Starkerz Talk at Steemfest | 15.45 November the 2nd | Being a Responsible Steem Holder and the Promotion of Steemit

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It’s time for Steemfest!!

Myself and Ashley Peat @ashleypeat talk with Starkerz @starkerz about the best ways of Promoting Steemit and How to Become a Responsible Steem Holder in the video below!



@starkerz and myself below the video!

We hope you find this video and to learn more and ask questions then make sure you watch his full talk at Steemfest 2017 in Lisbon, where he’s on at 15.45 on the 2nd of November.

To view the livestream on the day just visit this link:

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Good luck guys. Will be ready with the popcorn. Stephen

Thanks Stephen!

Such an important issue.... Let's get every whale realising why they need to spread the steem wealth around.

Very true!


Guys what an important video you have brought forward. The people in Venezuela and others around the world are promoting Steemit with little or no money but they can see the potential to help themselves without having to take charity money. I hope all the whales get behind promo-steem. If they haven't got time to look at individual teams they could delegate an amount of steem for the promo-steem tag to give out to these very deserving Steemians. Their money would be well used and much appreciated

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Very true @honeybee11

This is amazing, guys. Shout out to promo-steem! Steem on!


Nice post see you soon keep good work steemfest

Thank you!

Very good post :) and the explanation was very good.
I'm trying to bring people here every few days.
Sometimes it's fun to watch when someone says... What is Steemit? :)) and then there's a big smile on my face and I can start talk.

Haha, nice.
Thank you, I'm glad you like this video!

Npr .

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

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Just on my way over to you guys. Trying to book an Uber.

Nice, see you soon!

I luv your Post, Thnx for sharing!!!

Amazing stuff! Thanks for the video, it was great, very well-articulated and informative!

Hope the talk tomorrow goes well and reaches those who need to hear it most! Thanks all of you for doing what you're doing 😊

Thank you!

Well done, team!!! Resteemed. :)

Thanks :)

Que genial de verdad me encanta tu esfuerzo cuenta conmigo saludos ♥

Reesteem 👍

Thank you :)

Amazing effort you guys putting on promoting steemit. Good jobs guys. Keep being awesome! Looking forward to the videos of steemfest. Have fun!

Thank you!!

You are the man ✓❶
Like you was taking using what i was thinking about.

I hope you achieve what you are aiming for

And i will never stop semon cause of you, --my minture--.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

On my way to the venue. Are you guys there already?

I learned a lot from here. I think if we just got plenty of good whales present in the platform with the likes of @donkeypong, @acidyo, @officialfuzzy, @blocktrades, @clayop, @tumutanzi, and a lot of Steemit whale users + the existence of account initiatives like @curie, @ocd, and etc. It will be more of an amazing community!

This is a wonderful information @starkerz. Am happy that you have the interest of the new steemians at heart. whales like @donkeypong, @kevinwong, @stellabelle, @teamsteem, @infovore and many more have been really helpful. Am also glad that you have encouraged more whales through this interview to support qualty contents.

Steemit can only continue to grow if well deserved authors are rewarded accordingly and steem will continue to add value through this process.

Am happy to watch your talks and interview they are really inspiring. Glad about your support too.