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Steemit is a social media platform where anyone can earn STEEM points by posting. The more people who like a post, the more STEEM the poster earns. Anyone can sell their STEEM for cash or vest it to boost their voting power.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Definitely is!! :)


WRALKat Studios is a YouTube channel


Hi, This is @mominsdt

Be Steemit celebrity
Good Luck


It really is a valuable platform


Hi, This @mominsdt

YES it is.
No confusion


obviously awesome experience


Keep on Steeming! Happy New Year! ☺✨🎉🎊🎆


Hi This is @mominsdt

yes, man


do not forget follow, votes and comment my account @salda thanks....


Is this were the party started!


U v made more in dis comment than i v on any post. 😧


Yes, indeed, it is amazing.


Hi, This is @mominsdt

I joined steemit
Please be my follower
I will be same


I have only been here a few days and have fallen in love with it already. Byebye facebook haha


Definitely! Hope everyone enjoys my photography and adventures in Alaska :)


do not forget follow, votes and comment my account @salda thank's 💋💋💋💋


Couldn't agree more bub!


At least I commented 🤣


Hillerious! I have no idea why everybody votes on this comment. I just found it funny that this was the very first steemit post @stackin and I found it through another member I just met


So crazy @mammasitta ... this comment is in the hot feed on steemit 🤣


That's super strange. I have no idea how I got there hahaha


LOL - and now you dragged me too, as I also don't know how I ended up here. But, one thing I'm sure of - it's your "fault" @mammasitta! 😜 Your comment popped up as some new posting in my feed (strange) and here I am. Really, some mysterious Steemit ways! 😎


You used the steemit magic lol


Commenting is, of course, better than not commenting... :)


you have my vote. hah

Wow... See what I just digged up. So Steemit did a short intro post. Where are your pictures? Hahaha

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Dear Founders and Power Whales,
I am trying to raise some "VC" Steem Power and invite you to:

  1. See my Introduceyourself post and then
  2. Invest in @Cyberspace by delegating any amount of Steem Power you see fit.

Thanks in advance for your support in any form be that SP, STEEM, SBD or some good pointers/links!



Thanks. Likely Information.

Thanks steemit for changing lives.

How could I have missed this post?!

Leaving my mark here as we're witnessing the evolution to a decentralized world!

Glad to see this live and working! Excited to see where the community goes and excited to be able to use this through a gui instead of the command linne! :D


Thanks for the amazing site guys!

If Steemit goes well, everything will be changed in our world.

WOW the first post ever!



Can we chat?:) Will try Discord


Yes :)
I'm on discord :)


Gimme 5 min

good media steemit

Steem rocks and changes my life .... in a good way!

What a wonderful platform. Hoping to build some steem power soon. Just getting started

That's cool Mr. Steemit / We are having a blast on the STEEM blockchain ///


How about some posts from steemit with explainations why steemit works so fucking bad. Is there an other account for communication with the users?

Thanks~ @steemit, this world is really brilliant! :)


Thank you for sharing this, following you

What a piece of history :)

I am grateful I found steem and wow you're lucky to have username as the platform @steemit

How am I getting auto votes on the comment I made here??

At last i found you after 2 month...!


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

this post is historical now :]

It is awesome to be on Steemit. These first few months have been very exciting. I'm hoping one day Steemit will surpass Facebook.

Was this the first post on the platform? So cool :)

hahaha, who imagines that the first (and only) post of steemit would be this xD a link to the whitepapper at least, right?

How can this post be two years old when only steemit came into existence in march 2016

It's good to comment on the first post on steemit even after 508 days! :)
This is history in the making.

So this was the beginning...

I was here at the first post on Steemit. A little late perhaps, but I'm here now.



I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time
Thank you for this post:)

Haha, it's funny to see how much Steemit has grown from this initial introduction post. It's a bit sad to see that @steemit's first/only post introducing the service gained less than $2 in rewards, but it's amazing to see how much Steemit has grown since then, with many posts gaining hundreds of dollars.

I am trying to save this mare - please vote me up!! I love Steemit such a great way to share information and talents.

This mare deserves a home!


Steemit is indeed life changing and it never cease to amaze me! ☺🌟 Thank you very much @steemit! 💚

Yes. Steemit is awesome! It changed my life completely. ☺💚

Wow, I also want to be part of this historical post. :-D

yo @steemit u r the most amazing thing i have ever known u changed my life i know u will change many more thing u gonna change the peoples views about internet and social networking thanks bieng part of my life

Thanks for STEEM

Year .10.2.2018 please guys, wake me up when year it been 2050 , really wanna know where is the steemit :D

Dude send me 2000 steem, sharing is caring and I'll push this company til the end.


Steemit is the bomb!!!! Someday I will be the greatest whale in a sea of dolphins :P haha @steemit


One day you'll get there haha

Thank you for posting. We all LOVE steem!

I up-voted you too... BTW, should steemit let us steemers advertise using steem? Be sure to tell everyone you know to come vote here at: https://steemit.com/steemit/@kingtylervvs/if-steemit-ever-does-decide-to-advertise-there-is-only-1-way-it-could-work-in-my-opinion-debate

This is a democratic community decision.


hello world! hello Steemit!


I love this! :)


The more I dig into STEEM, the more wonders I find.... There is no end to learning and having fun..

I love this place!

Welcome to steemit, @steemit.


The funniest comment I read, Lol ! Welcome @steemit to steemit...Thanks @business you made my day!

Best. Platform. EVER.

Thank you!!!

Does anyone think that Facebook might be in the running to purchase (or perhaps copy) Steemit? With Mark Zuckerberg's recent comments about decentralization I just wonder where we're headed.

Steemit is a social media platform where anyone can earn STEEM
-True story

...what is this account? I see that it holds 70 million steem, and apparently gets sent steem from poloniex regularly... I can't figure out for sure what it's FOR, though.


You've found the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Behold, this is the very first Steemit post!! Only a select few ever find it. I think now you get to make a wish!


And you found my finding it. That is especially incredible!

But also, what is this account? So much money in it. Is that steem just going to sit there? Does it get used to make more accounts?


My wish is for Steemit as a platform to solve the housing crisis.


Don’t know what the money is for but my wish is for it to peg the price of POCKET tokens at 1 Steem each.


For purely philanthropic reasons, right?

Hello @steemit, I'm asking you to support my idea, in a new development STEEM. It will attract tens of thousands of people: https://steemit.com/openheart/@jennamarbles/first-steem-crowdfunding-we-can-make-this-world-better

Make blockchain great again!

Steem is amazing!! 💯

Give me some love aka upvot

Follow And upvotes my friends am new on @steemit am back All follows

How to Lose Newcomers and Alienate Your Followers (With One YouTube Post).

Be Careful Out There Kids!

The Internet Can Be A Dangerous Place.
And then there's Steemit Inc. & it's "Big Dogs".
You can choose to take the next thing I am going to tell you any way you wish. You can call it spam. You can say it's an attack piece. You can even agree or disagree with it until you're blue in the face. You can read it, watch the video posted within it, and decide, "Hey, that sounds great! I want to try that," or you might say to yourself (what I consider to be the ethical thing to do), "Wow! That's just wrong!". No matter what you choose to do, or not to do, after watching the video, I believe you might owe it to yourself to read what follows after it (especially if you are new here and are thinking about investing your money into the steem system).
Please watch & LISTEN to what is being said in this video. And know what he is saying is not theoretical, it can be done (and probably is being done, if not by bots then by people who only use steemit in the way he describes the bots could do it).
Video Source: Courtesy of @craig-grant's YouTube channel "Craig Grant".


Did you comprehend what is being explained here? And before anyone decides to defend the producer of said video, I will say now that I understand he is using the term "hypothetical" to soft sell the concept that this is not something that he is actively participating in. To leave the observer to believe this is just an idea in his head and nothing more. And yet he is encouraging potentially thousands and thousands of people to attempt to code and run such a bot. If you think this is good for the blockchain, think again.
Think of it this way. Your new to the steem platform and don't really understand the game. After the first week or two you're struggling to understand why you aren't getting much exposure, how your posts only pulled in a small SMALL portion of what you see others pulling in. In addition, you start noticing single upvotes worth anywhere from $1 up to $40+. So your thinking to yourself, "How can I reap such rewards and have that kind of voting power?" and decide to look into it. Chances are all the other steemit blogs on the subject tell you, "BUY STEEM! Invest more than your time and content. In order to increase your voting power, and your potential for exposer in the process, you have to put your money into it".
Excited in the idea of such power and profit, you immediately purchase hundreds (or, even worse, thousands) of dollars in BTC to exchange/trade for STEEM. And you do see an immediate increase in voting power and a slow increase in exposure as well (more followers, potentially more upvotes from others).
Sounds great, right?
Not exactly. Enter @craig-grant, and other malicious Whales or even bots now.
You know all that money you just put into this thing? Well, guess what. The majority of it goes right into the rewards pool and is being sucked up by these kinds of accounts by a thing called self-upvoting.
You see, these accounts have been around for a lot longer than most of the rest of us. This whole project began with 0 users around 4-11-2016, and by 7-09-2016 it had approximately 10,00 Registered Users (and at that point less than half of them were active - and today it is gaining new users by the hundreds and thousands each day, approaching a total user base of almost 250,000). @craig-grant joined somewhere around June 2016 or sooner. These are the folks that pumped a bunch of their own money into the start-up platform and blockchain. Sounds like we should be thanking them, right? Some of them, YES. Yet some of them, NOT AT ALL.
In fact, we should all be researching them - and praising them or calling them out when appropriate (it's not a transparent system for nothing people, would you hand a pile of your hard earned cash to a complete stranger on the street based solely on their promise it will make you more influential and wealthy? You know, because BLOCKCHAIN. I doubt it).
What I believe these accounts/users are doing is baiting all us newcomers into investing real fiat currency. And then using techniques described in this video they are draining the rewards pool with malicious intent with their so-called right to self-upvote.

Image found on Pinterest

So all that money you put into this thing.... it will force you to make a choice at this point. And your choices are:
"If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them" and concentrate all your voting power on yourself (self-upvoting) and upvoting a selected group of your friends who are doing the same thing - being sure to give out just a few pennies here or dollars there to a Red Fish or Minnow so you can justify bragging how much you help others and are good for the community as a whole. And even then, if your lucky you just might break even or see a bit of profit and success. But keep in mind these other users are a lot older and more powerful than you, so they will always get a bigger piece of everything than you (bearing in mind you only invested a little bit, investing some insane amount like $500,000 would be a game changer for all those fools).
Respectfully reserve your upvotes for others posts and comments while only upvoting very little of your own. If you're lucky you just might stay ahead, but your content better be out of this world. Even so, with some Whales habitually self-upvoting they are still not leaving much in the rewards pool for the rest of us no matter how good our content is.

Same user @craig-grant here in this next video, this time explaining how to maximize his profits by flagging (takes the value of his upvote power AWAY from a post - essentially taking any money people like you & me many have contributed to the post and putting it back in the rewards pool, where he and his kind can drain it from with their powerful self-upvoting value). He even says he flags not because he thinks it's spam or undeserving yet because it's profitable and popular [but not his?] !!! WT_ !?!?!

If your content is good, you shouldn't have to resort to lies, manipulation, and what nearly amounts to criminal fraud in order to be profitable and successful here. That is, so long as it's not too late and these malicious types are now just to big and too well connected to prevent them from taking all the worms and leaving the rest of us with just the castings (worm poop).
Fortunately it seems there are still enough righteous, honest and true Whales left out their to keep the scales somewhat balanced (here's looking at you @gentlebot 😇 and @randowhale 🐋).
If "earning your fortune" includes convincing people to invest real money knowing you are going to get most of it through your "hacks" and "techniques" and "style of being Da Man".... sounds like criminal fraud to me (if it quacks like a duck....).

If you agree or disagree, please be a part of the conversation and voice your opinions in the comments. And please be sure to Screenshot at 2017-07-01 21-29-38.png & even give it an Screenshot at 2017-07-01 21-27-23.png if you can "spare some change".
Here I am, those who will defend this concept of "earning". And I'm not afraid. So blow me (blow me a kiss).

Video Courtesy of Mutoid Man.


liked and followed :)


Thanks m8... don't see the upvote, perhaps from all the damage he's done to my account with his flagging. But I don't mind.... I found more "profit" in knowing someone actually say this (more worried about sharing this news with as many eyes as possible than I am in making any coins right now).
Following back, for what it's worth (he's got me about at two minutes to midnight, facing the destruction of this account only to make another 1 or 3 - and yes, I can make and configure a bot if I needed to, I'd just rather do all this the ethical way and use whatever time I saved by being a good person and NOT cheating with a bot to spend with my amazing Wife; whom I am nothing without).


if you don't like @craig-grant then switch to @trevvonjb lol then you have nothing to complain about!

And @craig-grant doesnt flag man, show me some times he flagged people...ive never ever sen craig falg anyone! , and u realize if he flagged everything hed loose his voting power? You CANNOT make money flagging! wtf why would u think that?!? haha its really weird man! I feel like u may not fully understand how steemit works, and i doubt craig ever flagged someone to "get money back in the reward pool" because he ":and his kind" dont just automatically get money from teh read pool....he only get s money from teh reward pool when HE EARNS it man....its kinda weird that u made such a long post without understanding how steemit works lol steempower allows craigs followers top upvote his posts and grant him a few cents or bucks at a time, and he acumulates his money from upvotes, that he earns, dont get it twisted, hes earning his money

And let me tel u about his "programs" theyve made EVERYONE money! from Genesis to Bitconnect, theyve ALL made EVERYONE whose clicked His Links a lot of money period no "criminal behaviour" about it, dont get mad because he foudn a way to make money by helping others make money

and NO hes not "keeping most opf it" he gets a SMALL cut and simply gets LOT of people to get him thats mall cut

the referal bonus on fuckin genesis and bitconnect is ONLY a few fuckin percentage points man! thats not "most" of the money and WTF u want craig to just give away all the money he earns bcause YOU dont t huink he actually earnd it? Youre like from the days of being AGAINST passive income, where men had to WOK IN A FACTORY all day, but now peopel REALIZE its OK to have passive income. Busoness can be automated, u dont have to sweat and work urself to death just to earn a dollar jhust bvause YOu may have had to do that for YOUR life, dont get jelous of othrs no reason have envy, theers PKLENTY of people to signup to bitconnect or to genesis OR to stemit! steemitd oesnt have an oficial affiliate program BUT steemit DOES have a system that allows you to sign people up who will then follow you and end up upvoting you! and when you teach ur followers how to make money, YOU end up making money as their upvotes become more and more expensiv!

Man its really unfair how youre trying to ruin @crag-grant 's reputation, and i only defend him now not to suck up or brown nose, i just have to defend a man i know is not guilty of these accustaion and I DOUBT you actually watch and follow him AS MUCH as I do, i watch his shit almost everyday, and i see his posts daily, DAILy and i WATCH him and nayon whose talked shit about him has just been envious of him MOST of the tiume

youre despertae to find an excuse as tyo why he does NOT deserve the money he makes

im suprised noone has tried reporting him to the IRS in a desperate atempt to get him audidtd JUST tof uck with him, haha that wontw ork however as crypto currency si NOT a legal tender and if they forced peoiple to pay taxes on crypto cutrrency THEY WOULD RECOGNIZE IT AS LEGAL TENDER which they cant do yet!
And theres plenty of other ways he can avoid paying taxes legally and if people keep harrasing him he will simply move to the carribean and liveon some iland forever and have his friends bring him supplis by boat if he has to! hahaha he could probobly buy his own boat and ail around the carribean at this point, uploading videos from youtube and steemit over satellite internet, hahaha


Comments can go so deep, never thought about it....


What is bot?

Public Service Announcement

The danger of a system that allows the haves to trick the have nots, and using a repetitive cycle of

  1. Recruit
  2. Convince to invest
  3. upvote at 1-30% voting power
  4. once those posts (or any others) reach an impressive potential payout, flag it with mid to high voting power FLAGs
  5. Kill Shot - habitually/constantly upvote self with high to 100% self-voting power.

    The More You Know (Bing!)


"once those posts (or any others) reach an impressive potential payout, flag it with mid to high voting power FLAGs" this doesnt make any sense and it doesnt hapen. i know u may think thi is whats hapeneing but i assure you, craig-grant is NOT cordinating some killshot flagbots to drain your posts rewards just to filla reward pool lol maybe he flags posts where u talk shgit about him maybe? haha anyway


I can't really say what he is or isn't doing, what his intentions really are vs what he expresses. Only he knows.
Yet based on my experience of what I had seen him doing, and some of what he says in his tutorials (on top of his participation in the White-Paper-Less/No-Proof_Of_Trading-Bot BitConnect referral program "scam").... I found it hard to trust him.
Do you hear what he is saying in this video (or the one where he encouraged others to create bot networks to upvote self)?

Anyway, since reading the Steem White Papers I realized he is only taking advantage of things built into the system (whether I see it s abusive or not is besides the point, the fact those things are even built into the system to begin with is far more concerning).
So I am doing my best to just stay away from him and his clique of crypto-gangster wannabes. I have nothing to gain (little to lose), and had quickly found his cult of followers will blindly support him. It's not worth the fight if no one cares, if they want to put value to spam and crap with their ever-growing network of unstoppables that's on them.
But I digest.... I do want to stay as far away from this as possible. I have already been nearly nuked due to my ignorance and care for others. I do not want to make that mistake again.


Are you one of the developers?

Just a Little Something to Think About.

That's not to say there is not good people here doing good things.
More so to say Just Be Careful In Here.

Great post @steemit 😃
I love it here.
I need 70million steempower soooo bad!!!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeey. Are you still active, still around?? Have an awesome day


sure, thanks!

Boom!! I'm ALL in baby!!


welcome aboard. My name is timtea. LOL

very good and amazing idea ☺

Добавьте пожалуйста поддержку кириллических тегов!

Thank you for your post and guiding for steemit. I want to boost steemit community in Japan. Regards David

I am new here and I am stoked. :D

You can also vote on your posts if you want.:) As in when you reply to other posts. Those are posts you can vote yourself up on.... :)

Great platform.
Definitely going to use this.
Definitely going to invest in this.


@steemit I think steemit has great potential as a pioneering social media with several issues to address for needed improvement.
Steemit.com doesn't have many user friendly features that are common among most social media, such as easy to search past posts (the resteemed clutters up every members' profile page). Filtering or better yet, separating resteemed posts from authors' posts is urgently needed and there are other issues such as security, censorship abuse, and the popularity meme.
Upvotes Chasing Whales meme is overwhelming minnows. One possible response is to hide the upvotes and the payout counters until the 7 day timestamp expires so other considerations about the post could enter the readers' decision making process.

There may be other issues that need to be addressed and there certainly are many possible responses to choose from, I am certainly looking forward to the advances steemit.com and other 3rd party blockchain programmers will take to make steemit even better - wishing you success! 👍

old post, starting the steemit like today.
my quote of the day "Anyone can sell their STEEM for cash or vest it to boost their voting power."

Though I still do not know where the money comes from, Steemit is a great social media platform for anyone who can earn their money and financial freedom wherever they are in the world by posting. Thanks Steemit and Many Years!

Let's get crazy! happy steemit to everybody!

I love Steemit, great content. I wish I could get as much Steem power as you guys.

Thanks for creating this platform.

Good site
Following you

Hey Steemit !! I Love you 💝💝!

Glad to join this beautiful community!!!

@steemit I have had an exciting an meeningfull time on steemit in the past 30 day's and learned a lot.

Estimated Account Value
The estimated value is based on an average value of Steem in US dollars.

I was amaized by this figure and hope to achieve somewhat a tenth of that equivelant. Thank you for this amaizing platform and the invative thinking to create such a network.

thanks to give us a grate plateform

Thanks for your role in making Steem! @coincentral has launched on Steem with a unique eco-subsystem of services to increase the liquidity, security and profitability of Steem assets and 40+ cryptocoins!

@Steemit @Freedom @Steem @Dan @Ned @blocktrades

Despite the account name, I am not whale. Wish I was but I am not. Hopefully someday when I do

100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats
10KM Running 

Every single day. I will probably become a whale.

Majority only read "can earn STEEM by posting' and "sell their STEEM for cash". Steemit will be more interesting if everybody concern in "social media", "people who like post", and "boost voting power".

This platform is inspiring, thank you so much!


I'm arriving on Steemit, and wanted to thank you for this place. Also it seems we need some help for begining (most of post lost themself in the mass due to the nivel), maybe giving a hand is possible from you ?

Anyway, thank again for this social plateform, the lucky potential i give and all the connexion around the world it make possible.

Good continuation @Steemit @Freedom @Steem @Dan @Ned @blocktrades @val-a @mottler @abit @databass @hendrikdegrote @jamesc @ben @michael-b @val-b @ranchorelaxo @proskynneo @thejohalfiles @smooth @xeldal @roadscape @created @arhag @jamesc1 @michael-a @sponge-bob


Hello @steemit, I am a new bie here. I hope you can support me. Thanks a lot.
Regard from Bireuen, Aceh, Indonesia.



Please follow my steemit and cooperation. I thank you very much


I followed younalready. Thanks

is this post truly the time zero, the origin, the big bang of all?

Steemit is really an amazing place if it used ethically.
Best social site ever .
big thumbs up @steemit .

Thanks Master for the Power of "BOOST"

It's really a great fun, wonderful and amazing to be here at Steemit....

@steemit Woow ... it's amazing ... i'm really happy to be on the steemit ceiling a lot of new challenges to see.

Minnow here. Allow me to swim around here and admire this massive whale. :)

(Is this really the very first post of the platform? Wow.)

Wow , steemit is really a great community, nice to be on steemit👍