Sunday Steem Curation

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What is the best content you've read/watched recently that you think deserves more rewards?

Post below & I'll search through & give some big upvotes.

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@themarkymark volunteered to give out some upvotes too! Cheers!

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Thank you @priyanarc. I really appreciate it.

And thank you @theycallmedan. The upvote means a lot

Hi @r2cornell,
your pictures are really very pretty, how are you doing since then? and your wife?

I am doing well, Thank you. Glad you like my photography.

My wife has improved during this last month, although with her many conditions and at 69 years old, I imagine issues will always follow her. She seems more motivated to be more active, although there are limits. I am happy she is trying and looks like she feels better. Thank you for asking.

Welcome.. ☺☺

Thank you so much @theycallmedan ....

Welcome dear..

Thanks have a great day and week

I feel you did a great job, doing this tutorial post

Sunday sauce babe

Learning to speak Spanish with @dearw with the famous song "Despacito" Educational, fun and with rhythm

Hi @themarkymark,
I would like to suggest, I know it's in French but this author is really great. He has a crazy imagination. You should really read before you get late. We are already in episode 4.

L'Appel d'Akito (chapitre 4) By @akitoshormasoton.
Good reading.

@steemchiller, who single-handedly runs STEEMWorld is still broke as he has been for the whole time paying server costs etc. New re-starting his witness to try to stay above water. He is still optimistic and eager. I hope he gets help since 1000's use his progam daily.

I've seen bunches in the past few days! And since 7 is a lucky number... 😊

  1. 20 Minute Blog when I can - The List by @amariespeaks - from a Steemian who has been absent, and sorely missed.

  2. Boulder Sunday at Big Gunpowder Falls State Park Near Notchcliff by @deerjay - SO much bouderific eye candy!

  3. When Cape Town burned* by @fionasfavourites - another amazingly thought provoking piece from a friend halfway across the world.

  4. Sublime and Beautiful Toothache Plant by @melinda010100 - gorgeous photos and wicked cool information!

  5. Individuality Ignited... by @jaynie - as one of the "stray" bloggers she picked up when I first joined Steem, I had to include this.

  6. Do You Know About "Honor Flight"? by @blueeyes8960 - purple motorcycle + benefit for veterans = WIN!

  7. Isimangaliso Wetlands Park Natures Paradise by @joanstewart - SO much South African beauty - I'd love to visit here some day!

And thanks, as always, for supporting so many Steemians like this. !tip steem

Thank you so much for the shout-out @traciyork - much appreciated. I do hope that you and Jim make your way to South Africa - you would be most welcome. Great choices for @dantheman who should also check out your amazing photography, especially the dandelions and dragonfly in this post

Awww, @fionasfavourites thanks so much for the return shout out. 🤗

Good afternoon @theycallmedan, I would like to know if you support sports competitions. I invite you to see the one I have of the MLB. And if you have any comments let me know. Greetings.

This is the format:

Hey sir @theycallmedan i read this vlog and watching this video, its a so essential for all steemian this post make by @taskmaster4450

I think that @papilloncharity's post needs more love. The post is well written and tells a great story. The author of the post has promised to use the earning to help Sam, the artist who is highlighted in the post.

A great thank you for the mention my friend.
May you be blessed for your efforts in helping us!
Blessings to you!

this post has some great shots of Dorian as it rolled through Cape Cod area

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below post link for your reference. This post is shared by @donald.porter and this is regarding @reggaesteem community and JAHM Token and now this Token is accepted at hotels too. Steemians like @donald.porter, @dmilliz and @miyard putting efforts to bring more value to @reggaesteem Ecosystem and Steem Blockchain.

Keep up the boosting work brother and stay blessed.

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I like this story from @pele23 about his football game, it made my day! Truly agree with it. 😊

Howdie Dan the man 👍

I tried tagging you in the comments section of this one, but I know how much you must get tagged. This is a very worthy cause, and a quality piece of writing by @quillfire to try and help a fellow steemian in need. It's already at around $20 thanks to many people, with big shouts out to Gandalf for boosting it with a bit of whale power, but this is honestly the type of post that should be on trending. It tells a story, shows the power of steem to really make a difference to people who are in poverty, and highlights the compassion of our wonderful community. If I were still working as a press officer this is the type of story I'd be writing a press releases about.

I hope you enjoy the poem and story in this post 🙂 Cheers for chillin and curating Dan 👍

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Hey @theycallmedan, for a few days now I've been running a curation initiative to promote some Undervalued Deserving Contents. It would be nice if you could support some of the posts linked in the daily support post (for example this is the last one:
Thank you for your effort.

Dear @theycallmedan

My nomination:
"Artificial intelligence, low ratings and voting criteria in steemit" by @fucho80

Fucho80 is my great friend, solid supporter and amazing content creator. He's wife is about to give birth within upcoming days so as a small gift, I would like to nominate him to receive your upvote.



In addition to those already endorsed in the various comments, here is a post (and account @papilloncharity) that is more than worthy of your support: all the proceeds are ploughed into important philanthropic work in South Africa.

"Artificial intelligence, low ratings and voting criteria in steemit" by @fucho80

Fucho80 is my great friend, solid supporter and amazing content creator. He's wife is about to give birth within upcoming days so as a small gift, I would like to nominate him to receive your upvote.



When I am not doing everything else I do, I like to think of myself as an art critic and promoter. This work stunned me with the unique technique, the composition, the subject matter, the realism and the fact that the artist created it with a ball point pen and cramped hand.


Praying he is one of our keepers so I can see more. He's 59 rep, figured out how to post to nTopaz, uses tags well and powered up for SPUD5. Well deserving of a boost.

TY so much for your continual support of little people @theycallmedan. I am watching the death of the useless stock market screen shots 10 times a day from that thief and so grateful to you for using flags over there.

The fork has brought great things. I'm trying with all my effort to encourage redfish/minnows that are unable to see this yet.

This is my best post in the past week. More for photos than writing.

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Thumps up to you for always encouraging content creators here. With gestures like this we can expect more authors to be motivated.

I think this post Deserves some support, he does greta posts often fun ones like this and does so much on a personal level to support those in need in his country

Thank you for the kind mention JJ. @dantheman is certainly doing great things on steemit.
You are a blessing!

Ohhyes he sure is and I hope he shows some support to your post you are truly deserving

Thank you JJ and we can only hope my friend.
If not then no matter, as we will simply continue on our road.
Blessings to you and the missus my friend!

And blessings to you and Marion


Dan, don't just upvote this post. Read it first. The comments are worth a gander as well. Mate, thanks for all you do.


I think this post can serve the new members of the platform a lot, I will make another post soon in English :)

I asked both you and marky to show some support for my steem memes post.

You’re that Dan that we know, thanks for constant new week dew on our #NewSteem crops.

Yes we call you Dan!

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This person had time without writing a story or trilogy, I recommend you, you must read it. I'm anxious to read the other two chapters, it catches you.

This guy is putting out 'good' content, but not getting much love.

9/11 Whistleblowers: Barry Jennings

911 - Was WTC7 The First Tall Steel Framed Building To Collapse Due to Fire? US Gov Said 'YES'. Yet Explosions Seen Inside WTC7??