One more free Steemfest ticket :)

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The auction has ended, @misslasvegas decided to finish it with a bang by outbidding her competition with a bid near the full plankton price! Congratulations and thank you - amazing news for @t-r-f!

For my last giveaway I'm not sure about the rules. I want to give it to an active long term member with a small wallet, so if you think you fit into that definition write a comment to get on the list. I'll weed out after this post was paid, and if more than one good candidate remains I'll probably draw one randomly.

See you in 3 weeks!

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I was about to nominate myself, but I already have a ticket, so it would've only been sold further to get myself Steem. However, I saw a plea from @blewitt who's still not sure if he's able to come but is trying to pull off the required finances.

So, I nominate @blewitt, because he seems like someone who'd really want to come and could use a free ticket.


Thank you so much for trying to help. Means the world to me.

Hello @pharesim,

I would like to nominate @techybear. Not a big poster on Steemit but a hard worker on the visual part of the @steemitboard project.

He couldn't attend SF2, so I took him with me at the Steem Auvergne meetup in France. This meetup with french Steemians convinced him of the added value of meeting people in flesh and blood. Therefore, he definitely would be more than happy to be able to attend SF3 in Krakow.

Would he be the lucky winner of a free ticket, I would personally take care of his travel and accommodation costs.

See you in Krakow.

I think since I have already a ticket I can't participate, but I like to nominate @fervi. He is one of the 2 admins behind @steemnova and also the creator of @dgameshop and @dgamemarket. He is a very good developer who already did a lot for steem.


Thank you for your comment! :)

I very much want to send to Steem Fest, but I had some difficulties, I told here about all the problems: I do not know whether I am a consumer with a small wallet. But in principle, in order to buy a ticket on SF3, my SBD a little is not enough... I wish you success, and fairly determine the winner :)

Congratulations for those who get tickets, hopefully in the future we will succeed in steem

Well when you consider it'd be about $2000usd for travel expenses to get there I guess my wallet is pretty small after that. haha
But I think i'm willing to make it happen... having one expense covered would certainly make it easier.

Oh! I'd really like to be the lucky one.
I was in Krakow about 10 years ago.
I liked the city very much. And I would like to go to SteemFest.

I write posts here almost every day.
I like to read interesting articles and communicate with interesting people.

I would like to get acquainted with the creative
people closer, but I can't spend the family budget
only on themselves.

I will be very glad happy coincidence )


I would love that free ticket but there's now way I could get there lol

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Good Luck to everyone entering, oh and have an amazing time :)

Hi @pharesim! Thanks a lot for another chance.

I have been here since 2016 and my wallet is minimalistic lol. Actually so are all of my wallets, including the one on my pocket. :)

The flights and accomodation to Krakow has been sorted for me. But if I pay the ticket to Steemfest, I'm afraid the payment for next month's rent will be severely compromised.

Besides that, I believe I'd be the only Venezuelan (I live in Europe now) to attend the event. So I'd like to do many vlogs in Spanish about the event while I am there, and also bring awareness about how Steemit and the STEEM Blockchain has changed the lives of many people who still live in Venezuela, allowing them to earn an income that cover at least their basic needs.

In any way, the Steemfest ticket price is about to hike again, and if I don't buy it with my rent money before the hike, it will become impossible for me to buy it at all. I believe this contest will end after that hike. What a conundrum!.

Thanks a lot again and good luck to everyone!


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Even though i would love to go......

I have to say, for the time ive known Greencross, that he is the one that really deserves it. Hes been a very active creator here and even though his hard work would sometimes not receive the rewards it should he continued to push forward.
Id also like to add that hes one of the nicest guys ive met here and he lives in a small Austrian town with cows and stuff so i really think we need to send him to Krakow and let him loose on the city. :D

Hopefully my comment helps a bit. ;)



Hahaha that made me chuckle! Thanks so much for the supoort @lordbutterfly it has been a true pleasure indeed!.

Take care and success to us all!

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what can i say i already applied...I can only guarantee that if i won this ticket i would try as hard as i could to find some1 that could make the journey to SF3 reality thanks to the 100 Steem you gave me after the first competition:)

This competitions keep getting more exciting

"I want to give it to an active long term member with a small wallet"

I think I fit that criteria and I am nominating myself....I am going to bring some Caribbean vibes to the Steemfest

Hello @pharesim thank you for this contest. I am glad you are giving another opportunity to attend steemfest. I have created a lot of connection with many design friends and groups here already and would like to meet them in person so we can share ideas and begin some projects on the blockchain together. Discord is not enough to really express ideas. I believe steemfest is the best thing that would happen to me and the projects. I missed the first contest because i was busy trying to see if i could win another steemfest contest organised by anomadsoul for designers. We were urged to create a visual illustration of how steemfest 3000 will be like in the future and the winner would get a ticket, But i didnt win because i guess some people were more skilled than i am
Here is the link to the video. I believe you will like it. Its worth watching

Design usually takes long to come up with and i gave it my best shot.
I am a designer, and design is not a daily content, it takes days atimes weeks to come up with. It takes some time to do. So i pretty believe i dont post everyday, but i do post whenever i finish my designing. I guess there are other people here who deserve the ticket more than i do because of how much they generate content on a daily basis, and i will love those people who have been active more than i am to have a chance to get to steemfes too
Thank you.

Although am not fit for this but someone out there probably is, so am going to resteem and hope it gets to the right hand 😁.

You have helped me already with 100 Steem, but if you accept my offer I give you 100 Steem for the ticket hehe

I'm finishing all the bureaucracy to travel to Europe, will go with or without a ticket Hoah.

You are awesome

Hello @pharesim,
I couldn’t go last year in Lisbon and would really like to join the community in Krakow.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the finance to pay for the ticket and the accommodation at the moment.
I have been on Steem for more than 14 months and have enjoyed every bit of this journey.
I have been a constant writer of content I think some Steemians find useful.
In any case, thank you for giving someone the opportunity to join.
Have a great day.

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Already got mine, but good luck everyone! And see you in 3 weeks, pharesim.

You got a 18.49% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @pharesim!

Hey! I'm here at Steem from April, and I'm here nearly everyday creating gaming content or upvoting others people. I believe that I can be here a big player and boost gaming content to build here great community. I wanna invest more and more of me in Steemit and I believe in Steem because our work even from new users, when we gather it together will evolve in something fantastic :D

Hello @pharesim!
I am pleased, that you have supported me on thisarticle:, But I wanted to ask, you certainly do not offend. I and @sokoloffa wrote about our meet-up. But myarticle was supported by only on 30% of your force, and her article was supported on 100% of your force:,
What is her article better than my???😅


No, but forget the idea that better quality receives better rewards. It depends more on personal relations (and in this case, the voting power left when voting for the posts).

Wow hearty congratulation for all who get ticket and i feel crazy cause miss this contest but i will try next time. Thanks sir @pharesim

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I have been psyched for Steemfest since August but now find myself unable to afford a ticket.

I actually traveled to Krakow during this August with @nathanmars to see the city and meet the organizer of Steemfest, @roelandp. I even interviewed him about the Steemfest and his work on Steem and community in general. You can see the interviews here on my blog:


@roelandp was kind enough to take all this time out of his schedule (he was in Krakow for some urgent Steemfest work). I took this picture of @breadcentric, @nathanmars, @roelandp (left to right) this August in Krakow:

I have saved up some SBD and Steem for expenditure in Krakow, but I am afraid that buying a ticket is still out of my reach. I would be traveling to Krakow, even if I am unable to attend the events due to lack of a ticket. I don't really want to sit outside and be excluded, but right now its the only option for me if I want to meet Steemians from all over the world......I would absolutely love to be part of all the Steemfest events and this ticket could do that for me.

I have been Steemit for more than ten months and have had the opportunity to meet many great people here. Up until now I have been able to meet five Steemians face to face and I am hoping to meet more during the time of the Steemfest. For me, going to Steemfest would validate the connections that I have formed here and provide me with even more incentive to become even a greater part of the community.

Thank you for this opportunity. I don't think that I can present my case better than I did in these posts: part1 part2 part3