WordPress Steem 1.0.4

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WordPress Steem

WordPress Steem

Publish Your WordPress Posts on Steem Blockchain!


I apologize for the outage that happened the last 2 weeks. There was an issue with my server that caused it. It should be stable now. Also, I've been away from the Steem community and just got back from personal matters and personal work. I'll be focusing on developing new features and improving the overall use-case of the plugin.

Please let me know your feedback about the plugin and the newest version as well. Thanks! :)


  • [FIX] It should not publish post if their post_status is "draft".

The latest version of the plugin is now available through GitHub repository and the WordPress Plugins repository.


Thanks to the people who have supported the project, reported issues with the project, suggested possible features to be built on the project, and to the testers! Greatly appreciate your help! :)




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A big upvote from me.
I started to use WordPress Steem on https://donatelloclub.eu.
It's linked with @Donwhale.


Thanks so much! Greatly appreciate the support. :)