@tipU Investors Update: Payout On Demand :)

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Hi guys, neat update today for all @tipU investors / SP delegators.

@tipU automatically sends payouts to all investors every 24h but if you don't want to wait:

Send 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: payout

And you will receive your earned SBD and STEEM accumulated since last payout.

Please note that this this method ignores the reinvest functionality so you will receive 100% of earned SBD/STEEM even if you set the reinvest to more then 0%. If you want the payout, you'll get it whole ;)


PS. Do you know any other voting bot that can do that? ;)

If you want to be @tipU investor or STEEM POWER delegator - click here for more info. @tipU pays 100% profit + extra 50% curation rewards to all investors :)

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hey cardboard if i delegate 400 sp to tipu, how much will be the daily payout

Hi @moeenali :) currently around 0.45 SBD but it directly depends on STEEM price.

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By the way, you can always check current @tipU payuts here:
@tipU is fully transparent so with the payout, investor receives informations about his investment. One of the last payments was:

tipu send 0.088 SBD to felipejoys
Payout from @tipU | Previous payout: 24.0 hours ago | Total @tipU profit: 137.422 SBD | Your current share: 0.0658% | Your profit: 0.088 SBD | Auto reinvested: 0 STEEM, reinvest ratio at 0% | Your investment: 75 SP delegated + 0 SP invested out of 113988.634 SP total | Thank you! PS. You can now tell @tipU to make instant payout, more info here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@tipu/tipu-investors-update-payout-on-demand

So for 75 SP user received 0.088 SBD.
400 / 75 = 5.33
0.088 * 5.33 = 0.469

So for 400 SP delegated you would receive today 0.469 SBD. After 7 days of delegation / investment you will also start to receive daily STEEM curation reward payouts :)

Today I've added new feature: you can receive custom delegation link like this: @tipu I want to delegate 400 sp

ok thank you for your response, soon i will delegate some sp to tipu

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect delegation link.. Thank you!

I edited this comment to let tipu upvote the post, but nothing happened: what’s wrong, @cardboard?

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Please make new comment, editing does not always work because the steem blockchain saves edit in the block like this: @@ -55,16 +55,20 @@ because +the steem bl

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OK, thank you... good to know! 🙏🏻

@cardboard, Should I put my post URL as memo or just transfer like dat to get my post upvoted??...
Because when I was going through how @tipu pays I didn't see "put URL as memo or something..."

Ah, it was probably post for investors.

To buy the upvote please put link to the post in memo :)

@cardboard Please tell me if I leave the "upvote this post" command now. When @tipU does not have enough power. Will he vote later, or will nothing happen?

@tipU will only make a comment that it is currently recovering voting power and will tell when voting will start.

no vote will be made and no money will be taken from your account :)


I have send 1 SBD with a link to you but I dont get an upvote or an message.
Please Help

Refunded, there was some problem with voting on steem yesterday :s

I have given him 0.500 sbd but couldnot upvoted

Same by me

Check your wallet please, you have received automatic refund the same minute.


tipu upvotes are no more profitable. I tried for 10-15 times, hoping that I shall receive 2-3 times of my bid.

Please note that @tipU is not a bidding bot - it always upvotes with 2.1x or 3x of your payment.

I can see that you have used @tipU 2 days ago and you have received 1.05 SBD upvote for 0.5 SBD payment and 2.1 SBD upvote for 1 SBD payment so all seems working.

Maybe you are referring to the post value dropping because STEEM price is lowering? Sorry, but I have no control over this and no voting bot has. Yet, even with the price drop the upvotes are still worth more then 2x of your payment. You can see it below:

2x upvote is not profitable after adjusting curation rewards at 25%, you get the same amount back.
And yes I know the fact that tipu is not a bidding bot. I can explain
Let’s say that I send tipu 5 SBD and so I get an upvote for 10.5, after adjusting curation(25%)that becomes 7.875, which again is divided into 3.93 SBD and 0.98 SP( considering Steem price to be $4).
Now if one converts the SP into SBD, for calculation purposes you get 1.07 SBD( assuming SBD is 110% of Steem)and adding that to 3.93 SBD, you get the actual amount paid, i.e, 5 SBD.

Yep, but @tipU is not printing SBD machine :) please use it to promote your post, get better visibility and more votes because of that :)

I understand that tipu is not printing SBD, but if it upvotes for a little more, say 2.3x, people will have a reason to chose tipu, over other bots.
That’s the only point I wanted to make.

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Aye, thank you :) currently @tipU does not even have enough voting power to work more than 10 hours a day so that's the main issue currently :)

Also, I don't think that there are many bots that can give guaranteed 2.1 x upvote. Bid bots are hit or miss often.

Great idea. Wow. Talk about being in tune with what consumers want!

Watch this! :P @tipU I want to delegate 300 sp

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect delegation link.. Thank you!

well recommended investment bot ! cheers @cardboard

Nice offer and features

Just delegated!

Cool, thank you:)

This is a handy update.

Question about delegation.

Which would be the most efficient tokens to send @tipu a delegation.

(1) Powered up steem
(2) Liquid steem
(3) Steem backed dollars

It's all the same but I would choose delegating STEEM POWER as you have full control over your delegation (you can change it or remove it any time you want:)

Thanks for the answer. I'll be delegating some more steempower shortly:)

Cool, thank you :)

@tipU Hi, how to invest ?

At the end of the post there is a link :)

How will i invest @tipu

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I forgot to add link at the end of the post, one moment :)

edit: OK, added - here's the link.

@tipu upvote this post with 10 sbd please :)

Nice. I’m gonna start using please with dear @tipu. Is 10 the upvote limit?

It depends on the post, the newer the post, the higher the possible upvote. Currently max is set around 12 SBD :)

Hi @tipu, please check how much has actually has been deposited by me?... think it should be more than 2 SBD. And what is the best keyword to make @tipu come and update any post that I decided to give tip. thanks.


8 days ago

Also I sent tip to this post https://steemit.com/fiction/@rlt47/a-short-story-the-gift-of-colour but it doesn't work. I tried all keywords and edited my comment few times but it's still not working. Appreciate your attention, thanks.

  ·  last year (edited)

Problem with the balance fixed (caused few days ago by a bug related to resent SBD from upvotes).

Sending tips and upvotes should be working now for you :) Remember to make new comment because editing does not always work :)

Thanks for your prompt response. May I know how much my total deposit actually. I think should be 2.5 SBD, thanks.

You can always send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: balance
to check your balances. And yes, it's 2.5 SBD :)

Thanks @cardboard, sorry to trouble you so much. Noted on that balance memo. Wishing you a pleasant weekend :).

Quick question(s):
reinvested SBD gets converted to Steem and powered up according to market rates at the moment you send the payout memo?
If we want to withdraw our SBD investment, but not our Steem, is that possible?
If we want to have it auto-reinvest the STEEM, but not the SBD, is that possible?

Hi @improv!

reinvested SBD gets converted to Steem and powered up according to market rates at the moment you send the payout memo?

Yes with one exception: powering up is disabled at the moment so technically when you invest or reinvest, @tipU SP goes lower and your's go up by the invest/reinvest amount.

If we want to withdraw our SBD investment, but not our Steem, is that possible?

Actually yesterday I implemented auto refunding. It's still in testing but you can try it out - send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: refund
You can first check your status, refund and check status again to see if all went well.
Refund sends back both STEEM and SBD invested so you need to send SBD/STEEM back as invest if you want to keep it.

If we want to have it auto-reinvest the STEEM, but not the SBD, is that possible?

Not currently, I figured out it would be too complicated for users, I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

When you say it sends back Steem and SBD, does it convert what was invested in SBD as SBD or does it just send Steem back?

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SBD and STEEM :) when investing/reinvesting @tipu saves how much SBD was converted to SP and then sends back this amount of SBD. The same goes for STEEM but theres always 1:1 ratio there.

Ooo! Nice!

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@tipu resteem this post. upvotes or SBD me..........Resteem Service for all :::: Send me SBD OR STEEM and i will resteem your post :::: Paste your post Link in memo.Get your post be seen by people.

Today, in the morning, I sent:
7 hours ago 2 SBD sent to @tipu https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@ronaldoavelino/67-another-raid-with-thedamus
7 hours ago 2 SBD sent to @tipu https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@ronaldoavelino/68-another-raid-with-thedamus-part-2
A few moments later I received:
7 hours ago 2 SBD received from @tipu Sorry, @tipU needs to recover voting power - will be back in 6 hours and 23 minutes.

I did not receive the refund of the other 2 SBD yet.
A few minutes ago I resent the 4 SBDs and I was upvoted normally.

Will check it out :)

Have you discovered what happened to my 2 SBDs?

  ·  last year (edited)

I receive payout profit but not received 50% curation reward yet.
I want to receive curation reward

Remember that post rewards, including curation, are paid 7 days after the vote. So first curation rewards will be send to you 7 days after start of your delegation.

Just checking something:) @tipu I want to delegate 100 sp

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect delegation link.. Thank you!

Didn’t get a SBD payment yesterday and i would also like to withdraw all my invested steem

  ·  last year (edited)

OK, missing payout done and refunded.

This is a great post.I want more post like this.

I've sent 2 sbd about 11 hours ago to @tipu to upvote a post. Is it normal that I still did not get it? There were no memos or refunds either.

Nope, weird, the database indicate the vote was done. Refunding :)

Thanks a lot for having a look at it and for the quick refunding. It seemed also strange to me. I will definitely use @tipu again ;-)

Best regards

Thank you :)

How many SBD can I invest to promoter my post?

Minimum 0.5 SBD up to 8 SBD. You can send more, @tipU will automatically refund you any over-payment.

So, if I send 8sbd is ok, but 10sbd not. How many can I Earn if I sent 8SBD?