edited video of TWB's presentation about Steemhouse publishing and Wordrow. It's edited to exclude reference to the witness group I left last night due to differences in alignment. It's otherwise intact. Please be sure to watch it! It's only 20 minutes long, and chock full of information some of you may not know!

Happy Steeming!


Im only seeing this post way after payout date, but it still deserves a decent reply because this is about the same kind of way how I had experienced Steemfest. Full of surprises, friendly faces and chit chats everywhere.

It was a pleasure to be behind you TWB team in the bus and I am super happy that we did! Hope you had a good flight back

It's my pleasure to meet up with you and @gmuxx... Do take good care of yourself and have fun here! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

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@elizacheng you are our tsufamily
Steve has photos of you too. Wish for us to meet one day. :)

Hope to meet you and many more from the tsufamily too one day... ❤️❤️❤️

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Following you now :) ❤️

Thank you!

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A lot of detail in this post considering you are here. I have walked past you several times but will seek you out later. It’s a little surreal that you are likely on the same bus!

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We’re on the very last bus headed out. See you there, though!

'wonderful post .. 100% upvote.. and resteem
Thanks for posting .. so nice to put faces to handles.

Thank you! I'm so happy to report that my raves about these people aren't contrived. I don't know when I've ever been surrounded by so many awesome folks. :-)

You are so lucky to have gone. I need to check in on you guys sometime. We all appreciate the work each of you are doing. It does not go unnoticed. I am seeing if I wait for the 15 minutes to upvote it that matters since the HF 20. My vote is tiny so I must throw in a !Tip .20

❤️❤️❤️ gosh yes! Please come by and chat!!!

Will do. Have a safe journey home.

Tip! .20 gosh now sure anymore what I was supposed to do. lol @cardboard OH no let me chack later and see if I need to write it backwards just read your add'l reply

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I put .20 do I have to do it twice?

please try using !tip 0.2
Or maybe only 0.1 SBD was in your @tipu deposit?

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Ok, will have to check it out :) maybe if the tip command is in the last line and the amount is the last word, there are some additional html tags that prevent @tipu reading the value.

wow, looks like you had an amazing time, that's one thing I love about Steemfest, you come away ready to take on the world! safe travels home.

Gosh, yes! That is so true! The energy here is breathtaking. Makes you believe anything is possible. :-)

Oh wow! This looks like such fun! I'm glad you had a great time! =)

Having watched the video, I have to say that I am very happy to know that Wordrow is going to be addressing the "residuals" problem that had been bothering me quite a bit concerning the blockchain. I look forward to learning more about it. =)

I’d like to talk with you more about the residuals issue. There are so many potential issues and even untapped benefits of blockchain publication that I don’t think most of us have even imagined yet.

Hey @rhondak was a pleasure to meet you. I think Steemfest was a blast for everyone :)

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@alexvan, you’re a treasure. GMuxx and I both remarked about this. Thank you again, ro-witness, for that contest. You made dreams happen last week. 😊

Hello again =) ...It's Hightouch on the picture actually, and Goyard was the one taking the picture hehe
Have a safe flight back! and see you next year (or before)
Keep on fighting, you are incredible!!

I think I fixed the post. Double check me if you get a chance. LOL

Oh my, thank you for those beautiful words! It really does mean a lot to me to hear that from you, as I know you're always real with the feedback you're giving!
Much love and already looking forward to see you at the next Steemfest!

Yup. I’m gonna tell it like it is, always.

We need to stay connected between now and next Steemfest. So I’m glad you’re in TWB! That makes it easy. 😀

Same question, just landed, maybe tomorrow I can write a recap, lots of hugs to you and Glory, and thanks to you and @gmuxx for being so kind to be, noble witnesses indeed

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Bless you to infinity, @rhondak! The honour in meeting you was all mine, believe me!

Hah! We could argue about that, you know. LOL! I’m just so glad we got the chance to meet in person. Hopefully it won’t be the last time!

So glad you got to go. Looks fun!

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