An Unexpected Delight at SteemFest²!

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During day #5, we asked "What can we do to increase the value of Steem?" and I received one amazing answer that I will share in my next post along with the story of our adventures yesterday in Lisbon, Portugal featuring from left to right @starkerz, @ashleypeat, @tomasgeorge, and me!


Yesterday I was shocked to find it was 1 PM when I woke up! I wrote as soon as I woke up and then went out to dinner a bit after 5 pm.

I am so impressed with my body's new ability to go long periods of time without eating or complaining because the last food I had before this was around 8 pm at dinner the night before! @tomasgeorge helped me stick with intermittent fasting which I normally do as eating 8 hours a day and not eating 16.

Here is our dinner together! Guess which one is mine?


Alright here it is the best whole plant food option I could find! Yes this is the exact same restaurant we ate at a couple days ago. We liked it once so why not twice!


I ate another creamy and delicious desert which surely was not vegan and I view my eating with a "bend to avoid breaking" philosophy.



After dinner I had an amazing experience in the lobby with @quinneaker, @saramiller, @virtualgrowth, and @everlove which was incredible and only possible in person. We stood in the lobby of the Hotel HF Fenix Lisboa maintained eye contact and were mostly silent for 5 to 10 minutes each! My thought to describe the feeling was "this is way better than getting high."

We initially started what I this is called "Deep looking" while we were talking in the lobby. In making my usual heavy eye contact with each, I noticed that unlike most people I talk to that look away before I do, Quinn and Sara maintained eye contact with me as long as I would which initially left me feeling a bit awkward because I am used to being the dominate eye contacter among almost everyone I see every day.

At first, I made a joke of it but then @virtualgrowth stepped up and offered to give it a shot with me. I laughed almost the entire 5 or 10 minutes I looked him in the eyes. Next I went up to my room wondering why I had been hesitant to maintain eye contact with the others after feeling comfortable with @virtualgrowth right away.

Then I got a hunger for more and went back downstairs. When I came back down, all I wanted to do was look and not even talk. We spent somewhere between 20 minutes and an hour in the lobby with next @saramiller then @quinneaker and finally @everlove taking turns maintaining mostly silent eye contact for around 5 minutes each with then some slow and deep conversation.

While this paragraph may look ordinary on the page, for my brain this was a supernatural experience. I felt high for the next hour which stands out in a life where I avoid any state of intoxication and stick to almost all natural whole plant foods and green matcha tea. @tomasgeorge laughed when he had to repeat himself when it was time to go because I could not comprehend anything he was saying. The language center in my brain was off and it took a noticable few seconds to spin up.

Most of us are like a peasant or a beggar in the street when it comes to true human connection. Many of us make it through almost every day of our lives without having more than one or two moments of true connection. A lot of us want this so bad and yet are not ready to actually receive it when the opportunity is in front of us. I have been having inspirations for months to help people meetup locally where I live to do this and now that I have experienced it for myself with people I just met, I am ready to go forth!

We often reserve moments of connection like this for loved ones only and often we miss even those as we have a busy day. If we want to have happy lives, it is essential we simply take time to really see each other without our masks, egos, titles, and armor. The easiest way to do this is maintain silent eye contact for as long as comfortable although often starting may be uncomfortable. Get through the discomfort and into the immense joy of true connection which is a 100% natural way to achieve a higher state of consciousness which so many of us try to do by ourselves with alcohol, drugs, sex, work, etc.

Thank you @quinneaker, @saramiller, @virtualgrowth, and @everlove for connecting with me so completely!

After @tomasgeorge finishing editing and rendering the video of my standup comedy last night which took over 9 hours to upload to YouTube, we went out to Timeout for more food!



The best option I could find was a stand with an amazing selection of dried fruit and nuts where I dropped 20 Euros on this bag of delicious treats!


With enough food for nearly the rest of the trip except for the dinner tomorrow, @starkerz and @ashleypeat stopped for another creamy and delicious treat this time with cinnamon on top!


We then talked for hours about the best ways to add value to Steem and I got an incredible idea that I will share with you in my next post. Until then, here is my standup comedy from YouTube filmed and edited by @tomasgeorge! I will plan to get a transcript of this and dedicate a post to the video and everything said in it this week!

Thank you very much for joining us for our adventures! I am excited to share what I hope is my best idea for Steem so far in the next post! Originally I put it all in this post and I realized it was already long enough ... again.

Jerry Banfield

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I felt that this was quite a profound experience and am very grateful that you chose to feature it. To me that is what is even more profound as it shows that not only did you experience something profound but you are honoring and integrating it.

Your words shared here are medicine that many people need. Intimacy, love, honesty, self expression, vulnerability, consideration, presence, exchange these are as you said very limited in the world and cultures we live in.

We all know how awkward or inappropriate it usually is to "stare" at someone or give them such a gaze. I am used to this also but have found that for the people who are ready such as your self it is so worth it and greatly outweighs the people who judge me or dislike me for it.

We can't place anyone nor will we likely ever be perfect. Yet we CAN be HONEST and express the truth of our soul. Finding soul friends/brothers/sisters/lovers is priceless. Its very hard to find them hiding all the time....

Thanks for sharing this, I hope it intrigues and inspires many!

Grateful we met had shared this time. I hope our connection and exchange continues to flourish improving ours and many others lives!

I will talk to you more soon about the things we discussed that can significantly help further the cause of a sustainable, happy and free world.


Finding soul friends/brothers/sisters/lovers is priceless. Its very hard to find them hiding all the time....

Yes yes yes yes yes!




What a perfect opportunity to tune into REAL soulful connection, and do something with it!! Such power coming through this post--and those commenting on the most profound and intimate part of it is priceless. Grateful to witness and be a part of deep and true exchange.

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

You're welcome, @jerrybanfield! We provide the same realness and intimacy for everyone, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It is an honor to connect with someone who is willing and grateful to receive the profound gift of human connection such as yourself!

Thank you for your genuine acknowledgement here on the blockchain. That's significant on a lot of levels too - not only were you willing to go deeper in real life in a situation that many forsake, but you are willing to share your testimony & witness as to how profound it really IS, and in a public ledger no less. Thank you!

Many blessings to you Jerry 💛


Thank you for sharing your stories with us! How I wish I could have been out there experiencing Steemfest for myself. It looks like it's been so much fun for everyone who attended!

We initially started what I this is called "Deep looking" while we were talking in the lobby. In making my usual heavy eye contact with each, I noticed that unlike most people I talk to that look away before I do, Quinn and Sara maintained eye contact with me as long as I would which initially left me feeling a bit awkward because I am used to being the dominate eye contacter among almost everyone I see every day.

I was fascinated by this paragraph in particular. I, myself, am usually the dominant eye contacter amongst people I meet. I find that you can tell a lot about someone by how soon they look away or how long they stay when you're making eye contact with them.

We often reserve moments of connection like this for loved ones only and often we miss even those as we have a busy day. If we want to have happy lives, it is essential we simply take time to really see each other without our masks, egos, titles, and armor.

I also really related to this paragraph. It is this lack of genuine human connection in today's world that motivated me to start writing my blog Friendship In a New Age. I want to help re-popularize the idea of real connection and true intimacy between friends because I believe it will lead to stronger connections all around.

I appreciate that you are commenting on this part of the post as I find it to be very important and that fact that he is writing about it in a post here is quite profound.

Thanks for contributing to the exploration of this profoundly important aspect of the human experience.


Thank you so much @quinneaker! I think that section was the most profound part of this post, actually. I'm so glad that someone with his large following is on here talking about what I believe is such a vital conversation that needs to be had. Now more than ever, in today's technological advent, we have become so disconnected from each other because we have relied on digital communications, digital connections, for too long. We have forgotten the importance of connecting on a human to human level, in person.

Practices like the one @jerrybanfield described in this post are just one of several ways to attempt to re-ignite that level of intimacy and connection between people. SO glad he's talking about it! :D



No, I'm definitely not a witness (^_^:)> That would be nice if I were though lol

Hey @jerrybanfield thank you for kind information regarding Steemfest² I missed those moments so much may be next year I will join you sir and personally meet you on another Steemfest³ I am super excited to meet you personally and get some mind blowing ideas to get success like you in life.
Best wishes Sir.

The very most juicy moments in life for me are experiencing the profound nature of connection. I found there to be quite a few people who were open this year to delving deeper into the possibilities, and more true, raw and vulnerable expression with each other.

These moments with you were truly some of those juicy moments, where we step into the fear of ideas, and just show up as our true selves. Those were some of the most real experiences of SF2 -- true connection which we all deeply yearn for.

I am grateful to witness and be a part of this open exchange. I love that it spontaneously happened in the open for others to witness, and how you really faced the discomfort on many levels.

Your heartfelt writing about this experience here on the blockchain is yet another testament to your vulnerability, and I hope others will feel the value of your experience.

Grateful to connect with you @jerrybanfield.


So well stated! Ok, now I a little bit sad (again) that I couldn't be there. The vulnerability - that's such a major part of the best things in life and wow- how much effort do most of us put into avoiding it?! I think I speak for everyone- A Lot. And for some good reasons too but because it has become such a convenience to do so- many, many of us are missing out on too much of our own lives, and depriving others of same. Even as I read this and imagine myself there I feel it- such exhilaration and fear also, to be honest. What is that? (I imagine scenes with tremendous clarity- Lol). But hey, when you join together as a family- when is there a better time?

It truly was the perfect opportunity to engage the moment, to question fears and ideas, and to just be present. In my experience it is a rarity to find people open and vulnerable enough to really go there. There is indeed a very great connection of community happening through Steemit and this is just one of the indications that together, awakening can happen.

I am grateful and blessed that at the @gardenofeden we get to experience these kinds of relationships, and challenge ourselves to stand in the discomfort and joys of knowing ourselves and each other. This is doing the real work.

Grateful for your comment @dougbudlong and to see there are others who can feel the great value of showing up as ourselves....together.

The "human connection" theme has been coming up a lot lately. Well, it always gets at least casual mention because under the surface, a lot of people are aware of an unnatural "lack" that has been culminating and giving root to some unsettling social symptoms. But I've been observing deeper discussions about it in recent days. It's good to know that collective awareness is bringing this to the work table.. (as you described) We start to speak to each other about perceptions, we've changed as individuals, which brings realization. And what you described (one perspective anyway): playing with common responses to physical presence, examining and managing reactions- intentionally. Play time is when the a lot of the magic happens.This is what coping and preparing for healthy adjustment looks like! Thanks for sharing the experience.

Yes I loved how he mentioned that for over an hour he felt not only "high" but also that the language part of is brain was turned off because he was fully communicating on a different level.

It is astonishing to me time and time again no matter how many times I facilitate it how much information, data, experience, communication can take place with conscious, present authentic eye contact.

So grateful there is more and more of this happening.



This is great! Eye contact for more than 10 seconds is definitely strange to people (me included), but when we dare to do it, it gets so deep! It is undescribable.
Happy that you can talk about this simple but yet profound thing here!

Thankfully someone is commenting about the profound implications of this part of the post.




high on eye contact lol that's cool that you're finding great connections there. It helps to have some passion in common to do those things so that's probably what helped and inspired you to do it.

Great job at the steemfest @jerrybanfield. Intermittent fasting has been something that I really want to do consistently. Been researching about this.^^

I'm pretty sure you can't beat me on a eye contact challenge. Looking forward to your new post. Stay safe.

Thanks For Share Your Life good info .

Thanks for sharing! Hopefully we will make it to Steemfest in the future! Looking forward to hearing more in your next post!

It is really an exciting and adventurous post.


I'm a huge comedy geek. And I'm a pretty hard public and I'd say you have some potential.

It was good fun! Timeout market is Ace too!


#thanks jerry for the heads up

Fun evening JB!


Nice stand-up performance, Mr. Jerry Banfield @jerrybanfield!
At the next steemfest I'd like to chat a bit longer with you, even though I enjoyed shaking hands in the lobby as well. Keyword: nuts! :-D
See you around!

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I drool a little bit everytime I see the food! As for the comedy show, you have some real ethusiasm Jerry! I like the thought of it just as talking!

Jerry, remember me bro? Don't walk off... That was the best part of your stand up and It seems like you had a hell of a time in Lisbon. Steem seems to be falling apart, let us step it up and get the value up to 10 dollars :)

have you watched this jerry already suggested that
just hope it come true

ten reasons why steem will reach the $10 mark
by jerrybanfield


@jerrybanfield you teased me with this post, I thought I was going to read about the idea for the price of STEEM to Go UP and it was going to be in here. Now I will have to wait for the next post and UP Vote that one too. You sly Devil you..............

he has already made some of the ideas and posted it in both youtube and the text form in steemit

Haha, are ya changing career to comedian?

those natas are really great

@jerrybanfield nice one. I wish to attend the next steemfest. Please take time to check my post out

Oh man @jerrybanfield. YOu are having loads of so much fun that I wish I was there. Lolx. ANyway. I'm there since you eventually tell us almost everything thats happening especially the interesting ones. Thanks for being awesome!

Judging by the photo you are well received .Portugal is a hospitable country. Good luck.

I am also so impressed with my body's new ability to go long periods of time without eating or complaining

Ah well, I hope one day I can make a similar amount of money as you.

It seems like you are having fun :D

Well, that was another evening of fun and frolics ;)



hey jerry pls post a youtube video about how fun and joyful at steemfest-2 and then add the link into your next post!!!


Your plate look amazing @jerrybanfield !!! :D <3
By the way, I finally understand what you were talking about during your one man show !!! :D Will start to learn english by watching your videos !!!!

Steemfest looks like so much fun. Next year am gonna make sure I attend. Nice stand up @jerrybanfield :)

Yummy delicious food! You looks so beautyful bro @jerrybanfield
I'm so glad you have a wonderful time in Lisbon. Have a nice day.

Can't wait for your next post about "increasing the value of steem"
We all want to see that happening.
Post asap..

hi jerry i am show your 30 minute ad on youtube and i am am very impressed. and i join steemit.

So what is the idea? I mean the way to increase steem value.

Cool !!! Foodies !!!

Looking forward to your next post

Great post......It looks like you had a great time👍

Thanks for sharing.

I guess you had a great time there jerry. Nice to see you all :)

Hope you guys enjoy Portugal ☺️☀️☀️☀️

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It is a very good post ♫
I’m @moromaro.
one of japanese we accompanied party yesterday.
I'm glad to see you.
I would like to hold a festival in Japan.
So, please follow me.

Well it's showing that you have a great time there and also a lot enjoy there.

Great post @jerrybanfield I hope you had a lot of fun :-)

Hello sndbox,
You have been the reason i have joined steemit.
Please follow me or upvote my post. i would really appreciate it!

Great Events with awesome steemetians :) ENJOY Jerrry:)

nice its perfect post bro

Omg! I'm jealous. Looks so fun! I'm glad you had fun there with our fellow steemians. Im looking forward for the update about increasing the value of steem. Following! Cheers!

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man reading this post just made me hungry,great content.

Many thanks for the pic of that bodacious salad!

I was blessed with a Godspeak from the Holy Spirit decades ago to do intermittent eating long before I knew it had a name. It changed my life!

A little dessert time and again means being true to the inner person.

Thanks for taking the time to share this post!

Safe travels!


It seems all of steemians having great fun in steemfest2 conference.
Wonderful events. delicious food around there. Absolutely great opportunity.

Looks so much fun !

I repeat that it would be good to be there ... I think everyone guessed what your food was ... haha ​​... I see you are using to make your posts ... I am also using it ... I would do well if you and several whales that follow you also folow me to increase the value of that vote that gives us busy ... I would appreciate it very much

What a marvelous moment steemfest2.
Have rock and fun @jerrybanfield.
terrific occasion. Steem on..

good work keeep it up!!

I like your pictures and the way you write. Thank you for sharing!
If you like to read about travels and circus life please welcome to my friends @annamur

I already gave you my vote as a witness, I really like how you relate your adventures;)
By the way, the fries are the maximum and that salad looks very provocative @jerrybanfield

Great job Jerry ! Can i put here link to my introduction post? I developed windows apps for STEEM so if you would like to look? Thanks:

Nice Jerry....your stand up was actually pretty good for your first time. Much better than I could do....

gather together friends very fun, let alone dibtemank with a very delicious food.
thanks for sharing.

Hey Jerry what gives you the motivation to always post? Thanks. O and are you still a 1 currency guy?

Nice food...dine together..thank you @jerrybanfield

vow , have a good time together and enjoy yourselve ! great post !

steemfest2 is delightful, not only meetup. Its had fun occasions, delicious dinner & breakfast foods, night rocks etc.. I excited you`re hopefully happy there. Best of luck and great wishes.

Nice pic best of luck Jerry brother

hlw sir i like you i love your evrythink

I had a intimate stare down once in a yoga class, we sat with each other and stared into each others eye for 30 min without stopping or speaking. It was an incredible profound experience. I had to sit with my shifting emotions ranging from uncomfortable to seeing myself in the other person. We are not taught how to be truly close with others in this society. What a blessing you had people who where willing to sit and be open with you. Thanks for sharing.

Be careful Jerry, your VP is really full! Better add a few more minnows to the auto voter 👈😎👉

Great info @jerrybanfield! I am so glad that there are people like you that are dedicated to the platform.

I have also taken up an extreme fondness for Steem and finally crossed 1750 Steem Power just a while ago. Not too bad for being on the platform for under 2 months, but I know I have a lot of work to do as well. I want to engage in advertising like I have seen that you do, and I am very astute at internet marketing and SEO so I think that I can definitely bring a lot of new faces to Steemit over the next few months. I have a lot of great ideas for keywords, but do you have any tips to share?

I have been spending a decent amount on Steem Bucks for promotions because I know it is good for the stability of the platform, but I want to do as much as I can to ensure the success of Steem!

I applaud you for your hard work in helping maintain and build the stability of this amazing crypto/social media platform!

Hi @jerrybanfield I enjoy reading your post, your dessert looks delicious for me. I also watch your videos in youtube. Godbless thank brother

[email protected],
What to do to increase the value of steem is a question that requires urgent answer as well as an prompt action. It is very discourating especially to minnows when who may earn a dollar now only to to come back few hours latter to find out that the one dollar no longer one but less. I am looking forward to a stronger steem and a better steemit community. Keep steeming and sharing friend.

Looks like you guys are having a great time

I'm really impressed that you were able to stand up and do an off-the-cuff comedy routine like that. What really came through in the performance was that you were nervous, and a little awkward, and that you had the courage to just do it anyway. This is a great lesson-in-itself for people who might me on the cusp of trying something new but are held back by their fears.

Hahha, Nice video at the end. @logic was pretending to lick his nipple behind you with all the other drunk Steemians!

@jerrybanfield I'm amazed that you can stay without food for a long time, that's awesome, I'm impressed.

Mouth watering food made me feel so good BTW...

And I'm looking forward for your next post of your adventures in Lisbon.

Interested in doing business with you. It is related with marketing. Please tell me the way to contact you personally.Thanks. @jerrybanfield

I was so happy to meet you at @steemfest Jerry! Your standup was awesome and I enjoyed the conversations we had. That salad looks absolutely delicious too by the way

Well the cancellation of segwit2x has helped the price of steem recover somewhat for a start ;)


THANK YOU that video. would be dope if you followed me but like you say it don't rly matter

btw u funny bro{for real} and would love to connect and just vibe

BIG UP ASH ( don't know his handle..yet

Hello @jerrybanfield ! Thank you for posting a video of you telling your viewers about the I am new here and I discover this amazing social media, blogging site, earning money just because of you, one time I was watching random videos somewhere and then I watched your half an hour video tutorial about this site. You make think "I should do this for real". Now I am here. Thank you so much. I love you. :)

yummy food :p

Looks like lots of fun!
Hope you'll be able to enjoy my travel stories as well...

Great post mate, really enjoy your YouTube videos as well.Keep up the good work!

great as always !!

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content