The first week of the steem blockchain in deep!

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Dear Friends I invite you to a journey, where we will look at deep on the blockchain data to see what happend of the first week, after steem blockchain was released.

The start

The first block was mined by @initminer at 2016-03-24T16:05:00.

Here comes my first question, who created @initminer account and where is the transaction of the creation.
In every 3 second a new block created, and one the witneses will get revard to validate the block. As you can see above the first block did not have any transactions inside. We have to wait until 1092 block was mined.

In that block there are 4 transactions.

And here I am curios of your opinion, because I can not understand what happened in the transactions, but I try to be a good detective and I am asking the developers. :)
I assume the @admin account was created, I thing the @initminer created I do not know what is that huge fee, 100000 is it steem or sbd??


Ok, lets move on, and check what kind of transactions happened during the first week.

As you can see there were 9619 pow. I think that means almost 10k user was created in the first week(I am not sure if I am right).

I am sure we will find more interesting staff if we look at the transfer data :)

And @blocktrades was there at the first week, ohh yes. Who is this guy really? I met with him on steemfest and he is just a simple and normal guy, actually he was very friendly, and he own almost 5 million steem power. :) Not bad @blocktrades :D @steemdetective will have a closer look to your account soon :D
all the data available here:

steemdetective data

Ok lets aggregate a bit.
Here are the winners, who revived the STEEM.

And who sent this money??

@sminner and a number, there are a lots of them, they do not have lots of transactions. But who owns this accounts??

Transfer to vesting data

Who revived that transaction??

Lets aggregate:

Who is the account without name? How much steem that account has????


The first week just 3 comments/post happend

That was the first one :

50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP 1000SP 5000SP.H


Good report detective! Who was first? The edge or the kitchen? In this case @initminer is the God of steemit

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Ok, but who created and when this accounts?
And which is the account which does not have name??
Lots of question, and I just looked the first week :D

Good Job detective! Now we know the first account on steemit..

It is such a detailed summary of the experience. Thanks too for sharing

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@blocktrades, who is this guy, indeed.

Nice work, resteemed!
I guess all blockchains need this service, you will be a rich man ;-)

You should really get in touch with a certain witness that could shed light on this.

I think the 'pow' field refers to 'proof of work' and thus is a mining related parameter (mining no longer occurs as far as I know). The account_creation_fee and other parameters there are the same as are currently set by witnesses, so I presume they are a record of the value at that time.

AFAIK the blocktrades team were involved with Bitshares before Steem existed, so it makes sense they would be earlier recipients of the Steem tokens.

I'm not sure what the empty named accounts is about - it's an odd one!

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