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To make the app up to date to today's standards, ready for open beta, and ready for the implementation of new functions we are reworking the app and are now using Material that will help to realize the points we will want to implement as listed in the Fundition project post and Steemeum introduction post.

The below mockups are made to explore the possibilities with the elements supported by Materials, to see what is possible and how it will look and feel in combination with Steemeum.


Feedback from a few users regarding the feeling of the app are that it is not meeting todays standards, and not displays well on different dimensions of screens, this will now be more easy to handle with the use of



It also brings the development for iOS in a closer reach.




Beside the switch to material, there will taken account of the future implementation of experience points, the experience points will be used to differentiate users based on there commitment towards the project. They can be gathered by running the app, or for example by following Steemeum on Steem, or Twitter.




The Splashcreen will be edited to included the Fundition and Future shock logo.


Navigator menu

Navigator menu, instead of the previous limited footer menu


Miner screen

The miner screen will have chart modules to show the users progress, and shows the new to implement experience points.




To further differentiate from the competitor apps, and to make the rankings fit the community aspect, we will show the users profile pictures in the Ranking screen, and user reputation and there experience points.

Steemeum is a lightweight application and to minimize bandwidth, loading of the profile pictures can be turned off in the settings screen.



The statistics panel will be customizable, and the users can add or remove panels. The price tickers can be set to display any crypto currency.



The rewards screen (previously called payouts) will now show all rewards gathered with Steemeum. In the list the users can see when they got the reward, and it's value. This will in the future not only show SBD but also experience points and possible other rewards as well.

(The final results could look different from the mockups)


At the moment most features from the previous version are also inside the new app and the new features and elements are being implemented.


Join Steemeum on Discord if you want to help test the app and give feedback, and help to fund the project with Fundition.




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Looks pretty sweet!

Thank you @ihashblox

Very exciting and much needed improvements! Especially the new design and interface, as well as the experience and ranking features and, of course, referrals. You could also consider adding an achievements system (like "mini-Steemitboard": mined X SBD, gained Y experience, referred Z friends, etc.).
As for the community aspect, it would be nice to have some sort of in-built messaging to replace communication via Discord.
I am certain that Steemeum IS ALREADY the best mobile mining app and I appreciate your efforts to make it even better.

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