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I've been trying to work out how to fund the Sincerity project, and had an idea...

I'm offering a paid service where you buy tokens to analyse the active Steem accounts data using a convenient browser based interface.

I plan to document it over the next few weeks, but wanted to put it out for anyone who is comfortable with undocumented software ;) People used to analysing data should find it fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few examples of what you can do with it.

The above shows a scatter chart illustrating the relationship between the reputations of accounts and their Sincerity classifications.

This shows how much active accounts created more than a year ago currently have invested. It uses a log scale to show the distribution more clearly. The way you read it is as follows: 4 = 10000 vests (~5 SP), 5 = 100000 vests (~50 SP), 6 = 1000000 vests (~500 SP), etc. - so basically it's the number of zeros after a 1.

If you're looking for whale accounts to support your witness, you can use several filters to find the information you're looking for, and can then export it to a spreadsheet.

Creating reports costs tokens, and these are paid for in SBDs. 1 SBD currently buys 100 tokens.

I hope to make many improvements over time, but any feedback on what's here so far would be great!

To get started quickly you can use our 10000 token demo account.
username: demo
password: demo


Great monetization idea, hope you get some customers!

Yeah - we'll see! I'm not particularly confident, but thought it worth an experiment.

i went here because @transito resteemed you post. I tried to make some reports with the account demo but i found all the information on the sincerity lab Lab not useful. Can you explain better what are the benefit to use this tool? why somone should pay to use it? and let me say, adding filters like that, is not so easy to understand. can you give me more advice?

I have started writing the instructions for Sincerity Lab here:

Hopefully this and future posts will give a better idea how to use it. It will only be useful to some people, and I don't expect many users will find enough value to pay for it, as you still need to be quite analytical, but it's there for any who do :)

Hey Andy, slightly off topic (but still on the broader steem-sincerity topic) Curie is currently working on a filtering search tool for Steem and I think including an option to filter by the steem-sincerity classification (e.g. only return posts in the results by "humans") would be awesome. I was just looking at the API page ( - if all we are wanting is the bot/human/spammer classification, is the Accounts Info API what we want? There isn't one that just returns the bot/human/spammer classification (and not the upvote info, etc.)? Would love to chat - feel free to DM me on Discord @gnashster#6522 if you have a minute. Cheers - Carl

Hi Carl, good to hear from you. Yeah, is probably best for what you want. There's no call that only returns the classification info as yet, though that could be easily added if it would be helpful. I'll try you on discord in our UK evening.

Looks great! I will surely check this out!

Woah, cool idea :) it's super cool that the api is still free
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Thanks for the support!

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Fantastic post friend

@andybets Bitdefender Internet Security blocking your scripts and putting warning as it is trying to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.



Please check this. Because I never used your software.
But I using @SteemPlus Chrome extension.

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