Sublime and perhaps silly shots

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Sublime and perhaps silly shots

This post will cover two challenges Beautiful Sunday By @ace108, and Sublime Sunday, created by @c0ff33a,

Sublime because well the way some people look at me when I cam carrying and taking photos of a little glass it is a little bit different maybe even weird, but it is fun to do something different from my norm with photos from time to time, and perhaps you may find one or two of the photos beautiful.

Starting with a flower captured in the ball, as you know I am terrible with the names of flowers but I think this is an Iris, but as always I could be wrong

1 Sublime Crystal ball_4.jpg

Sony A7iii 50mm F5 1/400 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

Next up I am in the local Cemetry, this is one of the memorial/Tombs/headstones at the cemetry that is so striking and this time I captured it in the glass ball

1 Sublime Crystal ball_.jpg

Sony A7iii 53mm F5 1/800 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

Often when I stop at one of the garages here to pick up something I get chatting with one of the guys that works there and he knows I am into photography and asks what I have been out taking photos of, well on this day I had been taking shots with the Crystal ball and he asked to see it so I took this shot of him

1 Sublime Crystal ball_3.jpg

Sony A7iii 50mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 500
Click here to view larger

One my two recent outings, well not so recent I took a bunch of shots with the glass ball and could share more but perhaps thats enough silliness with these shots for this post

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Oh my God! Your photos are wonderful. I wonder how you manage to do this. !trdo

Thanks these were taken with a glass ball bought a few years ago, just take shots of the ball and the reflections in it, I do not often use it, but once every year or two and dig it out and take a few shots

The result is strange and special.

Strange is probably a good word for these lOL

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Thank you very much!

I think the photos are great!


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the moment when you can stare at photos for ages... An excellent ide and realization!
many people have nice and expensive cameras but they don't make art, they make photos. Others don't have cameras but can do a masterpiece from nothing. You're in the golden middle;) I am not a specialist, but your cam seem to be great, and your ideas are pure art;)
I am from the first group maybe;)) I have a cam, but my skills in photography are poor, a cam is not enough.

Thanks such a kind comment Photography for me is a hobby that I enjoy its my way of relaxing and getting out for walks taking photos is also a good form of exercise

I think the best bit of advise I was given a long time ago the most important thing to know is to enjoy it, and keep having fun and improving

wise words!
if you really enjoy something, it will bring results for sure. At least, pleasure and satisfaction;)
like in my case with steemit. No huge money, but at least, I like this place and its people. So many interesting personalities, so many talented works, like your photos;)

Ohh yes for me its the people and interaction on here that makes it so special :)

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It is good to be silly sometimes! I love the way these came out and enjoyed seeing them! Btw..that flower is a daylily. Don't worry..I don't expect you to remember and there will be no quizzes! 😉 😁

Thanks for the info on the Day Lily, and Phew i am glad there will be no test as I know I would fail it LOL

You are welcome Jay! 🙂

very nice work @tattoodjay .. I love the technique

Thanks its something I dust off and take out once every year or two LOL its fun to do something different

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Thanks so much appreciated

That sure is a neat effective way to do photography, enjoyed the sepia image capture, have a wonderful Sunday!

Thanks it is fun to play with the glass ball I dont often do it but I recently dusted it off and took it out a couple of times

Thanks it is fun to dust off the Glass ball and take it out I only do it once or twice then pack it away to be forgotten for a year or two

okay they may be weird photography but it's still creative

LOL yeah it is weird but something different I do try and mix up what I post photos of

Sometimes nonsense has an unexpected effect, I liked the photo through the crystal ball.Regards

Thanks it is fun for me to do things differently from time to time

Thaks it is funt o mix up what I take photos of to kee some variety in my feed

always getting out of the routine is fun

I think so :) now lets see what I can do next LOL

This is how we are waiting

LOl with me you never know what you are going to see LOL

Awesome 👏 and so very cool 😎!!! Wow, I am so amazed! 🥰 and I love it. I will be driving out to a farm today, and will take a photo or two for this tag. See you later.

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Thanks and have a great day I look forward to seeing your shots ;)

Creativity is not silly in any way, I would say - your post reminds me on one task on my task list ;)
I like the first photo of the flower, whatever kind it might be, but I don't like cemeteries, although your photo of that tomb is good. This guy looks interested and curious - did he know you are really making a photo?

Well to some it may be but not to you and me ;)
and glad it served as a reminder ;) the flower iis apparently a Day Lili, whatever that is LOL

Ohh yes he actually asked me to take the photo of him :)

I still haven't found a solution to hold the ball, so I think it will be my hand again ... one day, sooner or later... ;)

I have never heard about that flower, but here you just have to ask, and somebody will know the answer.
Did you tell him, that the whole world will see his face? He looks like a nice guy, so I think, he will not mind.

I have a smaller tripod that I take occassionally into the city I am considering trying that next time I take shots with the ball, I can set it up and sit the stand and ball on top of the tripod and see how that works

I have thought of such a construction too, but you need to clone out the tripod then. But please try it and tell me how it works.

Yeah that is the downside and depending on the background cloning out the tripod would be a challenge

My crystal ball is always in my backpack, and I always forget about it ;)
I will try to remember, that I wanted to find a solution to place the ball in a simple way, but steady enough for a sharp photo. I'm not so sure, that I'll find such a solution though ;)

I have it now sitting on a shelf with my camera lenses, it sat in the boot/trunk of my car for about two years before I got it out again this time and used it for a couple of days, I normally only have my camera and one or two lenses in the camera bag I take with me all the time,
finding a way to have the ball where we want it without things we have to crop out is a real challenge I am still trying to think of ideas but so far none have come to me

Daylily! But, it doesn't matter. It's pretty. I think that is all that counts. I love the effect of the crystal ball. Very cool and not at all silly.

I think it runs in the line of fun. :)

Great shots and I would be really torn as to which I like best. All the different reasons for each being the best.

Have a super Sunday!


Thanks for the info on what type of flower it is , you know me with flower names and I will promptly forget what it is called within a day or two LOL
I did have fun playing around with the crystal ball and must plan in a few months to take it out again and not leave it sitting gathering dust for a year or two

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And yet again and this may sound like an echo thanks so much @dswigle for the tip

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Thanks so much truly appreciated

I love this type of much is that ball cost?

I forget what I paid for mine a few years ago but I just looked on Amazon and they are cheap I saw some between 10 and $25

Oh really! That's cool thank you 😊

Most welcome ;)

Cool photos, in the glass balls!!

Thanks they were fun to do

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Thanks so much truly appreciated ;)

Unto every few photo sessions, a little silliness must fall... Lol...

LOL yeah I do like ot mix it up :)


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thanks so much truly appreciated

Heey I loved the cementery one! I think you got cool results with the ball, those are really nice shots! :)

Thanks for your feedback its always nice to know which ones people prefer :)

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Cool photo processing # 1 !
I also want to learn this trick. I think Lightrum will help me... may be :)

Thanks and yes you could do that selective coloring inLightroom, I used photoshop for that one however

I am still only mastering both programs. It is necessary to understand in more detail. But there is something to work on :)

There is so much to learn in them I probably only use a very small percentage of its features and am still learning

Yes, the learning process is endless and that’s good :-))

Ohh yes for sure an uncle of mine used to say any day you do not learn something new is a wasted day and I think he is right

Your uncle is right

yes indeed and he so often was right he was a wise man

Sublime can not be silly ;) goodies

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Thanks, I know for some it may be silly but I do enjoy dusting off the globe now and again, although the now and again for me is once a year or so normally

Very interesting idea of that shot!

Thanks it’s fun to do something different from time to time 😎👍😎

Really it is aooowwwooo photography.

Thanks Maybe I need to take the glass ball out again soon

I really like this style of shots! Thanks for sharing. The editing of the flower one is awesome.

Thanks its something I play with every now and again, seeing the nice comment son this one maybe I should take it out again soon

the flower one was my favorite as well

I really like this style of shots! Thanks for sharing. The editing of the flower one is awesome.

They are all pretty cool photos different is great 👀

Thanks was fun to play with the ball and get these shots

It worked out well 👍

Thanks again I may well take it out again soon :)

Ahhhh...your like a little kid with that ball 🤣

Lol I am like a little kid in so many ways lol
Growing up is something I never focused on to much lol

Ahhhh...your got the right attitude 🤣

I Try to LOL but do not always succeed