Let's Promote Steem - 1k SP Delegation Contest

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Once again, I find myself somewhat demotivated by Steem as a blogging platform. Sure, switching to @steempeak has made my Steeming easier, but I still spend very little time curating. Especially if you compare it to how much time I invested in curation, comments and content creation. It's not that I don't have time, I just feel like I lack the passion.

One thing I did the other day did give me a bit of the encouragement I lacked. Someone randomly (and jokingly) asked on some non-crypto Facebook group about people's crypto-coin of choice. I answered STEEM, and said I didn't quite choose it - it chose me. The guy showed interest, and one thing led to another, and now he's checking out the Israeli Steem group on Facebook and chatting to me about setting up an account.

This, combined with the inspiration I drew from the contest @suesa published last week, brought me to write this post.

delegation contest.png

Paying it forward

One of the main drivers for my growth on Steem was the delegation I was fortunate to have from @steempty back in 2017. It helped me grow my stake and feel like my vote meant something (back then it was as high as $8 at some points).

Now is the time to pass it on to the best of my ability. Currently, I think 1,000 SP is a reasonable offer.

Contest Guidelines

To participate, write a post (not just a comment to this post as I will flag your ass for not reading the guidelines) about what you are currently doing to promote Steem. Do you mention it in comments on social media? Talk about it on forums or at physical meetups? Do you think it's more important to attract content creators, traders, or passive hodlers? How can we, as a community of users, promote our coin to grow its volume and value? Throw your ideas and passion at me, friends.

There is no minimal length to the post. It can be a video, a short text with a lot of screenshots attached, a funny story or anything you think will inspire me and amuse me enough to give you that delegation.

To make sure I see the post, please tag me in it and the wonderful Gina will notify me. If you're extra diligent, you can dump the link here in the comment for the extra little upvote on it.

In 7 days (when this post pays out), I will choose the author of one of the posts published and they will receive a 1,000 SP delegation from me for a period of 30 days at least. That's right - at least. The recipient of this delegation will get to keep it for as long as they continue to curate and create quality content, or until I decide that I need that SP back for some reason.

Since I don't want to end up with a contest that is not a contest, it will run only if at least 5 posts were submitted.


Look me up on the Steem Discords - I lurk in most, and named techslut in all.

Good luck!


Hi @techslut,
before I start writing my post how I promote Steem, I will promote your post. I resteemed already, but I will share it on some socials where Steemians spend their time and to some discord channels.
I'm very happy more and more people realize how important promoting and marketing is for Steem right now.
Very glad to found your post.
You will hear more soon.
Have a wonderful week

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Excellent idea. It looks as though you already have at least five people willing to participate. I recently started posting at least once per day on Steem but haven't been actively promoting it on other sites yet. (I only joined Twitter about 1 week ago and I'm still figuring out the "best practices" when it comes to tweeting about steem and using hashtags). I don't feel I'll be a good candidate for delegation at this time since I'm not actively promoting yet. Sometimes I feel like I need to learn more about steem before I do... but I want to say it's encouraging to see people like you willing to support other Steemians with a delegation. It can definitely get discouraging when you feel like your vote is really tiny. My SP is less than 200 and I try to focus on the progress instead of getting caught up with how little it is. As long as I'm gaining a bit each day that's progress... Thanks again for promoting and encouraging others to promote! I'm going to retweet your post now.

I was planning to spread the link around the discords later today, but thank you for the promo! <3

Wow, do you following my activities? 😄


I have already took the initiative to promote the steem in my country. We are promoting the steem on twitter and Instagram already.

@techslut your delegation will help me to give upvotes to the minnows joining the steem from India 🇮🇳

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Appreciate your contest to help our Blockchain dear

Please check out SEVEN77 Movement that bringing STEEM Awareness on Twitter


I will make it fair to others by not participating in this, because I know you wouldn't be able to resist delegating all your SP to me 😜

#selfless 😂😂😂

Had @teodora stay over at mine recently, which brought back all the SF3 feels... Love you and miss you long time!

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Babygirl, you know I miss you. If delegating all my SP to you meant you'd fly over - I totally would.

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This is a great contest idea.
Hopefully i will find the time to make a post about it. 😃

My entry for your contest


I hope I am lucky and you have a lucky day!

Wow amazing contest. Great to be part of it.
Here is my entry : https://steemit.com/seven77/@arbazalam/my-promotion-journey-of-steemit-and-my-future-plan

Hope you liked it.

Such a great event!

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@crypto.piotr came across this post and thought of you mate.

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Am I to late to enter this?

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Not too late, no.

Great thanks a lot

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Hi, @techslut this is my entry for this contest: How I am Currently Doing to Promote STEEM! Thanks very much for Appreciating this Publication:

thx 4 the upvote!

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