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Christmas is fast approaching so I guess it is time to put up that list. Details will be a bit long so let's have a table of content for a summary.

  1. Resource credits
  2. Self upvote
  3. User interface
    A. Sincerity feature
    B. Vote slider
    C. Draft
    D. Scheduled post
    E. Saved topics
  4. Bid bots
  5. Reward for old posts
  6. Steemit support

On a serious note, this is my entry to the Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest being hosted by @legendchew. The question for this week is: What are the changes do you like to see in Steemit? Let's go through some details.

1. Resource credits

I no longer wish for Resource Credits to be scrapped because as I mentioned on one of my previous posts, it is a strategy of the capitalists. It is business after all. However for the sake of the newbies coming in, I wish to see more leniency of the default 15 SP delegation. This is not enough for newbies to engage regularly. I had 42 SP after the HF20 implementation and it was still very hard for me to engage on a daily basis. I needed to wait for days before my RC recharges to a fair level before I can make comments or reply to my regular respondents.

RC delegation has been on the "talks" around different posts here on Steemit but I wonder how many have bigger SPs to be able to delegate enough RC to every newbie. I think a 100 SP default delegation will enable newbies to engage at a fairly regular rate.

2. Self upvote

When I posted my very first #introduceyourself article, someone came with what sounded to be very welcoming comment but he upvoted his comment immediately. That made me think so I checked around and found out that he was spamming on every new #introduceyourself post with his copy/paste script. Hhmmm... Spamming around and yet raking the author reward for the spam. I hated the thought that I was spammed and exploited.

While I understand that self upvoting can be used in fair and acceptable manner, I wish a control will be put in place to limit the spamming and exploitation. I am thinking of maybe limiting self upvote to the number of main posts (excluding comments) made within the day.

3. User interface

The following features or functionalities are available on different DApps. While it is good to have different tools to choose from, a piece here and another piece there are not convenient. I had to shift from one DApp to another to get the specific function that I need. I wish these will be integrated into Steemit too.

    A. Sincerity feature. This tool in SteemPlus tags an account if it is human, spammer or bot. It is very helpful for safety measures.
    B. Vote slider. I knew about this on SteemPeak. For anyone with less than 500 SP, this is very helpful to slice the pie before distributing so that more will get a share of it.
    C. Draft. I saw this on SteemPeak and Busy.org. We need this feature so we can go back to our work after any interruption for more important matters.
    D. Scheduled post. We also need to "keep our presence" on Steemit while we take a break. I knew of this function to be available on eSteem or eSurfer app and also on Steempeak.
    E. Saved topics. It is very hard to search tags manually. This feature allows us to have tags saved. Then we can just click on that tag to pull articles that has it. I knew of this feature on Steempeak.

4. Bid bots

I featured a post on one of my PIFC entries about frustration on Steemit. One of the biggest frustrations on that post is the very promising payout values of those on the trending page. The author had no idea that those were trending because of paid bid bots.

Showing the bid-bot paid articles under "trending" page is making the wrong impression that those are really of high quality content but that is not the case all the time. Paid as they are, these "trending" articles must be transferred to "promoted" page because they are technically promoted to bots.

5. Reward for old posts

When I was very new here on Steemit, I searched for articles that would give answers to my questions that are not covered by the FAQ page. I found several articles that were really good but from months or even more than a year ago. I commented for few clarifications but never got a reply. I checked the authors' profiles and they are active. Then I thought they are not replying because their article is past payout and will get nothing if they still reply. That maybe just my suspicious instinct but I think it will still be great to reward articles that are more than seven days. Many articles are still valuable beyond one week.

6. Steemit support

DApp accounts, their creators or owners come to upvote articles if those were posted using their DApp. Why not Steemit? How about an upvote from Steemit at least once a day, and at least for the newbies? Just curious... 😃

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Hey @macoolette! Thank you for highlighting this! I like and I agree with your list.

  • Resource credits: I agree, it is very discouraging for a genuine newbie to only be able to comment and post maybe once and wait for a week before they can make another comment and post, though I can understand it is a mechanism to get rid of scammers and spammers. There must be some better way to identify scammers and spammers at the beginning and removing them instead of delegating just 15SPs to new members. Maybe 100SP is too much but if Steemit monitors every new account's activity, I am wondering, why not un-delegate from the account the moment they notice scamming and spamming?
  • Self upvote: Haha, I had the same thought. I had some who commented, upvoted themselves but did not upvote my post. I was like whaaaatttt?? Should we flag such commenters? And personally, I cannot bring myself to upvote myself. It feels too weird. Maybe later (dunno when will that be :D) when my SP is worth a dollar, I might upvote myself since my earning per post now is less than a dollar :D.
  • User interface: Yes to all the feature improvements. I have been wondering why Steemit does not have all these features. But the other apps are pretty cool, though I tried running eSteem but I keep hitting a json error.
  • Bid bots: Ooo is that what it is? I have always been on amazeballs as to how those trending posts get to earn hundreds of dollars!! Dang.
  • Reward for old posts: I agree that there are many old posts that are very useful. And would be nice to still earn after the 7 day payout window, especially when a newbie searches and reads an old post, they wouldn't know the tips and tricks to find the person's latest post and upvote them. I upvoted a few old posts when I first joined.
  • Steemit support: Yup yup, it would be nice to get a little upvote from Steemit as an encouragement :)

Bid bots: Ooo is that what it is? I have always been on amazeballs as to how those trending posts get to earn hundreds of dollars!!

That is big business. @davemccoy can tell you a lot about it. I only use @minnowbooster - not sure if that can be classified as a bid bot. But, in any case, there are plenty of accounts that are used strictly to profit from paid-to-vote programs.

I think the bid bots are dying down... with the drop in steem and the further drop in the day to day activity, the people just don't really care much anymore about the bots. I think they wrung out what they could and now its very baron over in bot land!

You're welcome and thank you too for your comprehensive review. As @freedomshift has mentioned, these are just wishful thinking but who knows. Wishes do come true… 😊

For the self upvote, I would honestly tell the commenter to be more genuine next time and not exploit the copy/paste spam. I told that to the commenter I was referring on my post.

When cicisaja told me about eSteem, I also liked the idea so I tried it. But just like you, I kept getting an error like that. I can't even schedule a post with an error of something like "can't get schedule" so I stopped.

For the bid bots, try to open a post on the trending page and look at the author's wallet. You will notice at least one transfer (others have several transfers) of large amount of either Steem or SBD to accounts that offer bid bot services. There was once I tried to compute how much the account paid versus the payout of the trending article. It was not really that much. The difference was around $5.00 though at least that exposed the author and the post through the trending page.

Its nice to see you take a stand here. Well written!

Thank you for your support. It's a wish list so it's just wishful thinking as one of the comments here has pointed out. But wishes do come true so who knows...

I like the way you think! ;)

Oh yeah? Thank you... 😊

My wishes are actually not impossible. It is not wishing for the stars to fall upon my feet. Those are matters of technical expertise which are beyond my control which in turn make them wishful thinking for me. But again, who knows? My wishes might catch the attention of the developers and they might consider... 😊

That's what I like... you are not afraid to try! Whether they come true or not is not the point, the fact is you are hoping for a better place! (and doing something about it) :D

The least that I can do... 😊

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I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
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Nice list😉 But i will never ever dont understand why the people in ph starting to talk about christmas already in september october 😂😂😂 Makeing me always angry when i go somewhere and they tell me happy christmas😂😂😂 omg not yet even winter the christmas is so so far😂

I have read somewhere on social media that Filipinos celebrate Christmas the longest because people usually start decorating after All Saints Day. It is actually this year that I am so surprised, or rather shocked, with my fellow Filipinos when I saw Christmas decors in malls last August. Again, those used to come out in early November. I do not know what came out of the heads of people these days...

He he defenetly correct😂 you knowi am just disapointed because in ph they always find a reason to make a walang pasok. No school no offices. When i first time arrived i tought that ph is mainly christian. But later i find out that they celebrate same way the muslim and the chinese special days. So actially example the students they miss a lot of days from the school and also it makes a fake personality to the people because they cant stick to the christian habits. Intersting. 😁

The Muslim and Chinese holidays were not there during my school days. When holidays for them were approved, the government was saying that those are in respect to the next majority religion in the country. And I do not think that respecting them is being fake.

No ididnt told that. My oppinion is just that i see many days makeing a reason to dont go to school and dont work. Most of the countries have more religion but do you think they celebrate the christian holidays in the middle east? Also if there is a muslim or what ever special day in US or Europe they dont make it a work holiday. I am strict if it is all about the education of the kids. And i just dont agree that if example the main religion is roman catholic than my kids miss the school because of others. The future is in the education of kids. But if they are always at home because of special days or because the teacher is sick than they cant build a better future. 😔 You see also this crazyness that i remember if in our school the teacher was sick they gave us another teacher unlike here they send home the kids😔

As the saying goes, "When in Rome, act like the Romans do." And you're in the Philippines. How about that?

He he yes that is right. But i want the best for the filipinos. Thats why i share. Example if every driver pee on the street as they do in PH i try to search a toilett. And if i can i will recoment them to use it. Or if orher farmers they dry they rice on the road. Witch is now against the law i will dont do that because of the safety of the drivers and because i dont do like the "romans". Instead of that i pay for drying on the private dryier😉 Make sense? 😊 We have a saying also: If everybody wanna jump in the deep well you will jump also? 😉

Of course those misbehaviors are totally a different story. You were complaining about holidays and those are our national holidays. I can not change that. Can you? You called Filipinos fake because of that. You also complain about teacher being absent and no substitute. That is because we do not have enough teacher like wherever you mentioned. I also can not change that. I do not want to waste my time and stress myself for things that are beyond my control.

By the way actually i dont say thay my place is perfect. Even on the facebook many times i share my oppinion about my home country and some people dont like it.
But thanks Lord i have been in many places in my life i study a lot of and even now i am studying. But also i try to share my experience.
You will laugh but even in US or UK the education is very poor. I know i have been there i experience it. Now beause i choose a filipina to be my wife and because my baby is also half filipino i feel that i have to do my best for this place. But it doesnt mean that i have to be silent if i see something that is not good diba? 😊

But it doesnt mean that i have to be silent if i see something that is not good diba? 😊

I myself has an activist in me. But it is also not good to keep complaining about something that you can not change because that is just rubbing more salt on the open wound spreading negativity even if others don't take it that way.


Hi @macoolette, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

My pleasure. 😊

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  1. Rewards for old posts

I am commenting on #5 separately for a good reason.

I am an engineer + real estate investor + equity trader-investor + IT - AI geek-nerd and I believe that everyone should own their own virtual real-estate - AKA domain and website.

I bought-registered a few in 1994 when the idea had not caught on and a few are now worth much more.

I have suggested to a few people to claim their own domain name and start their own websites - it is not expensive.

And, as the saying goes - "They don't make them any more".

So, this is a long way to say no to #5 but use steemit posts to feed your own website(s).

I think that would depend on the use of their website. If they made it as an e-commerce website then that should be okay. Sometimes, bloggers also want to keep their personal brand or identity so they keep their won website. I just wonder how far are they marketing their websites to be known...

blogs on websites such as steemit get in the top ranking of google much easier and faster than if it was posted on your own. So, knowledgeable bloggers use such platforms to feed their own website.

One of the nominees in pifc owns a nice website - the story writer - but I didn't see the link or feed to his own website.


his website - http://rehnwriter.com/

Yes, Steemit will come out first. Steemit surely does have wider reach than an individual website. But if you are planning e-commerce then Steemit is not the one.

But if you are planning e-commerce then Steemit is not the one.

I think steemit does not allow hot links to e-commerce sites. For writers such as @rakushasu, I think it could help him gain traffic.