SteemFest 4, we are coming!

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Hi Steemians, in case that you have not yet made the decision if to go to SteemFest 4 or not, I will give you another really good reason to take part: my family and I (@kobold-djawa, @steem-queen, @jaki01) decided to join and did already all the necessary steps. So come and lets meet there. ;-)

As I miserably failed to win a SteemFest ticket by playing Steem Monsters, there were quite some things to organize/buy:

  • Three flight tickets from Germany to Thailand (dear my money, I am seeing you melting like snow in the sun!). :)
    We will fly at November 1st with Emirates from Frankfurt via Dubai to Bangkok.

  • Two SteemFest tickets. We decided to pay with fiat money in order not to spend Steem when it is as cheap as nowadays ...

  • We will stay in the Prince Suite Residence.

  • I also had to order a new passport (it cost 60 euros plus photo, and I really don't like that nowadays one cannot stop the state anymore to take one's fingerprints to get one).

Why did we decide to join?

The trip will be rather arduous and is not really cheap (to express it euphemistically). In addition it was not easy for me to get 10 days free of work during this time of the year. So why did I decide to join?

  1. I love STEEM!

    "But @jaki01, come on: you are sceptical by nature and criticizing the platform all the time!"
    Criticizing and making suggestions implies the wish to improve something because one cares about it. If I wouldn't care about STEEM and its future, be sure I never made the effort to criticize or searching for improvements.
    I am convinced that - apart from all its challenges and problems - STEEM with its fast and fee free transactions still is the blockchain of the indefinite opportunities, the blockchain whose amazing community comprises lots of capable programmers, skillful content creators of every kind and many free-thinking individuals.
    STEEM is the place where people can freely express their opinions and save their thoughts, ideas and precious moments forever on a blockchain without being afraid of censorship. In addition there is the possibility of getting some rewards for writing, photographing or making videos.
    I shouldn't forget to mention the perfect suitability of the STEEM blockchain to build DApps like Steem Monsters or NextColony on top of it!
    Where else you can find all that in one single place?

  2. We were at SteemFest 3. It was a really great experience, and even if since then @ned has already fled the battlefield, :-) there are still so many other amazing and loveable people (too many to mention them all) which I met there and want to meet again!

  3. I really like the location of SteemFest 4: last year, as part of our big Asian trip, we also visted Bangkok, where we made friends with the Thai Steemians @mayasiam (and her Polish boyfriend @earworm), @tangmo and @waybeyondpadthai. In Jakarta we met @anggreklestari and @riyuuhi, and in Malaysia we were the guests of @redpalestino.
    I really hope to see all of you again!

"What are you looking forward about the Thai life?"

@anomadsoul asked "What are you looking forward about the Thai life?"
Well, apart from meeting nice people and keeping up to date with the newest STEEM developments, I am looking forward to eat real Asian food again. Especially my Asian (Indonesian) wife, @kobold-djawa is eager to taste real Asian street food, which she is sometimes missing in Europe.
Beyond that, for our little daugther it will be very interesting to gather the multifarious impressions, a huge metropolis full of life, like Bangkok, has to offer.

In addition, of course, Bangkok is full of points of interest. If you find the time, among others, I really recommend you for example to visit the Grand Palace, which you see in the picture below:

Photo of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, made during our last stay there in 2018.

What I also like is just going to any park (in South Asia I prefer the evenings when it's not so hot anymore), sitting on a bench and observing environment and people to feel the atmosphere of a place. Every location, every city along with its inhabitants, is different, and Bangkok is very special for sure!

So what are you waiting for? Bangkok and many amazing Steemians are waiting for YOU! :)


You have great explanations about this costly trip to Thailand! I have no way to be there this time. But let's hope next year with STEEM MOON, will give me a chance to be there! Wish to hear your updates about STEEMFEST as well!


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apart from all its challenges and problems - STEEM with its fast and fee free transactions still is the blockchain of the indefinite opportunities.

Although I can't make it to steemfest this year (I was there last year), I read this post through and have to agree quite strongly with something you highlighted. I can be pretty critical sometimes, but I honestly do this for the love, and hope, of making steem better. If we can't express constructive criticism on steem, beyond what the concensus opinion might be, without fear, then what is the point? One of steem's biggest sells is 'no censorship'.

STEEM is the place where people can freely express their opinions and save their thoughts, ideas and precious moments forever on a blockchain without being afraid of censorship.

I'm pleased to see that there is little control flagging yet on steem where people (with high SP) simply bash down accounts with conflicting views, but this was my biggest concern with free flags. And one of the bidbots had already tried using these terror tactics. But well, I don't want to go on too much of a critical analysis 😆🤣

There is so much potential with steem that the good far outweighs the bad.

Shame we didn't meet in Krakow @jaki01(or maybe we did, I remember some people weren't sharing their usernames lol)

I didn't visit the grand palace when I went to Bangkok many moons ago, the picture looks real nice.

Enjoy Bangkok👍☀️🙂

Da kommt Wehmut auf!

SteemFest4 in Bangkok wird bestimmt ein beeindruckendes Erlebnis. Vielleicht schaffen @brickster und ich es im nächsten Jahr wieder mit dabei zu sein, wenn die STEEM-Blockchain dann endlich jenen Stellenwert erreicht haben wird, der ihr zusteht und sich ihr hoher Wert auch im Kurs widerspiegelt.

Vorab wünsche ich euch dreien eine großartige Zeit in Bangkok!

Ich wünsch euch dreien eine schöne Zeit! Bitte macht ein paar Fotos und schreibt mal, wie es euch auf dem Fest so ergeht. Wie die Stimmung ist etc.
Deine Zeilen bezüglich Steem machen einbißchen Mut. Ja, es sind schwere Zeiten im Moment, aber das Fundament von Steem ist immer noch vielversprechend.

Ja, ich plane auf jeden Fall, den ein oder anderen Bericht zu verfassen - bin gespannt, wie es diesmal wird.

Nice!! Sounds like an epic trip :) I love how you decided to turn this thing into a whole family adventure :) The more people I see going to be there, the more I am thinking about coming too. I just wish it was not that far and expensive :D

I really hope it will be possible for you to join, too!

Thanks, I hope too :)

Awwwww so glad you guys will make it here and sorry you didn't win the tickets from the battles. Can't wait to meet your whole family again especially the little one <3

gute reise euch lieben...... ich hoffe das ihr viel spaß und freude habt....grüße an @redpalestino und alle die, die ihr trefft

Danke! Grüße werden wir ausrichten. :)

Very good article, great introduction about SteemFest 4 and excellent description of Bangkok! These can certainly encourage more people to come to Bangkok and join the SteemFest 4.

It's my great pleasure meeting you during your visit to Bangkok last time and I'll be very pleased to see you and your warm family again here when you have free times from SteemFest 4.

Well said about "STEEM"!

I love STEEM, too! Almost the same reasons as yours. Yeah! "Where else you can find all that in one single place?"

I look forward to welcoming all of you again with great pleasure. ;)

See you there, no @bingbabe this time... just me!

Wohooo that's awesome it will be a memorable experience for sure :D

Seee you in Bangkok!

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Great, looking forward to meet you! :)

I hope the next Steemfest is somewhere closer to me. I would absolutely love to go to thailand thought. Has a steemfest ever been held in America?

No, it always took place in Europe so far.
Actually, I like that it's in Asia this time, because less Steemians will have annyoing visa problems there.

Respekt @jaki01 - viel Spass dort. Es braucht so Leute wie Dich, nur nicht in Steemmonster Turnieren 😣

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Oh yay.... I'm still hoping to make it.

I hope to meet you there ... You are from Singapore, right? Not that far. :)

Pending boss approval for leave of absence and hoping price of airfare does not go up.

Where are you living, if I may ask?

Beautiful country ... but far from Thailand, indeed ...

Yeah ... I will have to wait for Steemfest Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa so I can afford to go.

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