Meet The Incredible @gardenofeden Crew!


I had the most amazing time roaming around this stunning city with my new friends @quinneaker, @everlove and @saramiller yesterday. They are all amazing people and have so much to offer the world. I was very glad that they were the first steemians I was able to meet, they are so full of love all the nervousness melted and left the feeling of being with family in its place. I wanted to share some pictures of our adventure together, hopefully the first of many.


While wandering the hills of this beautiful city with my new friends, I began to contemplate what being an artists is. These three are so different in their art but all embody pure art in different ways. I loved the explosive amount of creativity that exudes from each of them.


Quinn was so much fun to photograph. I have never been good at portraits, and never got what a model was until our Lisbon photo shoot. A good model does all the work for you. It would be really hard to take a bad picture of Quinn, he knows how to move in front of a camera. And his charisma is so strong and bright it is so fun to watch peoples reactions all around him. I had a blast taking pictures of him. He also has a very distinctive since of style, so much so that it is art. I say this because of the reactions, only art could produce those.




@saramiller is so lovely in everyway. I have so much love for her, she is grace embodied. Quick to humor and always two steps ahead to lend a helpful hand. She is very observant and aware of every little detail. Passionate about yoga and people, she is a healer. She also has a great since of style. I can't help but to smile around her. Tall and stunning, her heart ever bigger.




These to are too tall for some of the doors, lol. More to hug :)

@everlove is a compassionate warrior, her love is so big. All her focus and energy goes into encouraging and supporting others. She is passionate and proud of the artist off steemit and works tirelessly to promote and lift them up. She has put together an impressive collection of steem art for the pop up steemfest art expo. I was so lucky to be able to help out with it today. It was so amazing watching an empty warehouse start to become an art show.



Here is the saint of creativity hard at work displaying steem art.

I am so grateful to meet and spend some time with these amazing steemins.

So excited for steemfest and getting to meet more amazing steemians!

Thanks for reading, I am so grateful to this platform, it is life changing and I believe that we can change the world.

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Big Love.


Awe dear @lifemovedbysteem. What a terrific day we spent together. Thanks for the adventures and for sharing the greatness of our journey together. We are blessed by such a great tribute. So much more amazingness to come!

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?


Aww I'll be there tomorrow! Can't wait timer up with y'all! :)

Yay, I can't wait to meet you!

Someday in a near future I will be there in person I´m so motivated OMG

Awesomeness galore so touched in meeting you hugs!!

Ahhhh I love when it happen, people arriving in my city and getting in loved by city in the first hours... Enjoy each seccound

Thank you so much! I am enjoying every second, thanks for reading my post. Hope you are having a great day.

I'm honored that you felt inspired to write a post like this! It is truly a pleasure to connect with people as open and caring as yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Grateful we have many more days together, as SteemFest has still not even officially started!! 💛

Some amazing pics here!! I love the one fo quinneaker with the clasic black car behind. Great stuff.

I'm glad you are having so much fun :)

Thanks on the pics..your friends would fit right in around here it looks like! :)

OMG, you all look like you're having a ball. Such ham's, haha. I know you're making some wonderful memories.

Great post with interesting peoples, good pictures :)

I'm with you mentally! I can't do the splits and I'm not as pretty as @quinneaker, but you can love me on the next steemfest 😁😁😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

So feeling the love you guys!! (((((GroupHug)))))

What an awesome introduction to these amazing Steemians.
Ren is fast becoming a Steemit Superstar herself!! Steem on Ren!!

💜 I'm at the airport on my way back and the images are not loading - but it's such a pleasure reading your description and your experience. Some people are human angels :)
It was so nice meeting you!! 💜

I just came back to look at the pictures - they are amazing!!! Thank you :)

Amazing pictures, the GOE Family look like they are having so much fun, all the work everyone is doing looks amazing, we'll just have to armchair watch steemfeast.
Love @quinneaker outfit!