How To Follow @BDCommunity Curation Trail

in #bdcommunity3 years ago is an amazing free service where you can schedule posts, build a fanbase, follow a curation trail, and even automate claiming your payouts.

Recently we launched our own curation trail for you to follow. We only upvote quality contents from Bangladeshi creators. So, by following us you are also supporting those creators automatically. You may also get some curation rewards as a bonus.

We made this video tutorial showing how you can follow our trail on SteemAuto.

Here is a step by step text guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on LOGIN/REGISTER. This will take you to SteemConnect
  3. Verify your identity by login using your 'MEMO PRIVATE KEY'. You can use master or active key too but I do not recommend.
  4. When you are redirected to SteemAuto, select SteemConnect and authorize SteemAuto to use your posting role. This time use ACTIVE PRIVATE KEY.
  5. Select Curation Trail, search bdcommunity, click follow button and confirm.
  6. You can select settings and set voting percentage as you like, default is 50%. If you have less than 50 SP, we recommend keeping it at 50%.
  7. Come back to dashboard and change your voting power limit. If this limit is reached, SteemAuto will not follow the trail.

If you face any problem, join us on Discord.


good initiative .... I will try to follow the instruction on your video. Helping each other will benefit everyone in the long run.

hi there.. its great to see your project taking shape..your efforts are highly appreciated. We are also a bangladeshi platform focusing on artist and artworks and trying to build a community. we both share a common interest and that is to build our community for betterment. So I was quite curious to know, what is your future plan or how do you see ur project to be designed ..!! thanks again..

Sorry for replying so late. Our plan is to create a Bangladeshi community of steemians who will produce good quality contents. We are also trying to help newbies learning and understanding the terms and functionalities of STEEM. As a whole we are trying to be a platform which will represent Bangladeshis on STEEM. Please join us on our Discord where we can discuss more.

already i follow you.. steemauto