Landing in Lisbon for SteemFest² Hackathon and Welcome!

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Day #2 traveling to Lisbon, Portugal for SteemFest² is started with me looking like a zombie after all night on the plane from Miami! I look a lot happier before the flight still in Miami!


The view out the window flying out of Miami was beautiful.


I was very happy upon boarding to meet @lukestokes!


Luke and I made the journey together from deboarding in Lisbon to the HF Fenix Lisboa which took about 2 hours including the bus from the plane to the terminal, customs, the metro, and an extra 20 minute walk because I chose the wrong location in Google maps.


Along the way we got some lovely views of the city!


Victoria's Secret in Portugal = Women's Secret?


@teamhumble and @dayleeo were waiting outside the hotel when we arrived there and we said hello!


Next, I stopped in for the breakfast buffet at the Hotel HF Fenix Lisboa where I bumped into @basilmarples in the lobby. For my whole plant based diet, the spread looked good. Here are the plates of food I had!


After breakfast I took my first Uber ride with @vcelier straight with to the Steem Blockchain Hackathon! He describes his day at

Here are a few of us I met while there!

@roelandp, @sneak, @roxane, @demotruck, @furion, @awesomianist, @vaelriey, @inquiringtimes, and @andrarchy along with sitting next to @wackou who represented BitShares.

Further reading:


Let me tell you a little story about this next picture. I found myself needing to use the bathroom at the hackathon and the men's stall was out of toilet paper. The staff in the kitchen were kind enough to give me two paper napkins to use instead. I am amazed by the luxuries I take for granted each day normally at home like toilet paper. I am fairly certain I have never not had any when I needed it in my entire life and I am counting these paper napkins as acceptable alternatives. Much better than newspaper or doing without.


When the fatigue hit hard, I finally headed back to the hotel from the hackathon around 1 pm and took a merciful nap in the room I am sharing with @tomasgeorge!


This little card holder confused me when I entered the room and I just gave up trying to figure it out until @tomasgeorge showed me how it turned on all the lights!


@tomasgeorge arrived at 2:30 pm and was greeted by me in a state of delirium where I blundered over to the door in my boxers after he knocked for several minutes and then had difficulty saying anything coherently except nap.

Earlier today Tomas made a view you might enjoy about the talk upcoming by @starkerz tomorrow!

At 6 pm Tomas woke me up for dinner and introduced me to @ashleypeat, @starkerz, and @molometer before we all went to dinner together. I nearly got hit by a car jaywalking trying to run after them across the street and am happy all my limbs are still functioning properly.



What an amazing salad!


Here we all are!


@molometer shares his first day at

To finish my participation in the evening, we then headed to register and attend the welcome event!


I enjoyed getting to meet @eveuncovered, @acromott, @karensuestudios, and a lot more of us I am too sleepy to remember now! If you meet me and tag me in a post, I will try to tag back as I have done in this one with a few posts!

Thank you for joining me on the second day of the SteemFest² trip and thank you for making me a top 20 witness at Time for bed to prepare for day 1 of the conference tomorrow!

Jerry Banfield

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Please stop promoting Craig-grant's bitconnect and BTW curate your picture a bit. Many are truly disgusting.

I must agree, and have commented rather bluntly publicly, on the disgusting nature of Craig Grant's pied-piper antics. Not only is Bitconnect absolutely guaranteed to end terribly, the constant mining contracts he is pushing even knowing that cloud mining is practically always worse RoI than holding, whether the market goes up or down, are a disgrace. Even if his businesses were legit, which they aren't, his constant bragging, rambling, and word vomit are a disgrace to real content creators.

Nobody should be voting for any of Craig's post. I don't understand how he hasn't been flagged off the platform, anything he touches looks like a scam.

I would echo the sentiments above of removing support for Craig's posts, as failure to do so can be interpreted as support for the content therein.

Thank you for inspiring me to reconsider all of my voting on Steem based on this today. I have a new voting system I hope will empower my votes to do the most good as explained in my newest post at The toilet picture I did remove.

Have a spine

This is a sad site..being bullied into who you can and can't vote for...this is why this platform doesn't have the success it could..I can't wait to see the day someone stand up to this bullshit..and makes it stop...sad to see you submit to bullies easily jerry*

the things in the first picture were found in the second picture


Mwah ha ha @ashleypeat It tasted great I'm sure.

Dont listen to him rock on jb

Hi @transisto,
Bitconnect it's very dangerous.

haha crazy

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Beautiful city.Hope the conference is fresh with ideas

I spent several weeks there a few years back! Have an awesome time!

Looks like a really fun trip!

@jerrybanfield next year no matter where STEEMfest is held I know I will get to meet you in person. It seems like you are having a wonderful time there. Of course I had to give this the FULL UP Vote....................Thank You for all the pictures of this event and also for helping me One more Day at a Time.............

How fun is this! I promised myself one day I’ll attend! Have fun and be safe⭐️

welcome to lisbon!, i hope you ready to mingle, cause great steemians from around the world will be there!

Do great things mr jerry, we all are cheering for you back here.

Hey @jerrybanfield good luck friend for your restless trip of Steemfest² surely it will be great experience there, please share all the information what you seen and feels at new post which we are waiting, may be one day in near future it will be in India so we will join you and meet you guys personally.
Good luck

Wonderful exprience, good luck there friend!!

It looks like everyone is having a great time from all the pictures I keep seeing..

These clicks are awesome to watch.
I wish you to happy steemfest day
I hope you will enjoy best time there
You all are doing great . Thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Looks like you're having a good trip...btw did ya get any turbulence, those turbulence are always the fun part of the trip of the pics i saw the turbine hehe

Thx jerry for sharing this with us... hate it to be at home. wished to meet you. So hopefully next year


Thanks Jerry! Makes me feel like I am there with you guys.

Looking forward to more news from you once the official conference starts tomorrow. Thanks for sharing it to us...

Try to taste grilled sardines, "Bacalhau Espiritual", "Padaria Portuguesa"(bakeries), try to visit Parque das Nações, Bairro Alto and try to go to a Fado dinner

like your post sir, good post, good work, thanks for sharing following
up voted

a very enjoyable trip. I really enjoy every post you. @muammar

Up vote me Jerry with100%am a new user help me @jerrybanfeild

Great i love Portugal . Upvote

hope you have a blast mr jerry, more than that, i hope you meet more interesting individuals, steemfest 2 might just be starting, but if I had the money right now, I would fly across to meet great steemians, especially you.

Try the Portugese sweet bread it's my favorite.

I wish you hopefully success your task. Have a blast with fun party all of you. Be enjoy there. Glorious snap shots you cliked on @jerrybanfield..
Followed/ Resteemed

Seems Lisbon is favourite destination for all steemians, anytime I can check so many steemians posting from there, and during ur journey u to stated that u meet many, all the best for SteemFest2

Wonderful travel experience in steemfest2. Its nice and fun there Lisbon. Big blast with cool drinks. Enjoyable and loyalty meetup...
Safe journey to yours.

Thanks for the update! Hope you have an awesome time with everyone at SteemFest... looks like it's off to a good start. Wish I could be there-- maybe next year... in the meantime I'll experience it vicariously through other people's reports. Have fun!

It is strange and cool see a bunch of famous people that i know online in Lisbon eheeh i hope ypu are enjoying the city and the steemfest 😉

Have a fantastic time @jerrybanfield

It looks like everyone is having a great and fun time in steemfest2 meetup. Awesome images you uploaded.
Steem on.. go safe...Cheers~~~~

Hey ,
Thanks for the great content

Enjoy your time in SteemFest2. You can share photos after the event end.


Nice regards from me to you @jerrybanfield

Nice post jerry. please upvote my comment

Great job bro

Oh wow that's cool that you ran into @lukestokes on the plane! It's always great when you run into someone heading to the same place haha!

WOW nice trip bro

Thanks for your good info

Your whole trip a seems to ba very great and you had captured a lot of photos over the trip and all are just awesome. @jerry
My friend

Nice to have amazing journey in lisbon for steem fest

Great post bro.good of luck.

Very cool! I so wish I could have attended, but 3 is a definite!

Keep sharing, much appreciated :)

very cool man, enjoy the time there.

I'm enjoying all the steemfest posts I've seen so far. Please write about any awesome vegan places you go to.I'll assume you know about HappyCow for veggie restaurants, but if you don't...

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wow great post

That's a great post... Really i like that post...

Hi @jerrybanfield perhaps this is a good post showing your journey encounters so far from Miami to Lisbon Portugal Hackathon inorder to attend this year's annual SteemFest 2 conference indeed the photos do speak for themselves because the photogenic behind them is really cool and awesome,lastly the story is clearly outlined and i have fall in love with it how i do hope to attend one of the SteemFest in the future inorder to have a taste of it and experience just like you,thank you mr Jerry for your post and keep on posting such good updates about SteemFest 2 indeed you are a blessing on Steemit @jerrybanfield blessings from @davidkaruah.

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Nice post mate awesome pics, thanks for sharing experience keep posting more Good narration ....please visit my post

Awesome,hope it all goes well,and great t-shirt.

Wow, really nice

It's my country.. Nice one :)

Too bad we missed you all in Lisbon ... we're here now :(