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Hey Andy, slightly off topic (but still on the broader steem-sincerity topic) Curie is currently working on a filtering search tool for Steem and I think including an option to filter by the steem-sincerity classification (e.g. only return posts in the results by "humans") would be awesome. I was just looking at the API page ( - if all we are wanting is the bot/human/spammer classification, is the Accounts Info API what we want? There isn't one that just returns the bot/human/spammer classification (and not the upvote info, etc.)? Would love to chat - feel free to DM me on Discord @gnashster#6522 if you have a minute. Cheers - Carl


Hi Carl, good to hear from you. Yeah, is probably best for what you want. There's no call that only returns the classification info as yet, though that could be easily added if it would be helpful. I'll try you on discord in our UK evening.

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