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in steemfest •  7 months ago

SteamFest2 IS OVER,
at least the part that we were activating together in Lisbon.

We’ve had a few days now to let  the tiredness flush out,
and the juiciness sink in.

There is no doubt for me that this family vibe we have experienced
is no coincidence.

I believe we have some very important work to do together.

We can co-create what it is that we really, really want.

We are powerful in numbers and can overcome any obstacles.

We have a diverse group of skills and abilities.

We are spread out generously all over the world.

We feel a connection that really isn't explainable with words.

I was genuinely taken by the numbers of Steemians who were really digging deep and awakening to a more conscious experience, who were engaging, tuning in, questioning, opening, being vulnerable, raw, and present.  

Our exchanges were potent, motivating, and enlivening! 

We gazed into each others eyes.

We stood together working through discomforts.

We faced some fears.

We spoke our truths. 

We moved each other's hearts.

We touched each other's souls.  

This was not a fest for superficial engagement,
but for really delving into our reason for being.

These experiences of deep human connection are what we live for,
and I believe what we all truly desire.

We must go out on a limb and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

To be our real selves.

To show up as who we really are.

We have this primo opportunity to connect deeply
with an entire community of people.

And we are living for common purpose -- to create a better world.

This is our moment.

Our time.

Our opportunity.

What will we do with it?

There is no doubt that we are becoming more empowered
and our relationships are growing ever stronger.

As a community we have great potential and the possibilities are endless.

Opportunities like this don't knock often.  

I hope that Steemfest didn't really end when we walked out the Hotel Fenix door.

I hope that the inspiration sparked there, and the relationships forged, will actually bring us together to do something magnificent.  I hope we don't wait another year to see each other and to take advantage of the potential  that was ignited.  I don't yet have the scope of what will align, but I know we have come together for some grand purpose, much of which may yet to have been revealed.

May we be blessed to engage it and experience it fully!  
Each bringing our full selves to the table,
together we CAN change the world.


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What an amazing post. Your posts really are over the top, to good almost, to much content, to man photos to much words. You over produce and are undervalued.

What an awesome fest!

Thanks for sharing these profound insights~*~


So much to say, and so much to feel, and really so few words capable of expressing it.

I am truly grateful for this SF experience, for your huge part in it that made my experience even richer, for all the connections, community and love shared.

Thanks for being here and for being you, @quinneaker! <3


It was an amazing time indeed and I am grateful to have contributed to the epic vibe of SteemFest!

Ready for SF3!!!

Full Steem Ahead!


Full Steem Ahead indeed. Let the magic unfold!! <3

It was great to connect with all of you and getting to know you in real life. Steemfest really is a unique experience to get to know so many amazing people.

Have fun on your trip through portugal!


Magnificent times together. Grateful for the opportunity to connect with all of you. Thanks for showing up and for being such an inspiration to so many! These are powerful times--blessed we are in living them together. Thanks for showing up on my blog @sirwinchester. Love Love Love to you all! <3

This is so cool, I'd love to go to a gathering like this one day. It's a bit unfortunate I've suffered severe social anxiety my whole life and those I've opened up to and trusted have shown me more of the downsides of humanity. I've often distanced myself from connecting with other people but I'm working with various methods to try and overcome this and hopefully will be part of a genuinely loving and supportive community one day. I can feel the love inside me, like a Phoenix waiting to arise from my soul, so I know it's there it just needs to find its way out :)


It's amazing how much love and trust is squashed out of us as children. People can only love as much as they know how to love, and so most of us are subject to a lot of limitation and fear, especially based on the relationships of past generations. Being in community really does bring out the truth about people, and there is really no place to hide with so many living mirrors looking back at us. We must first find the comfort within and love for ourselves, before we can truly be with others.

I feel we are all having to find our way, some of us a bit further away than others, but still there is the same potential for us all. I too hope you find your real community, a supportive one that holds space for the rising phoenix to emerge. I hope everyone does. We all need and deserve those connections that nourish our soul.

I'm so grateful to be a part of a cutting-edge, conscious community at the @gardenofeden, where returning to love is the answer.

We are building that kind of community here on Steemit. For me, it is the real reason for investing myself here. It would be great to do it together! <3


Thankyou for all your comments, I've literally got tears trickling down my face (in a good way) :)

Great. Looks like you all had fun.

Connecting for any purpose is extremely forces us to grow and reminds us that all is well no matter what is happening in our lives.

Thanks for this post, and your presence on steemit!


Grateful to be here and excited for the opportunity to have real exchange. I appreciate your comment @coloured-content.

AWESOME post, @everlove!!! YES YES YES all over!!!


Oh soooooo much love!! <3 Blessed to be doing it with you @saramiller! <3


Thank you @future24. So grateful for us both to be a part of it!! Many blessings to you!


Yes, it was really nice that we have met us again and see you next year!

Love love love L O V E


Sweet perfection! <3

Great post :D nice pics :D thanx for share


Grateful to share--thanks for being here @ferod23.

Feast of eyes... Nice to see u all together @nethra


Lots of inspired goodness flowing through these Steemians. So blessed to have shared such potent times.

Aww, you captured such great memories. What a life-changing time we all had, that's for sure. Not ready for it to be over quite yet. Glad we got the opportunity to have a few hugs and chats this year. :)


Bringing that much energy into one space is truly a gift to us all. May we actually use this momentum to make great change in the world. Glad you were /are a part of it @sharingeverybite. May this be just the beginning.

vaboto j ami sararat na ghumaye achi kmn lagche amar

a combination of generations, cultures and people - beautiful @everlove


A hand-woven and quilted masterpiece!! Thanks for being here @dobartim.


Thanks for your exellent works @everlove

Those crazy steemians ;)


Hahahaha---those....not us!!!

Wow amazing photographer


Glad you like it@zakariahosen.


Yes I like it

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Thanks for the acknowledgement @steemitboard.

Beautifully said @everlove I am in hope to connect with more before waiting another year and with you guys again.


Great!!! May the magnificence expand in all directions. Hope to connect with you further as well @simonjay. Thanks for finding us.

OMG ! Everything is beautiful there !! Congratulation for this successfull execution of Steemfest 2 ! thanks for sharing my friend !!


A truly astounding experience @akkha. Thanks for sharing with me too!


Thank you ! Hope I can join you on next SF !


May it be so @akkha!


Thanks !

Great photos at steemfest2, loving the awesome nostalgic moments that you captured of me ^_^


Good times to remember for sure! I love how it truly was such a great feeling group--genuine opportunities are opening. Glad to share it with you @ballinconscious.

It was so great to meet you @everlove! STEEMFest was one of the best experiences of my life and I cannot wait until 3.0! Hope to see you there :)


Powerful times these are for certain. I'm hoping great things come from this gathering, before 3.0. Excited to see what comes of it.

buena publicacion =) good

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