Fundition proudly presents: @thewritersblock's project "Publishing House Project Needs Backers"

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Thursday is often called mini Friday so happy mini Friday to all of you lovely people! To make it an even better one, today we will promote to you an amazing project by @thewritersblock. The Writers’ Block has been founded in 2017 and has grown to be one of the most active writing communities on Discord. Many of their members are professionals in the writing and publishing industry but their group accommodates writers of all skill levels who are willing to learn and are serious about their work. This project is raising funds for pre-launch of their first novel that is currently in the editing process.

The Writers’ Block started offering their help that included critique, editing help, and support but has evolved into a front-end interface for the Steem blockchain and a publishing house. They are one of the best "success stories" that steemit platform can tell. Here is their focus:

1. The front-end site

It will feature hand-picked stories and articles from whitelisted authors.

2. The publishing house

It will represent commercial fiction in a traditional market and invest returns from book sales in the Steem blockchain. Those funds will be dispersed as payment to authors via their Steem wallet.

The Writers’ Block needs to purchase ISBN numbers and invest in prelaunch marketing. We all know how those promotional campaigns for novels can be pretty expensive but they cannot be skipped since the sales depend on them and if done right can be a deciding factor between succeeding and failing. They are planning to spend around $5,000 USD on the launch of their first book which includes prelaunch, after-launch and many smaller promotions during the first year.

The startup phase
in need of support...

Steemhouse Publishing has been incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, and is currently in development. TWB hopes to raise $1675 now and bring relief to TWB members who are trying to finance the launch out of their pocket. The money would go into promotional resources and bulk ISBN numbers. If sufficiently funded, Steemhouse Publishing, Wordrow, and The Writers’ Block will combine to form a triangle of influence that will promote content to mainstream audiences. Their products will be sold for FIAT currency, and they will bring both audience and currency to the blockchain which is something that surely a lot of people are looking forward to.

Breakdown of Immediate Costs
(amounts are approximate)

10 ISBNs (Bowker)$300.00
NetGalley Marketing-Plus Title Listing (prelaunch)$700.00
Books Butterfly (promotional service)$250.00
Kirkus (professional review service)$425.00

This project already has 84 backers and there is still time for you to become one of them. Help TWB with raising enough funds for the launch of their first novel by donating the amount you are comfortable with and ensure that the Steem blockchain and its authors get a piece of the pie of a lucrative publishing industry.

Continuous work and effort
are showing amazing results...

TWB is constantly working hard and bringing us great news about their progress. Their Logo and 3D artwork (done by @rhondak) look absolutely amazing. They even have a 3D spokesmodel, Ana. Ana can be imported into iClone and animated as a walking and talking actor that can do promotional spots, tutorial videos, and many other action sequences that involve dialogue.

One of the amazing things that will happen is the promotion of Steem and Fundition to a new industry and community of people. We have many talented authors on our platform and the TWB is doing everything in their power to bring them more recognition and guidance on their journey. With this project, they are building a brand new world for talented writers to enjoy.

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Publishing House Project Needs Backers and be sure to check their steemit profile @thewritersblock.

This project brings benefits to both authors and readers. Reading is important for a variety of reasons, from the development of our minds and imagination to the building our vocabulary. It is also one of the strongest ways to discover and learn new things. You can look at authors as creators of new worlds and readers as not only consumers but the inhabitants of those worlds. Cultures have been built on books and just as we should think before we speak, we should read before we think.

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.”
― Charles Baudelaire

You can see a smoother view of this TWB gif here

Fundition is proud to support this project. We know how much TWB has already done for writers that are a part of steemit and we can only imagine what a fantastic success this project will be. We are all moved, shaped and often motivated by what we read so there should be a great amount of gratitude and respect for those that have written the words which have pushed us in various directions. TWB is helping the creators of those words to keep guiding and inspiring us. This project will ensure that everything goes smoothly and create great ways of promoting both reading and writing. You should take part in its creation by supporting it with your donation.

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Congratulations for being featured here so beautifully @rhondak and @gmuxx!!! :) (an all the rest of TWB!)

really awesome promo for your project!!


It's humbling, that's for sure. The part about fiction's impact on the world just took my breath. Soooo good, and so true.

Cultures have been built on books and just as we should think before we speak, we should read before we think.


It was a great write-up. We are truly humbled.


All the merits go to @zen-art ! She is our Editorial Director or how in the team we call her: Writing Magician. =)

Hi @rhondak and @gmuxx that was a wonderful talk today at steemfest.


Thank you so much! It was such a joy meeting you, and you're a fantastic moderator for that live forum. I'm so excited about today I can't sleep. LOL


Thank you for being a wonderful host!

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This is a beautiful writeup on a project I strongly support.

Thank you

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You got a 100.00% upvote from @steembloggers courtesy of @shakailove!

Wow, as one of the admins for @thewritersblock I am blown away by your ringing endorsement of our project. We are extremely excited for the future of fiction publishing backed by crypto currency.


Hello @gmuxx ! The project is very good and it deserves to get more support :) also the Updates are qualitative ones and need to get recognition also!
Can't wait to read the fiction!
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.


Thank you so much for the support!

The notification I got for the mention in this post came through as @Gmuxx and I were leaving the Stara Zajedznia. To say it stopped us in our tracks is an understatement. We simply can't thank @fundition enough for the support and, quite frankly, the encouragement. Because who could read this kind of post without a sense of validation for every struggle, every conflict, every obstacle we've encountered on the way to this point? Fundition representatives at Steemfest are amazing, true bright lights in the crowd. @hightouch, @free999enigma, and @goyard, it has been a real pleasure chatting with you guys. More great times tomorrow!

Again, thank you so much, everyone with Fundition, for your belief in our project and your support.


Hello @rhondak ! The two projects that you've launched on are very good ones, they totally deserve the support. Actually, we are honored that you chose to put them on the platform!
So I've been asking the guys to show me who you are and they still haven't yet ....Hopefully tomorrow our paths will cross! Can't wait to meet you in person.
-Greeting Miemie from the Fundition team.


Oh, I can't wait to meet you!!!! :-)


It was absolutely awesome to meet you, along with the rest of the team!


Sorry @addicttolife, I was signed in on the wrong account >.<

I was truly awesome to meet you!


No problem!
It was my pleasure!!! =)
Awesome to see how hard you guys are working and how you are building a better future hehe!

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I'm trying to setup an account so I can support some projects but I'm getting stuck in a loop that ultimately brings me back to joining the discord channel.

I'm getting old, so may be my fault. Any help anyone can provide with establishing an account would be appreciated!

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Hello @abhaya504 ! You don't need to setup an account you can directly log in with your Steemit account.
If you encounter more issues, you can directly contact Burak from the Associates, he will guide you.
-Greetings Miemie from the Fundition team.

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