Creating A New Dapp For Steemit Open Mic - Talks With @prc The Creator Of DSound

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This year at Steemfest 3 I had the opportunity to meet with @prc, the creator of DSound, and he has graciously agreed to help create an app for the Open Mic community. This is exciting news and will help grow community engagement.

@prc is a very talented developer and we are lucky to have him interested in helping us build an app. He's also a Steem witness who I suggest you support with an upvote for witness.

We discussed creating some basic features for the app like cross-posting from other apps like DTube, Steemit, Busy, Steempeak, etc., showing votes, comments, and rewards, making it searchable by week number, user, and winners, along with a few other features. We sat down and came up with a plan for an Open Mic DApp that he agreed to start working on. It will be coming out soon and we'll need beta testers when it does. I'll keep you posted.

The idea is to get the app up and running well enough to release it to the community so they can start using it and asking for their feedback and suggestions for additional features. We'll create it as an open-source application on GitHub so that additional developers can improve it over time.

We began talks about creating this project months ago when @prc and I were guests on a Discord show hosted by @pennsif, Founder Support for @fundition, which is like KickStarter for Steem. My original idea was to create a marketing campaign to attract funding on @fundition and use those funds to pay @prc to build the app, but after meeting in person at Steemfest @prc decided to get the app started at no cost. He said he didn't feel right charging us to get the basic app started and would do it for free.

I want to thank @prc for his valuable time and generosity in helping us get this project off the ground and I can't think of a better way to thank him than to upvote him for Steem witness, which I have done and suggest you do as well if you like supporting music and musicians on Steemit. Thank you so much @prc for everything you do to help this platform.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of the app as it's developed and will be looking for community input and suggestions too.

I have also launched a witness node that is running smoothly and want to thank everyone who has voted for me. If you would like to support more community projects please consider upvoting me for witness. You can read more about that at:

Luzcypher's Announcement For Steem Witness




Music power in Steem! :) Had a great time with you at SteemFest3 and looking forward to start building the new DApp for OpenMic... and thanks for voting me as a witness my friend! Together we can do so much more in this platform! ;)

Really enjoyed meeting you and happy you're interested in making the dapp.

How great that Dsound could soon be used for the OpenMic contest I use the platform a lot and I really love it and thanks to it I have met other musicians and the best thing is as a player of your music so anyone who wants to listen to our music just goes in and there the repertoire I love the truth. Thanks for this creation

lookin good guys \m/

Going to need some beta testers once it works.

This is excellent.

Great that you and @prc met on one of my shows 😃.

I am looking forward to seeing the DApp.

Thanks for having us as guests on your show and getting the ball rolling on this project. You made a great connection there and for that I'm thankful.

Wow that is great news. Looking forward to see the dapp. And you will get my witness vote for sure !! Keep up the good work !!

Thanks for the support and would love to get some feedback what the dapp is ready.

@prc rules! :)

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Awesome collaboration! It's great to see how this community is really starting to work together.

Ps... great hanging with you at SteemFest again this year 😎

That was such a blast hanging out with you guys and loved the @steembirds set. I'll be doing a post about that soon.

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cool! I'll be waiting for the next post

This is such exciting news @luzcypher!! I am so happy to hear that open mic is taking this big step forward!

How amazing for @prc to help you guys out in this way. Between this app and your announcement as witness - this has been a big last few weeks for you!

haha @luzcypher this is Lea responding. I didn't realize I was still logged into the Steem Sister Show account. lol

It's really cool of him to help get the ball rolling of a DApp.

oh yeah this is great news.. hells yes...

Very exciting stuff.

And of course you can help in the testing of this application I am not a developer but if you need to try it, count on me hehehe regards @prc

For sure we would love for you to test it.

With great pleasure you just tell me when and locate me by discord hehehe and ready. regards

Love this! @prc @soundcloud @luzcypher collaboration @openmic project - will be another tool for my blockchain education curriculum

Cool stuff. I'll keep you posted on its development. Nice meeting you at Steemfest.

Awesome, super good meeting you Frankie

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I can't wait for this, I hope this idea is still in production!

Yes, it is still being worked on. Will let you know when we launch.

Is there any news on this. :)

What? What does this link have to do with this discussion? Nothing.

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