SteemPi v1.0 is here!

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I'm happy to finally present to you:

SteemPi v1.0

Runs on a (Raspberry) Pi single board computer that connects to your TV (HDMI) and shows the SteemPi web interface with the press of a button on your TV remote, it shows useful Steem related information, apps, links, cointickers and it has some entertainment as well. 

Beside the functions of the web interface, the SteemPi system can also notify you on Steemit profile updates, with LED light notifications.

You can now install SteemPi onto your (Raspberry) Pi in 3 simple steps.

The SteemPi tutorial and files can be found on the new SteemPi Github

Some coding and linux experience is at this moment still useful to get started, but if you don't have this experience the tutorial, commands, and the comments in the "ledscript" and "index.php" will (hopefully) help you get more experience and it will explain what you can change and customize and how to add features to the SteemPi interface.  

SteemPi v1.0 Features:

- Easy 3 step installation
- Led light notifications when new replies are recieved on your Steemit blog posts.
- Realtime Google Trends charts
- Switchable header apps 
--- Steemitpond Made by @mynameisbrian
--- Whale Sonar Made by @elviento
--- Steem Stream Made by @roelandp
--- Steemitboard Made by @arcange & @captaink
--- Steem Followers Made by @shaunmza
--- Steem Supply Made by @dragosroua 
--- ISS Live stream from space, Provided by Ustream
--- Monterey Bay Aquarium Live stream, Provided by Ustream


- Coingecko Coin Tickers: Steem, SBD, BTC, ETH

- RSS Sliders: #steemdev, @Techtek replies

- live video streams: ISS, Aquarium +Fullscreen embed any stream you want


- Steemit
- Dtube @heimindanger
- Streemian
- Steemit chat
- Steemit Pond @mynameisbrian
- SteemVP @roelandp
- Steem Stream @roelandp
- SteemTracked @shango
- Steemcap @ausbitbank
- Mentions @furion
- Whale Sonar @elviento
- SteemPi @techtek @dehenne

SteemPi v1.0 board compatibility list:

Raspberry Pi 1...............Untested, should work
Raspberry Pi 2...............Tested, works
Raspberry Pi 3...............Untested, should work
Raspberry Pi zero..........Untested, should work
Raspberry Pi zero w......Untested, should work
Bananna Pi series.........Untested, should work
Odroid..........................Untested, Should work
Orange Pi series............Untested, should work
(Orange Pi: 1, 2, plus, plus 2, mini, mini 2, pc, one, lite, pc plus, plus 2E, pc 2, zero plus 2)

SteemPi probably also works on other single board computers that are compatible with the Wiringpi GPIO library.

The boards can be bought on-line, or find and support a local reseller.

Prices for those single board computers range from 5,- to 50,- usd +/-

Special thanks to @dehenne for helping with this project.

Please let me know, if you have it up and running, and let me know if you have questions, requests or sugestions etc.


Could this be programmed to output pulses to a GPIO pin when SBD are sent to a specified account?

I would like to emulate a coin mechanism and create a Steem-powered arcade game.

I will create a feature request issue for you ;-)

If somebody have more ideas or some feature request:

best regards

Hi thanks for your interest in SteemPi

  • Could this be programmed to output pulses to a GPIO pin: yes

  • when SBD are sent to a specified account?: no (not yet only on replies at this moment )

you say that it can be controlled with a TV remote, but regular monitors work too right? I don't have extra TV's but I have extra monitors lol

That's ok, too :-)

Yes will work *if your monitor have HDMI

or you can access the interface also from a webbowser on your pc

Thank you. This is great. Reblogged and voted. Will use this in the future.

Thank you so much! We appreciate feedback

This is so awesome! Been wondering what to do with my raspberry pi for quite some time. Really cool project! Thanks a bunch for sharing!

You really should give it a try it is a fun project and more features will follow

This looks pretty cool, going to have to do some more reading to check out all the features. Thanks for doing cool things with inexpensive technology for the community!

Thank you for your reply and lighting up the LED :)

"Thanks for doing cool things with inexpensive technology for the community!"

Nice :) makes me smile

Thank you . For the next weeks we want to implement new features and an easier GUI for TV's.

That is awesome, will be looking for the update here

I'll be giving this a go. I've plenty of Pi's lying around.

Thanks, that would be awesome :)

Maybe I'll have a go tomorrow.

Thanks for lighting up my day :)

it is very useful, you will not easily miss a reply and if you have a few of them you could for example put one near and connected to the TV and one near your computer monitor.

What case(s) do you have ?

You might (Or might not. :-D) want to look at this on my site
I have Pi's 1,2 and 3 some in cases some not. :-)

Thats useful, i have seen them before, with combinations of:

  • miro usb
  • lighning
  • type-c

But i use a 220v to 4x USB adapter and two loose cables for two Pi's. but your reply reminds me: next time i should buy at least one of this cables with 2 or 3 x micro usb connectors.


Do you have this case ?

Yeah, actually have that. It runs ArchArm

If you would change it to use this case with SteemPi we might have something for you.

Wow this a very great tool i've never thought that something like that would exist.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3 lying around, which i used previously as a webserver, but this is a much better use than it was before.

Thank you for sharing. And please keep us up to date for futrue anouncements.


Hi Brian,

Thank you and thanks for commenting, a new announcement post is in the making and is planned for tomorrow :)

And you could try to run the webserver and SteemPi together to have both functionality and be ready for our next updates.

Keep us posted about it

Really cool project!

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Keep up the good work!

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wow, thanks for the update . This shows the ingenuity of steem and its members...upvoted
In addition to my comment, feel free to join the conversation in my new post about future of will motivate you more about steem . More success to you.

I have a raspberry pi 2 laying around, awesome idea

Thanks, Please install and feedback :)

Great project, hopefully people like you are reproduced and developed in order to give good to others.

I want to be like you, but the limitations of knowledge that separates intentions and desires.

always success!!

Super innovative, great job @techtek

Thanks for your reply and compliment ,

( also thanks to @dehenne he is helping a lot as well )

Interesting, makes fun from Pi and Steemit.

Thanks for your reply,

Those two things can make great new things possible :)

A smart steemian you are. Tech changes and improves the world.

Thank you for the nice comment and for lighting up my day :)

Great job!

Hi @techtek! That is so cool! Thanks for sharing with us your post. I would love to have at least one of that technology ^^

Thanks for your comment and lighting up the LED and my day :)

This is pretty neat. I need a pi asap

:) they are cheap and a lot of fun !

definitely. You will not regret it. 😊

This is amazing!! The things yous guys put together never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all of the hard work put in by everyone involved. Resteemed and upvoted in attempts to payback how I can.

Thank you for your help

This is awseome will install tonight!

I'm pretty much only using my Raspberry PI 3 (model B) to seed files over IPFS. I'm thinking of migrating my website to IPFS as well, just for the lols.

Looks great. Keep up the good work and ideas along with shared resources.

Thank you. For the next days and weeks we plan some more features. 😊

Thank you, for motivating we plan a new announcement post about system improvements, features and the SteemPi ideology for somewhere tomorrow.

Fantastic I love Rpi. I have ordered a Orange pi and will install and test as soon as I get it. I hope to have it as the base of my off grid and bee managment system.

Thanks for your reply and lighting up the LED, Interesting reply and would love to hear your feedback, Which orange pi model did you order?

Bee's need automated management ?

No Problem I always take the time to up vote articles and comments that I have and interest in. I do the same for well done articles that promote a sustainable planet.
I actually have 2 on order Orange Pi Zero H2 Quad Core Open-source and a Orange Pi Zero PC Compatible Android 512MB H2 WiFi with Expansion Board and Case.

There will be lots going on in this project. well actually 3 main ones. beehive monitoring. Solar tracker, charge controller and power monitoring system.

Love the combination of Perl programing, electronic design and hardware manufacturing.

I just got the Orange pis in but have not been able to get them to boot up. I have tried several distro from the orange site but noe worked. I will get a few new cards and try again.

Nice project I will have to grab up a Pi and play. Upvoted and Resteemed for exposure. Keep up the cool work!!

sweet, very cool! i'll get a pi 3 dedicated to this and get it setup, good work! :)

Thank you for your comment, please feedback your results, it would be very useful.

will gladly feedback, would you be up for some custom pi distro in the future for a project? did you pull this all together yaself?

A custom Distro is on the wishlist but still far away and i cant do everything by myself and i am lucky i have help from @dehenne!

if you would want to focus on the distro part or someone, that would be awesome.

when i'm totally setup i would totally be glad to help out and shape both what you have going and what i want to work on i think there is a crossover. which is kinda exciting! :)

Do you develop a rpi steemit project, too?

nope. not at all, but i'm a big pi fan and i use them for cctv ( and xmbc, but i have a project, that i want to work on for a bunch of niches -- i've been testing the pi camera for both streaming/cctv and other stuff, once i've got it fully tested i'll be explaining more about the project as it's fairly big, so basically anything i see to do with the pi i'm behind! :)

I don't test the Pi Cam yet, but i want ^^ i have a xbmc too ... it so remarkable what you can do with a 10$ Computer 😊

I'm looking forward to some posts from you👍

Going to have to test this out...this is pretty cool @techtek, thank you.

Thanks , dont forget @dehenne :)

It will be great to hear how your test goes, and I would like to see an article on it from you

Raspberry pi software is very important for robotics.
Good going

If all things keep going wel..... who knows... SteemPi may become one of our best robot friends :)

Great by day, this platform grows so fast and makes steemit easier to be accesed...

For the Futur we planned some more stuff ...we will keep you up to date.

This is great to read! You made it! Have no Raspberry Pi, so I cannot test this one, but I should buy myself one soon. Deserved rewards you have here in your post!

Thanks for your comment and compliments, you really should consider to buy one, and get SteemPi installed, the next version will be so much better. and have new features. have the Pi in stock i believe, and they sell the same case that i am using, (if you decide to buy the Pi and the same case, i will send you a custom 3d printed side panel with cutout Steemit logo)

I'll have a look at it soon :)

An excellent idea with helpful features. Yet to get myself a raspberry pi, but it is on the list as someone in a class of mine has it and I would love to use it myself! Upvoted and reblogged.

Thanks for such a great article! Deeply appreciated and upvoted! ✌️ ✌️

Thanks for your compliment and reply

I've installed it quickly on ArchArm which is the Pi derivative of ArchLinux
It is slightly broken but don't worry about that. Effectively it works.

I might look at doing a Raspbian install at the weekend.

FIrst, Thanks for installing and testing it,.

Do you know with which user your webserver runs? This user should have write permissions to the project folder.

TBH I wasn't interested in setting it up properly, it was just a 'Throw on' install. Hopefully, I'll find time over the weekend and do it properly on one of the five or six other Pi's I have. :-)

100% upvote!! I need one of these.

Thank you :) !

(We are preparing a announcement post, better system, new features and we will explain the ideology of the project in more detail.)

@techtek Tag me in your future SteemPi posts, I am interested in possibly distributing these. Connect with me on

Very cool. Thanks for the hard work. What another great reason to get a Rasberry Pi.

Thank you for the comment and positive words :)

I would want to add to it: "and to come to Steemit" :)

wow, how this guys come up on per seconds basis with a matching need baffles me always, it keeps me at the tip of my minds to to think faster better and more creatively, how i wish to have my own gross list of catalogues in inventions like thomas edison, nikola telsa, benjamin franklin,etc thanks nice post.

Thanks for your kind and positive and inspiring words.

The project will become bigger and many new things are still in the magic hat.

But, with the support of the community this project can sky rocket.

Hey, I have raspbery pi's sitting around doing nothing. Thanks!
Upvoted you.

You should try SteemPi on it !?

This is awesome, on another level. Would like to integrate the son my Samsung plasma too. Would be great to play around there a bit. It's pretty amazing that you an also add live streams as well.

Thanks for lighting up the LED and my day :)

The features that are available in this first V1.0 is just a very small beginning of the features that are on the drawing table... :)

More to come soon

Thanks for your comment

This is great. I was just looking at getting a pi zero w to tinker with. Thanks for the motivation to get out my other 2 pi's. I have not given them the time to become fully aware of what they can do. Upvoted, following and resteemed.


Hi thanks for your reply, Yu really should start playing with them more, they are a lot of fun and so many cool projects to try it with.

SteemPi is not to difficult to setup and play around with. you really should try it :)

@techtek - Thanks for making this app. I'll surely going to give it a try and install it on my Raspberry device.

Thanks for your reply, please let me know the results. feedback would be very welcome.

this is unbelievable...

gonna have to test this on the orange pi see how it runs and see the features

I think it should work fine and some Orange Pi's should/could preform better than the Pi 2 and possible the 3 as well.

i have two different orange pi's but im to busy with SteemPi on Raspberry Pi to give it a try on Orange Pi.

Would be great to have your feedback and if you post about it i probably will resteem your post.

Upvoted and resteemed! I'm actually excited to try this out. Have a raspberry pi 3 primarily for trading crypto, but I have been wanting to try out other projects

Thanks, it is a nice project to play around and customise, you should give it a try, and more (crypto) features will be implemented.

I will install this software to my Pi and check it out. I will comment later again and tell you if it works on a Raspberry Pi 3 :)

That would be very nice, please give feedback so we can improve and make it better.

So the software is running :) I also can use this WebUI on all my devices :) I don't have a LED lying around so I will test this feature next week :)

We are planning a new post explaining the upcoming version and our ideology for the system it will get much better and much more interesting !

Thanks for testing :)!!!

Hahahah that is amazing, really nice !!!

Maybe you dont need to buy one, perhaps you can hunt down one in your home, maybe you have one laying around, look for a ledkeychain or plastic toy or small portable light, old electronics, happymeal toys or even Christmas decoration :p

If you don't connect a led and run the script manually it should output to the terminal when change is detected. (so you could already play with it without the LED connected as well)

Thanks for your comment and letting us know you have installed it !

Today I don't play with this software. Maybe sunday :)

Excellent!! Steemit going to the moon!!

I ordered one and waiting for it to be delivered. Thank you for another Idea how to use it apart from learning python.

This is Baller, capital B intended. I cant wait to have this on my wall as a current up date at a glance, Thanks for putting this together! Seriously its awesome.

Thanks you for lighting up the LED and commenting on the project
a upvote for you in return. :)

This is really interesting. I am playing with the Raspberry Pi since the very first version. Bit short on time at the moment but I remember this and will try it.

Thanks for your reply and compliment, The goal is to have it setup in no time, SteemPi also have a settings menu which will make part of the webinterface customization easy to do from within the webinterface itself.

Would be very cool if you would install it and give it a try

Nice !
I will try to test it on the Rasp 1.

That would be awesome, and thanks for lighting up my day and LED! (again :) )

Would be interesting to know the performance.

(The autoplay function of the two live video feeds could be a issue when viewing the web interface directly on a tv but maybe you will only access it from a remote device)

Yes, the Rasp 1 is missing a lot of horse power and memory is tight. I will give it a try on the TV just to see. Used as remote should be ok.

My first Pi was a 1 and yes i agree it is a bit slow but it's definitely the same fun little computer :)

And i have to say most 700mb movies in Kodi did work with no problem on the Pi 1.

Will be very useful to have your test results.

Yeah finally got the Raspberry thanks i well test it

Would be awesome, Please feedback your test results !

Wow! Thanks for all the info and links @techtek. Very much appreciated!!

wow that really nice useful product

Thank you for lighting up the LED and thank you for your reply.

Very interesting. Using Steem on a Raspberry Pi is a great application.

Yes! Going to install this on my Raspberry Pi 3:) Thank you

Thank you, this really helped me for the future when i was confused

Good work! But its more fun than for use i think :)

Very helpful, I will study your project.
Thanks to share it.

hmm informative, but i hope it will used soon!

it is already in use :) thats why i can reply so fast to your comment ;P

and other people are preparing to use it as wel, they even write about it in there comments to this post.


А возможно ли майнить с обычного ноутбука?

Спасибо за ваш комментарий, это не шахтер. Но, возможно, можно добавить некоторую функциональность, которая поддерживает разработку или плагин для мониторинга ваших шахтеров.

Thanks for giving me something to do now

:) Thanks for lighting up the LED and replying to the post

This is really exciting news. I'm looking forward to seeing how this moves forward. I'm planning on getting a Raspberry Pi in the near future and may try this out.

Что за приложение?

This is fantastic, my mind is already racing with applications like a small dedicated touchscreen that has a RPi mounted on the rear or a LiPo battery powered portable touchscreen RPi in a custom housing with notification LEDs, a small tweeter, and an RTC...

Ubiqitous steem, in a lightweight, low power package.

:) Thank you for your reply, please give it a try, wold be awesome.

Will do, it's just a question of available time :(
When I do I'll try to capture usefull images, steps, any configs I add/mod, and include them in one of your posts, or blog it myself with linkback to you.

Thanks for all the hard work put into this by yourself and the other contributors.

Im looking forward to it thank you, would be nice to have you on board.

I am your follower thank you to vote on my commendary thank you
@ bakabou159704

Cool! We need more Raspberry Pi's!

I like your post, and I will wait for your next posting

next announcement post probably tomorrow

Congratulations! @techtek I really hope we can get Steem added! That will really help!
Great post! The project is interesting . At this point I agree with you.

This is so cool cant wait to try it out! thanks for the post!

Thanks for making it more easy . appreciate it and up voted !

Great post

Great Post :)

Wow!! great contribution techtek, does it run on Linux? maybe your code may work on FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi too!

Hi Thanks for you reply :) At this moment the system and tutorial is only tested with Raspbian (linux) but it will probably work on other (linux) distributions as well.

wow this great pity i dont have a pi

That maybe could change.... be sure to follow :p

"gpio write 0 1"


Nice one , i will try it out and try to contribute to it.

Thank you, that would be very nice and very much appreciated.

Let me know if you starting and need any help.

Raspberry can be used for everything these days. GOOD GAME! WELL PLAYED!

My Pi has been gathering dust for the past 2 months, thanks for sharing!

Blow of the dust, and get it going again :) ?

Thank you. This is good

This looks really cool! I will look more into this. Thanks!

Thanks for lighting up the LED and thanks for your reply.