You Can Now Buy Your SteemFest³ Tickets!

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Roeland is doing a fab job putting together the third edition of Steemfest. My crew and I will be back again this year to assist him in the execution of the event. But first, I want to highlight that early birds buying the Steemfest tickets can get them at a discounted rate.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.25.02 PM.png

The base ticket price starts from 277.77 EUR which is a deeply discounted ticket. You can avail it at this rate until the 21st of September, 2018 before the prices go up.

What's included in this price:

  1. Opening drinks night
  2. 2 days of Steemfest conferences inclusive of lunch, dinner & drinks!
  3. 4 Nights of Social Events
  4. Incredible closing Dinner including a Unique Tour
  5. Some activities over the weekend. These will be decided in the near future.
  6. Lot's networking opportunities and an amazing atmosphere of likeminded people.
  7. Livestream for the global audience who will miss attending this incredible event.

Roeland has pulled out all stops to make it as value for money as possible. The plankton rate covers the 5 day event as does any other ticket price. However if you'd like to help the event become a complete success I recommend you buy the 'Regular' priced tickets because it will go a long way in ensuring success of the events lined up for you.

If you've attended any of the past events you'll know how incredible it is and you stand a chance not only to meet other Steemians but also make new friends. In the past two years I've had a great time helping execute the event and I've met some of the most incredible, smart, creative and talented individuals from all over the world at this event.

I welcome you all to join us at Steemfest 3 at Krakow and I hope to meet each and everyone of you between 7-11 November in one of the most historic cities in the world.

Please head over to the revamped Steemfest website and book your tickets to Steemfest 3. You can get more information on the dynamic ticket prices in the official post here

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In Indian Rupees that's a lots of more. May be I will be able to attend it in 1-2 years when I become an Orca or a whale. Till I would be happy with local meet ups only.

Actually events in India such as the International Blockchain Congress was charging a lot more for a 2 day event. I think some of the tickets here were as high as 50K. IBC makes Steemfest look affordable if not cheap! INR 4500 per day (if you break it down per day basis, no day tickets available) or 22500 INR for the whole plankton ticket with everything included is a damn good deal IMO!

are you saying there are always daytickets @firepower? or is this just for the calculation.

I will reach friday afternoon at earliest so i would LOVE daytickets

@karinxxl this is just for the calculation. There are no day tickets available. :) I'm glad to know you are coming. In case I can't make it to Switzerland it would be great to meet you there. If possible please come sooner so that you don't miss out on too much.

cant reach earlier, work needs me until friday 730 am hahha.

but just but my ticket regardless, social is just as important!

Oh! No worries. Look forward to having you over regardless of when you can make it. :)

Yes you are right
In India if have any this kind of fest then best to attend

Roeland really puts a lot of effort in organizing steemfest and I wish I could also be a part of it. From India very few attend it. You are an ambassador to these events from India I can say. I am still minnows here and struggling to get recognition through my art and Photography.

Keep doing whatever you are doing. When the markets turn around i'm sure it will bring the rewards we all desire. :)

Not possible to attend it this year because hectic work schedule but hope to attend in coming years. Wishing the best to you @firepower and those going to attend it. Enjoy........

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Thanks man. I hope to see greater participation from India! :)

Lots of steemitians are waiting for this Nov. Caz everything is going to be crazy in this feast.
And this is really good price for such offers like lunch dinner drinks and all whatever will be cover in €277.77
People should book their tickets before the offer end.

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I will join from Japan this year too:D

Oh that's fantastic! I hope to meet you there if you come. :)

Ah so tempting,I might have to re- think in favour of going!

It's one of a kind! Very different compared to the run-of-the-mill blockchain events. Totally worth it. :)

Can't wait to meet you at last @firepower! :-)


Oh! This is a surprise! I look forward to meeting you man!

Yes, bought plane tickets as soon as it was announced. No excuses this time! :-)


That's more like it! I will be there all days so we'll have time to catch up for sure!

Me and @nathanmars are actually going to Krakow on Monday and will stay there for a day or a two and explore the city in general. The idea is to capture the best places to go in the city, cover the details of how to get from Krakow airport to the hotels,, bus/tram tickets/passes, etc...... make some reviews about the hotels.

I want to then make posts with videos of my travel in Krakow so other steemians can get an idea of what the is like and how to get around in the city.

I was also wondering if you would be stopping in Warsaw or will directly catch a connecting flight to Krakow?

I hope to be there by the 5th in Krakow and maybe some members in my crew will arrive on 5/6th as well. But if things go according to plan I might be in EU from 1st Oct or so. I might have some time for Warsaw but I'll know once im in EU.

I like your plan and it would be great to see the videos of your travel to Krakow. Maybe we can catch up once im there. :)

That would be awesome :-)

I and @nathanmars are actually going to Krakow tomorrow to check the city out. I am also hoping to meet @roelandp and @breadcentric in Krakow by tomorrow evening :-)

I got a ticket. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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Oh that is wonderful! Congratulations on the ticket. I look forward to meeting you too at SF3. See you there.

This is going to be insane! ♥️

I hope to see you there. If you come, don't forget to say hello. :)

I would love to, but unfortunately is a no-go for me this time. 😣 Maybe next year! 😊

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