Creamy & Delicious it was. Thank you for coming to Lisbon and thank you for helping making SteemFest² epic and unforgettable!

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Barely 24 hours ago we started the final feast of SteemFest² in the Estufa Fria (aka "Jurassic Park" as it was called by some of you :D). It was an emotional end to a great short week full of crazy people in Lisboa. As nights became shorter and days intenser I was also a bit happy to see the week come to an end to be honest :) Totally stacked up with Pastel de Nata custard pies, eyes half shut and with a great expansion of memories and experiences, I'm back in the south of Portugal (with the fam ofcourse) for 1 week of decompressing before heading to the Northern European winter.

23275415_10154790199961193_4015121499680080945_o.jpgpic shamelessly ripped from @mammasitta's insta

I really want to thank you, all 311 ticket buyers and 295 checked-in people for giving me the trust and come to check what "that SteemFest" is all about. For me it was so rewarding to see you enjoying the whole thing. I mean... in the summer i was visiting all venues (and more, some who dropped of the list) and then you are just walking around alone. Then the event happens and you see the smilies, the meets, you hear the stories of people becoming friends through SteemFest, I mean that's really fricking cool to be honest and gives me a warm feeling (or is the fireplace in my back which we lit to heat up the bit-what moisty house)...

It is really humbling (and pressuring too) to see people flying in from anywhere (38 countries of origin this year (vs. 31 last year)!) but especially the ones taking the leap from 5000+ miles away to meet fellow steemians. Stories of people taking one-way tickets to Europe, people hitchhiking 2000 miles, people sleeping in the park to save up, wow, wow, wow. Your thank you and applause yesterday meant and means a lot. This vibe, this unique gathering of unique souls, this weird bunch of eclectics, it makes me want to look to the next places to go to (but first do some feedback round) for SteemFest³.


You, you, you and you! (by @timsaid)

Thank youssss! Steem, steem, steem, steem, steem!

THANK YOU, you made it happen for all of us!

For me it's now paying some (errrr... many :D) bills, the calculations of the @T-R-F fund and payouts, but most of all enjoying the #SteemFest tag and see how you experienced the event. And then recovering, surviving New Year and slowly starting to plan the next event :D

Did I already say "thank you?".... THANK YOU! see you next year,

Ps. Fortunately we still have the pictures.


Thank you so much @roelandp for such an amazingly fun packed week here in Lisbon! Way beyond my wildest expectations! Blown away by what you brought together. Hope you get some good rest... because we can't wait for next year!

OMG @dougkarr !

Hahahaha connecting with you was on of my most cherished highlights of this entire fest of epic creamy and delicious proportions!

So much to say, as I feel an inspiration like I have only felt a few times in my life, yet I am just going to let it simmer until we have a meet up.


Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

Hi, @roelandp.

I hope you can help. I am running out of time! I will be having my 1st huge Steemit Convention in Cebu, Philippines this December.

I would like to know if the logo am seeing on my left screen is the permanent logo of Steemit.

Thank you for your time, I will really appreciate it.


Happy Steeming!

BTW, does Steemit have an original jingle? yOu know what a jingle is right? LOL kidding. Please help. Thank you!

Bountiful post will dony

very lovely

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Amazing job Roeland. You somehow managed to one-up yourself. One of the best times EVER. Thanks for the amazing memories.

I second the "one of the best times EVER" statement!

I am so impressed with this event, but what really made it so special was meeting all the tuned in minds and loving personalities of the many Steemians involved.

I did not expect to connect with you as well as I did, though now that I have, I am ever so grateful and excited to work with you on the @hardfork-series

Very well done and I can sense it is only just the beginning of the greatness to come!

Wow @roelandp wow!

Hahahahhahaahhaahaa I am at this point speechless but have SO much that I have experienced and want to share with you and the community.

I am more inspired than ever for the potential of Steem and this Steemit community to really improve peoples lives and the world.

I am so thankful for you being who you are not just bringing everything together for this event. Yet this event really is a shining moment of who so many of us will remember as a highlight of our year. What a great gift that is.


Thank you again @Roelandp you outdid yourself. We had such an amazing time. Resteemed

@hilarski Thank you for being a fun, happy and generous man!
Great to meet you, I feel like I can call you a real friend, very hard to find in this world.


OMG!!!!! There are no words!!! SF2 was a simply stunning representation of what is possible when we come together. Thank you for activating the space for us to connect on even deeper levels. PRICELESS in every way!!! Truly blessed to be a part of it. You're the man @roelandp!!! Hats off to you!

Here here!

Yes, exactly my sentiments.

Fantastic job again, @roelandp! You host a truly incredible event down to the finest detail. You are considerate, thoughtful, thorough, creative, and so very hospitable, and it shines in SteemFest!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! ✨✨✨✨

Yes Yes Yes!

dude, this week was ridiculous. Totally amazing. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Congratulations to you and all the team who worked so hard, you should be feeling very proud! x

...and yet, we never met @basilmarples - now I just realized that :(

yeah I know....weird right? I was probably just flitting round like a confused mosquito a lot!

Damn it, I cannot believe this happened... :( I was with @themonetaryfew most of the time, but we were going around a lot to meet other Steemians - I can't believe we missed you, I should have looked for you!!! :/ To the next SteemFest or....other Steemit related events that might come up :D

definitely! If I can, Ill be there!

@roelandp , you did such an incredible job Sir!
In your speech, speaking of how none of Steemfest could have been accomplished without the incredibly generous financial and time contributions of everyone involved; you thanked the giants upon whose shoulders you stood.

I too, would like to thank those giants, for supporting the weight of a Titan.
Steemfest 3, here we come!
I cannot speak for everyone, nor would I ever presume to try...
This past week in Lisbon surpassed ALL my expectations brother; you're incredible.
Enjoy your sunny week with your loved ones, you've certainly earned it!
@scan0017 🤝

Thank you @roeland - you're a star! This was the best organized event I've ever attended (pre- and during), and I've overheard many others saying the same.
I can't imagine how much work this must have been and yet you looked like the most chilled person of all during the whole time. Steem Steem Steem Steem Steeeeeeem!!! 💜🙏🏻

The whole event was fantastic and the organisation incredibly. Enjoy your hard earned rest with your super supportive family.

Thank you @roelandp you did an amazing job, I can't wait to see what you bring to us next year. ;)

i'll have to take care of a nanny then :)

Ola sweet Anna!

So nice to meet you. Wish you peace and well being in your pregnancy and birth!

Its a whole new life!

Love and Care~*~

Thank you @quinneaker, It was great meeting you and getting your advices about parenthood. Have a safe trip to your place.

I am always here for you and your family should you need anything. I have a lot of experience and much great success especially about parenting.

Love you!

I just got back to Vienna and "DEAD" but so happy!!! You and The @steemfest >>>>>EPIC!!!

Steem...Steem and more Steeeeeem....
BTW ....I luv THAT Photo :) Didn't know that you are on my Instagram (

Mmmmmmmmmm Mammmmmasittaaaa!!!



A huge thanks to @roelandp and his entire team for an amazing week. What an empowering event and so well executed! Already excited for next year ;)

Here here!!!

Great to meet you and would have liked it more if we had a chance to discuss your project, would still like to do an interview with you more especially so now that I did not get to discuss it with you at SF.

Thanks for being involved. Cheers.

I missed this year and can't wait for the next steemfest!!! Cheers :) - @splendorhub

Thanks so much, @roeland , for all the work to organize the most fantastic event in the world!!! It was really a great experience for everyone of us and it was really a pleasure to meet you! ^_^ Hugs from Italy!

What you and the team achieved is nothing short of staggering. The level of professionalism was on another level, I can’t think of a way I could ever thank you for what you did for me and the masses there — transport, food, people, venues, access, detail, incredible. A god among men. A million times thank you. I’ll be at every future event.

lol wtf

hahahahaha nice!

Haha! Gotta love this guy! ScanQQ17!

LOL love goofing off to make people smile and be happy!
SO great to meet you @bettyboob and your husband - you two made my trip even better by being there!
Hope to see you at the next Steemfest 🤗
@scan0017 😇

We're only going if you'll be there ;)
You got us into a bar full of half death people!! How can we ever thank you?! Haha

LOL that was fun!
Keep living and smiling, I'll be at Steemfest 3 for sure!
🤗 😀 😇

You are the man @roelandp! You have an incredible amount of energy - the amount of work you put into this event is jaw dropping. The attention to detail of this event, and last year's, is incredible and your enthusiasm and amazing sense of humour shines through all of it.

How have you found the energy to do a post? ! It must be something in those Pastel de natas, creamy & delicious and packed full of super Steemit powers.

@roelandp you are the man! I hope you keep having the monopoly for all things you do. Rest well with your family you deserve it!

Steem Steem Steem Steem Steem

@opheliafu so nice to finally meet you! You are so nice and I loved seeing you with your daughter.

Thanks for all your help cultivating an inspiring and creative art scene here on Steemit and SteemFest!

Wish you and your family the best.


Congratulations on a great event, Roeland. Your organisational and hosting skills are second to none. Kudos to you for keeping your cool during what must have been a stressful few days, let alone all the time leading up to day one. You did a great job, and we are all grateful to you. Thank you.

An extra thank you for these live streamings, so awesome for poor me and others who could not make it. I caught myself clapping my hands as if i was sitting there, sniffing up the whole atmosphere. Great job, wonderful, you have a funny way of dressing up btw :-)

tell me about it!

So glad you tuned with us all there!

@roelandp, you lead his amazing team to probably biggest block chain event that will ever take place on the planet.

The innovation i heard was well masterminded by you. The future is here, and the future is steemit.

Lisbon would never be the same again as steemfest has grace the wonderful city.
I wish the ideas learnt will be quickly enacted and implemented. Soon.
Thank you, thank you for bringing the future in steemit.

Yay... the whole thing was mind blowing. I can't still stop wondering how on earth you were able to manage and plan steemfest... it was indeed a massive event. I must say you are very good at this.

Steemfest was epic and I enjoyed all the pictures shared. Well done and good job!

Those who made to Steemfest were lucky and those who could not, were not unlucky either.
Steemfest team didn't made them feel left over....:).
Especially it was YOU ALL (steemfest team) that made Steemfest success and made "US" virtually attending the Fest through different posts,videos, live events and update at different intervals....Hats off to you all guys!. The team let us to be a part of the FEST since beginning till the end. During the whole journey we were also part of the fest :) and never felt left over.

Actually , it is not wrong to say "THANK YOU" to the whole "STEEMFEST TEAM".....for keeping us together :)
Great work...keep steeming!!! and stay together.

I keep writing about SteemFest... I just can't accept that it's over... It was one of the most incredible experiences ever, and you and the rest of the team made it happen!
The latest thing I wrote about is a new medical term I invented: Post LX SF Depression - LX stands for Lisbon and SF for SteemFest... and how to cope - I do give some solutions... :P
What a magical 3day adventure we had...

We had such a fabulous time, Roeland! Thanks for everything you did. This year topped last and I didn’t even think that was possible! Rest up, my friend, and we can’t wait to see you next year.

Really fantastic work on the @hardfork-series I really enjoyed the brief moment we had to share at SteemFest but also your entire team. Thankfully me and @dougkarr had a chance to really connect activate some potential. I look forward to working with you soon!

∞§∞Full Steem Ahead∞§∞

Thank you, I really admire the work you all are doing with the Garden of Eden as well! We need many more people willing to give back in a sustainable way like you're doing. Steemit is such a great way for us all to connect and organize. So glad you and Doug had a chance to connect, we're excited to see what this next year will bring about for us all! We'll circle the wagons after everyone is back from SteemFest and rested and we'll be in touch soon! Hope you all have a safe trip back @quinneaker!

Yes! Yes Yes!

So excited.

Best Regards~*~

You the real mvp man, thanks for making this possible. It was great to meet you and everyone else. See you next year!

(Oh btw, do some research in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. SF3 there would be over the top)

Love the Idea!! Playa del Carmen is a paradise

LOVE Playa del Carmen! Would be there in a heartbeat for sure!

Yes, Steemfest in Cancun or Playa! It was good seeing you there, bro.


I'm already in Playa Del Carmen... I could support that idea!

It was amazing the whole event!! thank you so much!!! You are shining star!!! well done for everything!

It sure was @allasyummyfood. Your presentation was excellent. Well done and continued success and growth with your business.

thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much for making this event possible. The organisation was amazing and we could all just enjoy the experience. I met so many amazing people and enjoyed the talks. The food, drinks and entertainment were the icing on the cake. It may take me a while to recover, but it was worth it.

Thanks @roelandp for everything! Super fun.

Thanks for the update. Looks like it was a blast!

Was awesome connecting with you and everyone else at steemfest. thanks for all the hard work you put in to make this happen and thanks for inspiring me to come! Loving the pictures and gifs. Catch you on the flipside!


I had so much fun, just sorry I missed the last get together. The whole event was brilliantly organised. Thanks for everything @roelandp

What a creamy and delicious time!!

You are the man @roelandp!!
Thank you for making sure an awesome event!
Great job on organizing everything !!!

I can't wait to do it again next year!

All your words are correct, the photographs do not lie about what your face expresses, the environment your environment. Let's celebrate with pride the work we do with so much effort. A distant hug

Already thinking about next year... =)

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in and your lovley family for sacrificing you to the steemfest cause. It was amazing, looking forward to next year. I hope you have a good restful winter with your loved ones. You deserve it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Steemsteemsteemsteemsteem!

Wow how amazing!

I am so glad you came and felt your life MOVED by STEEM!!!

So wonderful to meet you, I feel like we are soul family. I look forward to our continued improvement of life working together.

Full Steem Ahead!

I am still getting through the last of the livesteams ! LOL! Really liked the fireside chat with Ned on day 2 ! You did another fabulous job @roelandp give yourself a pat on the back , its well deserved !! Watch for me at steem fest three !!👍👍👍🙋

@roelandp Congratulations on successfully concluding SteemFest 2.

It's just have been sure you guys were enjoyed a lot.

thank you. Fucking epic!

Fucking epic is right :)

Thank YOU!!

Well thank you @roelandp for making SteemFest² all that much unforgettable! I had tons of fun!

You are the one who deserves a big round of applause! The SteemFest was absolutely amazing and all the venues, setups, transportation, schedule, etc. I still cannot imagine the effort you have put to make this all happen, just for all of us to have this fun together! :) Big thank you Roeland!!!

Thank you for the thought you put into each tiny details. Steem, steem, steem on.

You did it again my man, you did it again! Thanks to u for all ur hard work!

Thank [email protected] . I was not there but Followed everything from Holland. Hope to be part of it next year. Thx again

Thank you!!! I had a wonderful time and feel very energized! Enjoy the south of Portugal with your lovely family!

you know you've done a great job when people are jealous watching the live-streams and can't wait to join the fun next year... :D curious to know the location of the next fest ;)

Owh no please i dont wanna know anything about Steemfest3 so early yet.. ;D

I dont think i can afford to be excited after the mind blowing experience for the past 5 days.. Havent even properly blogged about the trip yet!!!

YOU GOTTA JOIN STEEMFEST3!!! at this point im expecting you to be there no matter where you fly from now..

haha, the price of steem next year should hopefully makes expenses easier ;)
glad you had a great trip buddy, and hopefully many more of us can join the festivities next year :)

It has become an incentive post.😊 We feel like there are people who can not go.

It had to be awesome! Nice Golos shirt by the way!

and many others ....... HERE greetings from INDONESIA
to @roelandp and all of you - Creamy & Delicious!

@roelandp congratulations from india. seems you all had a great time. Please release any videos from the event, would love to have a look

That was one of the best events I have ever been to in my life. Thanks for all of the work you put in to making it happen. Every piece was extravagant. Thank you for the help with the phone. I really appreciate it. Truly an amazing thing you did here my friend. I can't wait for STEEMFest 3.0! ..... in Cape Town! ;)

I vote for Cape Town too :)

Pastel de Nata is the best :)

Amazing dear .. keep going

Nice Report! 💥

If you liked lisbon and you want to spend another vacation there check out our Travel Deals an Flights 🛩

great post
thank you for your effort

That was really cool fest, nice looking crowd. That might create a huge memories in your mind.

thank you
congraulation dear

It was interesting to watch the events in Lisbon! Thank you for organizing such a great event!

Great organization made by you mate! I was really impressed how you organized everything and you were also a great host.
I am looking forward to come for the next one and meet with you!
Why not having SF3 on the paradise island of Mauritius!? I can be of help for sure!

Great to see all the many talented persons at this year's steemfest! Just going through some of the Livestreams bow as I was working for most of the festival! Thanks to @roelandp for making this great 2 years in a row and all those that made this so special!

I was not able to make it this year but tried to follow as much as I could from Steemfest2. I can see it was well organized by you. I thank you for that. It makes the community in a whole feel proud to be a part of this experience. Thanx!

Good post sir awesome post I follow you

so when does planning for the next one begin?? :D lol

You did a good jobs! I hope the SteemFest3 will be in Indonesia, our country. :) all the best for you @roelandp. Thanks

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Very nice post .i like your post

Thank you for accepting our interview. You had to prepare for the steemfest.

I still have a lot of catching up to do on the #steemfest tag. It's like being there with you guys :)

I love that drone pic taken by Tim .
Should I look forward to a movie that will take us through what was SteemFest2 ?

es hat spass gemacht euch alle mal live im stream zu sehen..... tolle Planung !!

I very like this post cause this very good
I hope my post same like this post

Please vote my post @muhammadakhyar

Hey @roelandp ,what are your thoughts about hosting steemfest3 in Jaipur,India?

Looks engagingly fun! Gonna make the next one for sure. Keep on Steemin yo

Although I couldn’t join you all In Lisbon. The numerous posts of thankfully Steemians all congratulate you for organising an amazing STEEMfest2. I will do my very best to get to STEEMfest3. See you next year.

Thanks for making the world a better place @roelandp

That ìs a cool shot eheheh sad that I didn't got to go. But maybe next here. Just need a bigger group of haters

You really are a great event organiser. without your vision and management skills this event would not be possible to be so excited and excellent.

Wow Steemfest is such a once in a life time memorable experience, I am hoping we could have the chance to attend soon.

Soar High Be An Inspiration

All, well done.

Thank you. For giving information

Thank you for a brilliantly organised Steemfest @roelandp. We were so spoiled! It was lovely to meet many great Steemians.

The Chinese language area has also held a party recently, at guangzhou广州,but only a dozen people, you are very large.

Foot post thank you

Thank you @roelandp for an amazing event!!

very nice......

so fabulous @roelandp
with many friends steemfest.

Thank you so much for making this event possible

Winter are the best time in all journey

I followed steemfest through photographs and videos and I can very well imagine how good an experience it would have been for all of you. Hope to see Steemfest3 live next year :)

Thus is awesome

This looked like so much fun. Didn't go myself, but was seeing posts and photos from a lot of people I follow. Just started following you, actually.

Man, it's really beautiful over there (if the various photos I've seen posted are any indication).

Hopefully I'll be amongst you guys next year!