How To Support Your Favorite Steemians And Earn More Curation Rewards With SteemAuto Fanbase

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I have moved all my content away from the now centralized and controlled Steem blockchain to the decentralized Hive blockchain.


Along with many manual votes I use steem auto to support artists on a more long term basis on the steem platform. Please join my vote trail @solar to support steem as a platform for artists!

I am also a curator in c^2 community and often work to get larger votes behind mine. I vote to maximize both the best art I find on steem as well as to make the best effeciency in my vote.

You can see the artists I'm voting for as reblogs on my feed.

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This looks like an interesting way to manage upvotes and earn rewards. Great video too... sharing for more people to see. :-)



Thank you, I appreciate the resteem!

!gif mcnulty

Lol, not quite the mood I was hoping to catch here. ;)

I follow several curation trails like @Actifit @tribesteemup and @helpie this seems to have a similar effect.

Curation trails are nice and easy. However, you don’t know who gets your upvote. And even more importantly, you earn way lower curation rewards because you have many upvotes before your own, some being larger than yours. That is really bad fur curation rewards.

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Interesting. I always wondered what "Fanbase" was for on steemauto. I had most of my trails set to vote at 10 minutes, have now fixed that. I'd like to know which active trails you follow as I'm seeing a number of users aren't posting.

Please don't confuse trails and Fanbase. Switching trail upvoting from 10 to 15 minutes doesn't make any difference. A trail is only triggered, when the trail account upvotes, which can be any time the trail upvoter wants and you have zero influence on that. Delaying your upvote for a trail has no positive or negative effect whatsoever.

I don't follow any trails because that concept is robbing me of my curation rewards. Also, I don't have any influence who gets my votes.

Curation trails can actually be quite profitable if you follow the right people. There are curation groups like curie and c^2, ocd. If you know who those curators are, follow them with a trail, you will get in after the curators upvote, but before the vote bot of the group they curate for.

I've started maintaining 10-20% of my vote power for curation trails
I follow a few trails of curators who I think do a good job. Honestly if you find a good curator you are likely to hit better articles as far as quality than autovoting with many bloggers. It's pretty easy to monitor who makes good votes or not and you can use the scaled voting + keeping the percentage small.

I get the point that you potentially hit more great articles that way. However, I rather support people, not articles. I see that as a form of alternative Patreon.

Thank you so much for participating the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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