About the lyric poetry & Call to contest with the theme of joy.

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Dear Friends

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

Through lyric poetry a person transmits a certain state of mind, usually characterizes their values by introspection and expression of feelings.

Lyrical poetry requires an effort of interpretation to the reader, usually there is a presentation of images and elements with symbolic value. Most lyrical poems are characterized by their brevity.

A poem is the direct expression of the poet's feeling to the reader; that is, it must be considered a kind of confidentiality done alone.

Lyric poetry, being eminently subjective and being expressed, very often, in the first person, becomes, thus, an autobiographical account, although we must not confuse the poem's self with the author behind it, since it may be expressing feelings that he does not feel in reality, with what the poem would be no more than an aesthetic exercise.

I have dared to promote a lyrical poetry competition, here I include the results of the fifteenth edition whose key word was * sweetie * and the call for the sixteenth edition is presented.

Fifteenth edition

For the fifteenth edition about sweetie, my friends @sacra97, @aplausos, @antoniarhuiz, @charjaim, @salvao, @aurodivys, @maparari, @marybellrg. @issymarie and @darkfemme with their poetry they gave warmth to the contest.

This is a participation of the winners:

Winner 3 SBI : @aurodivys

Her poetry entitled Cariño Sincero, shows a synthesis of her love that she feels for her puppies writing for them a simple and affectionate poem. It represents a sample of what many people feel for their pets.

Sus ojitos me observan
y mi corazón palpita
en las mañanas me alegran
agitando sus colitas.

Runner UP 1 SBI : @salvao

With the prose "A mi hermano Antonio". Our friend @salvao expresses in the form of poetry childhood memories with his brother Antonio, being that we share similar memories with our brothers.

En caminar muy pausado,
de la mano,
está el amor verdadero.
Vente conmigo mi hermano
a caminar sin rodeos
por este mundo bizarro
de cobayas, dragones y chorreos

Special recognition

My special thanks to the rest of my friends @sacra97, @aplausos, @antoniarhuiz, @charjaim, @maparari, @marybellrg. @issymarie and @darkfemme. For each of them I have assigned the humble amount of 0.05 steem that I hope will compensate your continued effort in giving this platform the place that will soon be recognized worldwide.


Image cortesy of franypier

Lyrical poetry contest - Joy

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself. Tecumseh

Now in this opportunity I have to refer my friends a new call for the lyrical poetry contest, considering that each of us has a perception of what joy (alegría) represents.

Competition rules

Only one poetry is allowed, you must write a post using your own images or that are public domain related to your poetry

  • Reply below with your poetry. Deadine: 11:59 pm UTC, June 24, 2019.

That's it! But...

You should also resteem this post to increase the winner's prize and give yourself some free exposure! You can participate without resteeming -- I don't give preference -- but if you do resteem, it only helps you.

Also, post your entry on your own blog! Mention @felixgarciap and I'll give you an upvote and resteem your post.

And, collect a bonus point for each person you tag in your contest entry. More players, more prizes, more fun!

Languages: English /Spanish


Winner gets: 3 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

One Runner-up gets: 1 SBI

One free resteem from me for any post. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse to resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

How I Will Select the Winner

Within 2 days after the deadline, I will read all entries and choose a winner and runner-up. While I'll take upvotes into consideration, my selection will reflect my personal preference based on the entries you submit.


I invite my friends @oivas, @mariita52 and @vincy to participate in a special way and also all the people who are motivated to write about what joy represents in their lives.

My contribution

Reflecting on the theme of this new call to contest I leave my contribution:

When contemplating the waves of the sea
my excited soul feels the joy
to feel the lost freedom
for the closure of the city.

I ask God to allow me
extend your arms to the infinite ocean
contemplate the extent of your presence
and not faint in the attempt.


Image cortesy of Pexels
In previous contests we had the participation of friends @simonjay, @vdux, @antoniarhuiz, @marybellrg, @charjaim, @inspiracion, @doctorlibro, @rosanita, @sacra97, @oscarina, @janettyanez, @javert68justice, @aremontilla, @lanzjoseg, @javiermontilla, @delvapin, @aremontilla, @darkfemme, @josegilberto, @salvao, @zeleiracordero, @adncabrera, @hernan27 @lecumberre, @naylet, @mllg, @evagavilan, @johannfrare, @oacevedo, @isauris, @aurodivys, @maparari, @botefarm, @gaby-crb, @issymarie and @jadms2k18 to whom I extend this new invitation. If you prefer not to be tagged in the next call post, please let me know!

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Waiting for your upvotes , comments and resteem.


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Soy es yo prendido en candela.

(Lo siento, es que estoy de buen humor).

Aquí dejo mi participación de esta semana. Un abrazo a todos!


Muchas gracias y sobre todo por el honor y gusto que me dio haber participado muchas gracias @felixgarciap

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Vamos a llevarlo hasta la estratosfera el concurso, ja, ja, me encanta que cada vez somos más es muchísimo más variado y divertido. @felixgarciap agradecida con esa recompensa por participación y felicitaciones a los ganadores; @aurodivys, @salvao me encantaron sus poemas.


¡Gracias, querida @sacra97! Un abrazo.

Estoy feliz de haber ganado con el poema a mis amados peluditos. ¡Muy agradecida @felixgarciap! También, felicitaciones para el amigo @salvao. Seguimos compartiendo poemas en este maravilloso concurso.

Tus animalitos son una nota.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, ahora a trabajar con "alegría" en esta nueva producción. Saludos.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thank you @felixgarciap for the invitation! I have not written poetry before but will give it a shot. 😊

Muchas gracias por estos concursos que llenan steemit de amor y cariño.
Aca dejó mi participación


Posted using Partiko Android

Siempre me siento feliz de estar en este concurso que ya va apuntando lejos en una iniciativa maravillosa que engloba los sentimientos más bonitos dsde el alma y el corazón. Encantada de estar, preparándome ya para esta nueva edición, mi querido amigo @felixgarciap. Te abrazo de vuelta!...

Saludos amigo, aqui dejo mi humilde participación a este excelente concurso, que sigan los exitos para ti.


Estimado @felixgarciap, dejo mi entrada (agradezco la hermosa palabra que escogiste para esta edición):

¡Abrazos y suerte para todos!

Uy, casi me lo pierdo, con lo que lo disfruto... Pero finalmente aquí estoy, y traigo un poemita para participar, el cual escribí con mucho cariño. Espero les guste, saludos!


Suerte para todos, aquí les dejo mi participación.

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¡Saludos a todos! No sabía de este concurso. Me enteré gracias al amigo @salvao . Aquí dejo mi primera participación, agradeciendo de antemano la oportunidad. https://steemit.com/spanish/@yohanys/oh-sublime-alegra-participacin-en-el-concurso-de-poesa-lrica-joy-convocado-por-felixgarciap

Buenas moches, casi en cierre, esperando llegar a tiempo, paso dejando mi participación en esta edición, agradeciendo siempre a mi estimado @felixgarciap por esta estupenda iniciativa que perdura en el tiempo:

The lyric poetry & Call to contest with the theme of joy. (Mi Alegría eres Tú)...

Gracias nuevamente por tan bella oportunidad, un abrazo de vuelta!..